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Default The Fist [Konoha Nin]

Age: 17
Sex: All Man
Height: 6’1"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Hi no Kuni/Konohagakure
Rank: Jounin
Division: Hada


Physical Description:

To put it simply and plainly...

Fist's physique is so perfect most people doubt that it is real. A boyish face framed by dark brown hair that hangs just below his bright green eyes, Fist is still very much a teenage boy and still growing. He stands tall and broad shouldered at 6'1" but due to his metabolism and it's speed only weighs around 150lbs. Sanshiro is very well defined with not a single ounce of fat on him, though well defined, his muscles themselves are somewhat deceptive--they are not the muscles of a well dedicated athlete or taijutsu specialist, but rather things that come natural to him with the Celestial Body. The Fist has a very long wing span (the equivalent to someone who was 6'5") and very large hands which assist in making him a physically intimidating figure...the rest of the way he carries himself removes all validity from that assumption.

Sanshiro moves with the same tendencies of a large bulldog--he routinely crashes into tableware, nearly always is bouncing around and may or may not be caught drooling on himself (when asleep). Everything the Sanada does is loud and the direct opposite of subtlelty, from the cracking of his knuckles to the boisterousness of his laugh. Sanshiro cannot be missed and is always seen with a skip in his step and a permanently goofy grin transfixed to his face.


The man...

The myth...

The hoodie.

As said before The Fist is loud and he is obnoxious, primarily this can be seen in the way he decides to dress himself. His trademark would have to be his bright green Hoodie--so bright that it borders on neon. The hoodie actually has a white emblem in the middle resembling a large badge with the Konoha leaf stamped on it with an equally bright green. Aside from the hoodie Sanshiro is known for wearing what he refers to as "Hater Blocka" sunglasses, large aviators of varying colors--his preferred are gold framed with amber lenses since he thinks it makes the world look "old timey".

Brown cargo shorts are filled with dozens of pockets and all of his shinobi gear seems to be hanging on the loops of his belt. Sanshiro wears large, high top shoes that match his hoodie and compliment the large, thick linked, gold chain on his neck...

Anything other than that would be classless.


His name says it all doesn’t it?

And no, I’m not talking about Sanshiro--I’m talking about The Fist.

In many a respects a persona and a shield for a seventeen year old boy longing for glory and respect. Fist is fundamentally someone who is optimistic and relentlessly enthusiastic in both his movements and his emotions. He is ultimately a lovable goofball on most days and even during most (including life or death) situations. Sanshiro is someone who is foul mouthed and lacks most basic social sense though there is a certain eagerness to please within his personality that has caused him to have a degree of co-dependency and an addiction to praise as well as a Labrador puppy like charisma..

Most people see the surface level of Sanshiro--he is brash, uncultured, clumsy and an unrepentant unprofessional. He is often a rebel for rebellion’s sake attacking most missions in his career with a certain reckless disregard and reliance on his Sanada bloodline as well as pairing that with a disregard towards most shinobidoms strict military hierarchy. The Fist remains an island unto himself. Caught up in his own eccentricities and defiantly himself in all situations. This breeds a degree of loyalty within the boy that is not often seen in people his age. He’s loyal to his friends and family, to his first love, to the village that crowned him both Jounin and Chuunin Exam Champion.

Exceptionally talented within the matters of chakra and the Sanada bloodline, the Fist being a hyperactive hurricane of chakra from a very young age always exhibited extreme comfort in his usage of clan abilities combined with near constant use of it in public. A shinobi savant Sanshiro easily picks up on jutsu theory in mere glances and has shown the capability to master complex methods of chakra control (Precision Fist) mid-combat based only on academic knowledge. At seventeen he is both capable of incredible jutsu and extremely versatile in his knowledge of the schools of ninjadom and Sanshiro takes great pride in his skill as a shinobi. His talent in this area is just as much a crutch as it as a ladder for the boy and while it causes a degree of bravado and arrogance it also been tempered and humbled by life experience.

A lot of Fist’s skill translates to a ambition to be the very best that there ever was. He has been influenced heavily by his interactions with the ANBU, Samurai masters, Sennin and his conflicts spanning the entire continent. The Fist has an unshakeable desire to live and to win and this manifests itself in declarations like becoming the ”The world’s strongest at twenty-two!” or ”The first Sanada Hokage!”. He attacks that ambition every day now within his every action, unable to be stopped and unable to have his enthusiasm shaken…

Over and over and over again…

Behind every fist another fist!

