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Default Nomic's Swaps

Heaven's Flame

This is a tale of a man named Seppun. He was a shinobi from Konoha that, in the middle of his promising career, retired at the tender age of 28. He was a Katon genius, but he had become fed up with the politics of shinobi life, as well as bored with it. He had become obsessed with philosophy and its connection to the way of the shinobi. So he traveled; everywhere. Over 20 years he had traversed the entire globe, studying not only philosophy and culture but the martial arts and techniques of various areas. After gathering the necessary information he went away to a secluded section of Hi no kuni to perfect something he had been working on.

The Hiten line of Katon was what he came up with. He had realized through repeated study that most of the shinobi that were Katon users employed a combination of emotions to influence the power or strength of their fire. This utterly destroyed the purity of their jutsu, but by filtering out these emotions or filtering in certain ones, that a desired effect could be reached, increasing the overall efficiency of the techniques. He also found that doing this imbued these different flames with diverse hues.

These techniques are for Mirumoto Amaya, but Seppun made sure to save the best techniques for himself.

Ring of Fire
Using the insurmountable power of will, the user conjures a circle of pure red flame. Then expands it to a large enough circle around the user and if they deem it, teammates. The ring stays as this, a thin circle of fire on the ground. But if anything within the circle is attacked, the circle flares up blocking the attack. This barrier blocks Stage 4 ninjutsu and Level Four strength. The circle dissipates after two posts.

Using the vitalizing strength of compassion, and a series of seals, the user conjures a flame into their palm. This is no ordinary flame however; it’s cold to the touch and has an indigo coloring. If pushed forcefully into either the user or a comrade, it stimulates that person, refocusing their fervor for the fight.
Note: One level to Speed and Stamina. After the two posts there’s a one level regression in Stamina and Speed for one post.

Fire Knives
Using the clarifying control of inner peace, the user clenches their fists, forcing the power out of the bottom of both. (Imagine a back handed grip on a sword or kunai.) It’s a powerful jet of fire, tinted a clear blue. It can melt through most materials, except metal. If it contacts skin, immediately gives second degree burns. Because of it's lethal nature, this jutsu is used for melee purposes.

Waves of Flame
After performing a long string of handseals, the user performs a series of wide, arching punches and or kicks. From each strike, wide plumes of flame launch out at the target in waves. The limit for waves is four. These flames are large and hot, if not blocked or dodged, they deliver third degree burns on contact. These flames all carry concussive force as well.

Using the destructive strength of rage and anger, this is the strongest of all the Hiten line of Katon. After a lengthy string of handseals and the immersion of the rage into the chakra, the user opens their hands into a diamond formation. Out of the opening bursts forth a stream of white hot fire (2 meters wide). Immensely hot and powerful, this stream of fire destroys most in its way, melting stone and clear through boulders and the like.Max distance of 30 yards .

Heat Absorption
Combining knowledge of Ondoken and Katon, the user has the ability to absorb heat from the nearby environment (5 meter radius). The user can rob this small area of heat and dropping its temp 40 degrees. This heat absorption is converted into energy for the user. This jutsu also works in dispelling fire and explosions. Can completely dissipate Stage 3 Katon and explosive pouch explosions.

Sweltering Heat
Using knowledge of both Ondoken and Katon, the user has the ability to increase the temperature close to the user (5 meters). At full power, Amaya can increase the heat +30 from the present temp. She can hold this heightened temperature for up to 2 posts. A prolonged stay for anyone caught in this environment begins to feel fatigue and it’s easier to get dehydrated.

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Default Black Widow Swaps

Black Widow Genjutsu
For Miu

Creepy Crawlies
Stage 1
Trigger=See her open her mouth
A simple Genjutsu, this is used as a diversionary/annoying technique at close range. After holding the Hebi (Snake) seal, Miu throws open her mouth. If the target is within arm's reach and sees the trigger, they'll see a swarm of about 50 spiders rush directly at them from her mouth. It's a technique designed to gain an advantage in close quarters combat. If the opponent sees fit to dodge it, then it dissipates. It's a short illusion, similar to a fake Kunai throw.
Duration: 0,1,1

Spider's Hell
Stage 2
Trigger=Witness handseals
An adaptation of the Vision of Hell technique, this is an illusion of a whole world engulfed in spiders of all types, kinds and sizes. A Jutsu crafted purely for shock and awe, and for the young ones, to insight fear and dread.

The Swarm
Stage 3
Trigger: Hearing the spider call
After making what can only be considered as mock spider sounds, "je je je je je" the opponent will see the Black Widow spew a large cloud of spiders from both her mouth and explode through her torso. It's a much more potent skill than Creepy Crawlies. The swarm created is gargantuan. Thousands of small arachnids are spewed out, and they attack from all sides, biting and scratching at the target. They swarm menacingly all around the opponent, trying to make small, imaginary cuts on the target, hopefully keeping the target on defense and off balance as they fight off the horde. Their effectiveness goes as far as the target perceives it to be.

Phoenix Style Katon
Hi no Tori Tai Katon
For Amaya

As a Phoenix rises from the ashes, so has Amaya. Heartbreak, loss and emotional turmoil had her utterly defeated. It took her some time, but like the Immortal Phoenix it was assured that she would return, stronger than ever. Being the Katon prodigy that she is, she formed these techniques, as the symbol of the undying fire bird would be used to strengthen and define her.

Blazing Wings
Stage 3
Using her signature specialty for fire, Amaya conjures a good amount of chakra and releases it. A bright, beautiful pair of wings made of pure flame appear on her back. They grow larger and brighter in the first post of activation. This serves a purpose of distraction, hopefully drawing the opponent's eyes are drawn to the grand, menacing nature of her wings. During the second post, after the wings have reached their limit, they burst in a blinding flash. This is meant to be a flashbang, blinding foes for two posts if seen head on. Gives spotty vision for 1 post to those that barely catch a glimpse. It's also a setup technique for Feather Bombs. Can be used twice per thread.

Feather Bombs
Stage 4
This is indeed a tricky jutsu. Most of the time this is used after Blazing Wings, as the fiery feathers are spread after the flash. These beautiful red feathers flutter in the air aimlessly, but upon further inspection you see none are truly hitting the floor (think of the Nemuri/Sleep Genjutsu). A total of 10 feathers hover in the battlefield and if untouched will stay for two posts before falling harmlessly to the ground. If touched by anything other than the user or an ally however, and the Feather ignites into a small explosion with a blast radius of 4 feet each. This creates a minefield effect where the opponent has to have the ability to weave through untouched or stay clear completely.

Volcanic Ash
Stage 5
After a lengthy string of seals and a long, deep inhale, Amaya molds this technique deep in her gullet. Then she blows out a toxic smoke akin to an ash cloud from a volcano, on a vastly smaller scale. The dark cloud created covers about 20 square feet in a thick unbreathable smoke. Those caught within hack and choke as they inhale the toxic fumes.The kicker to this technique however, is that if ignited, through natural or ninja magic methods, the cloud is detonated. The blast is powerful, with an effective 50 foot radius of blast impact, and destructive force that can destroy crude armor or defense and burn or maim those that are unprotected badly.

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