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Default Merdle's Agenda and Q&A thread!

Merdle's Agenda Thread and Q&A

My agenda in my signature wasn't doing its job, so now I am making a new and bigger agenda. Also, this is a Q&A thread. If you have a question for me on any subject, from grass to the site as a whole, you can ask me here instead of PMing me and waiting for an eternity.

These are in no particular order

1) Getting to 1.15! [33%]
- A) Identify villages below 1.0, and discuss with their GMs [Done] (Leaf, Mist, Sand, Stone, Cloud)
- B) Assist slow villages in making an arc update to 1.15 [Unintiated]

2) Grass Summons [50%]
- A) Create new Sage techniques for each summon tree [Finished]
- B) Get new summons and sage techniques approved [Finished]
- C) Create summon info for each summon house [1/3 done]
- D) Create summon paths for each summon house [Uninitiated]

3) Druid's Heart Plot Update [16%]
- A) Create new Druid's Heart Plot Post [Finished]
-- 1)Create follow up post shortly after [Uninitiated]

4) Beast Master Update [10%]
- A) Determine faults of current Beast Master system through community feedback [Finished]
-- 1) Discuss with moderators possible solutions, create possibilities [1/3rd Done]
-- 2) Decide how changes influence Inuzuka, and interacts with possible BM clans [Uninitiated]
- B) Push out new Beast Master System and edit current Beast Masters [Uninitiated]

5) Sound Plot Update [0%]
- A) Determine when next Sound plot post is necessary based on activity and mission completion [Uninitiated]

6) Side-plot arc Conceptualizing [15%]
- A) Finish work with Kaen [Finished]
- B) Establish list concepts and group info [Started]
- C) Select Pseudo-GMs for arc [Uninitiated]
- D) Set final deadline for pseudo-GM activity and update status in thread [Uninitiated]

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Agenda update, 6/30/17.
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