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Default [Ronin] Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko

I hitched a ride until the coast
To leave behind all of my ghosts
Searching for something I couldn't find at home

Name: Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko
aka "the Tower," "the Iron Maiden"
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5'11''

Character Type: Non-shinobi

Country/Village: Sennou no Shi
Rank: Ronin
Division: Last Legion of the Immortal Guard

Physical Description:

Among the esteemed noble ranks of the samurai, many boast of impressive genealogy, incredible charisma, and imposing figures, but few live up to the claims like Jun'ko. With a height of five foot eleven, she towers over her female peers and stands out in a crowd like a god passing mortal men, with sharp features that rival the edge of her blade. Soft lips twist downward, revealing a sense of peace, but a sharp, upturned nose with gentle nostrils and a pointed chin mix a fierce warrior's spirit with the unmatched beauty of a true woman of Iron. She has pale skin like alabaster and tawny hair, dancing between a brightened blonde at he roots and darkening to a dark chocolate brown at the tips greats a shocking contrast, punctuated by eyes that ache cobalt blue. Her head of hair seems perpetually swept, running in waves from a neat and smooth top to a curly and teasing mess at her tips, framing her angular features and hiding a strong forehead to delicately embrace her slender neck. That neck, open and inviting, rests between pronounced collarbones attached to deceptively smooth shoulders.

It's from here that Jun'ko's feminine beauty gives way to the body of a bushi--a samurai warrior. Smooth shoulders attach to impressively toned arms and dexterous, slender fingers with padded and powerful palms. Her stomach is etched like a statue, abdominal muscles and strong, wide hips. The most powerful part of her body, her long legs, rest on developed calves and thick, meaty thighs. This warrior's body is contrasted by comely and pert breasts, still in the spring of youth, full and wide on her chest. Despite appearing as a goddess, exuding the best aspects of her training along with the inviting body of a full-grown woman, she, too, has served in combat. Scars cross her body and fingers, faded and white, while the tell-tale signs of combating shinobi and samurai alike mark her body like a graveyard.

Interacting with shinobi has benefits, however--the most terrible and disarming scars she might have had were quickly healed away, and although it might be vain, she spends some considerable income in the expenses of medical shinobi to help her keep her beauty.

Beyond the terrible beauty of her body is a steady and constant confidence, one recognized almost instinctively by fellow warriors. A killing aura, or perhaps a lack of the fear of death. It's the steady belief that a samurai finds reason in combat to the death, a celebration of murder and killing, a revelation in war. It's this same confidence that inspires fear in lesser men and rivalry in fellow samurai and distrust in shinobi. More importantly, it's the same confidence that keeps a heartbroken and dishonored ronin pushing forward.

Due to a particular interest in her personal hygiene, she notably smells gently of perfume, suggesting the flowers of the season, although for formal or special events, she chooses essence of the ume tree--that is to say, apricot blossoms. This tends to be marred by sweat in combat situations or cigarette smoke in casual situations, but it definitely helps to tone down those odors

The armor of a samurai is striking, particularly in a world populated with shinobi culture. From solid body plate to sweeping arm and shoulder guards, to sturdy shin guards and a helmet that invokes the image of a demon, it's enough to make the most stalwart of shinobi to take pause. Unlike the ninja, who dedicate themselves to deception and typically dress like mere commoners, the noble samurai is bred and trained for war, which is reflected from their stance all the way out to the armor.

In Jun'ko's case, she normally favors earth tones with a small splash of color if required for large combat identification. If she's working alongside a particular village or cause, she'll wear a banner or tabard with their image.

However, in the world of mercenary work, the full plate of the samurai is simply too much overkill, not to mention a costly proposition. Rather than pay for repairs on every simple mission, Jun'ko favors a second set of armor of shin and arm guards and tight fitting, flexible clothes, relying on her skills as a swordsman to evade damage. Since in these cases she's normally across lesser warriors, it's typically a sensible choice. Occasionally, a mask is required to hide her identity. These are normally purchased from local shops and fitted over an appropriate armor.

In her old life, in the land of Iron, she would wear beautiful and expensive robes and finery, jewelry and carefully placed cosmetics, but in her world of mercenary work and traveling, more modest clothing is the day-to-day. While training young swordsmen or teaching children, a smart attire of simple clothing with an appropriate outer-layer (such as a longcoat) tends to do the trick. While enjoying the simple civilian life, Jun'ko has found great delight in the styles of her twenty-something female peers, which is refreshing from the rigid styles of her homeland. While she's skilled in combat in simple, sandal footwear, she's taken a liking to the combat boot. The leather and metal and straps stand a stark contrast to her girlish clothes or traditional armor both.

