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Name: Kirishindou
Requirements: Unique to Fujioka Yasumi
Weapon/Item Cost: 8
Weapon/Item Owner: Fujioka Yasumi
Weapon/Item Description:
This custom katana hardly seems special, as its size and shape mirror those of any standard katana. It differs in appearance at an aesthetic level, as the metal of the blade is darker in color than most. This shaded hue emphasizes the bright gleaming decorative etching across the length of the blade. A pattern of waves is shallowly engraved on both sides of the weapon, clearly linking it to its home in the Land of Water.

Kirigakure’s distinctive markings adorn the silver hibaki, leading into the dark metal of the blade. Its tsuba is black and circular, hosting a complimentary swirling wave decoration. The weapon’s handle is wrapped with black leather, though a splash of silver can be distinguished between the crisscrossing strips of hide. The sheath, too, is crafted of sturdy black leather, with silver waves painted over its surface.

What sets this weapon apart from its more common counterparts (aside from the fine craftsmanship and decoration) is the special ability it has to manipulate chakra only in the most capable of hands. Specially crafted for Fujioka Yasumi, this blade was made with her medical knowledge and skills taken into consideration. In the hands of any typical shinobi, Kirishindou would indeed be a normal katana, but in the hands of a skilled medic it is something more.

Yasumi has the capability to channel a tiny amount of her chakra into the blade, and using the cleverly crafted wave etching on the weapon, the chakra can travel down the edge and into the opponent when struck. This chakra pulse does not deal any further damage to the opponent. If used properly, the chakra may be used to overload the nerves in a very centralized area around the blade in the enemy’s flesh. That is, if used in conjunction with great medical knowledge, Yasumi may strike a nerve directly, numbing an area of the body (arm, hand, foot, leg, etc.) for a very short period of time (1 post).

Though it has the potential to cause an opponent to drop a weapon or momentarily struggle to form hand signs, the weapon has use outside of direct combat as well. The same ability to cause a painless numbing sensation can be put to use in conjunction with medical skills. Though it may seem a little frightening to watch a medic apply a blade to an open wound, for example, the numbness that results will surely provide relief as a medic begins her work.

Summary Notes:
-Great knowledge of human anatomy is required to take advantage of the weapon’s abilities. In any hands other than Yasumi, Kirishindou is a normal katana with no special properties.
-The combat numbing ability may be used three times per thread.
-Numbing sensation lasts for one post.
-The non-combat medical use of the weapon lasts longer, as Yasumi is allowed more precision in her chakra’s aim as long as the patient allows its use. (i.e. lasts as long as necessary to perform surgery, etc.)

Weapon/Item History:
Fujioka Yasumi is known to travel the Land of Water widely, often visiting the less affluent areas of her homeland when she has the time. She commonly offers her medical services to those in need and who would otherwise suffer needlessly due to lack of funds to pay for proper health care. It is a habit stemming from the losses she suffered in her own family when she was a child; an unfortunate fate that she hopes other families would not have to endure.

In one of her visits to a small fishing village on the northern coast, Yasumi tended a young woman who had suffered a stingray sting that had become infected and put her at risk of losing her entire leg, or worse. So grateful was the family for the aid that the girl’s father, a long retired Mist chuunin, set to work secretly repaying the medic almost immediately. He had very little money, but he had a distinct skill for weapon-crafting (though there was little demand for it in the fishing village where he’d settled) as well as knowledge of the shinobi arts.

He toiled for nearly a month on the katana, enlisting the aid of other artisans and crafters as necessary. In the end, Kirishindou was produced, a startling tool in the hands of a shinobi medic. It was hand delivered to Yasumi by the very girl she’d healed. Enclosed with it was a note from the young woman’s father offering his thanks as well as the finer details of the weapon’s uses. Through much experimentation and practice, the Mist medic has become well acquainted with its abilities and uses Kirishindou to its fullest potential when necessary.

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