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Default [TKO] - Hyuuga Kiyoko

Name: Hyuuga Kiyoko
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Height: 5’ 8”

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Country of Fire/Konohagakure
Rank: Jounin
Division: Hada

Physical Description: The appearance of Hyuuga Kiyoko has been described in many ways: elegant, haunting, even flawless. She bears the lithe, classically beautiful frame possessed by many in her clan. Years of training in the methods and stances of the taijutsu passed through generations have left the young woman with a finely toned, though petite, physique. Her slim build sometimes gives the impression of a shinobi whose focus lies in the less physical realms of combat, and it is for this reason that the kunoichi has been known to catch an unwary opponent off guard. Her body is a useful tool, both attractive and powerful.

Her ivory skin bears no scars or unsightly markings. Her features are lovely and proportionate, making for a pleasing countenance which is only enhanced by the unforgettable stare easily described as legendary among all shinobi. Ancient eyes peer out from a face still blossoming in youth. Incredibly long, straight ebony locks cascade down her back, ending just below her waist. She’s known as a young beauty even among those who bear her surname, which is no small feat in itself.

One would think that the smile of such a lovely young woman could light up a room. In truth, precious few have ever seen such a sight. In the same manner, there aren’t many who could claim having witnessed Kiyoko with an expression of anger or sadness upon her countenance. The young kunoichi has adopted a strange habit of showing little to no emotion at any given time. This makes her very difficult to read, though its purpose, as she sees it, is to cover any sign of weakness.

Kiyoko makes no move without grace. Each step is reminiscent of the footfall of a queen. Her posture is exquisite, with her head held high and her shoulders back. A strange air surrounds her, and while once it was one of clear arrogance and haughtiness, it has changed in recent years to one not so easily identified. Her presence seems almost ethereal or distant now, likely a product of inner turmoil brewing in her mind.

Clothing: As is the case with nearly any Hyuuga, Kiyoko can dress for all occasions and purposes, though the entirety of her wardrobe would be considered modest yet beautiful. She has a collection of lavish kimonos for use in ceremonies and other very important and appropriate events. She is capable and willing to look the part of the stunning noblewoman that she is, though obviously she doesn’t go to such lengths on a day to day basis.

In a more typical setting, Kiyoko sports a simple white, fitted and pressed blouse. Its collar locks closely around her neck with the help of a series of white satin buttons beginning on its left side and cascade down the full length of the garment. Her slim figure is hugged snugly through the torso and the hem of the shirt loosens at the bottom, just at the hips. The sleeves billow loosely, often covering her hands to the fingertips. Her legs are swathed in closely-cut pants made from a resilient material, granting the kunoichi necessary movement for her physical endeavors. A small pouch is tied to the left side of her back with this cloth, securing necessary shinobi tools within easy reach.

While Kiyoko does possess the common flak jacket commonly seen on many a Leaf shinobi, she rarely wears it. This is by no means a reflection of distaste or lack of respect for the Village. She simply has little need for all of the pockets and utilities of the vest as other shinobi do.

Personality: Hyuuga Kiyoko was ingrained with all of the ideals of the “purist” side of the Hyuuga clan beginning before the days of her memory. It is her instinct to look upon the common man with distaste and pity, as all in her immediate family have done for years. She was bred to be the epitome of regality, nobility, and perfection as determined by Konohagakure’s most legendary clan.

She remains rather reserved, a habit adopted early in her youth in a relatively secluded world where children speak only when addressed. It is not her intention to be rude when dealing with others, though it does happen on occasion. Despite this, she strives to remain respectful and polite as often as possible, and is often quick to apologize if she truly offends someone with the opinions instilled in her youth.

Recent years have served to shake the young kunoichi’s ideals somewhat. Many events have lead to Kiyoko’s curiosity about the arrangement of her life. It is for this reason that the chuunin’s persona has shifted somewhat. Where once she would simply ignore those who would write her off as a snob, now she takes more time to listen and watch those around her. The happenings in her village as of late have served to heighten her awareness and cause her to think a great deal about the choices ahead.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Live always with honor and grace.

