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Default [KAZE] Renchishin Ume

Bujutsu: "The Warrior's Art:"
I wield no weapons,
Only palms of wind. They strike
with practiced vengeance.

Female ~ Age 10 ~ 4'4" ~ Sunagakure ~ KAZE

Renchishin Ume
The Dragon Princess

Physical Description: For someone so young, Ume has seen a lot. Her once perpetually curious and bright eyes have since dulled their sparkle: Instead, a bright, determined flame sits behind them, carefully observing everything to its last detail. It’s not so much that she has lost her boundless youth as much as it is that she has been tempered with a new resolve. Her new resolve, one that commands her to fight for not only herself, but for her clan and village as well, has reshaped the girl’s willowy body. Lithe, corded muscle travels down her caramel tinted skin, giving way to a set of strong legs and a strong core. Her arms, by no means left behind, do not bulge with muscle, however: The Ekitai-Kenfu set of kata has left the girl lean and fit for battle, if not a tad bit on the short side.

Not unlike her sensei, Ume now stands with an unwavering calm, and her body is marked by several scars, most notably a straight line that travels from the center of her collarbones down to her sternum. The scar was a gift from a priest attempting to harvest her chakra coils: Now and again, when channeling large amounts of chakra, the dark line will glow a blue color. Other numerous scars litter the girl’s body: Despite having a soft, almost velvety complexion, several bumps and raised lines mark where the girl has been wounded in combat or wounded herself training. The genin doesn’t mind though: She has since begun to hone herself into a machine of war, determined to no longer be fearful of what the world may bring her.

Unfortunately, Ume remains locked in the throes of pubescence, and is growing accustomed to the changes that come with it. She’s begun to realize that she might not be able to overpower every person that comes into her life and, and as such, she’s begun to take a more tactical approach. Every step that she takes in battle seems calculated, like a dragon ready to strike. Her long, once mane-like blonde hair that once fell from her shoulders now finds itself pulled back in a tight bun or braid most of the time, allowing the girl the same leverage that people with short hair find in a fight.

When she smiles, something about Ume’s distant exterior seems different. Warmth and a happy glow return to her face, and more often than not, it causes people to let their guard down. Ume is, truthfully, a very happy and caring person: Her childish behavior however, is now rarely afforded in the presence of those who are not her peers. Typically, her posture is pristine and precise, like that of a girl carrying the weight of a clan on her shoulders. And in a way, she is: The Banpufutou crest rests on the back of her right shoulder, the black ink a permanent reminder of where she’s been.

Clothing: Stylistically, Ume is very much like other members of her clan. When out in public, the young Renchishin is often compared to an attendant of a noble court. She dresses in carefully construed kimonos and cheongsams, tinged with childish decorations that make her seem less experienced than she really is. Ume is rarely caught outside of these traditional garments, though she can be seen inside her clan’s compound running around in a multitude of colorful, manga-printed junbeis.

When on a mission or in combat, however, Ume is often seen wearing a dark set of hakama. These hakama are designed to hide the body and limb armor that the little genin wears underneath. The belt that she wears bears the Banpufutou crest and more often than not, a headband bearing the symbol Sunagakure’s shinobi is used to tie her hair back. She often wears a kimono tied underneath the traditional pant, usually light in color, and typically a shade of plum or peach. Hemmed inside the sleeves are a variety of weaponry that she can access with ease, and what couldn’t be stored within are instead placed in a weapon pouch resting on her left hip.

The armor underneath Ume’s clothing is durable, but light. Underneath, people would do well to note that the armor is slightly shogun-esque in appearance, marked by flared hip pads and strips of plate that coat her arms and shins. The leg armor itself is more equivalent to chainmail, and despite all of this, Ume moves unhindered for the most part, using what little weight is added to drive her momentum.

That isn’t to say Ume will fight every battle in her warrioress garb though: Ume owns many a martial artist’s outfit, and is capable of competing with any member of her clan in a wardrobe showdown.

