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Default Ito Nui - [HARI]

Name: Ito Nui
Age: 33
Sex: Female
Height: 5’8

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Wind Country/Sunagakure
Rank: Jounin
Division: Sensei [HARI]

Physical Description:
Strands of thick locks fall across the ears to graze against the jaw-line. Left uncut, the heavy tresses will shift and twist in care-free waves; a complete opposite of the wiry, almost painfully straight mess it is now. But such length is not to her liking, especially when there’s a fight to be told. It’s not versatile to leave an advantage for the adversary to grasp. And so she keeps it short, leaving the sable strands to shadow her eyes and frame her face. While the woman’s hair is black by birth, such a color is rarely ever apparent in the current life. Indeed it will be considered fortunate if her hair remained the same hue for more than a month. As quirky as the disposition of this woman, its appearance follows in the wake of her ever-changing demeanor.

Onlookers who see her for the first time receive the distinct impression she is looking down at them. A strange notion considering they’ve yet to interact. Perhaps it’s the one-sided grin on her face, an ever-present upturn of the lips irksomely arrogant in its unconsciousness. This simple action appears as the sole reflection of her inner musings. Did she think of them as imbeciles, group of mindless idiots chasing after their own shadow while only she knows of the truth? Or does she smirk only to irritate them, knowing full well of its demeaning nature?

Or maybe it’s those eyes, how the autumn optics absorbs all it sees while returning nothing. The only thing one will find in the shifting colors was laughter, a dark humor lingering upon the world seen through her eyes. Even in the presence of another human nothing changed. Distant, mocking, holding its subject with an insignificant, almost trivial regard for their existence as one might upon the futile struggles of an ant. How can anyone hold such conceit towards their fellow man but only when they consider themselves one level higher?

But all of this is only a guess, a half solid presumption of the truth. And who can say what the truth is? What if everything they see is what she want them to see, what she want others to think is the real her? Is it possible to tell, to look into those eyes crinkled in silent laughter, to look and find, among the cynical humor and mocking amusement, the real her? Only the heavens know.

Body-wise she is, put simply, androgynous. Her figure contains no flaunting curves, delicate refinement or soft charm. What remains is a plain form lacking in both cleavage and hips. Her features can only be termed as classical. High cheekbones and strong jaw-line grace her appearance. Melted away from all childish plumpness, what’s revealed is a bone structure fine and sculptured. Deep set eyes, framed by gentle arching brows and an aqualine nose, held a dignified beauty indefinable in age or gender. Adding in the moderate height, wide shoulders and low voice, it is easy for the woman to masquerade herself as a man. When she hides behind loose garments and unflattering jackets most dismisses the Jounin as a male born with refined features and short status.

Still her facade is not perfect; there will always be a few sharp minds who question this deception. But like all women she is a brilliant actor. In the face of scrutiny, speech, action and general persona takes on a masculine hue. And yet, when both clothing and ruse are discarded, one wonders just how they might have been so wrong. A toned figure, body and muscle honed from years of the arduous lifestyle. The lithe form moved with an unconscious grace, one distinctly feminine. Gestures and words tune more refined, holding subtle elegance in its contemptuous tone. Many have termed her appearance as classical beauty or handsomeness. Her demeanor, however, is far from conventional.

Her clothing varies to the situation. Extreme climates demand the appropriate attire while times of stealth see her gears dull and unassuming. The only similarity between each them all are their appearance. Worn, rough and durable, dyed in somber colors and cut of ordinary styles, they are merely another set of clothing one sees during their day. Unless circumstances forbids, all her missions are accomplished under the male disguise. In her own time the loose pants, dark sandals, thick shirts and large over-alls are exchanged in favor of shoes, shorts, sleeveless tops and the occasional jacket. She likes it this way, maintaining a line of difference between private life and work with the use of gender. Her hitai-ate is one of only two articles of clothing remaining constant through the change. It remains always on her left arm, tied securely and rather battered in from its long lifespan. The other item is her glasses. It’s square with a black frame and every bit fake. Why she wears the thing only a very few knows.