Clan/Bloodline: Hyuuga/Byakugan

Primary Archetype:
Hyuuga Bloodline Specialist

Special: Add an extra point to speed.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Own Choice
Tertiary: Own Choice
Stat Merit: + 1 Speed, + 1 Stamina, + 1 Control
Stat Flaw: - 1 Power, - 1 Reserves, - 1 Strength

Secondary Archetype:

Stat Merit: +2 to Speed, +1 to Stamina
Stat Flaw: -1 to Control, -1 to Power, -1 to Strength



Hyuuga Clan Archetype
Quicksilver Archetype
Jounin Promotion

Physical Primary

Strength: 1 -1 -1 +10 +3 +2AP + 26 (Thread) = 40 (+15 Seido Kobushi)
Speed: 1 +1 +2 +1 (Special) +10 +7 +4AP + 14 (Thread) = 40 (+35 Jyuuken)
Stamina: 1 +1 +1 +10 +4 + 14 (Thread) +1AP = 32 (+28 Jyuuken)

Mental Tertiary

Intelligence: 1 +8 +3 +6 (Thread) = 18
Tactics: 1 +8 +3 (+0 goolagong) +5 (Thread) = 17
Willpower: 1 +8 +4 +4 (Thread) = 17

Chakra Secondary

Power: 1 -1 -1 +11 +12 (Thread) = 22
Control: 1 +1 -1 +9 +4 +4AP + 8 (Thread) = 26
Reserves: 1 -1 +7 +9 +6 (Thread) = 22


Jutsus and Techniques:


Global Ninjutsu List
Stage 1:
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) F1
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2
Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) [TP]
Requirements: Control 3, Intelligence 2

Stage 2:
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree/Wall Walking Technique) F2
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

Stage 3:
Suimen Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Water Walking) F3
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6, Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu
Shukuchi (Reduced Earth) [TP]
Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6

Stage 4:
Shunshin no Jutsu (Instantaneous Body Technique) [TP]
Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air) [TP]
Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14

Global Genjutsu List
Stage 1:
Bunshin No Jutsu (Clone Technique) F4
Requirements: Control 2, Intelligence 2

Stage 2:
Meisai no Jutsu (Camouflage Technique) F5
Requirements: Willpower 7, Intelligence 7, Power 6

Stage 3:
Genjutsu Kai (Release) F6
Requirements: Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8

Stage 4:
Koudo Tenjou Gyakumodori (Heaven and Earth Reversal, Advanced Version) [TP]
Requirements: Willpower 14, Intelligence 13, Tactics 11, Power 10

Stage 7 F7-F9, 1AP, 1 TP & Promotion
Stage Requirements: Speed 40, Stamina 32, Strength 25, Control 24, Reserves 22
Hakkeshou Nankan (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Barrier) F10
Hakkeshou Sekishokyuu (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Barrier Sphere) F11
Hakkeshou Inasu (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Parry) F12
Hakkeshou Kaiten (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Heavenly Spin) [TP]
Opening Point Attacks [TP]
Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou (Hand of the Eight Divinations: 64 Hands) [TP]
Hakke Hyaku Niju Hashou (Hand of the Eight Divinations: 128 Hands) [TP]
Hakke Kuushou (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Wind Palm) Promotion
Hakkeshou Daikaiten (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Grand Heavenly Spin) [TP]

Stage 7 (5 TP + 2 AP)
Stage Requirements: 40 Speed, 40 Strength, 19 Stamina, 22 Control, 22 Power
Specials (2AP)
Tenka [Ignition]
Fireworks [Hanabi]
Kikan Nenshou [Organ Burning] [TP]
Shounetsu [Inferno] [TP]

Celestial Gates
Kai-mon (Initial Gate) [TP]
Requirements: Stamina 4, Strength 4

Kyu-mon (Heal Gate) [GMAP]
Requirements: Stamina 8, Strength 6, Willpower 6

Sei-Mon (Life Gate) Promotion
Requirements: Stamina 12, Strength 8, Willpower 8

Sho-Mon (Harm Gate) Promotion
Requirements: Stamina 18, Strength 14, Speed 11, Willpower 14

To-Mon (Limit Gate) [TP]
Requirements: Stamina 23, Strength 18, Speed 15, Willpower 16

