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Default [Clan] Zouge no Kioku - Memory of Ivory

Zouge no Kioku
Memories of Ivory

Zouge no Kioku is the collection of unique jutsu originally researched and designed by the former Naga-turned-Honekaigi named as Matsuura Nanami. However, they have recently been discovered by the remnants of Otogakure, and then reclaimed by those researching the original Honekaigi, the Council of Bones. The small clan is aptly named and they put Nanami's techniques to good use. The style is based around the manipulation of bone, but not of living bone. The bones of living beings are considered too difficult to ever properly control short of a bloodline. The bodies of others have conflicting chakra signatures and one's own body is nearly impossible to regulate while manipulate. Thus, Zouge no Kioku focuses entirely on the use of dead bones and their fossils, fitting artistically with the Honekaigi’s obsessive pursuit of the past.

Note: Zouge no Kioku may not be used on any source of bone that has conflicting chakra running through it. This includes corpses animated by Shikon, whether or not they belong to the user.

Second Note: Whenever a Strength-break rating is given, the levels are with bonuses included.

A. Power
B. Reserves
C. Control
D. Willpower
E. Intelligence
F. Tactics

Stage One

Koukogaku - Archeology
Power 2, Intelligence 2
Any who plan to actually use later jutsu of Zouge no Kioku must possess this technique. Koukogaku itself represents the base knowledge necessary to turn dead sources of bone into weapons. It allows the user to rapidly extend their chakra through the earth and trail through all traces of calcium that they come across. Otherwise, retrieving sources of bone from the earth would prove to be much too slow of a process. Additionally, Koukogaku allows the user to identify the individual bones of humans and the type of animal that a skeleton belongs to. Koukogaku works passively, but must be taken to use other jutsu from Zouge no Kioku.

Unsan-ha - Scatter Tooth
Reserves 3, Willpower 2
This technique targets and conjures the teeth of predators, most iconically those of sharks and big cats. The user's chakra refines the edge and hardens the calcium, making the teeth akin in strength and sharpness to makibishi. The teeth themselves are brought to the user's palm, at which point they're capable of throwing or dropping them as they would any other type of caltrop. Like makibishi, the teeth can puncture thin soles but serve much more as a distraction than any source of true damage.

Abara Kaibou - Rib Rise
Power 3, Tactics 2
Underground, the bones the user controls are broken apart and reshaped into a single, long, curved spike resembling both a rib and a tusk. At a point about a foot in front of the user, the spike pushes its way through the soil and rock, the point angled back towards the user. While the movement seems sudden, it is fairly slow and the tip of the bone is brittle and poorly suited to offense. In actuality, this jutsu is meant to be used defensively, capable of taking a solid taijutsu hit or frightening the opponent with its ominous appearance. The rib is five feet tall and tapers out to a foot diameter base. Ninjutsu can strike through the bone easily.

Hofuku Zouge - Crawling Ivory
Willpower 3, Control 3
A somewhat morbid technique, the user first forces their chakra into the ground. Cobbling together pieces of bone below the surface, they then summon the completed form of the technique to claw its way to the surface. Crawling Ivory creates a more or less complete, animated skeleton of a lizard, roughly the size of a Gila Monster (two feet long). The lizard is comparable to a bunshin and its bones fall apart when given a solid hit. It is armed with tiny claws and teeth, but is limited in strength by its size. The lizard perpetually has strength and stamina of level one, but its speed is 1/6th of the user's without bonuses. It may not use jutsu of any kind.

Stage One: One lizard
Stage Two: Two lizards
Stage Three: Three lizards

Open Slot
Power 4, Reserves 4

Open Slot
Willpower 4, Intelligence 4

Stage Two

Yadama-ha - Missile Tooth
Power 5, Reserves 4, Control 4
An evolution of Scatter Tooth, this jutsu likewise manipulates the jagged incisors of dead predators. However, while the teeth are again collected in the user's hand, he need not simply cast them back to the ground. Instead, he can throw them as viable projectiles, aided by ninjutsu propulsion. The teeth are as sharp as kunai but lack the standard weapon's weight or size. Thus, they tend to simply embed themselves in flesh. Each tooth is serrated slightly and up to eight of the miniature weapons can be thrown and launched at once.