It's not uncommon to see her with a least some accents--say, flowers in her hair or jewelry, as the situation permits.


Jun'ko appropriately invokes the feeling of her country of Iron. She's gracefully edged, beautiful and deadly, like the edge of a blade. Such a powerful confidence, such a strong killing instinct, radiates deep from her pores like a physical, tangible thing. So much so that some claim to be able to see or taste it in the air, like a haunting ghost...but this is the true will of the samurai, rooted deep in her spirit and flowering around her, like a rosebush made out of barbed wire. Her eyes and tongue can cut as sharply as any weapon, but remains tempered through years of discipline.

It's servitude that makes up her strongest trait. If not to the City of Kings, then to the people of Iron. In her humbling exile, she's turned that servitude to the people she encounters--the innocent, the worthy, those who hold the ideals she admires most. It's through this that her haunting killing aura becomes something like the radiance of a scion of justice. Even without knowing her name, it's easy to see her path cut before her--she's a redeemer, and a protector of the people.

The roaming exile and humbling dishonor that goes along with it has softened her authority, but strengthened her resolve. Rather than being 'simply' a samurai, she travels the world eager to reaffirm and reassess her position as one. It's a spiritual as well as physical journey, and she welcomes new ideas and philosophies much easier than she ever has before. She finds great joy in the beliefs of others, eager to test them against her own.

Her existence is dedicated to battle, and the pursuit of perfection therein. Whereas some consider the sword the soul of the samurai, Jun'ko prefers to think of the ronin as a avatar for the Will of the Sword, and that strong sense of justice remains strong because of it. Teaching others, combating others, defeating others--each of these a different step in her path to purity.

Making friends of shinobi kind and interacting with their chakra philosophy may have dulled her a bit. She's easier to smile and make friends with strangers, more likely to take foolish risks even if her honor's not on the line, and introduced her to simple pleasures she'd normally reserve for special occasions: That said, she's become a rather impressive drinker.

While she's distrusting and naturally opposed to shinobi--most importantly to the bastardization of their spiritual philosophy in comparison to her own--she's learned of the honor amongst them, and is eager to explore and learn more of it. After all, if even a shinobi can have honor, then there might be hope for a dirty ronin like her!

Leaving her clan and country behind has devastated her core tenets and beliefs, and she spends each day on a quest of redemption. This is her most important belief: Through spiritual and physical perfection, even the dishonored might find peace.

Bushido; "Way of the Warrior": "Righteousness, courage, charity, respect, honesty, honor, loyalty. Seven paths that I've failed, seven paths that I'll redeem."


Primary Archetype: Bushi
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Chi
Stat Merit: +1 Stamina, +1 Strength, +1 Control
Stat Flaw: -1 Intelligence, -1 Power, -1 Reserves
Senryaku-do (Daisho), Fushichou Buyou (Hands/Feet),




Strength: 1 [+1 Bushi] 2 [+18 Pool] [+3 Thread] 23 [+15 Fushichou Buyou] = 38
Speed: 1 [+19 Pool] [+5 Thread] 25 [+25 Fushichou Buyou] = 50
Stamina: 1 [+1 Bushi] 2 [+23 Pool] [+5 Thread] 30 [+15 Senryaku-do] = 45


Intelligence: 1 [-1 Bushi] 0 [+16 Pool] 16
Tactics: 1 [+16 Pool] 17
Willpower: 1 [+18 Pool] 19


Power:1 [-1 Bushi] 0 [+16 Pool] 16
Control: 1 [+1 Bushi] 2 [+15 Pool] [+1 Thread] 18
Reserves: 1 [-1 Bushi] 0 [+9 Pool] 9


Kenjutsu and Techniques:
Senryaku-do: The Way of the Strategist
[Stage 5] 22 Stamina, 18 Strength, 16 Speed, 16 Control
Kata - Kazedo
Kata - Mizudo
Kata - Hido
Kata - Doudo

Fushichou Buyou: Phoenix Dance
[Stage 5] Speed 22, Strength 18, Stamina 16, Tactics 16

The Celestial Gates
[Stage 6] Stamina 30, Strength 25, Speed 20, Willpower 19, Tactics 17

Mercenary's List
Stage One
Skill Requirements: Tactics 2, Stamina 2
Stage Two
Steady Mind I
Skill Requirements: Tactics 6, Intelligence 6, Strength 4
Stage Three
Effortless Ascent
Skill Requirements: Strength 8, Stamina 6, Speed 8
Stage 4
Steady Mind II
Skill Requirements: Steady Mind I, Tactics 14, Intelligence 13, Willpower 11, Stamina 10

Daisho (Katana 3 + Wakizashi 2) 5
Samurai Body Plate 2
Limb Armor (Arms) 1

Weapon Points Remaining: 0/8


I never once thought I'd ever be caught!
Staring at sidewalks, hiding my track marks!
I left my best friends, or did they just leave me?

