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Default Internal Organization Swaps

Internal Organization Swaps

All Internal Organization swaps can only be taken by those that belong to that Division.

The one that does not follow this rule is Bloom, which may be taken by any shinobi. Indeed it must be taken if the shinobi wishes to make use of the Division specific Seeds.

Bloom (Kaika)
Stage: 1
Type: Ninjutsu
Requirements: Division Seeds
Description: This special technique is taught to all shinobi that plan to make it far within the organization structure of Kusagakure. This isn’t so much a jutsu as it is a technique of chakra application, similar to wall walking and water walking. With this technique a shinobi learns the way to apply chakra to different sorts of seeds to cause their blooming and inevitably their effects. Each seed requires a different application of this technique taught only to the organization that uses it, and this is considered one ‘dose’ of chakra applied (as some seeds can be bloomed in multiples through one dose and some only one at a time).

Still (Nao) (KSHD)
Stage: 4
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A technique perfected through the manipulation of nature in relation to a human body. This technique only works on those that relinquish control (give permission) or those that are unconscious. The user places both hands firmly against the subjects body and slowly, over the next 2 post, their body takes on features related to nature. Their skin becomes as hard and stiff as wood, becoming grainy and their hair becoming like grass stalks. But best of all, the target’s body will be frozen in the condition it was in when this was used. If a person is fading from mortal wounds, this can be used to get them somewhere more or more powerful Medical-nin are present. This jutsu takes 2 more post to undo. While they are in this state, someone is as easy to break as a tree trunk, and cannot be recovered after being shattered.

Copy (Sha) (SAED)
Stage: 3
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Sometimes called ‘Copy Dummies’, the copy technique is actually a simple technique that is similar to a clone. The ‘Dummies’ in question look like vague puppets made of wood and actually require wood to be nearby when they are created. Feet made of flat squares of wood; legs arms and body made of cylinders; simple round balls of wood to make up fist. There is one grand trick to copy dummies; they require their creator to sit in a meditative position to control them. Using these, shinobi are able to spar without actually having to harm one another, making them very useful for teachers and tutors alike. Many young genin learn this ninjutsu for the opportunities it gives for training, but the use of the tiger seal after creation can pass control of a Copy Dummy from one shinobi to another for as long as the shinobi given control continues to concentrate on controlling it. Can only be used for training purposes.

Stop (Tei) (KISEO)
Stage: 4
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A crowd control technique that many KISEO learn. This technique serves well to stop riots, angry suspects, or just to throw a target off their guard. Performed similar to a Katon (taking in a deep breath, and then holding a finger to the mouth before expelling the effect) but instead of flames coming out a cloud of yellowish gas is expelled outwards in away, traveling 15 feet out and in a cone of about 10 feet. This gas is actually a powerful pollen based irritant that takes on an effect similar to Mace. It makes the victims struggle for breath and the eyes water and redden. But the effects of this jutsu are easily blocked by a gas mask, and fades after 3 post.

Walls (Hei) (MOED)
Stage: 4
Type: Ninjutsu
Requirements: Etai Souken
Description: A high level technique that is usually used to make a temporary camp (in comparison to the stage 7 mokuton techniques that are capable of high class structures and fortresses). When using this technique, many handseals must be done in succession and then both palms are placed on the ground. A simple wooden wall is made around the area, and the ground in the area becomes covered with a fine layer of soil that instantly grows grass. The wall created stands nothing more then 8 feet tall, and has no special properties (just plain wood). Additional shinobi that know either wood mastery (Moku Seiha) or nature creation (Etai Souken) can lend chakra to this technique, placing their hands on the ground and pouring chakra into the earth. For every shinobi that is part of this technique, the area created is 5 feet is added to the length and width of the area, starting at 10 feet. Also, for each additional shinobi, the wall around the camp is 1 foot taller. In the end, this jutsu is usually used to make away camps for MOED campaigns.

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