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Default Engiversary: Membership Drive and More!

Good afternoon friends and compatriots in storytelling! As many of you are aware, our site has stumbled across its eighth birthday. Some of you, especially those with long memories of this place, may know that at around this time in the year we like to shake things up a little! This year? No different.

We have some real treats for you in 2012, but before we bring in the new mechanics and new options for you, we on staff would like to pull your attention toward the shiny for a moment. Engi's become everybody's little secret, and that's no good for anyone. So we've sweetened the deal a little.
Membership Drive
Making sure that Engi remains a pleasant and bustling place to play is everybody's business, but as time goes by Engi has turned into our little dirty secrets, a gem hidden in the deep places of our hoard. We on staff thought to try to change that, and so we created the membership drive. Here's the score:

For every new person you bring to Engi no Jutsu who registers a character, you get two Account Points for your own personal use, and with each additional friend you bring along, you get another point! For example, if you bring in one, you would have two jutsu to use as you please, the second would net you three more AP, and four when you draw in a third.

You could use this to pump up your character's stats, or give them that jutsu you've had your eye on. And in your process we all get someone new to play with. Everybody wins!
We wouldn't want you to think that that's all we're doing this year, though. You can create an advanced character, cobble together a personal combo archetype to use and more!
Custom Combo Archetypes
You may register your very own combo archetypes! The title and specials are yours to choose, and are to be posted, checked and approved in the jutsu registry. These specials are meant to be unique, and so they may not mimic the effects of an existing archetype, whether that's another's personal combo or those available for everyone's perusal.
Advanced Characters
You may create an advanced genin or chuunin character in any village! Genin start with twelve additional points, while Chuunin start with nine. These points may be used as thread points are, on jutsu, stats or even items. But remember, you must still follow the standard points rules! Each player is allowed one advanced character.
Multiple Threads
Have you been burned one time too many? Afraid of starting threads with new people? Don't be! After fourteen days of inactivity you are allowed to start an additional thread with the same character, and here's the clincher - if your old thread becomes active again, you can still get points for both! At max you may have two gradable threads with any given character running, so go out there are take some risks.
Extra Clan Spot
The rule for clan characters was this: only two, and of those two only one is allowed to have a bloodline. As of today, that changes. You are allowed three clan characters, one of which may be a bloodline.
Thanks for sticking with us this long, and we in staff hope that you will stay with us in the years to come!
Cloud GM
Shinshi Clan GM
~ Tsuriau Clan GM

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Can i call my advanced chuunin a special jounin

it's been my dream since i was a boy
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¤Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
Available for Registry Checks
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Important NPCs: Higashi

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