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Default Sayoi Fushita - Stone Chuunin

Name: Sayoi Fushita
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 5’5

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Earth Country/Iwakagure
Rank: Chuunin
Division: YARI - 2nd Degree Owl Cavalier

Physical Appearance:
When one hears the word "shinobi", many automatically imagine the stereotypical persona for the job. Calm, serious, dangerous, quiet, a sharp awareness always focused in anticipation for the slightest change. The strong and silent type, a grave demeanor lingering unnoticed in the shadows. Tall, strong, complexion marred by dangerous encounters. A tad cold, slightly rugged, but alluring a mystery only found on those who existed outside of society and its safety. This cliché, honed sharp with centuries of refinement, proves enduring to the present day.

Fushita is none of the above. The young man does not have the poised grace or steely demeanor so often found upon his comrades. Neither does he fall into the lighthearted category of bright smile and cheery disposition. No, for he is very ordinary. One is very likely to walk pass the chuunin on an empty street and take little notice of his presence. There is little in the way of his ‘aura’ and what does allude often passes inconspicuous to the casual eye.

His appearance is nothing flattering. Sepia locks hang flat and wiry across his ears and visage, one some higher power molded to the median of all the facial variations ever seen. He is neither handsome nor distasteful, with no features prominent or purposely dulled. If any artist is to learn the basics of portrait sketching, chances are Fushita’s face is the one they use as the perfect model of proportion. Only his eyes are worthy of noting, for it’s rare to find, even among the shinobi world, irises holding such perfect resemblance to that of polished tanzanite. Of translucent indigo and vermilion embers, it is perhaps the only trait he is known for. A pity only those standing an inch before his nose can see the subtle colors.

At the age of sixteen he has already surpassed the puberty growth. There is little chance of the young man reaching a height or buff to best his current form. While the average frames of males in the current day notably more impressive, Fushita has learned from a young age to use his slight figure to his advantage. Not only is it easier to move unnoticed when stealth is needed, but evasion and balance is much easier when one is vertically challenged.

There is little more to say of his physical form. He’s some muscles and a well maintained physique empathizing speed and strength than buff. As a resident of Earth Country he has long accustomed himself to its harsh climates. Scars born both before and after his choice of profession litter the tanned skin dry and calloused from years of his arduous lifestyle within the merciless country. On the back of his left hand an azure jewel glimmer in delight.

His wardrobe is not something to fawn over. Remnants of his younger days still exist in Fushita’s mindset as he picks out his gears. Regular shinobi sandals are his only shoes for they are both sturdy and versatile in most geographic variations. The rest are variations of a default set; knee length pants, fish-net singlet, shirt, vest and jacket. A few garments might be added, stripped or altered in length and thickness depending on the whims of nature, but the general set remains constant. His hitai-ate is always upon the forehead.

Ah, personality. How can one expect to unravel the deep and tortured mind of this child, lost among the darkness of his past to drown in regret and sorrow? Such trauma he has suffered through, with anguish and vengeance his only reason of life. No one can hope to heal this broken soul, nor can any other human hope to empathize with his grief of a childhood shattered and emotions forgotten. No, for he is no longer human, but a shadow of a being, merely a physical form who only knows death and nothing else.

Or perhaps not.

While this writer gives no pretendence that the character’s past is smooth sailing, neither does she attempt to use such reasons to create a being of a less than wholesome mental stability. His history has been nothing short of trials and tribulations but it is with this same token that results in the current Fushita now; a young man of normal emotional and mental state, admittedly prideful and a miser. For what has maintained him for all of his life as well as being the foundation of his current personality is but one thing; integrity.

If the shinobi who hone their skills and minds to become a blade strong enough to destroy all in its path, then what he strives to become is the perfect shield, capable of withstanding any onslaught yet still march forward with solid resolve. As the towering redwoods and majestic mountains of this country stand unwavering, their roots and bases embedded deep into the earth, so too has he reinforced the notion of self to the core of his being. While his body is slight, his mind has merged with the giants of wood and stone to stand unyielding before the world. Even if the end of life has arrived, if Time and Space themselves to shatter, one can be sure that he alone shall remain unchanged and true.