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Behind Every Fist, is another Fist!
Clan/Bloodline: Sanada
Archetype: Sanada Bloodline Specialist
+1 Reserves, +1 Control, +1 Willpower
-1 Speed, -1 Strength, -1 Stamina

- Power: 1+11+8(TP)+6(AP)+9(PR)=35
- Control: 1+1+9+17(TP)+4(PR)+3(AP)=35
- Reserves:1+1+10+5(AP)+8(TP)+7(PR)=32
- Strength:1-1+10+6(TP)+5(PR)+8(AP)=30 (Precision Fist +21)
- Speed:1-1+11+8(TP)+1(PR)+10(AP)=30 (Onigokko +18)
- Stamina:1-1+8+7(TP) +1(PR)+4(AP)=20 (Gouken +18)
- Intelligence:1+7+10(TP)+6(AP)+2(PR)=26
- Tactics:1+7+11(TP)+3(PR)+3(AP)=25
- Willpower:1+1+10+3(TP)+1(AP)+5(PR)=25

Jutsus and Techniques
Sanada: Ten Shitai [Arch, F1-3 ]
Stage One
Regeneration - Power 3, Intelligence 2
Cell Hardening - Power 2, Tactics 2
Metamorphosis - Control 2, Willpower 2
Stage Two
Nervous Disorder - Willpower 5, Tactics 4, Intelligence 4
Stage Three
Rebirth - Willpower 8, Tactics 8, Intelligence 6
Evolution - Power 9, Control 9, Willpower 7
Genesis - Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Stage Four
Advanced Evolution - Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Willpower 12
Advanced Metamorphosis - Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10
The All-Seeing Eye - Willpower 12, Tactics 11, Intelligence 10, Power 12
Stage Five
Celestial Rebirth - Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Willpower 15
Second Life - Willpower 17, Tactics 16, Intelligence 16, Power 15

Stage Six
Aspect of the Snake - Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Willpower 17, Tactics 15
Reincarnation - Willpower 21, Tactics 20, Intelligence 19, Power 17, Control 15
Leech: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Intelligence 15
Stage Seven
Body Fusion - Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Willpower 22, Tactics 20

Katon [F4-7]
Stage One
Flare - Control 3, Intelligence 2
Cinder Technique - Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
Katon: Ichi (Fire Element: One) - Power 4, Control 4

Stage Two
Flame Resistance Technique - Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5
Mythical Fire Flower - Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
Katon: Ni (Fire Element: Two) - Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6
Stage Three
Dragon Fire - Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Flame Sphere - Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8
Incendiary Technique - Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7
Katon: San (Fire Element: Three) - Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
Stage Four
Katon: Shi (Fire Element: Four) - Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14
Powerful Fireball - Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10
Burning Rush - Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
Fireproof Technique - Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10

Stage Five
Katon: Go - Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16
Longsword Technique - Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14
Flame Hydra - Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
Burning Clone - Intelligence 17, Tactics 16, Willpower 16, Power 15
Stage Six
Fire Lily - Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15
Flame Fist - Power 26, Control 25, Reserves 24, Intelligence 19, Tactics 17
Hellfire Clap - Intelligence 23, Tactics 23, Willpower 22, Control 16, Reserves 15
Stage Seven
Walking Bomb - Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Tactics 20
(Swapped in place of Fire Element: Raging Storm of the Dragon)

Fire Element: True Hydra Technique
Requirements: Power 32, Control 30, Reserves 28, Intelligence 24, Tactics 22

Fierce Flame Fist
Requirements: Kaseiken; Power 35, Control 33, Reserves 31, Intelligence 26, Willpower 18

Gouken [F8-10]
Stage Six - Speed 28, Strength 27, Tactic 20, Stamina 20, Intelligence 16

Precision Fist
Stage Seven - Control 35, Power 32, Reserves 32, Strength 22, Speed 22
Specials: Full Body Explosion, Transfer, Inner Explosion

Chase the Devil
Stage Six - 25 Willpower, 25 Tactics, 25 Intelligence, Speed 19, 17 Stamina
Specials: Catch the Devil, Court the Devil, Surprise the Devil

Global Genjutsu [F11-12]
Stage One
Drunken Sight - Willpower 3, Reserves 3
Stage Two
Camouflage - Willpower 7, Intelligence 7, Power 6
Stage Three
I likes da way ya speaksicles - Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8
Kai - Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6
(Swapped in place of Heaven and Earth Reversal)
Stage Four
Nise Shookanjoo No Jutsu (False Summons Technique) - Control 14, Power 13, Reserves 11, Intelligence 10
Stage Five
Euphoria - Control 17, Power 16, Reserves 16, Willpower 15
(Swapped in place of Visions of Paranoia)
Stage Six
The Hidden Fist - Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Willpower 17, Intelligence 15
(Swapped in place of Slow Down Skill)
Stage Seven
Chishio Kayumi no Jutsu (Blood Itch Technique) - Control 30, Power 27, Reserves 26, Willpower 22, Intelligence 20
Jissei Muma no Jutsu (True Nightmare Technique) - Control 32, Power 30, Reserves 28, Willpower 24, Intelligence 22