A single strike.

Every swordsman, be they a peasant, samurai, or shinobi, dreams of perfecting the single strike. A single move, a single flourish of the blade, ending combat before it even starts. The term “iaijutsu” is well known, and the stories are manifold: drawing the sword at just the right moment to kill a target or perfectly parry a blow, counter attacking for the kill. Stories, legends, mythology over something as simple as pulling a sword from the scabbard. But it's what every swordsman dreams of.

Perhaps my single strike was given to me when I was born, instead of being a farm girl or an accountant or a courier or what, I was given the name and title “Kiku-ichimonji”, a noble family of strong bearing and incredible wealth in the country of Iron. It's said the family's crest flies flags in almost every country, that the family's goods are consumed and produced worldwide. It's said the samurai of the Kiku-ichimonji clan are divinely inspired, true masters of the single strike, and that all stand in the wake of legend. Of course, it's all hearsay, but rumors and myths tend to give way to real world applications, and despite my mother's interests in training me as a political courtier and my father's interest in marrying me for more wealth and land, I was able to follow my own path. “My way”, my own goals. So, my single, divine strike, was granted to me as I ignored the world I was born into, and sought training at a dojo deep in the mountains, where my name meant nothing. The only girl in a collective of two dozen, I was never expected to last long.

From the age of four to the age of sixteen, I had the singular goal to master kenjutsu. I wasn't until my sixteenth year of age – my twelfth year of study – that I bested the last of the 23 other students in the dojo. It suited me fine, because the boys started to notice me and I had started to notice them, and I had no place, no time, to be distracted by such nonsense. Granted leave and a letter of recommendation, I made my way back home for the first time since I left. If not my sensei's highest recommendations, if not my family's holdings, it was my sword that granted me further study as a member of the Last Legion of the Immortal Guard. Bushido was already how I defined my life, but the Legion allowed me to execute it, refine it. My way of the warrior was to master kenjutsu...and in joining, I learned that it was a fool's task. Despite being the star pupil, of fantastic stock, and with all my passion driving me, I met swordsmen that could best me without drawing steel. Instead of feeling defeated, I felt enlightened—the path of the sword was one eternal. I'm sure you've heard it said before, but, “You live by the sword, you die by the sword.” This became my mantra.

I was welcomed home with mixed emotions. I hadn't followed my mother's steps, despite my etiquette and personal belief in Zen, a swordsman or samurai had little to offer in terms of entertaining foreign dignitaries. Even if I entranced them with my body and wiles, most men can't stomach a woman who managed to live a more exciting life than them. Many less can stand one that could kill them in a matter of seconds. It was no large surprise that my father dismissed his earlier hopes to marry me off, as well. A samurai woman more than in name, but in function. A bushi by every meaning. Still, I brought great honor to our house, as an additional trained sword and leader was worth almost as much as my marriage potential, and my father and mother were both known for carving their own paths from our family, as well. For a time, I felt contentment.

Surrounding myself with other Legionnaires, I found a wealth of new philosophies and kenjutsu to drown myself in. Still, too, came the life of a proper samurai in the service of Sennou no Shi—interacting with foreigners on almost every day, protecting them and forming bonds, learning of the outside world, it felt that my spirit and my body grew with each new event, until, unfortunately, I grew too large for my shell. As the years passed me by, I felt my skill stagnate, and started to worry that I had reached the ultimate plateau of my power. I wasn't weak, by any means, but it was disappointing to be so young and feel so old at the same time.

It was around my twentieth birthday when I met him for the first time. Kawamata Sozui, titled a Jounin of the Hidden Leaf Village. I had worked with shinobi before, as was my duty, but I never trusted or confided in any of them. They were, by their nature, deceptive and untrustworthy, and their philosophy of chakra was a sick perversion of my own faiths and spirituality. I was used to their way of words and honeyed tongues, but I was too strong and too bullheaded to be swayed...so don't mistake this for a love story.