It is with this solid fundamental that we move onto his most prominent trait; ego. Continue using the analogy of mountain and redwood to his mind, the way he views most other humans can be compared to the peak or top branches looking down upon the tiny creatures below; with a strong sense of superiority. The notion that others might not possess the same mental strength as he has never occurred to Fushita. As such he views those who carry emotional scars from their past as weak. To have their being crumble so easily before an adversary is bad enough, but to remain stationary and wallow in self-pity is simply absurd. Everyone has the strength to push forward; they are but too feeble to even try.

And so while others view may view such members of society with a certain degree of sympathy, he looks down upon them with scorn. Life is not to be taken for granted. To have a new day begin with such vivid color and beauty, only to turn one’s eyes and bath in the regrets of past is an insult to life itself. Such creatures are nothing but wasting valuable resources better spend elsewhere. In the natural cycle any beast that lie wounded and can not regain its stance will quickly be devoured by others. Humans have lost contact with evolution’s balance and allow specimens otherwise fit for extinction to live. He thinks otherwise; having battled his way to the pinnacle with his own determination, Fushita is not about to cast a kindly eye over anything too fragile to reach for survival.

It is with this bizarre standard of approval that he views everyone. If anyone laments their woes or deplores regrets before him, all they’ll receive is a blunt “Get over it.” But that’s not to say he lacks emotions; Fushita merely view all forms of vocal or emotional requiem as a form of whining, something he is not prepared to suffer. And it is this reason many view the chuunin as a self-centered bastard who considers the troubles of others trivial to his own. Those who acquaint with the young man will soon realize it is not entirely true; he is neither a bastard nor put his own worries above all else, but someone who simply can not be bothered caring. As for the self-centered and trivialness of others… Well…

With that strange trait out of the way, the rest of his personality is simple. Despite everything, Fushita enjoys life. As with any person his age he likes nothing better than good company, joy, peace and general laughter. He understands the significance between existing and living and hence often tosses plans to the wind as a sudden urge grips him. It is the same reason he is among the first many seek to recruit to plot devious games. The man is all too willing to lend his aid to whatever practical jokes or various dares his friends cooks up. So long as there’s minimal risk of bodily harm and nothing life-threatening, he’s all for the game. Just don’t expect him to foot the bill of any mishaps does arise.

He is a money whore. Having lived his younger days in famine and poverty, Fushita has developed a strong obsession to the numbers in his bank account. He rarely spends it and even then only on food. One only need take one glance at his spartan abode and realize that fact. Anyone who is stupid enough to point out that fact will immediately find themselves set upon by said abode’s owner. Pride often leads to obstinacy, or at least it does in his case. If one wishes peace any time within, oh say, the next few days, it is advisable to humbly apologize and consider it their defeat.

When not preaching his view on personal growth the young man is an amiable companion. One can be assured of his reliability, always willing to support and aid another so long it’s not listening to their problems. He’s known for holding a placid and logical temperament, though tactless in speech. While others fight for the title of strongest he is more than inclined to watch from the sidelines. Some have remarked on this as a lack of motivation. Fushita merely pretend a sudden case of deafness and doggedly maintain that his sights are set higher than the common mortal. Everyone knows this is just denial, but with dinner-time a mere hour away, who will possibly argue?

Nindo; “It could be possible that the only purpose of your life is to serve as a warning to others.”

Clan/Bloodline: None

Primary Archetype: Druid
Combo Special: An additional technique may be taken for the beast companion at creation.
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Physical
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merit: +2 to Speed, +2 to Power, +1 to Control, +1 to Willpower
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -2 to Tactics, -1 to Control, -1 to Intelligence


Physical – Secondary

Strength: 1 – 2 + 11 + 2 (Thread) = 12 + 12(Kadou-Ken) = 24 Level Four
Speed: 1 + 2 + 9 + 1 (GMAP) + 3 (Thread) = 16 + 15(Kadou-Ken) = 31 Level Five
Stamina: 1 + 7 = 8 Level Two

Mental – Tertiary

Intelligence: 1 – 1 + 8 + 2 (thread) = 10
Tactics: 1 – 2 + 9 +2 (thread) = 10
Willpower: 1 + 1 + 7 = 9

