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Default Aizawa Shipori - Child of the Naga

Name: Aizawa Shipori
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Old Sound Village
Rank: Senshi-level / Officially Chuunin
Division: Missing-Nin

Physical Description: Shipori is a weathered old man, and his long struggle to survive is obvious in his features. He has a sharp, angular face tempered at the edges by budding wrinkles. His skin is pale, with only the dullest luster from the sun of Iron Country. While Shipori is lean, he is underdeveloped compared to his shinobi brethren, and lacks the muscle of a career soldier. His irises are scarlet red and always half-covered with heavy lids - the lazy judgment of elitism. Light, blue-gray hair is kept short and swept back with the barest bit of wax. Shipori bears a so-called cursed seal which has been tattooed over his heart in heavy black ink. The seal is comprised of just four characters reading 'Eternal Bloom'.

Shipori has an artificial, doll-like look to him. His movements are smooth and precise, but weak and delicate, like he might be made of glass instead of skin and bone. When walking, he has a marked limp to his left side. Normally, Shipori's expressions are flat and detached, more lifelike than lively, but when pushed, Shipori is a master of haughty smiles and wuthering stares.

Clothing: Being a senshi of old ways, Shipori very much dresses in the past, preferring the familiar over anything else. He wears a semi-ornate kimono seeming ill-suited to the life of a shinobi. In actuality, Shipori finds it comfortable and has had it tailored so the billowing cloth does not hamper his movements when he needs to be quick - as quick as he ever is. The innermost layer is flat black with a red trim, passing left over right and tied off with a sash. Shipori's legs are kept in matching, slightly billowed pants that run down to his shinobi sandals, black in color.

Shipori carries a number of notable items with him, but his two most important artifacts are also the two most obvious. First, Shipori typically walks with the support of a sleek black cane with a brass cap at the end. The handle is bronze as well, cast in the shape of a one-horned oni head, mouth open. The walking end of the cane conceals a spring loaded blade, dangerous enough on its own, but also coated in a lethal poison.

Second, Shipori jealously guards the Seishin-ho, a large leather bound tome with a worn cover. The many, seemingly infinite pages of the book are filled with Shipori's many writings, including all sorts of scientific, historic, mystic, and esoteric knowledge. The vast majority of the Seishin-ho is written in code, useful only to Shipori. Further, the book is a weapon in its own right, containing an ink dagger that can be launched from its pages.

Personality: The touch of the Naga is obvious on Shipori, but not in the usual way. While others were changed by the Naga, Shipori became one himself, molded to be both experiment and scientist. Thus, even after rejecting the Naga as his allies, he acts a great deal like his former caretakers. But, most importantly, Shipori represents the old ideal of the Naga, and has not succumbed to the sort of madness that consumed his masters. When he speaks, his words are chosen carefully and laid out exactly as he intends, littered with formality and higher diction. When he acts, he is invisible, until the moment he chooses to be decisive and overwhelming.

Shipori is full of impressive ideas and possesses a sharp perspective on his own limits. He plans and researches, believing the best weapon to be knowledge, which can be translated to power far more effectively than a blade. However, his tendency towards inaction conflicts with the shinobi lifestyle, and Shipori struggles with a straight-jacketed obsession to detail. His analysis can be ploddingly slow. When proven wrong or out of his depth, Shipori is easily agitated and frustrated. His placid demeanor gives way to a violent temper, something he certainly learned from the Naga.

What truly separates Shipori from others is his sense of timelessness. His seal is reassuring; he will not die of aging, and he will have to feel old. It is his seal which leads Shipori to act with such deliberation - the idea of urgency is foreign to him. He has little interest in the mundane, believing he will outlive it, and his disregard commoners is off-putting. By hoarding knowledge and skill, Shipori attempts to fulfill his 'purpose' as a living deity.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "Eat the weak"

Clan/Bloodline: None

Combo Archetype: Bookworm
Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Genjutsu Specialist
Combo Special: You may spend up to two rather than one thread points on jutsu. The second point spent on jutsu must always be a Genjutsu or Ninjutsu.

