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Default [Sound Senshi] Yosano Reina

Name: Yosano Reina
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 6"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Rice Country / Otogakure
Rank: Senshi
Division: N/A

Physical Description: A playful smile typically graces Reina’s full lips, though that’s really all that can be clearly seen beneath her wild hairdo. Her reddish-brown locks often mask much of her fair face, though at least one of her amber eyes is just barely visible through the mess due to her reliance on eyesight.

The kunoichi’s build is solid, but slim. It would be difficult to know that her specialty lies in hand-to-hand combat simply by looking at her, as her lack of obvious muscle tone is often replaced with the power of raw and explosive chakra. Despite her unorthodox wardrobe, Reina possesses a very feminine physique with no lack of curves. The only notable mark that mars her skin (other than little scars here and there from a life of taijutsu training) is a very clear and very dark eighth note on the back of her neck. Framed nicely by her otherwise unkempt hair, it serves as a very clear notice of where her loyalties lie.

Clothing:Reina’s clothing is… different. Comfort typically rules as far as the woman’s garb is concerned. She can generally be found sporting a pair of loose-fitting and roomy pants paired with a rather snug top. She has a tendency to gravitate towards some particularly harsh-looking accessories, most of which bear spikes or chains of some sort. The kunoichi often wears leather gloves to protect her hands from the vicious assault of taijutsu training, and ordinary shinobi sandals adorn her feet.

Though her style could be described as tomboyish, Reina has little reservation about showing some skin. As long as she can freely move in comfort, she’s happy.

Personality: Yosano Reina is a peculiar young woman in the eyes of many. Most dismiss her as a disturbingly quiet weirdo, though that doesn’t accurately reflect her true character. She communicates primarily through use of facial expressions and body language. Though some have guessed her to be mute, that is not the case. Reina simply prefers to listen rather than speak.

People rarely see past the peculiar clothing and accessories and off-putting silence. Reina possesses a loyal and patient nature. While few have taken the time to get to know her, these traits are regularly on display in the way she handles her missions and work for her village.

She has a sense of humor. She is prone to worrying. She is a quick-thinker. She can be very emotional. She handles high-stress situations with intense focus. She’s just a regular woman…

… who kills people for a living.

Clan/Bloodline: N/A

Combination Archetype: Guardian
Archetypes: TacticianMyrmidon
Combo Special: Once per thread, the Guardian can instantly nullify any Ninjutsu attack two stages lower than his highest Ninjutsu by striking it with a hand.

Primary: Physical
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merit: +2 Stamina, +1 Reserves
Stat Flaw: -1 Tactics, -1 Intelligence, -1 Control
Stat Merit: +2 to Tactics, +1 to Intelligence
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Power



Physical (60)

Strength: 1 -2 +20 = 19 (+12 Seido Kobushi)
Speed: 1 +20 = 21 (+12 Gouken-Fu)
Stamina: 1 +2 +20 = 23 (+12 Gouken-Fu)

Mental (40)

Intelligence: 1 -1 +1 +13 = 14
Tactics: 1 -1 +2 + 13 = 15
Willpower: 1 +14 = 15

Chakra (50)

Power: 1 -1 + 19 = 19
Control: 1 -1 +17 = 17
Reserves: 1 +1 +14 = 16


Jutsus and Techniques:

Sound Ninjutsu
Stage One
Myaku (Pulse) [Control 3, Tactics 2]

Stage Two
Kaze Senbon no Jutsu (Wind Needles Technique) [Myaku, Control 5, Reserves 4, Power 4]

Stage Three
Kaze no Sen (Wind harpoon) [Kaze Senbon no Jutsu, Control 9, Reserves 9, Intelligence 7]
Onsei: Tenshi (Voice: Angel) [Control 10, Reserves 10, Tactics 8]

Stage Four
Himei no Jutsu (Shriek) [Intelligence 14, Willpower 13, Tactics 11, Reserves 10]

Sound Genjutsu
Stage One
Shimaru Shikaku (Closed Sight) [Intelligence 3, Power 3]

Stage Two
Mimiuchi no Jutsu (Whisper Technique) [Reserves 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4]

Global Ninjutsu
Stage One
Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) [Power 2, Tactics 2]
Henge No Jutsu (Transformation Technique) [Control 3, Intelligence 2]

Stage Two
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree/Wall Walking Technique) [Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4]

Seido Kobushi (Precision Fist)
Stage Four
Stat Requirements: Control = 17, Power = 14, Reserves = 12, Strength = 14
Cumulative Bonuses: +12 Strength

Stage Four
Requirements: Speed 15, Strength 15, Tactic 14, Stamina 13
Cumulative Bonuses: +12 Strength, +12 Speed, +12 Stamina

Kunai (2)
Shuriken (2)
Strings (1)
Scrolls (1)
Explosive tags (4)
Communication unit (1)
Body plate: front and back (4)
Armor spikes: legs (5)

Weapon Points Remaining: 0

Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0


Biography: It’s no secret. The life of any Sound Nomad is difficult. Reina is really no different. Fortunately, a hard existence like that creates strong and resilient shinobi.

She was born to a young pair of Sound shinobi. As is the case with most of the her kin, her life was darkened by struggle and death even at an early age. Reina was only a young child when her parents were captured by a group of shinobi seeking to find truth in the rumors of Sound survivors. They gave up their lives to ensure that their daughter and their people would remain safe… though not without taking the entire group of rival shinobi out with them.

And so the child was left with her paternal grandfather. He was callous and resentful that his son and his home had been taken away. Unfortunately, the girl served as the only target of his ire. He was foolish old senshi as well, believing that young girls were of no use to a nomad people. While he worked with and trained the younger male generation in shinobi arts, his granddaughter was tasked with cooking and cleaning.