But Sozui had a warrior's spirit, and in his own way, was a master swordsman. He bent illusions and magics around himself to make up for a lack of discipline and martial might, but that was a trademark of shinobi world-wide. I could tell, though, in my heart of hearts, that he was a good man. He lead a team of younglings from his village, all skilled in their own ways, eager to please and eager to improve, and made frequent stops in Sennou no Shi for their dealings. Sometimes to meet with powerful representatives from corporations or villages with a vested interest in hiring out ninja for mercenary work, occasionally on diplomatic runs with other villages. Over the next several months, I was assigned to his team every time he entered the country. I would meet them at the border, escort them about the city, and watch them leave. As the time passed, his children grew into what amounted for respectable for the shinobi kind. He told me of Konoha's “Will of Fire”, and I felt a sympathy for it...after all, it was much like my own love for Iron.

However, Konoha, being as large and powerful as it is, seemed to remain a hotbed for turmoil and political backstabbing. Without a doubt, the lack of honor of the shinobi world started at the head and bled down to the feet. As their Hokage disappeared and other powers rushed to fill the void, it was obvious Sozui was deeply conflicted. I learned, then, why he held such power in his heart. While staying in the City, the message came by bird that he correlated with others to become traitors of Konoha. Iron's opinion of Konoha had soured with the destruction of some small village deep in the arctic, and so my superiors quickly ordered me to apprehend my guest and return them to a group that would come to collect them.

Emotion or bonds have little to do with duty, so I apprehended his students swiftly, and then came for him. I was surprised to see him, wearing his mask for the first time, and felt pangs of worry in my stomach has he reached for his sword, slung on his back. When he recognized me, my sword drawn and angled to strike, he relaxed.

“It's best if it's you,” He said.

I took him to my superiors, his and his team's arms bound and eyes blindfolded to protect us from any ninja magic, and awaited his judgment. Things didn't add up, but it wasn't my duty to investigate. Still, honor was my life. Protecting the citizens and guests of Iron was worth more than my life. So, when I was told that Konoha had sent the order to dispatch Sozui and his children, I had to make a choice. Lose my honor as a samurai of the Last Legion, but preform my sworn duty to the people, or lose my honor as a samurai of the people, and preform my duty as a Legionnaire.

My divine strike, my inspired blow.

Drawing my sword faster than a thought, I had Sozui and his team freed from their bonds. I didn't have the heart to turn my sword on the true sons of Iron, and I couldn't allow Sozui or his to spill any blood on my homeland, so I escorted him out of the City. I gave up my name, my home, my honor that day.
For the next few months, Sozui's children and I lived as commoners, traveling from city to city, passing through the countries as we went. My Legionnaire years gave me plenty of second-hand knowledge, enough to pass for a well-worn traveler, and the deceptive arts of the shinobi protected his children.

I'd stay up late at night, looking into campfires, wondering what spurred me to do it, to leave everything I knew, and as Sozui went to return to the same village that had ordered him dead, to protect it from threats internal and external, to right the wrongs that had rotted inside his village, I realized it. It was an ideal, a simple will of fire, that resonated so strongly with me. Even against a village that had labeled them traitors, that wanted them dead, he and his trusted children set off to protect it from Invasion. He wanted nothing more than to protect his homeland.

So, as he and his own died for that right, I traveled as a sell-sword and vigilante, looking to rekindle my own passion for Iron. But I knew, to go back as I was now, would be death. My family was shamed enough by my actions alone, they didn't need my body as a reminder. I thought about seppuku for a long time, dwelled on it, held my blade to my stomach with my legs bound together to keep anyone from finding me spread-eagle...but I was already dishonored, and I wouldn't redeem my honor in death. However, I had heard the tales of iaijutsu, of the divine cut, of a single stroke that changes everything.

With that belief in my heart, that one might find the perfect strike, I went to temper my iron by the fire, and set off towards Konoha. The will of fire would be my template, where I would build an iron resolve.

Other Info:

- With Will of Fire's permission, she now resides in the Land of Fire, and occasionally trains students in kenjutsu and takes on missions alongside Konoha shinobi. She lives outside of the village and holds little to no information on the village's particulars than any average traveler wouldn't already know.

- Her daisho (katana and wakizashi pair) are family heirlooms, with the family seal embedded in the steel near the hilt. Not only are they of incredibly fine blacksmithing, but they're also incredibly valuable. Their ornate bladework combined with a scabbard and hilt made of the finest of materials, they're also as strong positive identifier as a member of the clan. Honor prevents her from using an other sword, or hiding them behind a wrap.

- She learned the to open the gates since her exile, through the use of battle meditation. Rather than the brute-force approach of the dirty ninja she first saw the technique used by, she comes into it gently, through the proper and dignified use of meditative chi. Since it's very unorthodox (if not completely unheard of) for samurai to learn such a technique, it's her ace in the hole.