Primary Archetype: Ninjutsu Specialist
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Own Choice
Tertiary: Own Choice
Stat Merit: +2 to Power, +1 to Control
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Tactics

Secondary Archetype: Genjutsu Specialist
Stat Merit: +2 to Willpower, +1 to Intelligence
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Stamina


Physical - Tertiary

Strength: 1 - 2 (NS) - 2 (GS) + 13 = 10
Speed: 1 + 15 = 16
Stamina: 1 - 1 (GS) + 12 = 12

Mental - Secondary

Intelligence: 1 + 1 (GS) + 16 + 3 (Thread) + 3 AP = 24
Tactics: 1 - 1 (NS) + 18 + 3 (Thread) + 3 AP = 24
Willpower: 1 + 2 (GS) + 16 + 2 (Thread) + 3 AP = 24

Chakra - Primary

Power:1 + 2 (NS) + 20 + 4 (Thread) + 3 AP = 30
Control: 1 + 1 (NS) + 20 + 6 (Thread) + 3 AP = 32
Reserves: 1 + 20 + 6 (Thread) + 4 AP = 31

Jutsus and Techniques

Sound Genjutsu and Lost Music
[F1] - Okuyuki Katawa (Control 3, Intelligence 2)
[F2] - Mimiuchi no Jutsu (Reserves 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4)
[F3] - Genjutsu Kai [Replacing: Jouho no Koe] (Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7)
[F4] - Lost Music: Tremolo [Replacing: Itai Kanetsuki no Jutsu] (Reserves 12, Control 11, Power 10, Intelligence 12)
[F5] - Lost Music: Silencio [Replacing: Kurayami no Oii] (Reserves 18, Control 17, Power 17, Tactics 14)
[F6] - Lost Music: Morendo [Replacing: Sameru] (Reserves 21, Control 20, Power 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15)
[GMAP] - Shikyo Kanshihon [Replacing: Shibirekan] (Reserves 23, Control 23, Power 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15)

Sound Ninjutsu
[A1] - Myaku (Control 3, Tactics 2)
[F7] - Kaze Senbon no Jutsu (Myaku, Control 5, Reserves 4, Power 4)
[F8] - Kaze no Sen (Kaze Senbon no Jutsu, Control 9, Reserves 9, Intelligence 7)
[F9] - Kaze no Yari (Kaze no Sen, Control 14, Reserves 13, Power 11, Willpower 10)
[F10] - Kaze no Ransu (Kaze no Yari, Control 18, Reserves 17, Power 17, Willpower 14)
[Thread] - Jishinha (Control 23, Reserves 23, Power 22, Willpower 16, Tactics 15)
[Thread] - Onchou: Chikara (Control 26, Reserves 25, Power 24, Intelligence 19, Willpower 17)

Ribbon Ninjutsu
[F11] - Basic Ribbon Control (Power 2, Willpower 2)
[F12] - Ribbon Blade (Control 3, Intelligence 2)
[F13] - Ribbon Extension (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)
[F14] - Subterranean Ribbon (Intelligence 8, Willpower 6, Tactics 8 )
[AP1] - Drilling Ribboni (Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Willpower 10)
[AP2] - Grand Ribbon Control (Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15)
[Thread] - Flechette (Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Willpower 16, Tactics 15)

Sumi Ninjutsu
[AP3] - Hake no Jutsu (Power 3, Intelligence 2)
[AP4] - Sumi Sansaku no Jutsu (Control 2, Tactics 2)
[AP5] - Bijusuteki Sumi Henge no Jutsu (Control 6, Power 6, Intelligence 4)
[GM1] - Chouju Giga no Jutsu – Nii (Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6)
[GM2] - Sumi Daho no Jutsu (Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Control 12)
[Thread] - Chouju Giga no Jutsu – Shi (Control 17, Power 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15)
[Thread] - Hichou Sumi no Jutsu (Control 23, Power 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15)
[Thread] - Kinyuu Honsho [Replacing: Open Slot] (Intelligence 3, Reserves 3)
[Thread] - Maruhi Ga [Replacing: Open Slot] (Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Power 5)
[Thread] - Chouju Giga no Jutsu – Go (Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15)
[Thread] - Gen’ei Giga no Jutsu (Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Control 17, Power 15)

Eternal Bloom- Perfect
[AP6] - Eternal Bloom - Perfect
[Thread] - Body Control (Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4)
[Thread] - Ancestral Memory (Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12)