Chakra – Primary

Power: 1 + 2 + 10 = 13
Control: 1 + 1 – 1 + 10 + 2 (GMAP) +1 = 14
Reserve: 1 + 10 = 11

Jutsu and Techniques:


Stage 3: – Freebie 1 to 3
Stat Requirements: Speed 12, Stamina 8, Control 8
Accumulated Bonus Points: Speed +15, Strength +12

Special Techniques:
Kuuhaku Douryou Atemi (Null Momentum Strike) – Freebie 4

Tokusen Iwa Saiwan

Stage 1:
Activate Jewel – Academy 1
Requirements: Control 2, Intelligence 2

Stage 2:
Jewel Explosion – Freebie 5
Requirements: Control 6, Power 6, Tactics 4

Jewel Shards
Requirements: Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4

Jewel Flare
Requirements: Tactics 6, Intelligence 5, Power 5

Stage 3:
Jewel Shards Controlled Flight
Requirements: Jewel Shards, Control 9, Power 9, Tactics 7

Jewel Armor
Requirements: Tactics 9, Willpower 9, Power 7

Stage 4
Powerful Jewel Explosion
Requirement: Jewel Explosion, Control 14, Power 13, Reserves 11, Intelligence 10

Doton Ninjutsu

Stage 1:
Doton: Dorogou no Jutsu (Earth Element: Mud Moat Technique)
Requirements: Control 3, Intelligence 2

Stage 2:
Doton: Iwa Bunshin no Jutsu (Earth Element: Stone Clone Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Control 6

Stage 3:
Doton: Hachinosu (Earth Technique: Honeycomb)
Replacing: Iwa Harikawa (Stone Needle Skin)
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

Universal Ninjutsu

Stage 1:
Kawarimi no Jutsu [GMAP]
Henge no Jutsu [GMAP]

Stage 2:
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree/Wall Walking Technique)

Shuriken – 2
Kunai – 2
Gas Grenade – 3
Explosive Tags – 4
Secret Stone Jewel - 1
Mechanical Eye Attachment Mk.II – 5
- Thermal
- X-Ray

Weapon Points Remaining: 3
Additional Weapon Points: 0


Age: 0 – 7
Location: Seigyoku Mine

He had never met his father. The earliest recollections of his childhood only consisted of he and his mother. Like so many of his doomed generation, Sayoi En was nothing more than an insignificant pawn in Hyakura Najo’s battle for power. He was a miner, a normal man in his late twenties with a modest income, a loving wife and a delightful two year old son. If he had any faults, they were his strength, health and youth, for they were the reasons he was forced to join the ranks of Earth’s peasant army. He never did return from the borders of this country but simply disappeared, another nameless and fallen corpse among the ranks of thousands just like him. To this day Fushita still wonder of his father’s face.

His mother, Fusame, was a shinobi, an academy teacher in Iwakagure who gave up her past life to be with her husband. While the initial change of scenery was quite startling, she soon adjusted to the rustic lifestyle and found a place teaching children in a normal school. Even though she no longer enjoyed the opulence of her previous life, the woman was happy. With the birth of their first child Fusame gave up the final thread of desire to return to her previous profession of murder and war. Never did she dream it to crash through her door two years later in the form of soldiers who dragged her husband away.

Growing up in those years of war and international unrest was hard for the pair. Trades with countries had diminished, resulting in a decreased demand for the mineral and gem resources that was the staple of Earth’s economy. To garner enough income for the family, Fusame hired herself to various jobs that required chakra intervention, often leaving her child alone for days on end. Out of necessity Fushita took up the burden of the housework, learning from an early age to washing, cleaning, shopping and even cook some of the simpler dishes. It was by no means a care-free childhood but he was happy to burden himself with such tasks if it would relieve the strain from Fusame.

The peaceful days could not last. It soon became apparent that Fusame was dabbling in more than mere contracts. After he turned six the woman began teaching him the basics of chakra. Despite his numerous questions towards her actions she would always remain silent. It wasn’t until months before his eighth birthday did the truth became apparent.