Tekubi Tokage - Wrist Lizard
Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
Crafting a roughly reptilian skeleton, the user has the whole construct slip out of their sleeve and down their arm. While the body doesn't necessarily resemble a lizard (snakes, salamanders, and even large rats could apply), the purpose of the technique remains the same. The legs and body of the skeleton wrap around one of the user's fore arms and the skull, complete with teeth, encase one fist. The mouth is splayed open, allowing any punch made by the user to also strike with the teeth of the beast. The skeleton's body serves as a simple bracer for a duration of three posts, at which point the bones disconnect from one another and tumble to the ground.

Zugai Wana - Skull Trap
Power 6, Reserves 6, Willpower 4
The user crafts and conjures a half dozen skulls, all belonging to small reptiles or mammals. The skulls rise to the surface and lay open loosely. They are scattered in an area approximately five feet in diameter. Upon any living intrusion into the zone, most likely the feet of an enemy, the skulls rear up and fling themselves towards the opponent's ankles. Being called a 'trap' is somewhat of a misnomer, as while the skulls attach themselves and viciously puncture skin, their weight is negligible and they can't hold the target down. They exist dormant for four posts, but may only be in an active, biting state for two.

Hishou Zouge - Flying Ivory
Willpower 6, Intelligence 5, Reserves 5
Similar in nature to Crawling Ivory, this jutsu haphazardly creates the skeletons small, flying animals. Typically, this refers to birds between the size of a crow and the size of a hawk, but it can also put together bats of similar proportions. The beasts have identical stats to the lizards because of their similar limitations (Level One Strength and Stamina, 1/6th user's Speed without bonuses) with their only advantage lying in their flight. The creations fly through their chakra nature given that they no longer have the skin or feathers necessary for normal birds. A solid hit breaks the bones apart.

Stage Two: Two birds
Stage Three: Three birds
Stage Four: Four birds

Open Slot
Power 7, Reserves 7, Willpower 6

Open Slot
Willpower 7, Intelligence 7, Reserves 6

Stage Three

Kutai Hebi - Body Snake
Power 8, Reserves 8, Control 6
With a set of seals identical to Wrist Lizard, the user then adds a single 'snake' seal at the end of the string. From out of the earth shoots the skeletal form of a serpent, typically a constrictor of quite some length. It is usually some six to eight feet long, its size depending on the creator. Upon streaming out of the ground, the snake quickly wraps itself around any limb of the user or the torso/abdominal area. The snake's bones rapidly harden, protecting the user from level three Strength and stage two and under ninjutsu. The snake lasts two posts before falling apart or until struck by an attack stronger than it can block. Note that the snake only blocks the area it covers.

Shirou Kashitsu - White Accident
Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8
A sneaky jutsu, this technique uses the long bones primarily found in ribs or the legs. There is no immediate visible effect; the controlled calcium simple sits beneath the surface of the ground and waits in a designated area. Within the post it is summoned or the post thereafter, the user may activate the jutsu, causing the bone to slide through the soil like a white tree root or tripwire. This is useful for catching running opponents off guard as the bone usually sits just far enough above the surface to slide over a foot until it hits ankle. The bone is an easy way to trip a foe, but is unable to bind anyone down.

Adauchi-ha - Vengeance Tooth
Power 9, Reserves 9, Willpower 7
Useful as a follow up technique from any of the previous tooth jutsu, the user first recaptures the fangs with their chakra. However, rather than return them to his hand, he leaves them wherever they have happened to fall. Six teeth can be reused in this way, causing them to fire themselves towards the opponent with the force of thrown kunai. As they fly, the fangs expand, becoming equal in size and force to daggers and thus causing more damage. The teeth can't 'track' and essentially fly in a straight line from where they started. Like Missile Tooth, the Vengeance version is serrated.