Global Ninjutsu and Lost Music
[A2] - Kawarimi no Jutsu (Power 2, Tactics 2)
[A3] - Kinobori no Jutsu (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)
[A4] - Lost Music: Virtuoso [Replacing: Open Slot] (Intelligence 10, Tactics 10, Control 8)
[Thread] - Kisousei Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10)
[Thread] - Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15)
[Revamp] - Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15)
[Thread] - Rasengan (Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16)
[Thread] - Fuuja Houin (Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15)
[Thread] - Shunshin no Jutsu (Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12)
[Thread] - Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Tactics 20)
[Thread] - Chisana Oni [Replacing: Open Slot] (Power 26, Control 25, Reserves 24, Intelligence 19, Tactics 17)
[AP] - Bunshin no Mai [Replacing: Open Slot] (Intelligence 26, Tactics 25, Willpower 24, Power 19, Control 17)
[AP] - Chidori (Intelligence 18, Tactics 17, Willpower 17, Control 14)
[Thread] Anrokku no Jutsu (Intelligence 3, Reserves 3)
[Thread] Element Hand (Power 4, Control 4)
[Thread] Chakra Hunting (Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6)

Chakra Poisoning
[Thread] - Infliction I (Control 12, Reserves 11, Power 10, Willpower 12)
[Donate] - Sweet Blood (Control 14, Reserves 13, Power 11, Tactics 10)
[Donate] - Temporary Immunity (Control 15, Reserves 15, Power 13, Willpower 14)
[Thread] - Infliction II (Control 17, Reserves 16, Power 16, Willpower 15)
[Thread] - Blood Contagion (Control 18, Reserves 17, Power 17, Tactics 14)
[MotM] - Temporary Immunity (Control 19, Reserves 19, Power 18, Willpower 16)
[Thread] - Infliction III (Control 21, Reserves 20, Power 19, Willpower 17, Tactics 15)
[GMAP] - Memory Flay (Control 23, Reserves 23, Power 22, Tactics 16, Intelligence 15)
[GMAP] - Soul Burn (Control 26, Reserves 25, Power 24, Willpower 19, Tactics 17)
[Thread] - The Body (Control 30, Reserves 27, Power 26, Willpower 22, Tactics 20)
[AP] - The Mind (Control 32, Reserves 30, Power 28, Tactics 23, Intelligence 22)

Leader Traits
[Donate] - Supernatural Beast / Oni Retainer (Novice Key)
[Donate] - Packmule (Novice Basic)
[AP] - Supernatural Beast / Oni Retainer (Advancing Key)
[AP] - Supernatural Beast / Oni Retainer (Great Key)

Seishin-ho (Hidden Returning Small Blade inside a tome) - 4
Doji Scepter (Hidden Coated Small Blade inside a cane) - 3
Breathing Apparatus - 1
Night Vision Goggles - 2
Lethal Poison - 4

Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 6 (3 AP)


Ho? A history lesson? Very well.

Aizawa Shipori, born forty-two years ago in Otogakure, back when the village still stood proud and strong. I was delivered to Aizawa Maki and her husband Hachiro, their first and only, for it became apparent that my mother was unable to bear further children. The doctors pronounced it miraculous that she had created even me, and no amount of effort brought more life to my parents' home. Eventually, I became their spoiled only child, or as spoiled as possible.

Few were well-off that time, and we were poor, too. Sound was difficult to live in, then – both similar and different to the nomadic lifestyle you know better. Great advances in technology were kept in the hands of the upper echelon, too expensive to produce for the masses. Competition from other, larger villages who could handle the majority of shinobi contracts with sheer numbers at a lower price drove Sound further into poverty and ruin. Despite my parents' best effort, as I grew it, it became tougher on all of us.

My father was injured on a mission and suffered horribly, bedridden for months. His right leg was shattered from hip to ankle, and the medics were reluctant to operate. My mother continued to work, but that injury doomed us. Our family sunk deeply into debt in a matter of months, but they hid the truth from me as best they could. Not very well.

When they came, I didn't understand, not then, not like I do now.

The Naga were always looking for more subjects for their various experiments, usually settling on prisoners for their twisted feats. However when a project proved unlikely to kill the subject, they went rooting through the slums for 'volunteers'. They approached my mother, knowing our family just weeks from complete collapse, and they came to an agreement. If she gave me to them, we would all live, albeit separated. If not, the Naga were content to watch all three of us starve.

I have not seen either of them since.

