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Default VD's Items

Name: Hoshi no Suna (Stardust)
Cost: 7

It's called "Hoshi no Suna", or more commonly, "Stardust." In the deserts of the regions around Sunagakure, on very rare occasions, something beautiful explodes in the sky. Falling stars, shooting stars, or, for the analytical and for those without a sense of wonder, meteorites burning up in the sky. Still, one has to appreciate the beauty of such a show, hundreds if not thousands of lines streaking across the sky, like a celestial paintbrush making strokes to impress the mortal crowd. In rare cases, however, bits of a particular metal found in these cosmic light displays makes it all the way down to the ground, slamming into the sands, burying themselves deep down below the surface. The metals found in these rocks are rather wonderful in that they react as purely to chakra as human beings do: That is to say, they can withstand the flow of chakra.

It's said that the airs of Sunagakure still taste of the chakra of wars long past, that the very sand still lays tainted with spilled blood. For a village that makes use of the very elements that make up their home, there may be some truth to those stories. For purposes of the starmetal, however, something rather unexpected happens: The metals learn to love the feel of Sunagakure's winds, the warmth of the desert sands, and they yearn and call out for them. However, without a human host, the metals can do nothing but sleep.

Sunagakure isn't without innovation. A young boy digging excitedly for treasure comes across a rather awkward rock. Obviously, it's the result of alien experimentation on earthly men, and obviously, he must show it to his father, an esteemed and eccentric scientist. However, the metal doesn't really do much: It's essentually a brittle steel. Yet, you'll be hardpressed to find a young boy with a large rock in Sunagakure that will not try and launch it in the air with his mastery of the winds. And this is where the magic happens: That rock splits into shards, which split into more shards, until, amazingly, spinning in that gale he summoned up with such impulse is something like a miracle. But mostly, it was something like a small tornado made up of sand and steel and ended up scaring the hell out of a poor kid just barely out of the Academy.

But we find ourselves a very dedicated, if not rebellious, teenager and his rather supportive, if not obsessive, father. His father, a specialist in puppeteering. He didn't 'use puppets in combat'. He studied them, he made them better, he was always finding ways to make sure that Sunagakure puppets remained the best in the world. A metal that could be easily shifted by chakra manipulation was worth looking into. It was malliable, it was strong, it was powerful: As long as it was close to a human host that could manipulate chakra. Once freed from the rock and excess material, the true treasure was a small amount of a dark gray material that shimmered seemingly without the need to reflect light: And when you looked into it, you could see the universe. Or at least the millions of fragments of the small bits of dust that give it its name.

Still, there was such a small portion and it would be so difficult to find more and more, that any ideals of projects failed. It was not worth the man power and resources to make a 'coupla-neat-puppets', so you have an eager boy and his frustrated father. There's obviously one course of action here.

A metal hilt that holds the liquid form was a simple enough idea, at first. Glass would get so scratched after it was held there it couldn't be looked at, and if they left it out someone eventually was going to lose it or spill it through the floor or drink it, so a metal rod was the best idea. Obviously, to get any use from the stardust, they'd need a way to access it. A simple switch to let it loose, a simple urging of chakra to command it to come to life. And then you had nothing more than spilling shards going everywhere, until you had to try and collect it all again with a whirlwind. So, the final aspect was implimented: a series of chakra strings, much like those used by puppeteers, covers the exit point of the stardust, giving it containment to give form to the angry, swirling mass.

And so, the Stardust.

Tech run down: Metal rod with a switch for the case. Shinobi with amounts of chakra reserves excite the stardust, so as long as it's in the hands of a shinobi (or within a few feet of one) the stardust is active. It keeps this activity for five to ten minutes before losing it's 'charge', then would die down again. Essentually, disarming the user won't collapse the blade, but if it's forgotten somewhere and a non-shinobi picks it up, it'll just be a case of weird liquid. The strings are just that: Chakra strings.

