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Default Houzou Hakkyou - Grass Village Prison Seal

Available only to Grass Missing-nin or Missing-nin that have been detained in grass prisons. (Or alternatively nin that were formally in prison)

Seal Name: Houzou Hakkyou - Containing Madness
Seal History/Purpose:

The Houzou Hakkyou seal has long been used as the ultimate way to keep captured shinobi in check. Developed 30 years ago, the seal is used to make those who have it nothing more than strong civilians. It also helped the prisons keep track of those who attempt a jail break.

But there was a horrible side effect. Those who escaped the facility found they could not remove the seal, so the common practice was to have the seal, sealed. This limited most of its effects, but also inadvertantly gave several benefits to the owner.

Thus the Houzou Hakkyou as it is commonly seen by non-prison guards was born.

Seal Requirements: Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Control 12

The base seal is applied by medical shinobi that work within the prisons of hidden grass. The techniques for its creation are kept secret and those who receive it are knocked out while it is being applied.

After leaving prison, the seal is then modified by anyone that uses a modified version of the 'Evil Sealing Method' ninjutsu ceremony (pretty much if you know a guy who knows a guy). The underground of Grass Criminals know how to apply the 'Shichi-Tama' version of the evil sealing method seal as the process has been spread far and wide.

Seal Description:

The Houzou Hakkyou seal as it originally was had a fairly simple design, representing the curse it lay on the victim, it was the shell around the inner body, the web around the soul. Its ability to limit chakra was represented within the seal's very design.

The Shichi-tama seal as it is called was created to destroy the seal's original intent using the 'Evil Sealing Method' ceremony. The Shichi-tama is done using 7 balls around the 7 inlets of the original Houzou Hakkyou. This seal closes off the original intent of the seal, making it easily forgotten. The Houzou Hakkyou is invisible in this state, its signature lost.

But once the seal is 'activated' releasing the Shichi-tama's control, the original seal becomes visible yet again.

When not activated the Houzou Hakkyou's effect on the victim is miniscule. They may complain that they are more complacent then they remember, which can lead to frustration. They may also feel they have a harder time molding their chakra even while the seal is locked away.

Great acts of anger or frustration have been known to force the seal open against the will of the user, its original purpose in keeping prisoners in their place overcoming the Shichi-tama seal that tries to hide it. When this is happening, those with the seal can feel a bubbling of chakra within them.

Seal Bonus: When chakra is applied to the Houzou Hakkyou seal, it activates, first sending a wave of excruciating pain over the owner's body as it painstakingly attempts to remove all movement of chakra through their system beyond what is needed for base survival.

In the process it makes the user invisible to detection in multiple fashions.

They blend in with their surroundings, their body overcome with a black layer of 'shadow' that seems to swirl about them. Anyone that attempts to look at them will find that they can only catch glimpses of them, as if the person isn't truly there, to those who witness the chakra coating the seal has applied it is as if the user is camoflauged. They are invisible to the electronic eye, everything from cameras to vision enhancement devices cannot see them at all. Finally, since their chakra is being limited, even chakra sensing devices and techniques cannot follow them for the duration.

Besides clothing, nothing else is made invisible (weapons and such that are withdrawn from their hiding places will be very visible). On top of this, fast movement removes the 'focus' trouble that opponents would have, making assault speed easy to notice as a blur of motion.

Seal Weakness: When the seal is being used, it has a horrid side effect on those using it. The original Houzou Hakkyou is released, so its original purpose is realized, the user's chakra becomes as miniscule as that of a civilian.

Ninjutsu and Genjutsu becomes impossible, the all taijutsu bonuses are moved down to stage 1 level and no chakra reliant techniques are possible.

The whole bodies chakra is being eaten away by the seal, absorbed and turned into a signal. This signal is a beacon to any hunters of grass. This beacon can usually only be identified by special forces or others given the responsibility of hunting nuke-nin.

The beacon will give the owner's location down to a quarter mile, but once within that quarter mile all the person knows is they are 'nearby' (so tracking the person in close quarters is still impossible).

Seal Summary:

When the seal is active, it only last for 5 post, the side effects persist for 2 more post beyond that (which is also its cooldown). It may only be activated twice per thread, which leaves a person exausted, attempting to activate it a third time knocks the user unconcious. It may be deactivated early, but the cooldown and use limit still stand.

When not Active: The owner feels more complacent and has trouble with chakra molding.

When Active: The owner cannot do ninjutsu/genjutsu, has only stage 1 tai bonuses. Has a beacon to be located by hunters.
Camoflauge from all forms of tracking.

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