Seido Kobushi
Stage 5 [TP] & [GMAP]
Stat Requirements: Control = 22, Power = 18, Reserves = 16, Strength = 16
Transfer [TP]
Grip [TP]

Cloud Ninjutsu
Stage 1:
Yurayura Hikari Karada no Jutsu (Flickering Luminous Body Technique)[TP]
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2
Stage 2:
Rousuru (Deafen) [TP]
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Stage 3:
Raiton: Raikou Shou Tate (Lightning Release: Small Lightning Shield) [TP]
Willpower 8, Tactics 6, Intelligence 8
Stage 4:
Raiton: Kyuuden (Lightning Release: Ball Lightning) [TP]
Willpower 14, Tactics 13, Intelligence 11, Control 10
Raiton: Raikou Shunshin (Lightning Release: Lightning Instantaneous) [TP]
Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Willpower 12
Stage 5:
Raiton: Shinkou Arashi no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Rising Storm Technique) [TP]
Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14
Raiton: Karada Fukikakeru (Lightning Release: Body Overcharge) [TP]
Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Willpower 16
Stage 6:
Raiton: Sennari Denshisen (Lightning Release: Electron Beam Cluster) [TP]
Power 21, Control 20, Reserve 19, Willpower 17, Tactics 15

The Shinobi Kit
Breathing Apparatus - 1
Body Armor - 2
Antidotes - 3

Weapon Points Remaining: 2

Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0



I once thought that I was fortunate to have it all planned out. My whole life was laid out for me down to the minutest detail. I merely had to be there and carry it all out. It seems so simple, doesn’t it?

My life is a mission. The ultimate objective is, of course, to bring honor to my family, my clan, and my country. I was tasked to do so by training hard, succeeding in all things shinobi, then marrying and producing the next generation of my clan.

I was born into a particularly elitist family bearing the name and blessings of the Hyuuga. My father is a relatively uncaring man who spends more time conducting business transactions and socializing with clients than anything else. My mother is an obsessive Hyuuga with a strictly traditionalist mentality.

My childhood was normal, for someone of my bloodline, anyway. I was mostly secluded from the rest of the village at a time when other children were forming lifelong bonds with one another. I don’t feel that I’ve missed out, mind you. I learned much in that time that has shaped me into the person I am today. Honestly, I didn’t even find it strange. While many children could be found playing make-believe in the park, I was already hard at work learning the necessary stances and positioning of my eventual fighting style. It was a useful head start for which I often thank my family.

My mother was the one to oversee my progress, since my father was in no position to try to teach me the methods of a shinobi. She worked me hard, constantly criticizing my clumsy missteps and guiding my hand to strike true. I was so young when this training began that I would be hard pressed to remember the days when I didn’t practice several times each week. This one-on-one experience was valuable and precious to me, as it gave my mother and me a chance to bond and it conditioned my body to the hardships of combat early on.

All of that hard work certainly paid off, though I realized a bit later that it had its consequences as well. I’d spent quite a lot of time within the confines of my clan’s compound. I was so surrounded by relatives who were undergoing similar rigorous practice that I really hadn’t learned how to deal with other children outside of my kin. Of course I always had my very formal manners to fall back on, but once I was enrolled in the shinobi Academy, the children found me all the more strange because of them.

Within the first week of classes, I realized that I stood out from my classmates somehow. I was told that I acted like a spoiled princess on many occasions. I, on the other hand, thought the other students to be brutish and unrefined. My instructors would step in from time to time to break up the arguments, but I noticed that they treated me different than the others as well. I could only assume that they viewed me as some frail and delicate flower. When I returned home and told my mother, my best friend, that I felt as though I was treated differently, she would quell my concerns with motherly advice. She always told me that I was special and that I should always be treated as such. The other children were obviously jealous, and the teachers were nervous about keeping me protected, as it was well known that I was a member of the noblest family in Konohagakure.

Such explanations served to change my outlook on life in the Academy. I came to understand that I was indeed gifted and that my classmates simply didn’t know or understand how to deal with me. Eventually, I began to ignore them whenever I could. I wasn’t winning any popularity contests, but I was there to learn. At the time, I told myself that I didn’t want to associate with them anyway.