Personality: Ume is a child, through and through. She possesses a playful, joking wit that she uses around her peers and can often be seen playing with other children her age. The young girl also has an overactive imagination and is often seen as a bit of an artist, with an apt for repurposing the old into something new. And although there seems to be a latent curiosity around her too, it appears to have been repressed through some form of conditioning, and perhaps fear. Indeed, however cheery and fun the little genin may seem, there always seems to be a flicker of hesitance before she acts, almost as if she’s worried about the possibility of something bad happening.

That said, Ume stands a stalwart beacon of confidence, however much a front it may be. At times, she appears almost cocky with how quietly she stands next to the leaders of the Renchishin clan, taking her title as Renchishin Hitoko’s student quite seriously. The blush she used to wear around him has since evaporated: Time has caused the apple of her eye to wane, and instead she views him with great respect and at times, hesitantly calls him friend.

Indeed, Ume has since began to treat her seniors with the utmost respect: What was once borderline insubordination thanks to various pranks and other childish maneuvers have since been quelled, perhaps stifled by a desire to appear more prestigious. To say Ume has become a bit timid is a bit of a lie: She has instead grown accustomed to hearing her name leave the mouths of her peers. In truth, she’s simply more reserved and isn’t likely to talk to strangers unless she’s spoken to. Ume been called a survivor on multiple occasions, managing to live through the poison gas attacks on her class, attacks on her clan, and numerous encounters with powerful priests of Assate.

Ume, however reserved she may seem now, has not lost her childish sense of grandeur. She flocks to children her age, eager to play and talk to them like nothing has changed. Friends are something that are a bit odd to her: Ume graduated early from the academy, marking an age difference on top of losing many of those that she did call her friends to the priest attacks. Now, she often seems eager to socialize, but positively hesitant in the regards that she feels like people might not like her based off what they’ve heard or her reputation for being sassy. She takes it with a grain of salt though, and more often than not can be seen with her guard down around other children of the Renchishin clan.



Phantasma Warrior
Free Access to Stage One of Rittaisen
Stat Merits: +2 Speed, +1 Control
Stat Flaws: -2 Willpower, -1 Tactics

Strength: 1 + 5 + 7 [AP] + 1 (TP) = 14 (+16 Ekitai Kenfu = 30)
Speed: 1 + {2} + 5 + 5 [AP] + 3 [TP] = 16 (+20 Ekitai Kenfu = 36)
Stamina: 1 + 12 [AP] + 3 [TP] = 16 (+20 Rittaisen = 36)

Power: 1 + 2 + 3 [AP] +2 [TP] = 8
Control: 1 + {1} + 4 + 3 [AP] + 2 [GMAP] + 3 [TP]= 14
Reserves: 1 + 2 + 4 [TP] = 7

Intelligence: 1 + 1= 2
Tactics: 1 - {1} + 2 = 2
Willpower: 1 - {2} + 3 = 2

Jutsus and Techniques:

Ekitai Kenfu
Stage 4: Speed 16, Strength 14, Stamina 13, Control 14
Accumulated Bonuses: +20 Speed, +16 Strength
[2] Third Under Heaven / Phantom Interception Step: Control 4, Power 4
[3] Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies / Golden Dragon Dance: Control 7, Power 7, Reserves 6

Stage 4: Stamina 16, Speed 14, Strength 13, Control 14
Accumulated Bonuses: +20 Stamina, +16 Speed
[2]Drilling Palm / Great Cloud Sutra – Image of the Cloud Dragon: Control 4, Reserves 4
[3]Six Wind Hand / Dragon Bite Opening: Control 7, Reserves 7, Power 6

Global Ninjutsu
[1]Henge no Jutsu: Control 3, Intelligence 2
[1]Kawarimi no Jutsu: Power 2, Tactics 2
[1]Kakuremino no Jutsu: Power 3, Willpower 2
[2]Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

Shinobi Kit (0)
AV Recorder (1)
Personnel Detector (2)
Tokage (5): A gold bangle in the shape of a lizard, this bangle normally rests comfortably on Ume's wrists. However, at its leisure, it may unfurl and form a pair of handcuffs using its extra long tail. More often than not, Ume uses it to link an individual to her in order to beat them senseless, though she may use them as a normal pair of handcuffs.
Restraints, +Morph, + Recall

Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Weapon Points Gained: 0
Originally Posted by Biography
“Will you state your name for the record?”