Tooboe Zouge - Howling Ivory
Willpower 9, Intelligence 9, Reserves 7
The third full creation technique, Tooboe Zouge pulls together the bodies of dogs and similarly sized and built predators between 4 feet long and 3 feet tall. The dogs are horrible creations, being recognizable and yet utterly alien and unfriendly. Each dog has 1/3rd Speed of the user, but only 1/5th Strength and Stamina without bonuses. They are unable to use jutsu, but retain some level of their predatory instincts, capable of tracking opponents through mundane concealment (foliage, crowds, but no hiding jutsu and especially not shunshin) to a range of two hundred feet. They break apart upon being struck. Two created per use.

Open Slot: Power 10, Reserves 10, Tactics8
Open Slot: Willpower 10, Intelligence 10, Control 8

Stage Four

Souhaku Kansei – Pale Trap
Power 12, Reserves 11, Control 10, Willpower 12
The Pale Trap is a dangerous jutsu that requires the user to willingly take an attack to successfully perform. Anticipating or watching an attack head towards them, the user makes their seals and digs their chakra into the ground. Upon receiving the blow and using it as the most advantageous time frame, the jutsu activates. The user’s clothes are usually torn up as a dozen skeletal snakes rip out and latch themselves into the opponent, stabbing their fangs into the offending limb. Alternatively, this jutsu can be directed out of a specific opening in the user’s dress, turning into a bony version of Hidden Snake Hands. These snakes can be immediately torn out with Strength of fourth level and above; other targets must spend a whole post prying the snakes out of their flesh. Should the target be able to make seals, any offensive jutsu causes the snakes to crumble to dust.

Shirou Gonan – White Misfortune
Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Power 12
An evolution of the White Accident. The first effect of the jutsu is entirely the same; in fact the process is a perfect replica, down to the seal string. However, at the end of the original chain, an extra seal of snake is tacked on. A half dozen additional rib bones lay in wait in front of the one meant to trip the opponent, but are all perpendicular to it. When contact is made with the tripping bone, the remaining ribs immediately prop themselves up and push out of the ground, forming a small spike trap for the opponent to impale themselves upon. Each rib is about six inches long and reasonably sharp.

Kyousha-ha – Spear Tooth
Power 14, Reserves 13, Control11, Intelligence 10
As implied, this furthers the tooth line of jutsu to being akin to spearheads. Uniquely, instead of a volley of teeth, this instead draws up, usually, one long, wicked fang. The tooth itself is about a foot long end to end and unnaturally straight. It travels at kunai speed and is useful as the first potentially lethal technique of Zouge no Kioku. The Spear Tooth may be reused as part of Vengeance Tooth, but it does not change size. While Spear Tooth usually creates one fang, that number can change depending on skill level:

Stage Four: One fang
Stage Five: Two fangs total, at the same or different targets
Stage Six: Three fangs total, at the same or different targets

Bunpou Zouge – Swarming Ivory
Willpower 14, Intelligence 13, Tactics 11, Reserves 10
The name of this technique is somewhat of a misnomer. Rather than conjure up a traditional swarm such as a shroud of insects, this instead creates smaller creatures than the stage before, but increases the number. However, to deal with the amount of bone needed, the actual constructs have occasionally noticeable awkward parts; mismatched vertebrae and ribs and so on. In some respects, they all look like semi-upright lizards, being about the size of terriers and having hooked claws on all four limbs. To those schooled in archaeology, like a Honekaigi member, the beasts resemble diminutive raptors. Each one has 1/3rd the Speed of the user, only 1/6th of the Strength and Stamina all without bonuses, but are created in sets of four. Like previous Ivory incarnations, they cannot use jutsu.

Open Slot
Power 15, Reserves 15, Control 13, Willpower 14

Open Slot
Willpower 15, Intelligence 15, Tactics 13, Power 14

Stage Five

Guttari Yubi – Senseless Fingers
Power 17, Reserves 16, Control 16, Willpower 15
The Honekaigi usually find themselves busy with their hands, typically scribbling away in tomes and files and so on. As master organizers, they understood the help an extra pair of hands could be, and thus the Senseless Fingers. A gruesome combination of bones, the end result of the Fingers typically contains (and bears resemblance to) the bodies of fish, snakes, lizards, and other small, long animals. A pair of five-fingered hands, more or less, are created on jointed arms and forearms that clutch to the user’s clothing, or skin if necessary, with claws or teeth. The ends of the digits usually end in tiny skulls, with each finger being a spine. The hands only have half the physical stats of the user and cannot be used as a proxy for handseals. They are, however, useful for holding items the user is not actively using, blocking incoming attacks, and generally confusing and disturbing enemies.