I performed rather well in school. While other children relaxed and played, I was training, so what other outcome would one expect? My instructors were proud of me, though none of them really shared that connection with me that they did with some of the other students. I thought it a bit strange, though obviously I wasn’t quite like my classmates, so in the end I thought that it was understandable.

My graduation ceremony was rather interesting, actually. Many of my clan attended, and their arrival brought an uncomfortable silence to the rest of the crowd who had come to celebrate the progression of their loved ones. I could hear whispers here and there, but again I ignored it all. Any who felt the need to criticize perfection simply showcased their idiocy.

Shortly after that day I was placed on a team with two other genin. Neither of them appeared very thrilled to be bound with me, but I wasn’t exactly overjoyed to be assigned to them either. We had a job to do. Our jounin-sensei was a soft-spoken and patient man, though he wasn’t quite sure what to make of the team dynamics himself. He had little trouble speaking openly with my two teammates, but no such friendly dialogue ever occurred between him and me. It was in the earliest of our genin days that I began to feel a little awkward about the differences between me and the other young shinobi.

There is little doubt that my team came to appreciate my unique skills, though it wasn’t until I changed my own behavior that they actually began to warm up to me somewhat. I wouldn’t say that we ever developed a true friendship in those days, but we began to work quite well together. It all began to change when I determined that it was time to stop ignoring others because they found me strange. I began to watch and listen. I began to understand.

I can’t claim that my team and I did anything fantastic or out of the ordinary in our missions as genin. In fact, our work together was altogether common, and I appreciated every bit of it. I had to look beyond my status and my gifts in order to enjoy the simple things in life. I’m thankful that I figured that out early, unlike some among my kin who have yet to do so.

My team was allowed access to the chuunin exams relatively quickly. I honestly wasn’t sure how we’d fare against so many teams from other countries, though that didn’t prevent me from displaying my typical confidence, I suppose. I’d come to the defense of my more timid teammates when they were confronted by foreign genin, a surprise to all of us, really. Even when dealing with shinobi from other villages so briefly, I managed to garner a reputation as an arrogant know-it-all. I did my best to push that all aside and concentrate on representing my team, clan, and country as best I could.

I’d say that the second stage of the chuunin exams was what had me a bit on edge. Each person on each team was given a medallion and sent out into a vast training field filled with all types of terrain, creatures, and obstacles. We were told to travel to a series of checkpoints around the area as assigned to each individual team. The trick was to do so undetected. We had to avoid other teams as well as various proctors sent periodically through the grounds. Any team that was spotted by a proctor more than twice was automatically disqualified, though that information wouldn’t have been shared until reaching the final checkpoint. Also, only complete teams were allowed to move on to the next round after reaching the final checkpoint, and all three had to have their medallions. Any team missing a medallion was automatically disqualified. To make it worse, only three teams would make it to the final round, so taking medallions from other teams was the best option to ensure your team’s survival. Any confrontations or battles with other teams had to be done quietly so as to avoid the watchful eyes of the proctors. It was one of the most stressful situations in which I’ve ever found myself, but somehow my team managed to survive. I had never been more thankful for the Byakugan.

The final portion of the chuunin exams had matched me against several individual genin, including one of my teammates. I’m told that I was one of the favorites to take the entire contest. I nearly did, though my final match nearly cost me everything. I’d fought a towering boy whose forte was brute strength with a sword. He was able to keep me at a distance for a very long time with use of his weapon, and I must admit he was one of the most challenging individuals I’ve ever had the honor of fighting. He hadn’t succeeded in causing me much damage with the blade, but I hadn’t been able to strike him nearly as quickly and efficiently as usual, either. In the end, I’d nearly depleted every bit of chakra I had, and he just about suffered massive organ failure for what few strikes I was able to land. We were both exhausted and unable to continue. It was ruled a draw. Honestly, I concede victory to that boy, as I should have been more efficient. To this day, I believe that match holds the record for sheer length.