Global Ninjutsu + ANBU Technique List
Stage One
Kawarimi No Jutsu - Power 2, Tactics 2
Stage Two
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu - Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Stage Three
Reduced Earth - Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6
Stage Four
Shunshin no Jutsu - Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou - Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14
Stage Five
Chakra Tracking - Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15 (Swapped in place of Stinging Mist)
Rasengan - Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16
Chidori - Intelligence 18, Tactics 17, Willpower 17, Control 14
Stage Six
The Changing Fist - Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15 (Swapped in place of Kage Bunshin)
Wings of The Fist - Power 26, Control 25, Reserves 24, Intelligence 19, Tactics 17 (Swapped in Open Slot)
Evil Sealing Method - Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15
Stage Seven
Super Sanada Mode -Replacing Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Exploding Shadow Clone Technique)
Requirements: Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Tactics 20

Rasenshuriken - Replacing Open Slot (Requirements: Power 32, Control 30, Reserves 28, Intelligence 24, Tactics 22)

Stage One
Wind Levitation - Power 3, Willpower 2
Stage Two
Propelling Winds - Willpower 6, Intelligence 5, Power 5
Stage Three
Slashing Wind - Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6
Stage Four
Air Riding - Willpower 14, Intelligence 13, Tactics 11, Power 10
Grand Slashing Wind Skill- Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Power 12
Stage Five
Wind Sword - Willpower 17, Intelligence 16, Tactics 16, Control 15
Stage Six
Wind Walk - Control 26, Power 25, Reserves 24, Willpower 19, Intelligence 17
Assassin's Rush - Willpower 21, Intelligence 20, Tactics 19, Control 17, Power 15

Summoning Skill: Execution Whirl -Willpower 23, Intelligence 23, Tactics 22, Power 16, Reserves 15
Stage Seven
Steroid Blanks - Control 30, Power 27, Reserves 26, Willpower 22, Intelligence 20
Final Threshold of the Three Calamities of Fire, Flood and Storm - Control 32, Power 30, Reserves 28, Willpower 24, Intelligence 22

Eagle Contract
Stage One
Kuchiyose no Moriko - Control 3, Tactics 2
Stage Two
Kuchiyose no Makoto - Control 6, Power 6, Willpower 4
Stage Three
Kuchiyose no Akikaze - Control 9, Power 9, Willpower 7
Stage Four
Kuchiyose no Madoka - Control 14, Power 13, Reserves11, Intelligence 10
Stage Five
Kuchiyose no Kohaku - Control18, Power 17, Reserves 17, Intelligence 14
Stage Six
Kuchiyose no Shitou - Control 23, Power 23, Reserves 22, Intelligence 16, Tactics 15
Stage Seven
Kuchiyose no Karai - Control 32, Power 30, Reserves 28, Willpower 24, Intelligence 22

Mokuton + ANBU Technique List
Stage One
A Preface- Power 2, Tactics 2
Stage Two
Scattered Leaves Technique-Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4
Stage Three
An Insight -Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6; Mokuton: Zenchi
Stage Four
Body Freeze Technique replacing Great Wood Clone Technique-Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
Step Through Technique- Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10

Stage Five
An Understanding- Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15; Mokuton Takken
Spiritual Link replacing Exploding Volley Technique-Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16

Stage Six
Preventative Measures replacing True Wood Clone Technique - Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15
Demon Arts: Twilight Shear replacing Great Leaf Whirlwind Technique - Intelligence 23, Tactics 23, Willpower 22, Control 16, Reserves 15

Stage Seven
Mastery - Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Tactics 20; Mokuton: Bunmei
Savage Briar - Power 35, Control 33, Reserves 31, Intelligence 26, Willpower 18

Shinobi Kit - 0
Breathing Apparatus - 1
Zoom Goggles [Hidden as Aviator Sunglasses] - 2
Katana - 3
Tanto - 1
Wakizashi - 2
Limb Armor [Shin Guards] - 1
Hinoken - 10

Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained:2


The Early and Academy Years
Originally Posted by Nara Shikaro
I’ve been getting straight A’s and should totally be the top of the class. But every time I check the stupid chart, The Fi Sanshiro is above me. Kiyoko’s usually tied with me, which would be more annoying if she wasn’t obviously trying, but this Sanshiro, what the hell? Over the last few months, I’ve been paying attention to him and there’s no way he should do as well as he does. He actually raised his hand and suggested that a brain could legitimately punch its way out of genjutsu. It doesn’t make any sort of sense at all!
Sanada Sanshiro was born in the middle of a stretch of great stability for his clan, having been within the walls of Konoha for several years, while the Sanada were not accepted--they had grown to be tolerated. The youngest of the main branch, Sanada Sanshiro's birth represented a stretch of great trial for the Sanada family: usually in the form of trials of patience. From a very early age Sanshiro was loud, rambunctious, playful and overtly tenacious--a single child with the energy of ten children and the grace of about 3/4's of a child. Even at a very early age Sanshiro had a strange obsession with punching things and the shinobi arts, his constant rough housing and routine scars on his knuckles from punching trees/other random inanimate hard objects caused his father to sarcastically dub him The Fist--Sanshiro kind of ran with that one.