Shirou Kyouhen – White Disaster
Willpower 17, Intelligence 16, Tactics 16, Power 15
Maliciously, this technique forgoes the set up of its predecessors. Rather than go through the process of setting a trip wire and waiting for the foe to fall into the trap, the White Disaster springs immediately upon being used. In a small ring around the target, eight inch rib bones suddenly stab up and in, forming a barbed circle. As they aren’t very tall, the disaster is most useful for crippling an opponent’s mobility, as the ribs are sharp enough and rise with enough speed to separate muscle from bone and pierce through padded cloth armor. The spikes can be easily removed by hand after the initial attack.

Kutai Jourui – Body Fortress
Power 18, Reserves 17, Control 17, Intelligence 14
Gathering together a mass of skeletal animals, this jutsu creates a literal wall of bodies. The lizards, snakes, birds, rats and so on scrabble over each other as the eight foot high and twelve foot long wall takes form. Attacks that hit the wall cause the skeletons to fragment and fly off, but collectively the bodies take a beating. Ninjutsu below stage five and Strength below level five are essentially useless against the wall. Anything above causes it to shatter spectacularly, raining down harmless but annoying bits of fossil. The wall lasts for two posts on its own.

Honba Zouge – Galloping Ivory
Willpower 18, Intelligence 17, Tactics 17, Reserves 14
While the Honekaigi disliked leaving their libraries, some had to travel in order to procure information. To minimize travel time, the Galloping Ivory was created. This animates the skeleton of a work animal, typically that of a standard horse. Depending on the region, other animals can be used for similar purposes, such as ostriches or large cats. Like other Ivory techniques, the primary focus is speed; this brings it to a new limit, however. Out of combat, the Galloping Ivory moves at speeds equal to that of a normal horse, occasionally slightly faster. In combat, it has the full Speed of the user including 1/3rd bonuses, but Strength and Stamina lag behind with ½ without bonuses. The Galloping Ivory is fast, but rickety compared to a real mount. It cannot use jutsu.

Open Slot
Power 19, Reserves 19, Control 18, Willpower 16

Open Slot
Willpower 19, Intelligence 19, Tactics 18, Power 16

Stage Six

Kutai Kikou – Body Armor
Power 21, Reserves 20, Control 19, Willpower 17, Intelligence 15
Essentially, Body Armor wraps the Body Fortress around the user. Like before, this summons up a horde of various partway together creatures. This time, though, they collect themselves around the user, going so far as to stylize it to the Honekaigi’s individual taste. Rib-spike pauldrons and fanged helmets are not uncommon, each with personal touch. The creatures act like an extremely fluid set of field plate, rendering the user difficult to injure and only slightly hindered in movement. The Armor survives stage five ninjutsu and level five Strength and lasts for two posts.

Ou-Kutai Wana – King Skull Trap
Willpower 21, Intelligence 20, Tactics 19, Power 17, Reserves 15
The heavily upgraded version of the original Skull Trap. Rather than simply cling to an opponent’s ankles, this technique seeks to devour the target. With a great, sudden motion, a tyrannosaurus skull, or other colossal predator, bursts out of the ground around the target, jaws open. Immediately thereafter, once it has reached up its full six feet, the jaws snap closed, effectively trapping anything unlucky enough to be caught inside. Each tooth is roughly the size and strength of a newly sharpened tanto and there are plenty of teeth. The jaws can be pried open with level six Strength and destroyed from within or without by stage five or above ninjutsu. It only actively squeezes the target for one post, after which it returns to being a normal skull.