He was too young to have heard of Mukeisatsu, let alone its meaning. As such the boy never fully grasped the situation of that night. Even if he could, what hazy remnants of the stormy night were drowned in shadows, the clash of metal, destruction and fear. All that remained were the sound of his choking breath and pounding heart, of the voices of his pursuers and that of his mother with her soothing words telling him to flee and never return and live, always live. All events which followed were lost but the seemingly endless pursuit, his small body rushing forward unknowing of destination then the strange sensation of stepping into thin air.

And then, nothing.

Age: 7
Location: Hitsuji Forest

It was morning when he woke, battered from the fall from the ledge but alive and well. At first his still befuddled mind failed to grasp the oddity of his surroundings but as fatigue withdrew and logic dominating once again, it soon became apparent that, while he was no longer chased, the danger still remained. For he was lost in Hitsuji Forest with no sense of direction or knowledge of his position.

For someone who had never ventured from the safety of his home town this step into the world beyond was painfully abrupt. Desperation seized the child, threatening to overwhelm what was left of his being. Had he yielded, Fushita was certain to die where he stood. He was saved from this fate not by heaven’s grace or a coincidental meeting with another human, but a primordial need which exists in all living creatures; the desire for water. The desire to quench his burning throat dominated his mind stronger than any psychological dread could. And so he stepped forward, a small figure pitifully diminutive in the silent presence of the majestic forest.

He had a basic grasp of geography from what his mother had taught him. A river born of Lake Uma passed through the redwood range. If he could find the waterway and cross it, then on the other side of the woodlands is Daichi. Civilization, and in turn, life. The elation sprung from the sight of flowing water was a sensation he would never forget. So great the jubilation that it wasn’t until many moments later when he discovered he wasn’t alone.

At first he thought the dark bundle thrashing in the current was a person. The joy of meeting another human soon faded as he neared the distorted shape only to discover a crow struggling in the water. It tried to heave its body airborne but the weight of sodden feathers gripped the creature. Up on the banks five others cawed and jumped in agitation. It was obvious they wished to help, but the flow of water proved too strong even for creatures of their great size.

Fushita, however, could. The boy scrambled across the forest floor till his gaze fell upon a fallen branch, a small twig broken off from its gigantic body both long and still supple. With the stick gripped tightly in one hand he balanced tentatively upon the dry banks and stretched the branch forward towards the bird. Whether by fortune or design the creature responded and bit down hard on the offering.

Once safely ground-bound all six feathered heads turned towards the strange creature in their midst. Their eyes stared at the boy, dark and unblinking with inner deliberation. What transpired after was an enigma even to Fushita. Why he chose follow the crow’s guidance or how he knew of their intention he could never explain. Whatever it may be, when the towering pillars of redwood thinned to reveal in the distance a city of extreme proportion, the child knew he was safe. He turned to “thank” his saviors, or as one could possibly thank a group of birds, but they were gone. All expect for one, the youngest and most inquisitive of the family. She looked up at the human and cawed. Fushita smiled.

Age: 7 – 9
Location: Daichi

For a child such as he, finding a job in the bustling city was hard. With the country’s economic depression and war, no one could spare what little revenue they had on a boy of slight frame, malnutritioned and had all the appearance of an urchin. Even if he knew ninjutsu, or what few Fusame taught him, what kind of business would want him? An illegitimate business. Someone was willing to take in a young boy in desperate need of shelter, clothing, food and money, provided he had the skills needed.

Thus the boy was introduced to the world of drug dealing, human trafficking, prostitution, blackmailing and murder. With his nondescript appearance, skills and deceptive age, the boy soon found himself hired for various jobs from simple tasks such as errands to the more dangerous tasks of trailing and spying. How he survived only the heavens know, but he did. What little money he received from his work was immediately saved and hidden, buried in some small dark hole in the ground known only to Yobi.

Two years passed in this fashion. Then a month before his age into the two digit number, Fushita was approached by one of Daichi’s syndicates was presented with a proposition of a position in their organization. It was then, at that moment, when the boy realized something. This was the turning point of his life. His decision would, regardless of which path he was to choose, be the catalyst from which his new life would be born. He could accept the offer and remain in the city where he had already found a place in society. But that was not to be. For more than anything he prides himself upon his ability of maintain his humanity despite everything that had happened. He could have so many times yielded and allowed instinct and desire to dominate, but every time his conscience would always remain untarnished. This wasn’t the only place for him, it couldn’t be. But where else?