At the age of five the youngest Sanada entered the academy along with many other talented shinobi of his generation: Nara Shikaro, Hyuuga Kiyoko, Aburame Tetsumi, along with many others. Sanshiro was immediately considered somewhat of a black sheep and outcast in the academy, he was well meaning, but extremely loud and prone to speaking with an odd lisp and with nearly indecipherable slang that changed as often as the wind. Even amongst his teachers the Sanada was considered an enigma, routinely going off on poorly constructed tangents and yet just as capable of performing perfectly on a written examination.

It turned out that while The Fist was crude, rude, uncoordinated and lacking any sort of social sense--he was actually somewhat of a shinobi savant and he did exceptionally well in the academy, even finishing number one. Throughout his time in the academy two relationships became exceptionally strong: 1. his relationship with his best frenemy forever Shikaro and 2. his unrequited crush on Hyuuga Kiyoko. Both ended up making Sanshiro an even bigger ball of hyperactive obnoxiousness, but this was mostly due to The Fist's own social miscues and quirks rather than deliberateness on either of those two.

This time represented the birth of The Fist we all know today--he was loud, obnoxious, rough around the edges, kind of goofy and exceptionally talented, all of which combined in a cocktail that was very hard to swallow but lead the young shinobi to success.

The Genin Years and Chuunin Exams
Originally Posted by Renchishin Hitoko
First impressions are everything, and I remember seeing you when you were a mere Genin participating in the Chuunin Exams. Your voice, that’s what truly stuck out to me…I remember asking someone from the Leaf, “Who’s the loud mouthed kid with the jade eyes?” and they gave me your name, and I remember answering…he's going to win this.
As a Genin, Fist was placed on a team with Nara Shikaro and an Umino Megumi--though it was clear that the duo of Shikaro and The Fist were far too much to handle. The two were a dominant force with Sanshiro's penchant for reckless, tenacious, unconventional strategies combining perfectly with Shikaro's ability to think on the fly and make use of the resources given. The two Genin experienced early success and within a year were considered to be amongst the most gifted of Konoha's Genin rookie class. It was in spite of Fist's often miraculous success that he and his team were chosen to participate in the Chuunin Exams in a year that had many foreign delegates as well as very strong Leaf Genin. For The Fist the exams represented a way to show of his talent and gain respect in a way that his normal work as a Genin simply wouldn't allow. In spite of his sensei urging both himself and Shikaro that the Exams were merely supposed to be seen as a learning experience, both he and the young Nara entered with the intentions of winning along with seizing a promotion in dramatic fashion.

As was the case with his career as a Genin his time within the Chuunin Exams was defined by his symbiotic if often contentious relationship with Nara Shikaro. Through loud bickering juxtaposed with exceptionally dumb grins the two were able to maneuver their way through the first two parts of the exams into the final portion with relative ease--and the legend of The Fist began to take shape. Up until the age of thirteen and the Chuunin Exams, Sanshiro had been a very straight forward taijutsu specialist--but during the tournament he began taking on a certain reckless abandon and relentless assault to his style. It was very clear to those watching the young Sanada repeatedly heal himself and prolong battles that were clearly over, that something was afoot. Sanshiro fought in four fights and the first three lasted nearly three hours combined, utilizing Sanada healing abilities and natural resistances to prolong ugly taijutsu duels until his endurance won out. The only explanation was a kekkei genkai still enshrouded in mystery.

In a Chuunin Exam Finals that would be talked about for a generation, Sanada Sanshiro faced his teammate Nara Shikaro in a match to determine the true number one for Konoha. While Sanshiro's previous battles had been long and drawn out, Shikaro's had been affairs in complete domination. The Kagemane was a deadly weapon and his young Nara teammate wielded it like a surgeon’s knife at an exceptionally young age. Sanshiro felt that he had only a single choice and he took that choice head on--he decided to strike directly at Shikaro, Kagemane be damned. Shikaro caught him easy enough, but it was too late and The Fist had closed the distance--before sprouting out another fist from his fist, hitting the pride of the Nara right in the eye.

The Sanada seized the title of Chuunin Exam Champion along with the promotion that came with it but respect would come much later and at much higher of a cost.