She isn’t the most pleasant person one can chat to. Depending on her mood, the conversation might blossom into a heated argument or end to the sound of her mocking laughter. Daily entertainment comes from making sarcastic or very blunt remarks which results in people squirming with discomfort. Those who acquaint themselves with the woman long enough would realize that Nui lives for the enjoyment of causing other people’s discomforts.

Some might consider her ego as high standards. Those few harbor the absurd notion that, if they are to reach the level of perfection in the woman’s mind they can garner respect. The pitiful creatures are only wasting their time; to have her consider another’s life of value is impossible. Why? Because she is, in a word, nihilistic.

While others happily dance to the tune of society and its morals, Nui view the whole endeavor as something of a waste in both energy and time. Ethics, beliefs, laws, all of these are nothing but what the majority decides as acceptable. But these so called rules are all creations of the conscience mind, not the law of nature or universe. The human life is merely a blank sheet of paper. To add color the normal man creates emotions called hope, love, friendship and dreams. Unsure of their place in the world, they seek to use such relationships as a mean of solidifying their position in life. Or in simpler terms, they create meanings to their own existence.

She doesn’t need a reason to exist. The woman cares not for the reason of her birth. Such self-reassurance is pointless. Having already been born and given life, what is the need to contemplate the reason for her existence when one has already attained it? Humans are nothing more than a creation of proteins and acids that metabolizes, grows, reproduces and dies. When it comes down to it, there is no difference between crushing an ant and killing a man but for the fact that the latter is of the same species and the act deemed immortal by society.

And it is to this reasoning that she views most, if not all of humanity. She had no qualms about killing, no morals or honor during battles, no conscience towards her target regardless of their gender, age or what they are to suffer through. As a matter of fact fighting was the only enjoyment she has in life. The heat of battle, the short gasps of breaths, adrenalin coursing through the veins, blood pounding at the ears, the cold bite of metal and heated body of the enemy’s body. Only then does she ever feel she is truly alive and not merely existing.

While she is notorious for being tactless out in the fields, using might and lacking in strategy, the rest of her lifestyle is the exact opposite. Normal activities in her daily affairs are taken to with a lofty air. Her tendency to provoke anyone within range has led to the usual residences dispersing in her wake. The smart minds avoid contact while those more stubborn occasionally gather up the courage and lament their displeasures within earshot. Either way she is more than happy to be isolated. Human interactions outside of warfare are trivial at most. Left to her own devices, she gains more time to pursue the greater pleasures in life, namely food, sleep and gambling.

Ego aside, the woman's emotional spectrum is rather limited. Her usual emotions encompassed amusement, boredom, apathy, curiosity and tolerance. The majority of her waking hours are spent in one of the five categories, one that takes on the form of a blatant inattentiveness or bemusing contempt. Rarely does her customary smirk ever disappear. The only time genuine mirth displays itself is not when she's happy, but the opposite. Anyone who infuriates the woman to the point of no return will find themselves faced a smile most disturbing in calm sincerity.

Nindo; “There is no equality among humans, but all humans are equal.”

Clan/Bloodline: None

Primary Archetype: Spitfire
Combo Special:Once per thread, the Spitfire can use one Ninjutsu technique Stage Four and below two times simultaneously in one post, counting as only a single use. Specific jutsu rules still apply (eg. a jutsu saying it can only be used once a thread).
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merit: +1 to Strength, +3 to Speed, +1 to Stamina, + 1 to Power
Stat Flaw: -3 to Reserves, -2 to Intelligence, -1 to Power


Physical – Primary

Strength: 1 + 1 + 22 + 3 [T] = 27 + 24 (Kyuusaku-ken) = 51
Speed: 1 + 3 + 18 + 8 [T] = 30 + 25 (Ekitai Kenfu) = 52
Stamina: 1 + 1 + 20 + 2 [T] = 24 + 12 (Kyuusaku-ken) = 36

Mental - Tertiary

Intelligence: 1 – 2 + 16 + 3 [T] = 18
Tactics: 1 + 15 + 2 [AP] = 18
Willpower:1 + 9 = 10

Chakra - Secondary

Power: 1 + 1 – 1 + 16 = 17
Control: 1 + 16 + 1 [T]= 18
Reserves: 1 – 3 + 18 + 1[T]= 17

