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Default Madoiken (Illusion Fist)

‘An introduction to the arts of deception and Genjutsu:
The Madoiken hand-to-hand illusionary style.’

This is a revised version of the original Madoiken.

A martial art, a Taboo, and a deception; the ‘Illusion Fist’ has no shortage of titles. But there is one that has remained true through ages; the Madoiken is friend to the keen, the intuitive, the imaginative, and the cold hearted. By coating ones hand in chakra and letting a constant flow engulf their hand. Invisible to the naked eye, it knows its purpose as a special form of Genjutsu, the feel of the user's palms touching in skin in solid contact to trigger the effect.

A student in this art is rewarded by creativity and cruelty; their hands can’t do much on their own, but at the same time they don’t need too. Enough time, enough pain in enough places, and eventually your enemies will cower. But first you must know its structure.

In the Madoiken art there are three forms of mental attack. They are as follows;

Sokuseki (Instant)

The most direct form of attack in the style, and the most commonly taught. Instantaneous techniques take effect immediately and cancel the moment the palm leaves their body. All techniques of this sort, normal or otherwise, in any stage in the style have a minimum duration of zero and a base duration of two for the purpose of being resisted. In the case of many more powerful techniques, it is required to keep constant contact over a short period of time to observe a desired effect. These in particular are the hardest to initiate, but also the most frightening.

Shokubutsu (Plant)

A more advanced form of Genjutsu, a plant is an attack that remains dormant for a certain period of time before rearing its ugly head. These techniques make up the vast majority of the Art’s most advanced teachings, and are far more diverse than their lesser brothers. When using a plant, the student chooses how long it will take before the Genjutsu takes effect. If it extends beyond its duration, it cancels out without consequences for either side. Plants have durations assigned to each stage in the style, though they never last more than a post after their effects kick in. Please note that every Plant's duration activates just as it is placed, and that the effect can only be activated during the window offered by that duration, if at all.

Yakkaimono (Parasite)

The coup de grace; this is marked by many as the greatest of all developed powers. The Parasite techniques represent the very pinnacle of touch-based illusionary techniques. A Parasite is quite often mistaken for an ordinary technique, and has carved out a niche for itself among the most famous forms of torture in existence. This form of attack is unique in that it lingers, as opposed to the previous two forms of Genjutsu, it is easily the nastiest and by far most difficult to perform technique presented here. A Parasite is like a Plant in that it uses each stage’s Genjutsu duration.

Special Notes:
  1. Hidden Plants and Parasite effects count as a Genjutsu for the purposes of stacking.
  2. A student always uses their highest Genjutsu stage in a standard list when calculating lengths through Genjutsu Training.

Stage One
Stat Requirements: 4 Willpower, 4 Intelligence
Stat Bonuses: +3 Speed
The student has begun to scratch the surface, but now no more than that. It is not required that you be good at what you do yet, but merely have the ability to work with the Madoiken in the first place. In the end nothing more serious than the prick of a needle can be replicated in a victim, if you have to gall to call them that at this point. It’s not so much the lack of thought or effort on the user’s part; they simple lack of ability to actually do anything.

Special Techniques:
Manegoto [Make Believe]
Few things are easier to guide than the human mind. All one needs to do in order to properly fool them is to show exactly what they expect, Manegoto taps into this naivety. While the student may be able to create sensations on the body, there is still no change to what they see. That all changes when this technique is active; be it lumps of skin filled with parasites to a sword wound, this utility technique adds an extra level of visual realism to all a user normal techniques in this list.

Stage Two
Stat Requirements: 7 willpower, 7 intelligence, 6 speed
Stat Bonuses: +3 Speed
By now the student has used their skills enough that their beginning to grow comfortable with the concepts, and is ready to begin the true learning. The most mundane way to use this pain would be to replicate something akin to a kunai stab, but more creative minds will think of far more interesting implications. Migraines, crawling insects, and cramps abound! Still, at this point the Genjutsu are little more than distractions.

As the student learns to cause harm to their opponents in combat through the mental field, they must learn how to first reach them. With the instruments of their trade set firmly in place, users have set it in themselves to reimagine fighting. A gentle style if there ever was one, the idea is not to harm your foe, but to touch them. Their movements are stiff and unrefined now, and continually stretch to make their body more supple.