“It’s Ume.”

“Ah, yes. Your eyes tell of your heritage, little one. A Renchishin, true and true. Was it hard growing up when your clan was viewed as little more than squalor?”

“I… I never really thought about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, we just were. My grandfather was one of the last true militants; he held his bujutsu close to his heart. The lazy decadence that most of my clan had fallen into, that… That was not us. My father, aunt, and uncles were all raised very strictly. And we were too; as soon as I knew how to stand, I was being instructed in kata.”

“You say we. Who are you talking about?”

“Well, me, mostly. But also my brother and my cousins. The oldest, Shirayuri, I can’t believe…”

“That she was paralyzed? I heard. Did it come as a tragic blow?”

“It just happened so suddenly. She was so strong, so swift, so sure. And then she was crippled. And with my brother withdrawing from the ranks, becoming a courier… And Kenta, my uncle… He withdrew from the military too, just like Akio. It’s so strange… All of us were enforced with these strict rules, codes of conduct with which we follow our lives. And now, my father, mother, and me… We’re all that’s left of our close family. We’re the only phantasmas.”

“Why do you think that is?”

“I… I don’t know. For as long as I can remember, all I’ve wanted to do was protect everyone. But I’ve failed. Hitoko restored the clan, but my branch has failed him. I’m the last one that can dig us out of the hole we’ve fallen into. If Sora hadn’t died, then maybe…”

“Sora, your aunt?”

“Yes, she passed in the Jailbreak. I was home then, still in the academy, right before the gassings. We all fought, side by side. She died protecting her children, my cousins. I fought alongside my mother, holed up inside our living quarters. We lost everything that day. We had to rebuild. Relocate, again. We assisted in the creation of Ryugu-jo and refocused our efforts on becoming one with the clan again, truly this time. Kenta’s blinding pride was even pushed aside while we reflected inward, focused on returning to Enzan’s vision for us. We had a leader in Hitoko. He was like our prophet, one that returned us to the promised land. He may very well be our prophet — He killed a god.”

“You’re speaking of Assate?”

“Well, yes. Ever since I became a genin, fighting him and the priests have been all I’ve known. This scar, the one that runs down my chest, I earned it fighting a priest. The little pockmarks on my legs? From a priest. The reason my left hand is bandaged right now? A priest. The bruises on my throat? A priest.”

“For someone so young, you know a lot about battle. What do you think of Enzan? Why do you think he agreed to your early graduation?”

“I… I don’t know. Part of me thinks that it’s because I was the only one in my class that survived. An entire year, all thirteen of us, almost completely wiped out. I was the only one that lived because I wasn’t there. My class didn’t possess the resourcefulness of the teacher who shielded her students in a sand sphere, or the one who staged a mass Shunshin technique. They perished under the watch of an aide. I… I knew suffering.”

“But you never once cried.”

“I couldn’t. There was too much at stake, everything was moving so fast. I was near the top of my class; I had more taijutsu prowess than most of the upperclassmen. Enzan saw something in me.”

“Do you think it could be a little bit of his late mother?”

“…You flatter me. The Juudaime was a goddess. I aspire to be as strong as her one day; I can’t believe that she was taken from us. By cowards, in a cloak and dagger ploy.”

“Perhaps. Your decision to go into the KAZE profession was an oddity. Everyone was certain that you would choose SUNA.”

