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Default Shishiiki Sora

Bob Marley – Iron, Lion, Zion

Name: Shishiiki Sora
Nickname: Shishitei (Lion Lord)
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Height: 201 cm

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Rai no Kuni, Kumogakure no sato
Rank: Jounin

Physical Description: This particular Kumogakure shinobi is a hard man. He is not only tall, he is literally huge, with a physical state hinting all too well how hard he has worked to get where he is. His body is muscular, strong as steel and hard as rock. The blue of eyes are intensely so, while his young face is that of a true soldier: a soldier who has seen far too much. It is the face of someone who has gone through hell and come out of the other side. A mane of long black hair flows down to the back of his neck, fitting for his nickname.

Clothing: Despite his (mostly unwanted) social status, Sora’s choice of clothing does not reflect that on first sight. His normal attire is a sky blue yukata with white edges, the symbol of his clan – the face of a roaring lion seen from the side – on its back. While the clothes might appear to be simple, a closer inspection would hint that they are made from extremely fine and durable fabric, the lion on the back masterfully woven. A pair of simple, black sandals cover his feet.

The three swords on his person tend to draw some eyes as well, showing all too well of the man's favoured art of combat. A large nodachi with a white handle is hinted on his back, while another pair of swords are situated on each side of him: one with a handle and sheathe the color of the sky, while another is dark red in its facade.

Personality: Sora would be considered a disillusioned man by man of his peers. He comes across as silent, cynical and intelligent to those who first encounter him. Resigned with the current situation of himself and his village, he treads onwards in his staked path in life in lack of any better options. Uncomfortable of his current social status, he does his best to avoid it while balancing his obligations left in his unwilling lap.

Sora wants to believe in something that will make everything right in the world, but he has trouble bringing himself to believe in anything after seeing the things he has seen. He is constantly searching for something to believe in, anything, but in lack of any purpose in life, a leader to follow, he trusts his own strength. It is something which he can control, something which he can improve, in the hopes that when he becomes strong enough the answer will finally appear itself to him.
Sora’s only weakness as a shinobi is his kindness, which at the same time is his greatest strength. Capable of showing a great deal of empathy, he is a friendly and dedicated man who could give his life to protect those he cherishes. He is more than capable of killing, though he finds no pleasure from it. But he continues on, hoping that one day all of his actions will result in a better world. That is the curse of a man who is an idealist and cynical at the same time.

In his soul, a bonfire of hatred has been lit towards the men ultimately responsible for the pain and suffering brought upon his kin. He has grown as a leader, accepted his responsibilities and evolved as a man. He has become the lion, for better or for worse. May the gods have pity on those that hurt his clan.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": To fight for peace while wielding a sword might be a sin… Yet I can only pray that my actions will become the foundation for something better.
Combo Archetype: Juggernaut
Primary Archetype: Taijutsu Specialist
Secondary Archetype: Human Tank


Physical - Primary

Strength: 1 + 23 + 1(archetype 1) + 2 (archetype 2) + 3 (ap) = 30 + 25 [BTR]
Speed: 1 + 23 + 1(archetype 1)- 2 (archetype 1) + 2 (ap) = 25 + 27 [TTnB]
Stamina: 1 + 14 + 1(archetype 1) + 2 (archetype 2) + 2 (ap) = 20 + 25 [TTnB]

Mental - Secondary

Intelligence: 1 + 15 = 16
Tactics: 1 + 15 = 16
Willpower: 1 + 20 = 21

Chakra - Tertiary

Power: 1 + 13 = 14
Control: 1 + 16 – 1 (archetype 1) – 1 (archetype 2) = 15
Reserves: 1 + 8 – 2 (archetype 1) = 7

Jutsus and Techniques


Tsuitou Taiyou no Buyou (Dance of the Mourning Sun)
Stage 1 [F1]
Stage 2 [F2]
Stage 3 [F3]
Stage 4 [F4]
Stage 5 [F5]
- Special Technique: Yuuyake (sunset) [F6]
Stage 6 [F7]

Baisu-Tou-Ryuu (Multiple-Sword-Style)
Stage 1 [F8]
-Regular Technique:It-Tou-Ryuu: Iai (One-Sword-Style, Draw)
Stage 2 [F9]
-Regular Technique: Discard
Stage 3 [F10]
-Regular Technique: Ichi Ton Keishu (One Ton Guard)
Stage 4 [F11]
-Regular Technique: Lucky Catch
Stage 5 [F12]
- Regular Technique: Nigiri (Double Cut)

Raiton Ninjutsu

Stage 1
Teikou no Kuntou (Passive Ability: Electricity Resistance Training) [F13]

Stage 2
Raiton: Raikou Boruto no Jutsu (Lightning Element: Lightning Bolt Technique) [F14]

Stage 3
Ikazuchi Shinkirou no Jutsu (Thunder Mirage no Jutsu) [Replacing: Dendou Kariyou no Jutsu (Electric Overdose Technique)] [F15]

Stage 4
Shikai: Cry out with Joy, Shishiou! [Replacing: Hikuhiku Eda no Jutsu (Twitching Limb Technique)] [F16]

Cloud Genjutsu

Stage 1
Hekireki Koe no Jutsu (Thunder Voice Technique) [F17]

Stage 2
Kumo Bunshin no Jutsu (Cloud Clone Technique) [F18]

Stage 3
Genjutsu Kai [Replacing: Keizokuteki Enmu no Jutsu (Continuous Fog Technique)] [AP]

Stage 4:
Shishi Henge (Lion Transformation) [Replacing: Denkou Hachidori no Jutsu (Electric Hummingbirds Technique)][AP]

Nodachi - 7
Katana - 6
Katana - 6

Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 1 (Sacrificed 3 teriary points)


On a spring day many years ago, Shishiiki Hoshi gave birth to the boy that would be given the name Sora. The Shishiiki were amongst the oldest clans of Kumogakure and would have once been considered to wield great influence, political power and wealth. While their fortune had influence might have slightly diminished over the years, they retained one thing that could never be taken from them: their pride of who they were.

