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Sand Swaps

Sand Geyser
Stage: 5
Jutsu Requirements:
Jutsu Description: A technique that takes effect when the user finishes a string of handseals. A bulge that is 6 meters in diameter appears under the opponent. Then within a few moments, a blast of sand explodes from the ground in a shape of a geyser. The peak of the geyser reaches a maximum of 10 meters. At most, the pressure of the Sand Geyser can cause small fractures, and can even daze the enemy. This technique is not able to launch the opponent. The technique is used to hold the opponent at the peak of the geyser. Also, the enemy is not restrained by the geyser, so if he could, he can easily jumped off technique. When the jutsu is released, the sand collapses quickly and the damage the opponent receives from the fallen height is an added bonus. The geyser can be maintained for 2 posts.

Sand Fist
Stage: 4
Jutsu Requirements:
Jutsu Description: With a large amount of sand, a large fist forms. The fist is about 6 meters in height, 4 meters in width, and 3 meters in thickness. The user is able to control the fist as a fist. It cannot open into a palm and the user cannot move the fingers. If the fist is able to hit you, then the most this attack can do to you is it can daze you for a few moments. The properties of the sand has not changed and has the same weaknesses as any other sand technique. It can also be destroyed by any Taijutsu or Offensive Ninjustu technique stage 3 or higher. This technique can only last, at most, for two posts.

Sand Fist Explosion
Stage: 5
Jutsu Requirements:
Jutsu Description: Working in unison with the Sand Fist, a single fist can turn into a barrage. With a final handseal the user is able to make the Sand Fist explode. As it explodes the large amount of fragments turn into small senbon needles that do not move to specific direction. A technique that is dangerous to the opponent and the user. [/SIZE]


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