I wasn’t quite the same after that match. My opponent actually opened my eyes to something that I previously couldn’t see, even with the Byakugan. He didn’t treat me like a girl, a weakling, or a Hyuuga. He regarded me as an opponent, a shinobi, and a warrior. He had no idea who I was or where I came from. It was quite remarkable. For once, I was normal, and I appreciated that.

After that encounter, fate smiled upon me somehow. Even though I didn’t conquer absolutely all challenges set before me in the chuunin exams, I was deemed worthy of promotion. I didn’t see it then, but looking at it in hindsight, my guess is that the leaders of Konohagakure sought to promote particularly talented individuals to grant a little extra stability under our Hokage. I suppose I was much more useful to my country as a chuunin than I would have been as a genin.

It was shortly after my promotion to chuunin that I received a message from Hisae-sama, leader of the Hyuuga clan. She wished to further my training in private. This request infuriated my mother. I was in a precarious situation, as I didn’t want to upset my mother, but I certainly couldn’t pass up the opportunity nor deny my clan’s leader her request. After some lengthy discussion, my mother granted me her blessing for further training, but warned me that Hisae-sama’s thinking was not as that of a true Hyuuga. Though I was perplexed, I began to train with Hisae-sama, master of both the Byakugan and the Jyuuken.

I am very grateful to Hisae-sama for taking me aside and further honing my skills. She and I spent quite a bit of time sparring. As expected, we did chat a little during our training sessions. Indeed she did have a much different outlook on life, the clan, and our village than I or my mother had. At first, I thought her open-minded views very bold and ludicrous. The more we spoke and sparred, however, the more her ideals seeped into my subconscious where they lingered quietly for a time.

Continued work on my technique and a busy life of missions, social events, and more missions led to a long succession of months that all seemed to pass by in a blur. While some of my peers were beginning to carve out niches for themselves and specializing in various shinobi skills, I reserved myself to be a bit of a generalist. I would answer the call of any who needed me, as my clan’s blessings appeared to make me quite specialized enough. One day I would morph into a hunter. The next I could change to an interrogator. Then perhaps I’d become a bodyguard. I rather enjoyed that versatility. It was that newfound flexibility which gave way to curiosity about my ability to change the predetermined plan of my life.

For example, I’d known since I was a child that I was to wed the son of one of my father’s business partners. Doing so would aid in solidifying my clan’s position within the village, one of power and influence. Up until recently, such a thought and duty was not of particular concern. I was proud to help my kin. Lately I find the thought of an arranged marriage rather stifling. Of course, Hisae-sama played a rather large part in this change of heart. She had subtly suggested that I make those types of choices for myself. My confusion and indecision over the whole ordeal had me delving further and further into the career I loved. Perhaps I did so in order to delay the inevitable, whether it was succumbing to the plan laid ahead of me or causing heartbreak and disappointment for my elitist family. I can’t really say. I simply felt it very important to concentrate and excel in my work for the time being.

My mother began to become more and more critical of Hisae-sama with each passing day. I believe she could sense my slight hesitance to execute my life’s plan. There was little doubt in my mind that she blamed our clan’s leader for that. As a result, her distaste for Hisae-sama and her vision grew exponentially. Tension in my family also began to develop.

It was some sort of strange coincidence that tension outside of my family and outside of my clan had begun to develop at about the same time. It seemed that the entire village was beginning to shift in discomfort. Then, seemingly without warning, we were thrown into a war. I wasn’t sent to the front lines, of course, as I suppose it would be risky at best to send a young chuunin like me out in such a manner. I was tasked instead with covering various duties within the village in the absence of several of our most notable shinobi. In that short war with Snow, more uncertainty brewed. There was no word from our Hokage. There was no warning or news. There was nothing but silence.

Despite the uncertainty spawned by the absence of our leader, I opted to work and train until my breaking point. It probably sounds silly, but nearly killing myself on missions seemed easier than facing my family and the hardships of politics in the village. I rescued children, infiltrated brothels, taught young shinobi, and left a number of dead criminals in my wake all in the span of a few months just to put off facing other more daunting enemies.

Everything changed when one of those dangerous missions almost claimed me. I fought a man, the likes of which I’d never encountered before. No amount of speed, fighting technique, or lessons painstakingly learned in my childhood could help me push him back long enough to get away. As a result, I nearly lost my life. I realized then that something had to change. I didn’t want to die being remembered as a cold-hearted… well… bitch.