Back then, twenty years ago, the Naga were not as you know them. They were unbalanced and often unhinged, but they were brilliant. Many of them had the best interests of Sound and science, even if they had trouble with polite society or ethics. I was more or less exempt from the kind of abuse they gave the prisoners and criminals down in the basement labs. After several months of being nervous and scared, I saw that the Naga were doing their best to treat me as well as they knew, and I settled into my new life as their adopted child.

I assisted with research, sometimes, and brought them their books and supplies. I learned at the knee of true Naga scientists, on the cutting edge of shinobi technology. I watched surgeries and dissections. I learned the basics of being a shinobi from the Naga themselves as they groomed me into an apprentice. Once the lab had become my home, I was let out of the complex to attend academy with a small group of other children – where it became apparent that I was at the bottom of the class. The other students scented blood in the water.

Hell on Earth.

I reached a tipping point. One day, after class, I gave up on enduring the bullies. I picked up a kunai and shoved it square into one boy's chest. I struggled with his friends as he lay dying, and when the knife came their direction, they scattered and left him. I went home to the Naga, and the academy decided it best I not return. The rest of my training was supervised at the complex; I had proven a shinobi spirit, but not a shinobi discipline.

From there, I was property of both the Naga and the village, and as such, was occasionally called out on missions. I rarely got along with other children, but I made great strides in my secluded studies. Never robust or imposing, I still intimidated other genin, who called me Professor and kept me at arm's length, which I preferred anyway.

As my shinobi career began, a project I had assisted with reached its end. A researcher with the Naga, a man I only knew as Old Sato, completed his work on the 'Eternal Bloom' and wanted me to be one of the end users. I was rightfully hesitant given the Naga's history of destroying their subjects, but I was assured the seal had progressed to a stable form. From Sato's notes, he had tried and failed at immortality, but found an approximation. This was his gift to me and a way to brand me as Naga for the rest of a very long life.

I accepted.

The process was painful, but how quickly pain is forgotten. I awoke after the surgery covered in black ink symbols. I wanted to eat out of instinct, but my body refused hunger. This was a side effect of the seal, one of many that I have learned and grown around. One critical flaw persisted, which I discovered after nicking myself with a scalpel and nearly bleeding to death. While the seal prevented aging, it also interfered with my body's capacity to heal itself.

My studies took a different turn. Forsaking taijutsu, wary that I might end up seriously harmed in a straight fight, I put my nose to the books. I used the Naga's extensive library to my advantage and became a seasoned master of several branches of ninjutsu. I dove into the old ways, older than many could remember even then, and revived ancient jutsu to make them my own. When one is weak, the strongest weapon is surprise, so I filled my arsenal with the unexpected. I rose to chuunin in those years.

And then they attacked. The other villages bombarded Sound and tried to exterminate it, exterminate us. The alarm sounded and, at first, I was confused. The Naga complex lay below the village itself, so when it became clear that Sound would fall, it was already too late. I intended to leave the complex and fight regardless while the older Naga sequestered further and further into the catacombs. I felt compelled to heroics, as many were, no matter how hopeless the battle became.

But, eventually, Sound was overwhelmed. You know this. I found myself cut off from the paths to the surface, so I retreated back to the Naga, narrowly avoiding a cave-in myself. When I arrived, I found that the Naga had completely and totally walled themselves into the lower laboratory levels, where they would stay for the next twenty years. They abandoned me, their child, as easily as my own parents had.

I was angry, I admit. I raged. I destroyed years and years of research in just a few weeks of blinding madness. Yet, their gift to me, this seal, allowed me to survive like that. I had the whole first level of labs to me and just me, with no need for food or water. I picked up their abandoned projects and finished them. I read through the library, top to bottom, over and over. I forced my way into Old Sato's workshop, decoded his notes, and altered my seal until I fixed its little imperfections.

I discovered a great many things which had remained hidden, even from me. The ravings of madmen, the great catalogs of their worst sins. Chambers with their discarded subjects, some that had survived well after The Fall without me knowing. The Naga's dabbling in mysticism afforded me all manner of esoterica – I communed with spirits near and far to keep myself from going mad with loneliness.

Just a footnote?

And, after some twenty years, the Sound Nomads returned to the ruins of their homeland, and I emerged from the rubble an old man.