When the girl laughed or cried, she was often chastised by her cold grandfather. He would tell her that she was to be seen and not heard. As a result of this harsh upbringing, Reina learned to stay her tongue and remain uncomfortably silent. Many thought she was incapable of speaking at all.

Despite the senshi’s neglect and harsh words, Reina never became angry or resentful. She believed that it was her duty to earn the man’s respect rather than lament the fact that she hadn’t been given a chance. The girl did what little she could think of to influence the affections of the old man. She cut her hair. She took harder jobs around the camp to increase her physical strength. Still, her grandfather wrote the efforts off as feeble and silly.

Eventually the girl began to take interest in the shinobi training that her grandfather so fervently conducted. She watched and learned from afar as he taught the other children how to control their chakra and fight. Reina was observant and clever, picking up on the techniques quickly despite her grandfather’s insistence that she leave shinobi work to the men.

It was perhaps to Reina’s benefit that she lived in a community in which there were no set goals or criteria to be met in order to earn a promotion in shinobi ranks. Sound elders did not recognize the child as a kitaeru until she was twelve years of age, seeing as she was actively overlooked for formal training from the community’s potential teachers. It was only out of respect for his fallen son that Reina’s grandfather allowed the girl to be marked with the symbol of Sound shinobi. He believed the effort put into the child’s education was a waste, however, and was time that could have been spent in ensuring the security of the camp.

The child flourished under the tutelage of more understanding senshi, though her silence did prove to be disturbing to many. The time that Reina could have spent talking was instead spent listening and watching. She was praised even from her earliest shinobi days as a very bright and attentive student. It was this vigilance that kept her alive over the years in the harsh environment that she and her people came to know as home.

Reina and her team at the time had been assigned a task to infiltrate a small town that had been rumored to know of the Sound shinobi presence in the area. Rather than allow the information to be leaked to one of the other Hidden Villages, she was supposed to find out where the rumor had started and convince them otherwise… by whatever means necessary.

The mission seemed rather harmless, though it was the observant nature of Reina that stopped one of her teammates from being injured or slain. She had managed to catch sight of the strange body language and very discreet signal of one thug to another. Acting quickly, she was able to pull her comrade out of the way and knock the incoming blow aside. The senshi with her team managed to dispatch what turned out to be rival shinobi in disguise. She had proven her abilities and her loyalty all at once. This act, combined with others of similar value served to prove Reina capable enough to be given the title of hiyoutori.

Reina’s grandfather had mostly ignored her progress and accomplishments as they accumulated. Though she had become a young woman (albeit with odd fashion sense and a distinctly tomboyish quality), the man refused to acknowledge her worthiness of carrying his family name.

This continued disregard for the kunoichi’s existence somehow did not discourage her or hinder her work. She worked longer hours. She pushed herself further. She took on more and more perilous missions. She was determined to make the callous old man proud, even if it killed her. She had an unwavering drive to fight for the same causes that he did. Reina wanted to prove that she was as tough and hardy as any Sound Nomad that had walked the wilds.

After months and months of grueling work, there came a pivotal point in the young woman’s career. It was a shared moment that simultaneously bolstered and broke her people at the same time. She’d been assigned to watch over the camp one evening with a handful of her comrades. The usual quiet was interrupted with faint rustling and whispers in the distance, and Reina was able to halt an assassination attempt. The man she’d saved was none other than her own grandfather.

It was a night that changed the lives of many in the camp. The turmoil that had long been brewing among the nomads came to a head and they had simply begun to tear one another apart. In the midst of it all, the kunoichi had exhibited enough sense to engage in combat with her fellow shinobi while using non-lethal force. In the end, many lives were saved despite the numerous ones lost elsewhere in the battle.

After so many years of diligent work to remain living in secret and fearing exposure to the other Hidden Villages, Reina began to understand that danger also lurked within the camp. No one could save Sound from itself. So much death in one night meant that there were many holes within the small society which had to be filled. After much consideration and debate, Reina was granted a promotion to senshi. While some believed the kunoichi to be unprepared for such responsibility, there weren’t many options left. The woman did not fail to fulfill expectations and take on the added accountability that came with the title of senshi even while her world had begun to crumble.

There came a time when Reina’s indifferent grandfather began to succumb to old age. While anyone else in her shoes would have left the man to die alone, the kunoichi stayed by his side and dutifully cared for him until his passing.

She held no ill will towards me after all that time.

I’ll drop the third-person references to that very blind and shameful version of myself before my death.

The truth is that after I moved on, the veil was lifted from my eyes. I don’t know why I never understood or why she continued to try to earn my respect. Had I been in her shoes I would have cut the ties long ago. It speaks volumes of her dedication and loyalty to her morals. To her people. To me.

She was honestly heartbroken when I left her, but Reina pressed on because her people needed her to be strong. She devoted herself to her work and pushed on to further the goals of her people, though they may not have coincided with her own ideals. That is the mark of true loyalty.

Somehow, despite me, she turned out right.

She grew up in a particularly difficult time in the history of her people, and with the deck stacked against her from the start. She’s become a better shinobi than I ever could have hoped. Though she might not yet have the skills to match what I could do at my peak… she’s a better person than I was.

Some have wondered why Reina never gave up on me. They’ve asked why she never sought revenge for my neglect. In truth, her actions have served well to make me wallow in regret forever. She’d never wish that type of misery upon me, of course, but it can’t be helped. She deserved more than I was ever willing to give and more than I can possibly offer now that I’ve seen the error of my ways.

I’ll gladly spend the rest of eternity trying to make it up to her.

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Needs more talk.

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I haz that picture too xD

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"Rice Country" made me giggle. :3


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I forgot that this was still in here, Approved and moved.

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