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a rags to hand towels story
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For Jirou.

Let's Go For A Ride
Stage: 5
Trigger: Place hand on the victim's face
Duration: 0/2/4

This technique can be destructive on the mind in many ways, but in most cases it depends on the victim. Even a few seconds of this genjutsu can seriously scar a victim.

User places his hand on the victim's face, and the victim immediately begins to "see" a collection of graphic images. At first it will appear to be normal, things that the victim remembers or loves. Happiness and love would wash about him or her, and for a moment everything would be fine. Then the images begin to distort and disfigure. Images of the things that the victim loves begin to be in serious pain, injury, or cripple. Then the images begin to transition to a nightmare, the images are depicted as monsters, everything good that the victim saw in the one object or place is now horrifying. Each one is worse than the last. The images are engraved into the person's mind. This genjutsu is purely visual.

The Swarm
Stage: 6
Trigger: Eye contact
Duration: 0/2/3

This technique takes place in literally seconds, but to the victim it feels as if it goes on for hours.

By forming eye contact with the user, the victim finds him or herself tied up in a stationary boat in the middle of a swampy, polluted lake. The victim will feel extremely dehydrated and hungry. Then insects of all kinds (locusts, flies, wasps) will swarm and feed on the victim's flesh. They will begin to burrow in the victim's body, and the victim will be in extreme pain.

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