After that near-defeat, I was informed that my recent trials in leadership in all of my missions had been carefully examined by the Council. New threats to the village and the country meant that new jounin had to be brought up to replace the fallen, it seemed. Though they'd planned on waiting until the next Passing of the Flame ceremony, the promotion was offered early in hopes that I'd be able to aid my skills and newly attained leadership abilities to my village and help to conquer these formidable, monstrous enemies. Needless to say, I was shocked and honored.

Konoha is in a bit of turmoil now, it seems. I can see and empathize with the village’s pain. A similar confusion lingers in the back of my mind. I must determine which side I will choose, as do many in this community. It is no longer a matter of sticking to a plan or forging my own destiny. It appears to me now to be more of a question choice between right and wrong.

I will choose what’s right. That much is true. It might not be right in everyone’s eyes, but it will be in my own, and I’m beginning to realize that these eyes are the ones that matter.

Writing Example: N/A

Thread Log:
- Part I: The Written: +1 Speed, Hakkeshou Kaiten (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Heavenly Spin) [8/13/08]
- No Man's Land: +1 Strength, +1 Stamina, +1 Speed [11/7/08]
- Hope for the Lawless: +1 Speed, Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) [12/2/08]
- Two Fists and Turnabout: +2 Strength, Ryuujin-Fu, Tenka, Hanabi (4 AP Spent) [1/9/09]
- The Bare Truth: +1 Strength, Stage 4 Ryuujin-Fu [2/2/09]
- Fistcon: +2 Speed, Kikan Nenshou (Organ Burning) [3/16/09]
- Taxonomy [4/17/09]
- Rescue and Retrieval: +2 Control, +1 Strength [5/12/09]
- Reclamation and Recovery: +2 Stamina, Stage 5 Jyuuken [7/1/09]
- Seigyoto Massacre [10/11/09]
- Heaven Forbid: +2 Strength, Stage 5 Ryuujin-Fu [10/13/09]
- The Substitute: +1 Strength, Kai-mon [10/29/09]
- God Complex: +1 Willpower, Opening Point Attacks, 1GMAP: Kyu-mon [03/06/09]
- Shikarocon: Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou (Hand of the Eight Divinations: 64 Hands) [05/01/10]
- The Fight Club: Hakke Hyaku Niju Hashou (Hand of the Eight Divinations: 128 Hands), +2 Stamina [06/06/10]
- Jounin Promotion: 37 Stat Points, Stage 6 Jyuuken, Hakke Kuushou (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Wind Palm), Sei-mon, Sho-mon [08/15/10]
- Restless Recovery: +2 Power [08/16/10]
- Fight Club II: Fists of Fighting Fury: +1 Power, Shounetsu (Inferno) [08/29/10]
- Just the Facts, Ma'am: +1 Intelligence, Koudo Tenjou Gyakumodori (Heaven and Earth Reversal, Advanced Version) [09/19/10]
- Operation Wildfire: Squad 2: +1 Strength, Shunshin no Jutsu [10/01/10]
- Palmfury & Blackbumble: +3 Strength [12/18/10]
- Sticks and Stones: +3 Strength [12/18/10]
- They Fight Crime!: +2 Strength, +2 Power [12/18/10]
- A Princess and a Fist: +3 Power [12/18/10]
- Engiversary 7.0 Thread Point: Stage 6 Ryuujin-Fu [03/21/11]
- Inhuman Infiltration: (3TP + 1GMAP) Stages 1 & 2 of Precision Fist [07/23/11]
- Fire and Ice: Stage 3 Precision Fist, +1 Willpower [12/29/11]
- A Promising Future: Hakkeshou Daikaiten (Hand of the Eight Divinations: Grand Heavenly Spin), +2 Speed [01/05/12]
- The Avenger!: Stage 4 Precision Fist, +1 Speed [01/07/12]
- Chasing Leaves: Shukuchi (Reduced Earth), +2 Speed [01/30/12]
- Challenge Accepted: +3 speed [06/28/12]
- The Sad Truth: Stage 5 Seido Kobushi, +2 Control
- Freedom of Information: Yurayura Hikari Karada no Jutsu (Flickering Luminous Body Technique), +3 Reserves [12/28/13]
- [Arctic Arc] Don't Make Me a Target: Rousuru (Deafen), +3 Reserves
- Sad Girls in Snow: +2 Control, +1 Stamina
- Tea Time with the Dragon Empress: Raiton: Raikou Shou Tate (Lightning Release: Small Lightning Shield), +2 Stamina
- Decriminalize: +3 Stamina
- Megalomania: +3 Stamina, 2AP: +1 Stamina, Stage 7 Jyuuken
- Red Rampage: To-Mon (Limit Gate), +1 Willpower, +1 Strength
- House Call: +3 Strength
- That's What You Get: +1 Intelligence, +2 Strength
- White-Eyed Women's Workout: Raiton: Shinkou Arashi no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Rising Storm Technique) +1 Tactics, +1 Strength
- PIMPoint +3 Strength
- Swiggity Swooty Raiton: Raikou Shunshin (Lightning Release: Lightning Instantaneous), +2 Power
- Can't Get Dat Booty +2 Power, Stage 7 Ryuujin-Fu
- What Is This I Don't Even +2 Tactics, Transfer
- Where's Rachel?! Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air), +1 Tactics, +1 Intelligence
- Never Settle for Less Grip Special from Seido Kobushi, +2 Intelligence
- Awkeye and Hotlisps Raiton: Karada Fukikakeru (Lightning Release: Body Overcharge), +2 Intelligence
- I: Thief of Wind & Dust: Raiton: Sennari Denshisen (Lightning Release: Electron Beam Cluster), +1 Willpower, +2 Control

