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Default Hyousetsu Clan

Oh yes, the cold loving, womanly looking clan of pure awesomeness is once again at your doorstep. I hope you'll enjoy this read ^^

Clan name: Hyousetsu

Clan village: Mist.
Clan Archetype:

Hyousetsu Clan Specialist
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, you gain one free jutsu from the Hyousetsu clan list
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Physical
Stat Merit: +2 Power, +1 Willpower
Stat Flaw: -2 Strength, -1 Tactics
Description: The awesome Hyousetsu clan, with their fearsome bloodline, are known throughout the shinobi world. With their freezing ability, it isn't quite easy to keep up with them, and many who tried have failed horribly.
Clan Description: A clan of calm and reproachful men and women, the Hyousetsu are known for being able to not lose their cool even in the hardest of times. Mostly they act respectful and try to live their lives with as much honor and good morals as possible, although this isn't necessarily the case for all Hyousetsu. They tend to look a bit feminine, and have dark colored eyes. Hair color varies quite a bit, though there is a strong genetic leniency towards darker hair colors within the clan.
More than anything the Hyousetsu are motivated by a strong will to leave a legacy behind. To be forgotten in the pages of history may be the clan's worst fear. They keep accurate, almost unnaturally pedantic and obsessive records of the clan actions and whereabouts which are copied and distributed as much as possible, so that in case something happens to one copy, there are still many more to keep up the work.
The clan's most important aspect, and a rule that must never be broken (and never has, so far), is a complete and utter taboo for Hyousetsu to raise a hand on another Hyousetsu. Of course, sparring and training is not included in this restriction.
Each member is a part of one of three generations-
  • The Children; Any Hyousetsu under the age of 15 is still considered a part of this generation. They are not allowed to live alone nor are they allowed a vote in clan gatherings.
  • The Parents; Not only those who bear children are considered part of this generation, though mainly it is the case. These Hyousetsu are allowed to live on their own if they so wish and are given a vote in the clan gatherings. The average age for parents is roughly 15-65. Obviously, this generation makes up for most of the clan's population.
  • The Grandparents; Oldest and wisest of all Hyousetsu, retired clan members are given special treatment. Their sole job is to care for the children. Many in their household come to them for advice and guidance.
Clan Housing: There really isn't one place which all Hyousetsu reside in, knowing all too well that by doing so they are vulnerable to utter extinction from those who wish to harm them, however they do live in large family households, mostly of all three living generations. The clan tends to live in somewhat large houses, two stories at the least. The leader of the family, usually the first-born of the parents' generation, is in charge of protecting and caring for the family, including any brothers and sister they might have (all younger siblings usually live with their older brother or sister, helping them take care of the entire family). Grandparents are considered too wise and valuable a resource to engage in manual labor, so instead they are charged with taking care of the children. Married couples are entitled for a room of their own, while single men and single women each have shared rooms for each sex. Also, all children are usually shacked up together.

Clan History: Unlike the Uchiha, a clan that has vanished from the face of the earth, the Hyousetsu was never wiped out. Even though many of their members were slaughtered more than 100 years ago, following the civil war that broke out in the water country, the Hyousetsu were never in danger of extinction. If the clan wasn't dying, nor its numbers belittled to mere numbers, then why hasn't anyone witnessed any Hyousetsu shinobi, any Hyousetsu, for that matter, for more than 80 years? The answer is simple- they were hiding.

For a few decades after the first inauguration of the great Naruto Bridge that connected Wave country and the mainland, it was thought that the Hyousetsu clan and its fearsome bloodline had died together with Hyousetsu Haku, one of the most powerful Hyousetsu known to the world of shinobi. However, that is not the case. For decades they have been living among the regular population, hiding and pretending to be of normal stature. As a precaution, none of the Hyousetsu were allowed to become shinobi, lest their secret might accidentally be revealed. Over the years, reports of Hyousetsu-like abilities were heard all over the shinobi world, but none were verified.

Little by little, more and more of the Hyousetsu members "came out" when it was certain that the awful prosecution of theirs and other bloodline clans has ended in the mist country in particular and in the entire shinobi world in general. Even to this day, the clan still fears the day other men will see them not as tools and powerful weapons, but as causes for war. But they promised themselves oh-so long ago that the travesties and persecutions that took place over a century ago shall not reoccur. This time the heads of the Hyousetsu will insure that they will not die as lambs to the slaughter, but will fight for their freedom and their lives.
As of recent years, the clan has become fully exposed once more for several years now, its young members able to enter shinobi life freely now and those few who did serve as shinobi but disguised their true origins now living openly. However, they are still considered by many of Water country's residents as myths, so much so that several superstitions have evolved around the clan, the most noteworthy of them is the one which says that it is good luck to see three or more Hyousetsu at the same time, and that a blessing given by them is an extremely good omen.
As for the recent civil war which tore up the country, the Hyousetsu, much wiser now than they used to be decades ago, refused to take any part in it, knowing full well that they might be blamed for it at the end, as history as a way of repeating itself. During the days of fighting, all clan members, even shinobi who swore their allegiance to Mist village had retreated to their homes and protected their families. Not a single drop of Water countryman blood was shed by any Hyousetsu during the civil war, a feat the clan is rather proud of.

Clan Hierarchy: The Hyousetsu are led by an advisory council of three clansmen. The council is made up of two members of the parents generation and one of the grandparents generation, all second-born children who have no responsibility to care and lead for a household. While they do not engage themselves in trivial matters, they are called upon on three separate occasions. One, when two Hyousetsu are in dispute with one another. Two, when important decisions regarding the clan's future are to be made, and Three, when any of the clan members wishes to begin shinobi training. The council has no real power, but their advice is heavily depended upon. Decisions are made when more than 70% of the clan is brought together and votes upon the subject.

Clan's Nindo: Never forgive, never forget.

Clan Jutsu: http://www.narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=26853

Current Clan Roster:
Hyousetsu Echizen - Hitoko
Hyousetsu Kanji - Rizhou

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The awesome Hyousetsu clan, with their fearsome bloodline, are known throughout the shinobi world. With their freezing ability, it isn't quite easy to keep up with them, and many who tried have failed horribly.
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It is ok. I give permission.

Mist GM Approval pending the abilities.
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Throw in my approval. Its nice to see the Hyousetsu make a return from 1.0... Its been such a long time... Don't worry I won't start gabbing off about it.

Full Approval
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Hmmm sounds nice. I almost took the 'womanly' part literally and thought it was all female like mine but... I digress. Sounds cool.

*Tacks Clan onto list of 'Maybe...'*

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Halfed Up pending jutsu.

Looks good to me *cleans off his blind-man sunglasses*

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I don't mind the ice jutsu involved here. This isn't my approval though. I'll save that for techs ;D

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You get my Half'd.

been driving ms. daisy
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