Special Techniques:
Durations: 2/3/5

Shokubutsu: Memai (Plant: Vertigo)
The first real ‘Plant’ technique implemented into the style, Vertigo causes the target to be overwhelmed by the condition from which it derives it’s namesake by recreating the status that invokes it. First, it causes the target to feel unsteady on their feet due to false messages from their inner ear, and watch as everything in front of them suddenly seems so very far away. This lasts for no more than a second, but is very distracting, as it often fools the mind and body into falling into the real stage of vertigo.

Shokubutsu: Nakidasu Tsubame (Plant: Weeping Swallow)
A simple plant technique that draws upon ones subconscious regrets and wishes. Upon its initiation, Tsubame will cause what many think to be their conscience to impress itself onto the situation. More often than not, it is a cry of forgotten innocence, the conscience long buried revived in the form of something the victim is very attached to, or simply respects. Be it a loving mother, an oppressive father, a childhood friend, or a powerful superior. The Genjutsu suggests that ceasing ones attack will please these spirits.

Stage Three
Stat Requirements: 10 willpower, 10 intelligence, 8 speed
Stat Bonuses: +3 Speed
What the student knows of causing pain does not change; however they learn to reach further with their chakra; touching more nerves and covering up to a foot away from whatever part of the body was hit. Some examples of what might be done; a mild burning, a multitude of ‘creatures’ underneath the target’s skin, and more, though the effect must be constant. Even now, what the student can do could be nothing more than a diversion.

Practice has made a student's bodies flexible enough to try a hand at what real movements in the style mean. More often than not, a blow will be both stronger and faster than a user can dodge or counter on their own, so they learn to roll with it. To take the edge off blows they must endure and make those they don't seem a near-miss, and reach around with their hands to trap the attacker in a different world.

Special Techniques:
Durations: 1/3/5

Shokubutsu: Youma Batsu (Plant: Spirit’s Strike)
In the field of Genjutsu, the unexpected is always good. Sometimes, a straightforward jolt of pain simply doesn’t cut it; and for those times there is the Youma Batsu. The student is capable of using the normally instantaneous transference as a plant, and therefore gaining the element of surprise. If all goes well, the enemy will find themselves besieged by illusionary pain from many angles at once, as if struck by phantoms.

Stage Four
Stat Requirements: 15 willpower, 14 Intelligence, 14 Tactics, 10 speed, 4 stamina
Stat Bonuses: +3 Speed
Schooled in theory, either by themselves or others, a student of the Maidoken style is able to inch into this next level of growth. Once more the practitioner expands their repertoire to include key abilities for their field. Whereas before they had been able to create illusions on or just under the skin of the afflicted, limiting their techniques to the most mundane of distractions, the studentcan now extend their chakra deeper. Deep slashes, probing scalpels, second degree burns; here the Maidoken ceases to be an annoyance and starts becoming the terror it was first meant to be. However, the unfortunate trade off is that they are limited once more to the area covered by their palms.

To abbreviate, at this level the studentis able to create illusions of pain or discomfort several inches beneath a person’s skin that replicates substantial wounds or effects.

Distractions become imperative to allowing attacks to land, so the user becomes versed in them. A forward strike with their palm while the other hand aims to poke at the enemies chest as they dodge, calm misdirection of both real and imaginary qualities; the student can avoid notice, and control it when avoiding becomes impossible.

Special Techniques:
Durations: 1/2/4

Akuratsu Aruji (Crafty Master)
Over time, the student has grown in the subtly of their techniques to such a degree where they become nearly unnoticeable. Their attacks are made and completed with new ease, and therefore their stamina in using the Genjutsu here increases. By now the practitioners are so familiar with the pathways of the mind that finding new hiding places becomes a simple endeavor.
Note: this allows the student to ignore the presence of one Plant when concerning Genjutsu Stacking.

Tejina (Sleight of Hand)
In these years of training utility techniques are in no short supply. The Tejina was designed for the more artful, evasive types in the Shinobi world. In the passing years it becomes possible to spawn an illusion through the slightest touch of ones hand, as opposed to the palm strikes or grapples used previously. Fists, slaps, and pokes with your fingertips all hold the potential to bring whatever unfortunate soul is on the receiving end to hell. However, most of the more advanced arts, such as plants and their greater brethren, must be initiated the old fashioned way.