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Googalong is required to be at some point in every Hyuuga sheet.

Edit: It's a random +0, what does it really matter? I see no problem with it. How is it any different from adding 'Awesomegan' in ones clan/bloodline slot? I have confirmation from the upper staff on this; it's fine as it is.
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this totally gets my half wof. Good luck with Kaito. >>;;

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I've already anticipated that peanut gallery on both sides of the issues here, but I will say now that my decision here comes with much deliberation. I have even spoken to several other people on the issue, and have combined their opinion of my own. Here, then, is what I think of Kiyoko:

Foremost, I want to address the overall theme. At least from my perspective, she comes off as a rather secluded know-it-all, who I further drew reference from as a Hermione-esque character. She's obviously very clever, sure of herself, and performs well at everything she does, but she's not very sociable. At least at first. I find that my ability to connect with your character on this level makes her more believable, because she's not altogether unbelievable in the sense that it takes a great deal to understand where she's coming from.

Another point to make is that you wrote the biography from the first person without ever resorting to dialogue. Some might say that this is an easy out, but it takes a certain degree of control to not sink down to more common tactics. It's not altogether flashy or anything, but I must say that it suited the character because, realistically, she doesn't talk much anyways.

And now to the coup de grace, the portion of your character upon which everything hinges: Hisae. I must say I'm at least impressed that you would even attempt such a connection. The last person who did so got pretty harsh feedback. But you weren't around for that, so I don't expect you to know.

In all regards I think you complimented Hisae's style very nicely. The obedient child who slowly becomes the troubled child is one that I love exploring, both in characters and in people. It's much like why I approved VD's character, because I think the avenue's available to you in the RP are so much more numerous than had you continued to be obedient, or even if you'd chosen to be rebellious from the onset. Moreover, the representation of the serene and compassionate clan head was much how I would have chosen to play her myself. So good work there.

But now, the final factor: is this Hyuuga good enough?

See, I ask myself that question every time I re-open the clan. This time around, though, it is of even great significance because this is the very last spot that may be available for quite some time. I know for sure that VD and I both plan on keeping our Hyuugas, but what of prospective applicants? I can't possibly underestimate that now, can I?

Well in short (and I'm sure you've probably skipped down to this already because I took so long with this all), I have found that this is an exemplary character. I feel that both her personality and history quite suit what I have built the Hyuuga to be, and I think she will serve my purposes nicely in the months to come.

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