Kouten-ha – Heaven Tooth
Power 23, Reserves 23, Control 22, Intelligence 16, Tactics 15
This is a difficult jutsu to perform for it involves not just finding available bones but also summoning them away from the earth. Gathering up fangs and claws, the user typically casts a finger upwards to the sky, which occurs at the exact moment those teeth appear in miniature puffs of smoke in the air some thirty or so feet above. The teeth then fall, but not just by force of gravity. Rather, they launched like arrows, plummeting straight down and tearing through treetrunks like paper. The teeth coat a ten foot radius area in pearly death and pierce through most material short of steel. The rain occurs over two posts.

Sensui Zouge – Diving Ivory
Willpower 23, Intelligence 23, Tactics 22, Reserves 16, Control 15
The Diving Ivory signifies a large step forward in combat capability for the Ivory line. The user pieces together ancient fish and sharks, normally between the size of a barracuda to small sharks. These fish jump in and out of the earth and swim through the soil as though it were water. Upon nearing opponents, they jump out, snap, and flail. Each fish has the full stats of the user with Speed also getting 1/3 bonuses. They cannot use jutsu.

Open Slot
Power 26, Reserves 25, Control 24, Willpower 19, Intelligence 17

Open Slot
Willpower 26, Intelligence 25, Tactics 24, Power 19, Reserves 17

Stage Seven

Shirou Mokushi – White Apocalypse
Power 30, Reserves 27, Control 26, Willpower 22, Intelligence 20
The Honekaigi finishes their seals and sends a great pulse of chakra through the ground. There is, at first, a small rumble before the technique activates. Soon, though, a mess of animal parts bursts out of the ground in a quickly spreading circle. An area in a fifty foot radius, centered on the user, is suddenly assaulted by all manner of dead beast, complete with gnashing fangs and claws. Where no full skeletons could be made, sharpened ribs, femurs, and so on jut up. The entire uprising resembles an explosion of the dead, taking place in just as much time and causing just as much destruction. At the end of the post, the skeletons tumble to the ground.

Kutai Nejiro – Body Citadel
Willpower 30, Intelligence 27, Tactics 26, Power 22, Reserves 20
An expansion of the Body Fortress, the Citadel renders a larger area nearly impervious. A dome up to thirty feet in diameter is covered by the miscellaneous fossils, evolving from the small lizards of before to even elephants if need be. The dome is thick and strong, resisting the effects of stage six jutsu and below infinitely. The Citadel lasts through a stage seven hit, but crumbles afterwards and a stage eight rips through it entirely. Similarly, Strength below nine are nothing and hits of level ten and above cause it to fall apart. The dome can be held for two posts.

Souhaku Rou – Pale Tower
Power 32, Reserves 30, Control 28, Willpower 24, Intelligence 22,
An environmentally taxing technique, the Pale Tower draws up nearly every available source of bone in the area and multiplies them. At first, the mound of bones builds beneath the user, but it quickly shapes into roughly a disc shape covering a thirty foot radius area. The mound then surges upwards, rising a hundred feet into the air in a massive, twisted column of bones and fossils. The tower is meant to trap both friend and foe in the air, removing all possible use of the environment; there are no obstacles, no earth, no water, and so on. However, there is an obvious huge supply of bones, making Zouge no Kioku techniques easy to use on the tower. At the user’s behest or at the end of three posts, the bones slowly collapse from the bottom up, gently bringing the tower back to the ground. Once the tower has fallen, there is a two post cool down before Pale Tower may be used again.

Shihaiteki Zouge – Ruling Ivory
Willpower 32, Intelligence 30, Tactics 28, Power 24, Reserves 22
The last Ivory, this jutsu was clearly meant to create the Ruler, hence the name. From out of the ground comes a massive beast recognizable primarily from museums and dusty books. Usually, this manifests as something akin to a tyrannosaurus rex, using the full stats of the user including all their taijutsu bonuses. Other large, prehistoric animals of the same general size can be created, and all are gluttons for punishment. Unlike the other Ivories, these eat up their allotted chakra quickly and thus deanimate after three posts. They cannot use jutsu.

Open Slot
Power 35, Reserves 33, Control 31, Willpower 26, Tactics 18

Open Slot
Willpower 35, Intelligence 33, Tactics 31, Power 26, Control 18

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From "Body Armor":

The Armor survives stage ninjutsu and level five Strength and lasts for two posts.
What stage ninjutsu?

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