Yakkaimono: Itamu Tahibari (Parasite: Lamenting Lark)
The first in the line of Parasitic techniques, Tahibari is the user’s first venture away from pain and toward their softer underbellies. Once initiated, the victim will begin experiencing short, traumatic, and oft exaggerated flashbacks, all the while with their thoughts clouded with whispers or even screams of those contained therein. Depending on the person, it could send them bawling, or do nothing at all. Such is the nature of Tahibari, as each illusion is entirely self-induced.

Stage Five
Stat Requirements: 19 Willpower, 19 Intelligence, 18 tactics, 13 speed, 7 stamina
Stat Bonuses: +3 Speed
As the student finally begins to learn the subtle intricacies of the mind, the true problem becomes clear to them. The issue in the Madoiken is precision; the most subtle of messages allow for far more complex, painful things to be woven within the hands of the practitioner, and inserted into others to measure the result. Bones splinter apart, and their skin burns clear off the skin in moments. Any ordinary person would be reduced to a shivering, defeated wretch from half an hour alone with a user, and in combat it is certain to have some effect, if they manage to get their hands on them.

Still, while it may be possible to reach into a body and seemingly crush an organ, the student is still limited in what he can reach with that pain. They cannot reach to an area further than two feet coverage from where they first touched, and while they can cause a singular effect in a specific area (A clean break in a bone) they cannot cause more than one effect.

By now, their physical abilities have reached new heights. Their body bends and twists like a willow in a storm, making attacks that seem to hit their mark evaporate into nothing or near-nothing on impact. Their touch has become more subtle, and hands quicker than any pickpocket. Their movements are fluid and, when they allow it to show, carry a vipers grace.

Special Techniques:
Durations: 0/2/4

Yakkaimono: Youma Houyou (Parasite: Spirit’s Embrace)
Special Requirements: Youma Batsu
Another variation of the normally simple task present in causing anguish through pain, Houyou represents a parasitic version of its kin. Unlike previous alliterations, it takes effect immediately, and stays there. By now it’s less a tool to invoke surprise and more a way of creating a torturous environment. The student is capable of imbuing effects two stages below their current skill into the Houyou.

Yakkaimono: Fureru no Fuannai (Parasite: Touch of Ignorance)
Perhaps more dangerous than the ability to create the unseen is to hide what ones enemy would normally see. Fureru no Fuannai works to play with the target’s mind, hiding the feeling of the user’s touch and all effects that might come thereafter while subtly suggesting that they were never touched at all. This technique is unique in that it does not bring up the same pains and powers throughout its duration, but maintains a singular illusion while the fight drags on. Many an opponent has perished from very real, simple things that they might have otherwise seen and prevented had this technique not been initiated.

Stage Six
Stat Requirements: 25 Willpower, 25 Intelligence, 25 Tactics, 19 Speed, 17 Stamina
Stat Bonuses: +3 Speed
As the student grows more and more proficient in using the ability they have, in the end they come to realize that in their minds eye such calm is needed to strike true; a calm that could maintain itself in the heart of a cyclone. With accuracy greater than any arrow they strike, playing ever more with the senses of those that call themselves ‘victims.’ Rather than an increase in overall power, the student finds that they are able to strike at many points with what was one. What was once a clean break may now become a bone cleanly sliced in three places, or whips pounding relentlessly. As such, three individual effects can be stimulated at any one time.

Normal people would be hard pressed to stay sane when exposed to such torment for longer than the briefest moment, and the hardiest of Shinobi are plagued by nightmares of it. Some call it inhumane, but in the end it is just a means to an end. Few will stand in the way of a person holding this kind of power at their disposal.

Neither particularly fast, strong, or tough; a student is relaxed completely, at all times. No punches, kicks, or other normal physical damage is done; just grapples and gentle prods here and there. If you're careless when you blink, it's not impossible for you to find two hands wrapped around your neck. By now one is able to quite literally bend over backwards easily without falling, and the same suppleness is present throughout their limbs. If they can't wriggle out of something, no one can.

Special Techniques:
Durations: 0/2/3

Shokubutsu: Warawa Tei (Plant: I spy)
One of the crueler Plants in a student’s arsenal, Tei represents the end all of emotional techniques within this type. A victim’s eyesight will be overwhelmed by a vision of someone precious to them ending. If they have no precious person alive, it will go after one dead. If there is no one they love period, it will become a vision of a concept or place meeting an untimely demise. Finally, if none of the above applies, they will witness themselves as victim to this torment. In the event that one in particular is crueler than any other, that effect will show itself regardless of whether those before it are possible. Of course, during the post this vision is presented to them, they are completely blind.