Appearance: Not terribly simular to the original design, but a metal based hilt with a thumb switch when it's not active. When it is active, the actual stardust is silver, the liquid portion being black, giving it a dark gray look. However, when it's active, it's constantly moving and spinning inside of itself, to give that cutting edge, so it tends to 'light up', with a soft white glow. It loves wind and sand, so a light breeze tends to blow off the weapon as it spins the stuff around it, and sand that gets caught around it (or if it's held to close to the ground, etc) will join the stardust as part of the blade. The stardust itself is more painful than the sand, so not real differences there.

Effects: It's a 'blunt katana'. Basically, it's a bat, but the whirling, spinning sand makes it a gnawing, cutting machine. You can't hold this stuff against something and expect it to cut through it, but it will irritate and cut the surface. You'll have to actually put force in your blows to deal real damage. If it's not been in combat, you could dare yourself to touch it and enjoy the 'ow, teehee' appeal of touching something that hurts...kinda. Don't press your finger into it, 'cause it'll be rubbed raw. If it's been in combat, it tends to heat up from the excess friction from outside forces. Don't touch it then, 'cause it'll probably give you blisters. Basically, it can be used to beat people with careful strokes (think of the difference between punching someone and slapping someone) or cut through them. It has the cutting power of a sword, but not just by rubbing against it. It has to be forced through.

It gains a soft glow and rush of wind, and if it a sandy environment (or through the use of sand-based jutsu) can have sand introduced to it. Uh, sand in the wounds, that sorta thing, but the blade tends to jealously keep it's sand in it's cycles, so it has no statistical difference.

- Oh, and the metal isn't actually intelligent. Sponges (the kitchen kind) yearn for water just as much as this metal yearns for Sunagakure jutsu bases. It's attracted to it. But not emotionally, you see.
- It also won't suck up ninjutsu or anything like that. The sand might suck at it after it's done with, but the metal merely reacts to chakra and base materials and air. A shinobi's chakra based sand attack, thusly, is a combinations of things that would cause a reaction, but the spinning starmetal can't deflect back rushing sand and wind any better than a normal katana could.
- If for whatever reason it breaks and the metal is spilled out, it can be retrieved by teasing it into the air with ninjutsu. Scooping it up, etc, is also possible, at the risk of cuts and irritation.
- The 'strings' giving it shape are actually somewhat 'submerged' in the blade. The sand is more attracted to the strings and the shinobi's chakra than it is to freedom, basically, and joins back into the spiral if it's ever shot out.

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Default Dear Father,

Weapon Item/Name: Dear Father,
Requirements: Replaces a left arm
Weapon/Item Cost: Wood (1) + Class Two Arm (2) + Chakra System (3) = Base (6)
Weapon/Item Owner: Kosai Ryuusei

Weapon/Item Description:

Four fingers and a thumb, and a five rod formation mimicking the basic
shape of an arm meets at a large plated elbow, which in turns attaches in a similar fashion to a shoulder joint. Visible chakra wires run from the attachment port, sparing careful observers any looks at the ruined portion of body it attaches to, and dance around the central rod to the delicate fingers, wired inside like veins. Under traditional use, they illuminate in a barely visible blue, like spider webs.

It's very obviously made by a skilled engineer, but it's also very obviously homemade. The woods are warped and stained differently, and they hold illogical, mismatched scars.

It provides the strength and functionality of the arm it replaces.

Weapon/Item History:

Yo, Pops,
I gotta lotta stuff on my mind lately. Stuff I ain't articulate enough to verbulate, you know?
I made a f***in' list or whatever, in my head. Etched it in this arm.

Stuff like, sorry I was a shitty son. Sorry I didn't help around the shop.
Sorry I didn't play with those damned puppets you made me. Sorry I wasn't more like you.
Sorry I didn't get your class or smarts or whatever. Sorry I always snuck off at night, sorry
I never worried about cha. Sorry I wasn't around since mom died—sorry I made us both take that alone.

Sorry I died on ya, Pops. But I'm back, now. I turned your old combat set into an arm. Gonna show 'em, dad.