Jutsus and Techniques:


Stage 6:
Stat Requirements: Strength 27, Speed 24, Stamina 24, Tactics 18, Intelligence 18
Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina
Accumulated Bonuses: +24 Strength, +18 Speed, +12 Stamina

Ekiati Kenfu

Stage 5:
Stat Requirements: Speed 20, Strength 19, Stamina 17, Control 16
Stage Bonus: Speed +5, Strength +2
Accumulated Bonus Points: Speed +25, Strength +14

Sand Ninjutsu

Stage 1:
Suna Kojinmari (Sand Compaction)
Requirements: Power 3, Tactics 2

Stage 2:
Daisan no Me (The Third Eye)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

Stage 3:
Suna Shigure (Sand Shower)
Requirements: Intelligence 8, Willpower 6, Tactics 8

Suna Taihou (Sand Cannon)
Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Tactics 8

Stage 4:
Sunagakure (Hidden Sand)
Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12

Stage 5:
Suna Ryuu (Sand Dragon)
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15

Wind Ninjutsu

Stage 1:
Fuuton: Kaze Bunshin (Wind Element: Wind Clone)
Requirements: Control 2, Intelligence 2

Stage 2:
Fuuton: Kaze Bakuhatsu (Wind Element: Wind Explosion)
Requirements: Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4

Stage 3:
Fuuton: Bouseki Tate no Kaze (Wind Element: Spinning Shield of Winds)
Requirements: Control 9, Power 9, Willpower 7

Stage 4:
Fuuton: Kaze Ryuu (Wind Element: Wind Dragon)
Requirement: Control 14, Power 13, Reserves 11, Intelligence 10

Stage 5
Name: Fuuton: Kaze Gyorai no Jutsu (Wind Element: Wind Torpedo)
Requirements: Control 18, Power 17, Reserves 17, Intelligence 14

Global Ninjutsu

Stage 1:
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

Stage 2:
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree/Wall Walking Technique)
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

Stage 3:
Suimen Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Water Walking)
Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8
Prerequisites: Kinobori no Jutsu

Kunai – 2
Explosive Tags – 4
Wrist Blades – 3
Pepper Grenade – 3
Blister Vial - 4
Glue Vial - 3

Weapon Points Remaining: 0

Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

Despite the sound of impact being drowned out by the increasing customers, Nui still noticed when her glasses rolled off the table. The woman hastily retrieved the fragile object and began inspecting it for damage. The jounin seated beside her glanced up from his lunch.

“Why do you even wear that? You’ve no problems with sight.”

“No I don’t.” Her ever-present grin widened as she leaned back, eyes narrowing against the light filtering through the lenses. “Maintain the curiosity, however, and by the end of this meal one of us will.” She needn’t glance to know her murmured words were acknowledged. Her lips twitched.


“You really shouldn’t throw rocks the other kids. They’ll be hurt.”

The hand halted in mid-throw. Tawny optics turned from the disappearing targets. “But I’m bored. What else can I do?”

“I don’t know... Maybe you can ask to be their friends and play hide and... Ow! Don’t throw them at me!” His open smile quickly reversed into a pout.

A snort of derision. “Games are boring. Friends are boring.”

“That’s not true. Hey, why don’t you be my friend? You live round here, right? My name’s Suusei Oki...”

“You look fat.” She inspected this new creature.

“I... My mum says it’s cause I’m a boy an...”

“How fast can you run?”

Confusion reigned his face. “I’m not... sure.”

“Well, let’s find out then.”

“Wha...? Ouch! Stop throwing!”


From time unremembered, she was always trouble. At home she was berated and disciplined. Come the Academy, her followers admired and her victims hid. Genin life saw surveillance and ostracizing by her sensei and team mates respectively. Social interactions faded to near extinction when she attained the rank of chuunin. Just as she found society’s facade redundant, the rest of humanity deemed her participation unnecessary. That is, everyone else but him...