Sokuseki: Tsukaisugi (Instant: Overload)
Sometimes, things like prisoners are extremely hard to transport. This aspect of being a shinobi is heightened a thousand times when the people you’re transporting have the ability to reduce entire landscapes to rubble. Tsukaisugi eliminates the hassle normally present in transporting a powerful foe by overwhelming each of their five senses. In this state, they are incapable of telling where their limbs are, what they’re seeing, what is touching them, or even if they’re moving at all. To properly initiate this technique, the student must have a firm grip on them for two posts, after which resistance will evaporate.

Yakkaimono: Setsudan (Parasite: Amputation)
Special Requirements: Tejina
The caress of soft fingers, a mocking tap in the midst of battle; that is all this technique first appears to be. However, Setsudan quickly reveals itself to be a far more sinister Genjutsu. In the post following its initiation, the limb struck by this technique will begin to creak and rot; stretch against its using holster before tearing away from and plopping to the ground, turning to dust before their eyes. In reality, the arm has been numbed to the point where they can no longer tell it exists, and rendered invisible to their eyes. Even if they somehow see through this Genjutsu, the simple fact of the matter is they cannot use their arm, leg, or whatever was struck through normal means because they cannot see or feel it.

Stage 7
Stat Requirements: 33 Willpower, 33 Intelligence, 33 Tactics, 26 Speed, 18 Stamina
Stat Bonuses: +3 Speed
Time passes, and a hundred students live and die without ever reaching this. Men who, even had their inner coils ripped from them, carry a weight of knowing enough to quiet crowds. An air of calm, movements full of greatest certainty; the world is a storm, and they its eye. Perhaps somewhere, sometime, another with greater potential waits. Pray they are never born.

Some might think that anything more than what was listed before would be unnecessary, but on occasion even cruel doesn’t describe what is needed to extract what is necessary. At the slightest touch, bones will seem to detonate, spines will split down the middle and try to pry them in two, and a thousand needles will pierce through defiant eyes.

Now, not only can the user reach five feet in any direction along the body from the point of touch, but the number of individual effects rises to six. On top of this, it is possible to cause a particularly cruel effect, such as those listed above, one individual affliction that has no limits in pain of any kind. One that easily breaks past what a body could normally take before springing from this mortal coil. In the event that a target is bound and restrained, a user can use it as they will; but the pace of combat makes it so that they can only focus enough to do it once in intervals of about six seconds. (Two posts)

There is little to discuss in the department of physical development that has not already been mentioned. Calm at all times; a user dodges and strikes in the same smooth motions. In absolute control of their body as it bends and moves, few other than contortionists can exceed their ability to bend in whichever way, and none the way they avoid notice while doing so.

Special Techniques:
Durations: 0/1/3

Sokuseki: Hitokage Sesshu (Instant: Soul Theft)
Special Requirements: Yakkaimono: Youma Houyou, Admin Approval, Opponents Permission
Through the usage of countless Genjutsu, the user has finally reached that destined point, the time when death itself becomes mercy in their presence. A technique designed to bring a body to its natural limits, Sesshu mimics the process of ‘death’ in a captives mind. Their fingers go cold and numb, their pulse slows, and eventually their mind ceases in all functions over the course of one post. In ancient times, powerful shinobi used this Jutsu on their enemies and left the shallow husks to remind others of who they were, what they could do. Legends say these same men were demons who fed on souls, though users of this style know the truth. This leaves one in a quasi-perfect coma.

Yakkaimono: Sujou (Parasite: Origins)
A true Genjutsu user recognizes that it’s not torture that's most moving, but the prodding of old wounds that is torture. This Jutsu relies on mental scars left by trauma both physical and mental, causing frequent flashbacks in the case of the later. However, in the case of the former, the oft exaggerated pain from all periods of their life plagues them, brought once more to the surface by invasive illusion. In the first post, they’re plagued with random visions of their more tender years. If there is a second, it is bound to be filled with screams as every bit of pain they may have experienced resurfaces to haunt them. This Jutsu relies entirely on the memories and emotions of the afflicted, meaning that it is not necessarily what it truly felt like, but more of a brutal dramatization of these injuries.
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