Where else but Iwakagure?

He already had the basic grasp of chakra, and lacking the ties of family and friends, he was free to travel as he wish. And so after much searching, the boy finally found a merchant travelling the same path who was willing to take the child along for the journey.

Age: 10
Location: Iwakagure

It soon became apparent that life, even within the flourishing walls of Iwakagure was not easy. While the rest of the country had only begun to resurface from the war, the residents of Earth’s military stronghold had little worries about their lifestyle. Once again he had become obsolete, invisible to the eyes of the general population and left to fend for himself. With the aid of his crow, who he had named Yobi, the boy found himself salvaging various necessities from rubbish bins and trash piles. It was one such a scavenging trip that he met her.

Their first encounter was quite unexpected and adorned by a tangle of limbs, feathers and clothing. The graceful woman wiped the dust from her silken robe as she inspected the unruly boy. Despite his obvious lack of care the child’s assertive posture was far from that of an average orphan or cast-away. And that crow… If she hadn’t worked with shinobi who had animal companions before, she would have never considered the notion of a partnership between the two. Upon her day off from which she expected nothing but sleep and boredom, Yumi had acquired an interesting specimen.

A free lunch later and her queries were sated. Her gaze roamed along Fushita’s form to rest upon his remarkable eyes. Should she give him a chance? It would be a unique experiment, would it not? She had the money, the resources, but most of all, the insatiable curiosity towards humans. Just as one found happiness in watching one’s plants grow under one’s careful watering and care, her idea gave the woman satisfaction. Yumi smiled and Fushita blinked.

Which was how the boy suddenly found himself given food, clothing and shelter and enrolled into Iwakagure’s shinobi Academy. While the new and startling change of scenery saw the child reeling, he soon adjusted and took things in strides. Friends he had little in the three years of Academy life; what little free time he had the boy found himself spending on the company of his sponsor.

Yumi was a jounin, a medical ninjutsu specialist and worked in the village’s morgue. Due to the nature of her workplace she welcomed the presence of her little “experiment” and often entertained them both with analysis and reports of her “customers”. And it was there that Fushita first learned of Sougakari Houshou. Upon the shoulder of the deceased chuunin was a colorless gemstone. When he inquired of its origin, Yumi lectured him on the jewel and its nature.

It might only have been ten minutes, but Fushita was hooked.

Age: 14
Location: Sumibi no Sato

After a year of trivial tasks and chores they were finally assigned with an actual mission; to protect the cargo of Sougakari Houshou and the transporters from enemies, both human and feline. The passage from Sumibi to Iwakagure was long and arduous for his team-mates, but for this genin such a mission could not be more wonderful. With each passing day his knowledge of the strange jewels grew, and with his respect for its power. Not many could wield such strength; those granted with its power and manage to forge its inert power to that of their own was worthy of admiration. Such was a symbol of a being honed both in body and mind, a constant remind of their worth.

How could he resist?

Age: 14
Location: Iwakagure

Ara, what a lowly knave he is. And he thinks to gain my power. How laughable.

The excruciating pain of his left hand had long sent Fushita’s mind into madness. Still he persisted, borne by only his determination towards his goal. A pearl of laughter rose from midst the darkness and diaphanous arms reached out from behind the boy, entwining themselves across his bare chest.

Oh, so he thinks himself worthy? How absurd when he has done nothing but succumb to the pain of this process? Is this servant really worth my time?

He couldn’t buckle, not now, not after everything he had endured and survived. This was but another step towards refinement of himself. To shatter was to accept defeat, to forsake life and tomorrow’s dawn, to close one’s eyes and relinquish one’s final breath. He would not, could not fathom this end no matter the cost.

Hm… Perhaps he is passable. However this servant must prove himself before all else, for remember; I shall always be watching…

The ethereal limbs withdrew from his throat, taking with its departure the fire threatening to consume both his mind and arm. Exhausted, drained, voice hoarse from unwilling screams, Fushita managed a grin as the blue jewel shone languished upon his hand.