The Early Chuunin Years
Originally Posted by Hyuuga Kiyoko
The kunoichi paused for a moment, considering Hitoko's opinion of Sanada Sanshiro. He must have made an impressive show to have garnered such a fan. That was very... odd. Was he wearing his neon green hoodie and aviator sunglasses the entire time? Who was she kidding? Of course he was.
While the times directly preceding his victory in the Chuunin Exams weren't tumultous--they weren't exactly peaceful either. Because of the way Sanshiro seized victory and his total disregard for Sanada secrecy there was quite a backlash within the clan for the antics of their black sheep. While Sanshiro did apologize, there was nothing overt or any clear action taken towards him aside from a few lectures and silent family dinners. It is perhaps due to the undue attention his victory brought that the family sought to keep the mission's the Sanada took in this time period from putting him in the limelight. For the first two years of his Chuunin promotion Sanshiro and Shikaro became experts in every odd job within Konoha from Gate Guard to Academy Exam proctor. There were a few missions dispersed throughout, but for the most part the young Sanada was simply the epitome of hardwork and determination. The epitome of what it meant to be a Chuunin in Konoha, though it was clear to most people that Sanshiro was talented--it was also clear that his antics and often jumbled words spoke much louder than his actions.

At the age of 15, shortly before his sixteenth birthday, The Fist was sent to Snow in order to assist in the one month conflict. Within Snow the young Sanada was able to create a name for himself, valiantly handling himself against groups of vagrants as well as captivating his teammates with flashy displays of Katon. Snow was the first time in his career that Sanshiro was placed face to face with slaughtering the defenseless and utilizing violence as a method of political control--it was not something the young Sanada felt entirely comfortable with. With that being said, it aided in the education of the young shinobi and it allowed for him to create the necessary disconnect that would allow him to perform on a lot of morally questionable missions--such as a massacre that would be staged by Konoha years later within the village of Seigyoto.

In the coming months the village of Konoha would go through a large amount of changes and so would it's prodigial son Sanada Sanshiro. While Konoha's changes involved the assasination of a Kage along with the rise of a mysterious group of revolutionaries and expulsion of the ANBU--Fist's lied in the area of romance. At the age of sixteen he experienced his first love and it forced The Fist to grow up in ways that his crush on Kiyoko simply could not. His relationship with Aburame Tetsumi was in many ways short lived, but the two young shinobi ended up complimenting each other with Fist's obnoxiousness providing an interesting contrast to Tetsumi's cool head. Sanshiro's experiments with the fairer sex allowed for him to gain an even more colorful reputation that was then solidified by an awkward romance of Seitiki Ama that was compounded by Tetsumi doing the exact same thing (Ama in this instance).

These distractions just proved to The Fist and the world at large, that otuside shooting flames, there was very little he was good at--dealing with women included.

During this time period Sanshiro spent a lot of time learning about himself as well as his relationships with others and thusly a lot of things became easy to accept: the defection of ANBU along with the questionable moves of the council. Sanshiro own desire to not be involved allowed him to simply go with the flow--his blind patriotism and new found social life allowing for him to ignore most of the current events within the village.

Until they found themselves at his door step.

The Invasion
Originally Posted by Sanada Shin
My family wouldn't risk our home. We have nowhere else to go. You know my cousin Sanshiro, right? He might not be the brightest guy around, but at this point he's sort of our mascot seeing as he's the only one who really speaks up about things. How he feels about the Village is pretty much what we feel as a group. Sanshiro's just not so subtle about it.
The Fist's ability to simply skate by participation in current events became severely inhibited the day that Sanada Seijurou decided to hold a clan meeting to discuss certain events springing up throughout the country side. While Sanshiro had heard rumors of man-beast hybrids tearing up the country side, it was Seijirou's reveal that they were linked to an ancient Sanada enemy that caused Sanshiro the greatest concern...as well as the clan's decision to keep this information amongst them. Deciding for a brief moment that he was incapable of letting his friends/allies face an enemy they did not know the full capabilities of--Sanshiro decided to secretly inform the Nara and Aburame clans of potential Sanada involvement. The news then rapidly spread throughout Konoha--but it did not benefit the Sanada. Amidst the chaos and already shaky Sanada reputation, the clan itself was met with immense prejudice from the populace of Konoha. When Sanshiro had confirmed those suspicions to be true, whatever technicalities became irrelevant and the distrustful narrative weaved about the Sanada continued. During the actual invasion The Fist met the creatures head on and defended the Hokage tower admirably before waiting out the rest of the invasion at the Chuunin Exam Arena with Nara Hitomi and Saitsuki Yori. The invasion represented a trial for Sanshiro and one The Fist was sure he would be crushed by on a daily basis.

This time was exemplified by a period of rapid maturing of the young Sanada prodigy. He briefly rekindled a romance with Aburame Tetsumi and spent a few weeks after the invasion roaming around from the Nara and Aburame compounds, taking refuge in the homes of Nara Shikaro along with Nara Hitomi whenever he over stayed his welcome with the Aburame. Ultimately, Sanshiro began to take shape as a young man and decided to remove himself formally from the Sanada family. He moved out unto his own, into a deluxe apartment complex in the sky--determined to make a name for himself and succeed at independence he engulfed himself in his career and work. The romantic, hyper active and speech impaired Chuunin of the past was no more and instead replaced by a highly motivated and extremely hungry talented shinobi.