Okita. Also know as the bane of her existence. A living paradox who she could not decode by any logical or philosophical means. The only one who remained constant across the years, a single figure of reality solid among the ethereal winds of memory and Time. Guileless, impartial and undaunted by the judgments of others, he was the only one who never succumbed to her ruthless personality. And though she never admitted to this, the boy intrigued her. Was it humanly possible to be so forgiving or was he merely stupid? The answer forever remained elusive from her grasp.

At the age of eight her parents decided that, for the sake of their own sanity a stronger hand might suppress their daughter, said hand being shinobi discipline. Being of a shinobi background, Okita also enrolled. Same age, same class, same sensei; Fate obviously found the pair very amusing. He suffered through the years of her casual cruelty, cheerful optimism undeterred despite the bruises to his body and ego. Even after graduation and team selection, his presence continued with whatever personal time they had. At sixteen she and a fellow team-mate passed their third chuunin exam and rose in rank. Okita followed through the following year, admittedly with more injuries than she. That was a certain downfall to dabbling in every art instead of specializing as she had.

Try as she might, Nui could neither uncover the workings of his mind nor his motives. A one-man species, a single specimen living outside of the laws of evolution. It was exasperating but Nui was forced to admit herself defenseless against one who absorbs all her assaults without damage. She had questioned his sanity once. The boy assured her of his mental stability and explained he found her personality to be “refreshing”. She thought otherwise but said nothing. By then she had become accustomed to his presence.

Then on one ordinary day...


“Hey Nui, guess what? If I complete my next mission without too many faults, they tell me I might be promoted.”

Her eyes remained closed. “If you are that desperate to die, here’s a kunai.”

“Come on, have a little more faith in me; plenty of shinobis rise to jounin at nineteen.”

“Faith has nothing to do with the matter. Pure experience predicts you’ll fail.”

“Well if you are so sure then let’s make a bet. If I do fail, I’ll pay your rent for a month. But if I do get promoted...” He fell silent.

“...Telepathy is not my forte.”

“Ah, sorry. It’s sort of hard to say, but eh... would you consider going out wi...” The sentence was cut by a sharp bark of laughter.

“Ridiculous. Have you not heard the phrase ‘Time is money’? I can finance my lifestyle without help, but I have no plans to waste what little of my time on such absurdity as personal relationships. Try again.”

“Right. I sort of expected that... But speaking of lifestyle, could you at least repay what you’ve borrowed from me? I mean, it doesn’t have to be the whole amount or anything; you can just buy me lunch once a month or something. I’m sort of short on money...”

A single eye opened and swerved towards him.”If you pass?”

“If I pass.”

Her attention lingered on his face, hooded gaze rich in secret delight. “I have a better idea. Tell me why you still keep those fake glasses and I’ll pay the monthly lunch.”

“Oh, this one? Do you really want to know?”

She blinked once.

“Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll tell you!” Okita grinned, and his smile was as brilliant as midsummer’s noon.


When they returned his corpse back to Sunagakure, she wasn’t saddened, merely surprised at swiftness of it all. Five days ago he was live and now dead with a hole through his chest. Days later as his grieving family cleaned out his apartment Nui suddenly found herself stepping through the open door. Unheeding of the other occupants, her attention roamed across his scatter of belongings until it fell upon a single pair of glasses. The woman plucked it up, pushed it up the bridge of her nose and turned to a mirror. Her lips twitched.

“Guess he was right after all.”

Okita was dead and Nui suddenly with an unusual amount of spare time. To compensate the boredom she took up ninjutsu and rapidly gained proficiency in the art. Her success had the woman toying with the idea of experimenting genjutsu. This notion was soon dismissed; illusions lacked the personal confrontation which so attracted her to combat. This choice did little to hinder her professional progress. Three years later, at the age of twenty two, Nui effectively rose to the jounin rank without a single genjutsu.

Now that the pinnacle of success was attained what else to do but savor the fruits of one’s labor? The missions assigned were long, grueling and on occasional suicidal, but skill and luck had her survive to reap the rewards after. Her usual regimen had also been altered. True to her word, once a month the jounin repay her gambling debts with lunch. Only now the woman had to take the food to the glass obelisk where Okita’s name was engraved. The plastic container would always disappear by her next visit. No doubt somewhere in Sunagakure a rubbish cleaner was out for her blood.