Age: 16
Location: Iwakagure

Stepping out into the pallid morning, Fushita grinned as a large shadow eclipsed the filtered sunlight. Several bandages remain stagnated upon his healed form as precautionary measures. He found the concern unnecessary but the medic would never have allowed the newly promoted chuunin to depart from the hospital unless he complied. Every time the village held a chuunin exam he was swamped with the likes of this Force Jewel user; risking their young lives for the sake of pride and strength. And they wonder why he chose to become a hospital medic. To the doctor’s rants Fushita remained docile, knowing all too well that his freedom rested upon the semblance of a obedient patient…

A low caw drew his gaze skyward and the young man grinned. “It’s nothing. They are just being careful, that’s all. So, let’s go home now, shall we?”

Other Info:
- Fushita’s avatar speaks of him in third person and considers him as her servant.
- She holds him in little regard, though is seemingly respectful to Yobi.
- They do not hold conversations. Instead her voice is akin to one’s “second thought”. Whenever he doubles back on his own decision, she would be the one voicing his doubts.

Mission Log
5-8-08: 2 GMAP Added - Kawarimi no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu
10-28-08: Reclamation: Recon - +2 Intelligence, +1 Willpower (Yobi)
10-31-08: 2 GMAP Added - +2 Control
12-08-08: Finders, Keepers - +1 Control, Powerful Jewel Explosion, Jewel Armor(AP), +1 Speed (Yobi)
12/21/08: Vertex - +2 Tactics, Doton: Tamaishi Danmaku, +1 Strength (Yobi)
10/24/09: Ch-Check It Out: Natsuki City - +2 Strength, +1 Strength (Yobi)
4/17/10: Edited Doton list. GMAP for Honeycomb.
4/19/10: Edited for Beastmaster
5/13/10: Realized Influence of Jewel no longer exists, so removing that out, which leaves me one extra free tech. Using free tech for Honeycomb, freeing me GMAP used to purchase Honeycomb. Using said GMAP for + 1 Speed. Complicated much.
6/26/10: Test of Patience - +3 Speed, +1 Speed (Yobi)

Pet Info:

Name: Yobi
Species: Crow
Age: 10
Sex: Female
Length: Beak – Tail: 33 inches

Rank: Chuunin

Physical Description:
Compare to an average crow and Yobi is a brute of a bird. For a residence of Hitsuji Forest, however, her size is hardly imposing. Aside from her physical structure, she is the typical specimen of her breed; ashen bands adorning an obsidian plumage. Her feathers are sleek, as is the whole of her body, from the long beak tipped in a gentle arch to the fanned tail feathers. Those who don’t believe in the cognitive level of the crow family only need one look at her ocher eyes and see intelligence startlingly human in its inquisitive nature.

She is a curious creature, often drawn to attention by the strange and countless behavior patterns of man. As are all crows her knowledge of family is strong, though conceited as to who she recognize as worthy for her approval. When not dozing beneath the sun or toying with keys and locks she often fills the time harassing the village’s resident owls and bird of prey. Being of her size she has a certain advantage, one she happily displays to the admiring gaze of the local crows.



Strength: 1 = 1
Speed: 1 + 6 + 4 (TP) = 11 + 7 = 18
Stamina: 1 + 6 = 7 + 9 = 16


Intelligence: 1 + 2 = 3
Tactics: 1 + 6 = 7
Willpower: 1 + 2 = 8


Power: 1 + 1 + 1 (TP) = 3
Control: 1 + 3 = 4
Reserve: 1 + 3 = 4


Global Genjutsu

Stage 1:
Suiganmourou no Jutsu (Drunken Sight Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 3, Reserves 3

Ahou no Ojike

Stage 2:
Requirements: 10 Speed, 4 Stamina, 6 Tactics
Accumulative Bonuses: +9 Stamina, +7 Speed

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This is a pretty darn good character. double approved.

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I love the fact that your nindo is a demotivator.

Strength should be 10, which is only good for you. Half'd.

(Down ta roleplay, yo.)
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Lol. I like the nindo too.

Gah! Guess even I make technical mistakes. How humiliating. T.T

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Very nice, well written biography. A very agreeable Welsh Half Approval.

Ready for move-age.

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