In this time period he worked with the returned and redeemed ANBU as well as missions with KSPD and beyond. The Sanada were in dire straits but Sanshiro was determined to succeed and ambitious in a way he simply hadn't been before--the bouncing ball of enthusiasm never went without a direction, he didn’t act a fool because he simply didn’t give himself enough social time to do so. One mission after another and slowly but surely whatever loss he felt from his self imposed exile disappeared. He felt the effect of his work on his social life, but most importantly, he also felt the effect of his work on his self worth.

He had just turned seventeen when he began to sense the change in himself, he knew his time was coming and he'd be given an opportunity--the important thing was to make sure he FISTED grabbed it.

Jounin Promotion
Originally Posted by The Fist
A lot of people never get to this level, where I'm at or where you're at especially. It's hard and it's scary. There's no love in this game, it don't love you back. But a kid like me? I love the game, I love the hustle. I feel like a movie star or some shit, like yeah, I got my money, I got my respect--I could probably quit this, I've thought about it many times. I'm sure everybody has. Killing a hundred men before eighteen can't be considered healthy, y'know? But I can never leave it, I can never do anything but keep getting better.
Shortly after the invasion Sanshiro was sent off to Snow in order to investigate some irregularities on the border, it was during this mission that he interacted with his estranged Uncle Sanada Sho--who was able to easily trounce Sanshiro and his foreign allies within Yukigakure. Much like the estrangement from his clan, this extremely tough battle forced Sanshiro to reevaluate himself and attempt the famed Survival Challenge. The Fist ventured into the Forest of Death armed with only two unfamiliar Genin and his wits and he came out naked and holding a scroll with the technique of the Yondaime Hokage. The Challenge itself had been a testament to Sanshiro's reckless and tenacious style of ninjadom and Sanshiro felt more than ever that he was ready for a Jounin promotion...

His chance would come from Sunagakure in the form of a mission with the famous SHINRAI Renchishin Hitoko a.k.a'd as The Celestial Dragon of the East.

The Otsuki family was a major syndicate and mafia family from the city of Metsubishi in River. While formerly tied to simple drug peddling, pimping and racketeering--it became clear that they were rapidly expanding and shipping both weapons and slaves to Kaze no Kuni. An epic battle ensued where The Fist paired with The Celestial Dragon hunted down the main liutenants of the Otsuki family and slayed them one by one before stopping their shipment of slaves and gaining insights into their operation. The climax of the battle in Metsubishi actually involved Sanada Sanshiro facing against the famed missing ninja the Assassin's Comet Otsuki Kazusa--inverted, upside down, at the bottom of the famous Metsubishi monorail.

After interrogating and capturing the head of the Otsuki family Don Konoe--Sanshiro and Hitoko were pressed to find that the mafia family had in actuallity been harvesting tenketsu from their slaves and combining their chakra with weapons for the purpose of added strength. These weapons where then sold to the highest bidder, the current one being a renowned enemy of Sand--the Priest army once believed to be vanquished. The Fist flew to Wind Country on the back of a dragon and then engaged in a battle with the deadly assistant of Don Konoe, the failed experiment Fushimi otherwise known as The Imperial Star.

The resulting battle left both the Celestial Dragon and The Fist physically and spirutually exhausted as well as leaving everlasting damage on the surrounding enviroment--but the two had survived and more importantly, had ended their mission victorious having completely destroyed both the Priest's Warehouse as well as completely erradicating the Otsuki family. Following a one sided match with Hitoko, the great Sand ninja tasked Sanshiro with the task of becoming stronger...

The Fist declared that he would be the strongest by the age of twenty-two and it was a promise that the young Sanada had every intention of keeping.

The fact that he was on the right path was confirmed to him when he returned to Konoha and was welcomed with both news of his promotion to Jounin...

Along with reconciliation with his father and return to the Sanada Clan. Sanshiro remained unsure about his future and his familial relationships, but The Fist tried to remain optimistic. The only direction he knew was forward, the only thing he could do was keep moving...

Behind every fist, was another fist.

Other Info:

Almost every katon he does takes the form of a flaming fist (unless it's defensive).