“I chose KAZE because I know that I can fight. Warring isn’t something that I do; I am a phantasma. I am quick, fast, resourceful. I might be a warrior, but that doesn’t mean that I’m loud, not anymore. I enjoy discovery and unearthing secrets just as much as I do fighting; it was a natural fit. Though now, I understand my role better than before. It took me a little bit, and a lot of reflection of current events, like the Mujina purge and raids, stuff that didn’t seem too important to me before I understood my place. My place is to prevent things like that from happening. And now I am.”

“That’s a very bold statement. What do you think of you being chosen by Hitoko to be under his tutelage?”

“…It’s… It’s an honor. I only hope that I can do him proud. We spoke, while I was in the hospital. Long and hard. He’s as wise as he is strong. I feel like I can rally behind him. I want… I want to be as strong as him. Stronger. I want to move with that confidence and actually feel it, you know? I want to make him proud of me, as his student, and…”

“As his successor?”

“…If the Dragon Emperor allows it.”
Thread Ratings
The Noblest Game: +1 Stamina, +3 AP Stamina, +1 AP Power
Wind Power Density: +1 Stamina, +1 Control
Windchimes Caught In A Gust: +1 Control, +2 AP Power, + GMAP Stage Two Ekitai-Kenfu; Rittaisen
[Sand/Shima] Sick Leave: +1 AP Control, +1 Reserves, +Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu, -Kage no Yadama
[Sand Arc: Phase II] Rewards:+2 GMAP Control
[Sand Arc: Phase II] Elegy For Wayward Warriors: +2 Power, -Ryuuseiu no Yadama
Protocol: +2 Speed, [Forgotten] Stage 2 Pi Qua Quan
Dead City: +1 Speed, [Forgotten] Stage 1 Pi Quan Wuan, +Stage I Ekitai Kenfu
Intermission - The Recovery of Dragons: +1 Strength, +Stage 3 Rittaisen
Dragon Meditation: +AP Breaker, +7 AP Strength, +5 AP Speed, +9 AP Stamina, +AP Stage 4 Rittaisen, +1 TP Stamina, +1 TP Control, +3AP Stages 2-4 Ekitai Kenfu, +1AP Great Cloud Sutra – Image of the Cloud Dragon, +2AP Control
Catching Dragons: +1 Reserves, Third Under Heaven / Phantom Interception Step.
Mind the Gap:+1 Reserves, Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies / Golden Dragon Dance, +1 reserves [MotM-Junge], [3]Six Wind Hand / Dragon Bite Opening [MotM-Wess]

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This character... this bio. Half of it isn't about the character at all. After just reading Nut's character, this one seems like an extension of it. Probably half of it was covered in Nut's bio. Another thing is there's no division test listed at all in your biography though she is a Genin. She would have had to pass the test of a division to be accepted into it.
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Being a new genin, Ume is rather green when it comes to her experiences. However, as you can tell, Shirayuri, Kenta, and Ume are designed to be a close knit sect of the Clan, therefore she goes into further background detail. Plus, she wouldn't have participated in any of the sand events. As an academy student, all she could really do is garner information from those around her, in this case, her family.

As for the division, I made that addition at the end.
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I understand that she won't have experiences of her own...but half of your bio...isn't even about her. That's my issue. Also.. she'd be a Genin before she took her division placement exam.
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The bio has been rewritten, and the archetypes have been tweaked to allow for more Jutsu.
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Bump for kerprovals~
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Half'ing this
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I agree with Kana and I've spoken to you about this - but I guess I'll have to make an official statement here.

I believe the essential reason the biography isn't cutting it is probably because you don't have a clear concept of your character's voice as a person. I understand that she maybe a simple Genin, but my Hyousetsu Mist Genin holds a lot more depth (and this is an extreme example). Until further notice, I won't be approving of this character until the biography is reworked.

The Renchishin Clan information has been updated, so maybe the new found information will give you inspiration for this Genin. Also, I'll throw you a PM, because there is an angle I have that may work in your favor.

I like the fact that these three characters are all connected though. Kudos to the three of you.
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Move this to unfinished.
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