I lived with the Nomads for some time as they worked to rebuild their village, considered the heir apparent to the legacy of the Naga. But, sometime after my liberation, the Naga returned – and revealed that they had hardly been trapped at all. Perhaps I was selfish to spite them for that, or to spite Raimei for offering them even an illusion of peace and trust. As the Naga raised their fortress from the ashes of my parents' home, I left.

I thought, if ever I had belonged there, that time was over. The world I knew had been stolen from me, time and again. I could no longer bear to watch it burn.

I moved to the City of Kings in Iron Country and brought my Naga relics and my Old Sound mentality with me. The Curiosity Shop, I called it, where I operated as a consultant. Rarely as a shinobi in any direct capacity, but as an adviser, a translator, and an all-around expert in the kinds of knowledge that few had ever been taught. I built a network like a spider spinning its web, and I met many lost souls like flies who grew tangled.

And what did you do with them, little oni?

I sucked the life from them.

Other Info: -

Thread Log:
Creation - 6 AP and 2 Sound GMAP
Of Rubble and Ruin - +1 Control, Ninpou Kawara Shuriken, Kisousei Ninpou Kawara Shuriken
Winning the Hearts and Minds - Part One - +1 Reserves, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Hichou Sumi no Jutsu
Winning the Hearts and Minds - Part Deux - +1 Reserves, Jishinha, Chouju Giga no Jutsu - Shi
Therein Lies the Truth - +1 Intelligence, Kinyuu Honsho, Bakuretsu Ninpou Kawara Shuriken
December - Death Scroll and Secret Moth added with GMAP. 3 AP exchanged for 10 weapon points.
Extending the Hand of Friendship - +1 Control, Body Control, Yuuin no Mai
Black Paper Moon - +2 Intelligence, +1 Willpower
Reckoning: Into the Snake's Pit - +2 Tactics, Chouju Giga no Jutsu – Go, and Gen’ei Giga no Jutsu
Moved to Missing-nin: 3/28/2011
Global Ninjutsu Revamped - Ninpou Kawara Shuriken deleted, replaced with Shuriken Kage Bunshin. Ribbon Jutsu edited to reflect technique name changes.
The Struggle for Power - +3 Power
Hiring Sociopaths - +1 Control, +1 Reserves, Rasengan
Global Ninjutsu Mini Revamp - Exploding Homing Rooftile Shuriken deleted, replaced with Evil Sealing Method.
The Unburied - +1 Control, Shunshin, Onchou: Chikara
Spent 18 AP into Int/Tac/Wil/Pow/Con/Res (7/3/17)
Vision Quest - +1 Power, +1 Control, Exploding Kage Bunshin, Infliction I
Donation Drive Special - Sweet Blood, Temporary Immunity
Past Lives - +1 Tactics, +1 Willpower, Infliction II, Blood Contagion + Temporary Immunity II (MotM - Merdle), Infliction III
Meeting the High Oracles - Memory Flay, Soul Burn
Red Noose - +2 Reserves, Little Ogre
Best Left Buried - +2 Control, The Body
The Good, The Bad, and The Golden + 1 Reserves, Unlocking, Element Hand, Chakra Hunting[MotY]
AP Breaker + Archetype List (Beastmaster/Leader) + Donation Special (2 points) from Donation 2019, 6 AP (3/23/2019)

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Default Aizawa Shipori's Retainers - The Warring Triad

This is a set of jounin level Leader retainers to be appended to Shipori, who has access to a Leader list via the Donation reward.

The Warring Triad

Name: Ichirou, Jirou, and Saburou
Species: Yokai - Oni, Tengu, and Nekomata
Age: "Really Old" - apparently 18 to 20
Sex: Male
Height/Length: 5'9"

Rank: Jounin

Physical Description: As humans, Ichirou, Jirou, and Saburou appear as a set of identical triplets. They are otherwise unremarkable, with plain features and unassuming faces. Each of the three has shaggy, dark hair and a slender, wiry build. The boys wear yukata, similar in style to their master, usually in separate colors and motifs to help tell them apart. Ichirou favors red, Jirou yellow, and Saburou blue. They carry their own weapons as well: a tetsubo, a bow, and a spear.

When not disguised as human, the three diverge significantly. Ichirou is a red-skinned oni, tall and broad with a pair of short horns that extend from his forehead. Jirou is a tengu, with crow-like wings at his shoulders and talons for feet and hands. Saburou is a nekomata, a yokai with the face of a cat and a furry tail that forks in two. Exposed as their true selves, it's obvious that the three are not related.