AP Limit Broken

Thread Log:
01/01/2009 - Moments Before Getting Fisted - +2 Power, Shinsei
01/01/2009 - Fisted All Over Again - +2 Tactics, Cell Hardening
01/04/2009 - Fist Roulette +2 Control, Metamorphosis
01/08/2009 - 1 AP - Powerful Fireball
01/09/2009 - 1 AP - Advanced Metamorphosis
01/17/2009 - A Fist Full of Dollars +1 Power, Genesis
02/08/2009 - 1 AP - I likes da way ya speaksicles
03/16/2009 - Fistcon +1 Control, 2AP - +2 Intelligence, Nise Shookanjoo No Jutsu (False Summons Technique)
05/11/2009 - Turnabout Fist in Mouth + 1 Tactics, Willpower and The All-Seeing Eye
9/13/2009 - 4AP - +2 Willpower, +2 Reserves
9/20/2009 - 2AP - +2 Power
9/29/2009 - Breaking In - +2 Control
10/11/2009 - Seigyoto Massacre - Ineligible
10/14/2009 - Pursue My True Fist - Ineligible
12/08/2009 - Knock Out - +2 Reserves
12/11/2009 - The Sky is Too Small - +1 Tactics, Celestial Rebirth
01/01/2010 - It Feels Like the Fist TIme - +2 Tactics
06/30/2010 - Testing Limits - +1 Control, +1 Power, Euphoria
08/16/2010 - A Fistful of Nostalgia to the Face! - + 2 Intelligence, Cinder Technique
08/19/2010 - Demons from the Past - Ineligible
08/29/2010 - Fight Club II: Fists of Fighting Fury - +1 Reserves, Fire Element: Longsword Technique
09/27/2010 - Operation Wildfire (Fukou: Squad 2) - Incendiary Technique
12/08/2010 - Never Fist Softly - +1 Intelligence, Fire Element: One
12/18/2010 - A Princess and a Fist - +1 Intelligence, Katon: Ni (Fire Element: Two)
12/18/2010 - Fists Are Thicker Than Blood +1 Intelligence, Katon: San (Fire Element: Three)
12/20/2010 - All in the Fist +1 Intelligence, Katon: Shi (Fire Element: Four)
03/21/2011 - Engiversary 7.0 Thread Point Kai
06/01/11 - Inhuman Infiltration: Shit Just Got Real +1 Willpower, Kawarimi
06/01/11 - Passive +1 Intelligence, Tree Walking
06/01/11 - Over cap on mental stats, 1 point out of Intelligence and Willpower, both placed in Tactics.
06/01/11 - Blissful Ignorance - Water Walking
07/20/11 - Inhuman Infiltration - +1 Power, Shunshin no Jutsu. 1GMAP - Flame Hydra
09/20/11 - Collision of Fists - +2 Control
10/02/11 - House Hunting - +1 Reserves, Burning Rush
12/26/11 - Fist Buddies - +2 Speed, Katon: Go
12/29/11 - Devious Deals
01/07/12 - The Avenger! - +2 Speed
05/17/12 - A Delicate Touch - +1 Reserves, Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou
06/28/12 - Target Acquired - +1 Control, +1 Intelligence
Total AP: 11 (maxed)
01/18/14 - A Lesson in Fisting - +1 Power, Burning Clone
02/19/14 - A Bad Case Of Frost Fist - +1 Power, Fire Lily
03/02/14 - The Heart of Fistness - +1 Control, +1 Willpower, Aspect of the Snake
03/07/14 - Global Ninjutsu Revamp - Water Walking replaced with Reduced Earth
04/03/14 - The Celestial Fist (Pt. 1): Chasing Phantoms - +1 Tactics, + Rasengan
04/29/14 - The Celestial Fist (Pt. 2): Cutting Phantoms - +2 Control, + The Changing Fist
07/18/14 - The Celestial Fist (Pt. 3): Phantom Trail - +3 Stamina
07/29/14 - Jounin Promotion - +9 Power, +4 Control, +7 Reserves, +5 Willpower, +3 Tactics, and +2 Intelligence, +1 Speed, +5 Strength, and +1 Stamina, Reincarnation, Body Fusion, Flame Fist, The Hidden Fist
08/14/14 - Return of the Fist: +2 Stamina, +1AP Stage 4 Gouken, +1AP Leech
08/15/14 - The Celestial Fist (Pt. 4): Phantom General +2 Stamina, +Wind Levitation
08/23/14 - The Fist and the Bee +1 Stamina, +1 Speed, Propelling Winds
03/29/15 - 'Staff' Rulebreaker, 1AP +Slashing Wind, 1AP +Air Riding, 1AP +Wind Sword, 1AP +Wind Walk
06/21/15 - 1AP +2 WP
10/01/15 - Engi no Donation, Tai Savant, TP +2 Strength AP +3 Strength, +4 Speed, +3 Control, Stage Five Gouken, Precision Fist 1-6, Full Body Explosion
10/27/15 - Enter the Fist +2 Control, +Stage 6 Eagle Summoning (6AP)
03/23/17 - Anniversary AP Dump - Chase the Devil 1-5, Stage Seven Futon, +1 Intelligence
06/10/17 - Counterfeit Merchandise +2 Intelligence, Walking Bomb
03/11/18—Engiversary +2 Willpower, +2 Reserves, + Kuchiyose no Kara, +Wings of the Fist, + Chishio Kayumi no Jutsu
03/12/18 - Valentine's Day GMAP (3) - Transfer (Precision Fist), Court the Devil (Onigokko), +1 Reserves
03/16/18 - "Fist, Don't kill my vibe!" - +2 Power, Final Threshold of the Three Calamities
03/18/18 - The Fist and The Sons of Seijin +1 Reserves, +1 Control
04/05/18 - AP - Super Sanada Mode (Swap)
04/20/18 - Negotiations Over Fists +2 Reserves, Grand Slashing Wind Skill
05/14/18 - [Calamity] Meeting the High Oracles - Participation GMAP: Second Life, Assassin's Rush
05/17/18 - Fists of Fire - +2 Control, Chidori
05/20/18 - Dial F for Fist - +2 Speed, +1 Strength
06/11/18 - 5 Birthday AP from Cayuga: +1 Strength, Stage 7 Precision Fist, Precision Fist: Inner Explosion, Onigokko: Catch the Devil, Onigokko: Surprise the Devil
12/20/18 - [Calamity] The Queen and the Fist - +2 Tactics, Fire Element: True Hydra Technique, Summoning Skill: Execution Whirl[GMAP]
01/10/19 - 2 AP - Evil Sealing Method, +1 Intelligence
03/06/19 - Valentines GMAP and shit - +3 Power(AP), Fierce Flame Fist
03/11/19 - [Engiversary 2019] AP, GMAP and shit - Chase the Devil 6, Flame Resistance, Fireproof, Hellfire Clap, True Nightmare Technique (GMAP), +4 Stamina, +3 Tactics, +2 Speed, +1 Willpower (AP)
03/21/19 - 11 Donation AP Spent and shit - Mokuton: A Preface, Scattered Leaves Technique, An Insight, Body Freeze Technique (ANBU Swap: Great Wood Clone Technique), Step Through Technique, An Understanding, Spiritual Link (ANBU Swap: Exploding Volley Technique), Preventative Measures (ANBU Swap: True Wood Clone Technique), Demon Arts: Twilight Shear (ANBU Swap: Great Leaf Whirlwind Technique), Mastery, Savage Briar
03/28/19 - Buko no Hero: Fist Academia! - +3 Strength. MotY Bonus: ANBU Chakra Tracking over Stinging Mist, Inventory Edits
04/14/19 - 8 AP Spent and shit - +4 Speed, +2 Strength, +Stage 6 Gouken, +Stage 7 Swap: Rasenshuriken
07/11/19 - The Celestial Fist II: The Kraken's Wrath - +2 Speed, +2 Strength