Sora’s misfortune was to be born as the fourth son of the clan, meaning that he did not have a path staked out for him like many of his siblings. His eldest brother would naturally be the one to take over leadership of the clan and was taught things such as politics, geography, military tactis and such from the moment he could understand language. His second eldest brother was taught by the finest shinobi tutors that could be bought by money, ensuring his place as his brother’s sword. His sister was taught how to carry herself in the finer circles, planned to be wed to someone in order to strengthen the bonds between the noble clans.

Sora on the other hand, did not serve any purpose. He was raised by one of the elderly retainers of the clan and the man’s wife and rarely, if ever, interacted with the rest of his family. The rest of his siblings and his parents were distant figures to him, only rarely appearing to participate in the major events of his life. While his siblings were handed wisdom, strength and education from their progenitors, the fourth child was instilled with a deep resentment towards them.

This resentment served him well during his earlier years, while in the academy and later on as a genin. While his siblings might have been granted a grander lifestyle, Sora was far more determined than any one of them. He worked hard, to the point where it almost became self-destructive. He’d excel as a genin and would in turn be on of those rare few in Cloud to actually participate in the chuunin exams.

Kenjutsu came easily for the young boy. One could discuss whether it was the physical aspect of it that came easy to him. Free anger management – and at times, Sora was a very angry boy indeed. He had the physique for it as well and while he was equally gifted when it came to other shinobi arts such as gen- or ninjutsu, he’d come to stick to his own strength. One could say that strength became a cornerstone in his world. In lack of any clear nindo to stick with, he trudged on; assuming that once he was strong enough the answer would become obvious to him.

Sora made it to chuunin and later on to jounin, at a much younger age then either of his brothers. The tragedy was that by the time he had made it there, both of his parents had died so he could never shove it in their arrogant faces. He continued to work hard, with a fervour that bordered on obsession. His guardians, whom he considered his real parents, expressed their worry but he dismissed it.

The war broke out. Sora continued to fight mindlessly to improve himself, but the war made things more complicated. When someone wages war against another, the one who suffers the most are bound to be the ordinary citizens. Sora witnessed countless times how families, normal families who went about their lives causing no trouble, were caught in the crossfire’s battle. He would begin to doubt his purpose for seeking strength: the Lightning Lord held power, the village held power, yet what did they accomplish? For what reason was there for him to seek to become stronger?

His efforts to become a good shinobi, a perfect shinobi, increased but it was just a way for him to shut out the voice of doubt in his heart. All of this culminated when the Raikage was assassinated. At the time, both of his brothers were in the man’s entourage. Not only losing his role model, but both of the targets for his obsession, hollowed out his beliefs even further.

The role of the leader of his clan was left to him, his sister having fled the country with her husband years ago. In a continuing (and desperate) attempt to find those answers he was looking for he continued to try to improve himself. But for the last years his dismay has only increased, as the current Raikage has proved to not be as solid of a role model as his predecessor was. As the tide of war changed, without a strong leader with which to entrust his strength- to subdue the voice of desperation in his soul, Shishiiki Sora is left as a troubled man. Yet he continues to tread on, to find some kind of answer.

Originally Posted by The journal of Shishiiki Sora
Few men can truly call themselves ’free’. We’re all bound by something in our lives whether its obligation to our family, our country, our connections to the ones we love or a sense of duty or righteousness.

As I am writing this I am travelling towards Jushiki with my journal as my only companion. The ramen stand rebellion proved the cynic fact that things can always get worse than they are. What I would not give to spare my people the damage wrought upon us because of the events leading to that fateful day. But man is not god and my wishes remain just a fleeting request to the heavens.

My family has been bound to Kumogakure ever since its founding. Throughout its entire history we have never broken that bound, not once. We owe them our influence, our wealth and our power. As the village was split into allegiances that had always coexisted conflicted. I did not doubt the truths that Nagai-sama revealed on that day. I had long ago lost my hopes for Denryuu-sama to become the kind of man his brother once was, a leader you could follow to the depths of hell.

At the time I longed to join his side, to be able to fight with comrades without a single doubt residing in the mind. But that is not something I can do. The path Denryuu-sama chose after the rebellion forced my hand. I am more than just a man; I am the leader of my clan. I am responsible for their lives. If I would have joined the rebels, the branch-family living in Jishaku would most likely have faced a dire fate. After I ordered the main family to join Nagai-sama’s journey up north, I set out on my own towards the Raikage.

I am not a free man. I believe that none of us truly are. But I believe in the choices people make, the choices they are forced to do in order to protect and honour those obligations. Protecting my people remains important but in the depths of my soul I can not dismiss the vows that I took, the vows that my father and his father took. While I fear the day I am forced to fight against my brothers, the sword that I wield is the sword of Kumogakure – it is not my choice when to sheath it.
Other Info:

Thread log:
21/7-08 9 ap spent: 7 on stats, 2 on jutsu
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Your power as is equals 15. Additionally, I can only tell you sacked two tertiary points as opposed to three.

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You also used 9 ap, from what I can tell. 2 jutsu, 5 strength, 2 speed. You can also only have 3 AP in one stat.

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That's what I get for making edits to a sheeth at 4 am.

Fixed on both points.
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You have so many AP, Dia. D:

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If possible could you list how much AP was used total at the top or bottom of your sheet?

Half Approved regardless
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Thread log:
21/7-08 9 ap spent: 7 on stats, 2 on jutsu
Is that not clear enough?
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