So, uh, basically:

Dear Father,
I'm sorry. I know it's too late, but I'm going to atone. I'm gonna find those bastards. I'm gonna hunt every single last one down. They owe me an arm. They owe me a father. They owe me a whole f***in' lot, right? The Kosai Men don't take ANYTHING sittin' down. I'll never get the chance to show you that I can be everything you wanted. Needed. Whatever. But I'll get the chance to show this stupid ass military, I'll get the chance to show all the people I've hurt with my piss-poor attitude and my apathy. I got a second chance, right here in this arm. So don't you worry, Father. I'll find those bastards.

And I'm gonna kill 'em right back.

- Kosai Ryuusei

But they've taken enough and you've given them all you can give
And luck won't save them tonight
They've given you reason to fight
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Default Horo no Mayonaka

Weapon Item/Name: Horo no Mayonaka, the Midnight Cloak
Weapon/Item Cost: 12
Weapon/Item Owner: Hatsuyuki Shiro
Weapon/Item Description:

A modern-styled jacket that has a high color and sweeps down to the floor. Fastened, it covers the user nearly head to toe--completely covering the lower face all the way down to the ankles, only leaving the head, hands, and feet exposed. It's incredibly well suited at regulating temperatures, it can keep the user warm enough not to freeze and cool enough not to heat stroke in normal conditions (but offers no jutsu-level protection from extreme elements).

The jacket's darker-than-black midnight blue color is more than meets the eye. It fulfills the requirement of "user's shadow" for techniques in the Those Lacking Opacity style of ninjutsu. In particular, the technique "Cast Off" can be used without removing an article of clothing, and "Shadow Drop" can be used virtually anywhere. (Of course, a moving shadow does little more than obscure one's identity and motive.)

By applying chakra to the lining of the jacket, the dark outer layer appears to burn away, becoming completely white. This offers nearly total concealment in areas with snow and ice, although while moving the effect can be a bit more obvious.

Provides an armor bonus well beyond what it's light weight and thin material would seem to allow.

With a simple trick of chakra, the jacket can be folded down small enough to fit in a very thin package, comparable to a modern cell phone.

- Standard Jacket
- Catalyst for (some) Those Lacking Opacity Jutsu
- Shinobi Military Winter Camouflage (wait, I can do this...Special Ninja Outfit: Winter, or SNO:W)
- Basic Items List, Armor: Shin Guards (3), Arm Guards (3), Front and Back Plate (4) = 10
- Easily concealed/made portable

Weapon/Item History: Originally made for Yukigakure Black Ops shinobi, it's fallen into the hands of Hatsuyuki Shiro by way of his deceased mentor.


· R O K U M O N
The Price Paid at Hell's Gate

Cost: Prosthetic Arm, Partial Ribcage [0] + Glow [1] + Free Manipulation [X]

Portions of his ribcage, restored, and a socket manufactured into serve as a shoulder. A left arm, horrifically destroyed in a nukenin attack many years ago, rebuilt through Kosai ingenuity. The arm can be connected and disconnected from this socket with some effort, for cleaning or repairs. The socket itself performs the most major action of any shinobi prosthetic--it acts as a chakra engine to help reflow Ryuusei's coils through the wooden extension. [Prosthetics 0]

When in combat mode, the rush of chakra in the arm illuminates the puppeteering and circuitry, producing a strong glowing effect. [Glow 1]

The inside of the arm is a mess of Kosai genius puppeteering and engineering. Inspired by the puppets of his late father, Ryuusei has modified his arm with the ability to manipulate items in his shinobi kit and inventory. He can combine items inside of his arm for use, project weapons as well as he could throw them from virtually any point of the arm through joints or opening passages, and even vent out poisons or smoke with the heat-sink fans. [Item Manipulation X]

(For instance, jumping off of an airship, his shoulder could launch a series of kunai attached to string to swing from while he's in a midair clash. He could slot in a vial of poison and put on a mask before venting it in a cloud from his arm. He could expose his palm and launch out kunai with the same force he could otherwise throw them.)
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