Last edited by Wess; 07-11-2019 at 12:26 PM.. Reason: TP Edits
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Rain Tertiary Half Approval for THE FIIIIIIIIIIST!

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His knuckles are hard as diamonds, and he punches with an almost shocking speed, but a warning for those who think they’re fast enough to dodge one fist…behind every fist, is another fist.
Since you're giving yourself abilities that your stats and jutsu don't reflect, I'm gonna ask that you remove the godmode loophole you're giving yourself. Also, I doubt that babies have the actual ability to punch anything- if anything they'd wave their arms around, but punching seems too unrealistic. Not my call, but just pointing it out

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Ummm, ever hear of something called a literary device? He has hard knuckles, diamonds is a metaphor, but eh I'll remove the diamonds notion. As for babies punching things, trust me, I've taken care of enough kids to tell you that they can punch...and it's quite hard as well...

Almost like some type of diamonds...

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Half-Approved. Descriptive adjectives for the win.


AP: 48
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Somebody needs to slap this kid with a dictionary. Though the gods of grammar and diction may weep, half-approved.

Currently [OPEN] to character registry checks.
Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
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Master RP Thread
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New coding thanks to Oak, it's Fistastic.

Don of the Sanada Family
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Let's end the speculation, I'm talkin' to all of y'all
Males shouldn't be jealous, that's a female trait
What, you mad ‘cause you push dimes and he sell weight?
Y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy bigger plates
Hehehe, and more baggies — why you all aggie?
Homie, respect the game, that should be it
What you eat don't make me shit; where's the love?

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"Other Info: Almost every katon he does takes the form of a flaming fist (unless it's defensive)."

I'm gonna be a bit whiny about that, I guess. What exactly does it mean? I mean, if this implies we're gonna see huge flaming fists fly through the air, a barrage of small flames turning into a barrage of flaming fists, and so forth... I'm sure you have the best intentions in mind, so perhaps it's good to elaborate a little there. I mean... I can't really see him spitting fists of fire, but if that's what he does... Let's at least make sure the jutsu in effect doesn't change, rite?
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Already covered, Pande. I spoke to him in chat about it. The changes going on are purely cosmetic and won't tamper with the jutsu's actual effect at all.
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Half Approval.

Why does that picture look so familiar? >.>
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