Bingo Book:

Name: Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko
Shinobi Rank: Jounin-equivilent Samurai ("Ronin")
Ronin Rank: C
Village: The City of Kings in the Country of Iron
Last Location: Abetting a wanted missing-nin in the escape of Sennou no Shi, presumably headed towards his home village of Konoha
Additional Notes: Strongly resembles her family clan, tall height and signature blades are a dead giveaway.
Reward: Family officially lost recognition of individual, so worth no more than a standard head in the service of Iron.

Originally Posted by Merdle
For now, I'll go with a rank of C. No killings, and the bingo book is more important for the shinobi villages than Iron, so shinobi would mostly see her as a non-factor... for now.
Thread Ratings:
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04/17/2014: Stay Loose +2 Stamina, Balance
04/23/2014: A Call for Backup +2 Stamina, Steady Mind I
06/15/2014: Broadripple Is Burning +2 Strength, Effortless Ascent
09/02/2014: Shivers (I Got 'Em) Steady Mind II, +1 Stamina, +1 Strength
09/26/2014: Rust +3 Strength, +1 Control, AP Spent [Stage 6 Celestial Gates]
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I can dig it.

Admin Approved for a ronin.

For now, I'll go with a rank of C. No killings, and the bingo book is more important for the shinobi villages than Iron, so shinobi would mostly see her as a non-factor... for now.
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Half Approved.

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Oh you're a jerk for claiming her favorite guy was among the ousted ANBU. I'm torn about that since they were all named in the escape. I suppose it could work since couple of them weren't accounted for while the missions and assignments were being doled out after they left Konoha. It would have been unthinkable for an ANBU to take his team of kids with him in the exile, though.

I'll have to think about that for a bit.

Also, just to make things clear, yes, she can participate in Leaf missions. I doubt that any of them would be assigned specifically to her, though. She's welcome to help the shinobi who are assigned, but she's not going to be called upon by the village except on special occasion. They already have people for that sort of thing. Hehe.

Please do not request registry checks. I'll get to it soon enough.
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edit: Removed References to ANBU

Originally Posted by Will of Fire View Post
Oh you're a jerk for claiming her favorite guy was among the ousted ANBU. I'm torn about that since they were all named in the escape. I suppose it could work since couple of them weren't accounted for while the missions and assignments were being doled out after they left Konoha. It would have been unthinkable for an ANBU to take his team of kids with him in the exile, though.
I was thinking about that as I drafted the biography in the first place, and I figured that if it comes to it, I can swap it around to he's just a typical Jounin who was claimed to be a rogue for any reason of political reasons--maybe as simple as 'he was best buds with this guy who just went nuts and killed a buncha people and it makes sense since he JUST SO HAPPENS to be out of the village when it happens'. The connection to the ANBU and the intimate nature of his connection to Konoha adds a lot to what wanted out of the character, but I was aware ahead of time that it might pose an issue.

I came to the ANBU thing with perhaps the wrong idea, though--I figured that while there was plenty of high-and-mighty 'named' ANBU, there was innumerable npc agents that didn't warrent a proper call-out. ie, a shadow force in the hundreds rather than dozens.

Also, just to make things clear, yes, she can participate in Leaf missions. I doubt that any of them would be assigned specifically to her, though. She's welcome to help the shinobi who are assigned, but she's not going to be called upon by the village except on special occasion. They already have people for that sort of thing. Hehe.
No, I didn't want to create the idea that she had joined Konoha in any official fashion. I was thinking it would be more like, "You have a mission in X Village. We have a contact for you to help ease negotiations," or "You'll be defending this bridge from an attack, a swordsman will be on the scene to assist". Like a very low-paid mercenary or contractor. She's a person who lives in Fire who has the skills to be an asset to the shinobi that work there, not a samurai who works for Konoha.

I appreciate your input and I'm eager to hash out the biography in a fashion that you'd find suitable.
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One thing I'd like to throw out is that the Bushi archetype doesn't give you a bonus to speed and the modifier to control should be +1 and not -1. This won't hurt any of your jutsu choices though.
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Nice catch! All fixed, now.
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It wasn't so much the ANBU factor that had me questioning, but more the ANBU + team of kids going into exile thing that bothered me. Thanks for being flexible. I like the character.

Control: 1 [+1 Bushi] 2 [+15 Pool] 16
Change that total to a 17 and you have yourself a Leaf GM approval.

Please do not request registry checks. I'll get to it soon enough.
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Done and done. I believe that puts me at one half-approval from completion.
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And my Half will send it off
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