The years passed quietly. Despite the growing number of scars and chunks of missing flesh from her body, Nui still appeared the same. Her physique was stronger and a few wrinkles crept onto the corners of her face but her disposition remained unchanged. Only now she found tired of her current lifestyle. She still harbored the same penchant for combat, but occasionally found her interests wandering elsewhere. It was time for a change, for something new and refreshing and utterly foreign to what she have experience before. Something … maternal.

Obviously that’s not true. Nui had as much maternal instinct as a sand dune with lice infection. The choice was merely the result of restricted selection. The KAZE division required those who were patient, meticulous, with impressive cognitive reflexes and attention to the sublime. Her virtues fell short of those requirements. After spending near two decades to attain the rank of Officer, the woman had no other talents than those required for survival and victory in combat. And so, if she longed so dearly for change, what else is there but a teacher?

One who knew the jounin would wonder whether she had finally tipped off the edge. Apparently not a few had reached the same conclusion. A betting pool had even begun among her fellow Officers after the rumor of her transfer was confirmed. Currently, the most popular option was that the woman only wished to use the title of Sensei for unwary genins to near her, at which time she would stalk and eventually kill her victims in some gruesome form of satanic ritual. After gaining knowledge of the pool, Nui cut a deal with the bookmaker to receive a share of the winnings if everyone was to lose. Now she and the majority of Sunagakure’s SUNA division eagerly await the assignment of her team.


The two stepped out of the shop. As she prepared to leave for her residence, her partner sought a last effort to rid of the enigma. “Come on. At least give me a hint or something. I’ll pay for each wrong guess.”

A sudden impulse seized Nui. She stopped, surprised by her display of sentiments. But because she was happy and content and caught in the warmth of Time past, she obliged to her whimsical fancy. Turning, her gaze rested upon her fellow jounin. “Do you really wish to know?”

Startled by her sudden change of heart but quick to grasp this rare opportunity, he nodded eagerly. Her head tilted and the lenses flashed beneath the scorching sun.

“Since I am feeling generous, I shall suffice your curiosity.” And then she smiled a true smile almost childish in simple innocence. “Doesn’t it make me look so much smarter?”

Thread Log
04/23/08 1 Sand GMAP used to purchase Stage One of Ekitai Kenfu.
9/12/08 Recovering Zoukei: +1 control, +1 reserve, Wind Torpedo, stage 2 etikai kenfu (GMAP)
1/01/09 The Odd Couple?: Also Used 3 TP From Sand Arc, +2 Stamina, +2 Speed, Stage 3 and 4 Ekitai Kenfu
2/06/09 Fishing for Attention: Also Used 1 AP, +3 Strength, Stage 5 Ekitai Kenfu
4/20/09 Wind Catcher: + 3 Intelligence
4/18/10: 3 AP, + 2 Intelligence, Stage 6 Kyuusaku-ken
1/09/11: Devil's Rhapsody: + 3 Speed
06/06/11: Depravity +3 Speed

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Wow, truly impressive. The bio was beautifully written too.

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Theres a broken font tag just under your archetype section.

Also, im not sure if its just my computer or something, but all four of the links to the justu lists you took are broken.

Looks to me like the first part 'www.narutorp.net' is missing. Its only showing the 'showthread/blahblah' to me.

I like the character though.

Shouryuu of Leaf

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Nicely done. The only thing I have to comment about is the "Jounin exam", as there aren't any formal examinations for promotion; basically someone would serve as a Chuunin for an undetermined period of time, and when the Kazekage sees said Chuunin capable of becoming a Jounin, a promotion occurs. It's not all about strength, either, but more about whether or not the Chuunin is able to handle the responsibility, leadership, etc of being a Jounin.

Now if only glasses actually made people smarter instead of just looking it, I would totally get those...*laments*
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...I knew that. Who says I don't. *Shifty eyed look* >.>

But thanks for telling me about those. Edited the tags, fixed the links and changed how Okita died and Nui promoted. Hopefully things are all good now. ^^
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thoroughly enjoyable


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Sand GM approval.
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Approved and moved

Welcome back, Rizhou! ^_^
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