Personality: Ichirou is an ogre, and he acts the part. He is brash and bold, unsubtle and uncomplicated. Ichirou tends to be direct and believes in action over talk - because he is good at one and not at the other. Ichirou is a warrior at heart who sees strength as the only real value. As an oni, he has a fondness for good food and strong drink, a lover of simple pleasures.

Jirou is cynical and sardonic, with a spiteful tongue and a narcissistic worldview. He's petty and mean, he likes to complain, and he wants everyone to know how smart and long-suffering he is. Jirou is confident and disaffected, but it's a facade. Really, he's anxious, as overly critical of himself as he is everyone else. Jirou believes himself to be the most like his master, which feeds into his erratic ego.

Saburou is very cool. He is calm and collected, even under great stress, and he knows how to roll with the punches. Saburou is lackadaisical, lazy as any housecat. He has a playful streak that can get him into trouble as he rarely knows how far to take a joke. There's a cunning to him that often runs under everything else, a kind of guiding current for a boy who is, in essence, a trickster spirit.



Physical - Primary

Strength: 1 + 9 = 10 (+15 Jishin)
Speed: 1 + 9 = 10
Stamina: 1 + 9 = 10 (+12 Jishin)

Mental - Secondary

Intelligence: 1 + 8 = 9
Tactics: 1 + 8 = 9
Willpower: 1 + 7 = 8

Chakra - Tertiary

Power: 1 + 7 = 8
Control: 1 + 7 = 8
Reserves: 1 + 6 = 7


Jishin - Earthquake
[01] - Stage One (Strength 5, Stamina 3)
[02] - Stage Two (Strength 8, Stamina 6, Willpower 6)
[03] - Stage Three (Strength 10, Stamina 10, Willpower 8)

Global Ninjutsu
[04] - Body Switch (Power 2, Tactics 2)
[05] - Wall Walking (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)

Those Lacking Opacity
[06] - Shadow Weapons (Control 2, Tactics 2)


Physical - Primary

Strength: 1 + 11 = 12 (+15 CCA)
Speed: 1 + 9 = 10 (+6 CCA)
Stamina: 1 + 7 = 8 (+6 CCA)

Mental - Secondary

Intelligence: 1 + 8 = 9
Tactics: 1 + 8 = 9
Willpower: 1 + 7 = 8

Chakra - Tertiary

Power: 1 + 7 = 8
Control: 1 + 7 = 8
Reserves: 1 + 6 = 7


Close Combat Archery
[01] - Stage One (Strength 6, Stamina 2)
[02] - Stage Two (Strength 10, Stamina 4, Tactics 6)
[03] - Stage Three (Strength 12, Stamina 8, Tactics 8)

Global Ninjutsu
[04] - Body Switch (Power 2, Tactics 2)
[05] - Wall Walking (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)

Arrow Ninjutsu
[06] - Noisemaker Arrow (Intelligence 3, Reserves 2)


Physical - Primary

Strength: 1 + 9 = 10 (+12 First Lord)
Speed: 1 + 9 = 10 (+15 First Lord)
Stamina: 1 + 9 = 10

Mental - Secondary

Intelligence: 1 + 8 = 9
Tactics: 1 + 8 = 9
Willpower: 1 + 7 = 8

Chakra - Tertiary

Power: 1 + 7 = 8
Control: 1 + 7 = 8
Reserves: 1 + 6 = 7


First Lord's Charge
[01] - Stage One (Stamina 4, Speed 4)
[02] - Stage Two (Stamina 7, Speed 7, Willpower 6)
[03] - Stage Three (Stamina 10, Speed 10, Willpower 8)

Global Ninjutsu
[04] - Body Switch (Power 2, Tactics 2)
[05] - Wall Walking (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)

Global Genjutsu
[06] - Double Vision (Power 3, Willpower 2)


Ichirou - Doji's Decree (Large Blunt [tetsubo], Coated, Debilitating Poison) - 8
Jirou - Sutoku's Decree (Large Ballistic [greatbow], Coated, Debilitating Poison) - 8
Saburou - Tamamo's Decree (Pole Weapon [spear], Coated, Hallucinogenic Poison, Returning) - 8

Other Info: -

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