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Default [Mist Chuunin] Gushiken Ren

Jellyfish // Kurage

Hidden Mist Chuunin // Gushiken Ren

Name: Gushiken Ren
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0''

Country/Village: Mizu no Kuni/Kirigakure no Sato [Information]
Rank: Chuunin
Division: Navy Ensign
The Gallant Steam // Officer of the deck, Ship's cat keeper

Appearance: Calloused.
Olive skin like tightly wrapped leather, salt-blasted by the sea and tanned and dried by the sun, almost betray humble beginnings. But calloused hands, a scarred body, and a too-serious glare betray that this man is of Kirigakure no Sato, regardless of a luxurious birth. Gushiken Ren stands tall, sometimes towering over his peers in the village, and he's easy to find in a crowd with his shaggy black hair and lanky form. He always smells like seasalt and whatever wax it is the navy uses on their decks, and his windswept clothing makes it seem he rarely if ever gets leave from his duties.

Wrapped up in the cusp of his youth, Ren is incredibly active. A tight and toned body make up for his awkward proportions--too tall and long to be good at sailing or sword fighting--and turn his apparent flaw into incredible intimidation. It's not just being all height and muscle, either--just the look on his face is enough to give people a scare.

His face, all sharp angles and scruffy facial hair, is like a snake's. Even if it wears a smile or a drunken slur, it seems to be ready to strike. It's not a friendly countenance and as a result, he never seems to be around anyone for very long.

A long black coat with a large collar protect the man from the wind and rain, heavy boots and fingerless gloves protect his extremities. His headband rests around a sash around his midsection, hanging lazily off near his rump...an afterthought.
Personality: Overwhelming.
There are two sides to this swordsman, one that pursues ever greater challenges, eager to find his own limits and match them against something greater. A side that revels in the challenge of combat, one that eagerly sets sail during a storm, one that stands firm against impossible odds. This is the face of a Kirigakure Swordsman, a person that inspires his allies to greater heights, one that puts his blood where his mouth is: All over the opponent.

Then, there's the other side of the man. Less imposing, and far less threatening--when found with a lack of motivation, Ren is downright lazy. Unwilling to take the extra effort, he's frequent to shunt routine chores onto subordinates (or even superiors, if his silver tongue remains sharp). Despite his performance on the field, he routinely finds himself with negative reviews of his shore duty. Tardy and prone to sleeping in, half-finished jobs, and a general disregard for authority means that despite potential and combat ability, Ren might be looking at his Ensign rank for the rest of his life.

Motivation is his key factor--as someone who's been able to get by largely on the cusp of their potential, being relegated to the daily grind erodes away his inflated self worth. However, put in a situation where he's challenged, and his mind goes into overdrive.
Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “The pursuit. The chase. The exciting stuff. I can't be bothered with a boring lifestyle."

Silent Killer
A common skill amongst swordsmen from Kirigakure no Sato, the Silent Killing technique describes a way to take advantage of cover for a silent approach.
Archetypes: Blade Dancer + Virtuoso
Combo Special: The Silent Killer is a master of stealth. Once per target per thread, he can approach a target undetected. This stealth effect is broken upon taking any offensive action, but otherwise continues as long as the Silent Killer remains in cover.
Merits: +1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Intelligence, +2 Tactics, +1 Control
Flaws: -1 Stamina, -2 Willpower, -2 Power, -1 Reserves


Physical (Primary) 30/30

Strength: 1 +1 Archetype +13 Pool 15 (+8 Sanshi no Mizu)
Speed: 1 +1 Archetype +8 Pool +3 Thread +2 GMAP 15 (+9 Onigokko Kenjutsu)
Stamina: 1 -1 Archetype +9 Pool 9 (+11 Sanshi no Mizu)

Mental 24 (24/24)

Intelligence: 1 +1 Archetype +6 Pool 8
Tactics: 1 +2 Archetype +7 Pool 10
Willpower: 1 -2 Archetype +11 Pool 10

Chakra (Secondary) 27/27

Power:1 -2 Archetype +10 Pool +1 Thread 10
Control: 1 +1 Archetype +7 Pool +1 Thread 10
Reserves: 1 -1 Archetype +10 Pool 10


Jutsu and Techniques: (4/5) (12/12) (+9 Adv Chuunin)

Global Ninjutsu
Stage 1
- Kawarimi no Jutsu (Power 2, Tactics 2)
- Henge no Jutsu (Control 3, Intelligence 2)
Stage 2
- Kabenobori no Jutsu (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)
Stage 3
- Shukuchi (Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6)

Water of Deep Reflection (Sanshi no Mizu)
Stage 3 Strength 12, Speed 8, Tactics 8
-- +8 Strength, +8 Speed, +11 Stamina

Chase the Devil Sword Techniques (Onigokko Kenjutsu)
Stage 3 10 Willpower, 10 Tactics, 8 Speed
-- +9 Speed
Special Techniques
- Blind the Devil
- Tag the Devil
- Surprise the Devil

Hidden Mist Ninjutsu (Suiton)
Stage 1
- Water Manipulation (Power 4, Control 4)
Stage 2
- Water Puddle Technique (Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4)
Stage 3
- Water Puddle Transportation (Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8)

Hidden Cloud Ninjutsu (Illegal Techniques: Raiton)
Stage 1
- Flickering Luminous Body Technique (Power 2, Tactics 2)
- Electric Shock Clone (Willpower 3, Reserve 3)
- Serrated Edge (Power 4, Control 4)
Stage 2
- Deafen (Power 5, Control 4, Reserve 4)
Stage 3
- Lightning Release: Detonation (Power 9, Control 9, Willpower 7)
- Raiton: Denki no Henkan (Power 10, Control 10, Intelligence 8)

Inventory: (8/8)
Shinobi Kit[*]
Kirigakure Head-chopping Cleaver Sword [Oversized Blade 4 + Morph (Nodachi, oversized blade) 1 + Morph (Katana, large blade) 1 + Repair 1 = (7)]
The Power Blade & Jellyfish Combo (PB&J) is a mammoth six foot sword, from pommel to curved edge. Modeled after a legendary sword in Kirigakure's bloody history, it's made of a rare sea-ore that's much lighter than it looks. That being said, it's got a carefully designed blade with a cut-out near the hilt ideal for lodging the blade around someone's neck, and a missing hole in the middle for a sick wizzing sound as it flies through the air, not to mention some weight reduction. With an application of chakra, lightning and water seems to stream down the blade, causing it to enter a different form. A nodachi, ideal for Ren's large body and his practice of Sanshi no Mizu, as well as a smaller katana for the illusive purposes of Onigokko Kenjutsu. By drawing in iron from ambient sources (blood, for instance) it can repair itself to full function after two posts.
Breathing Apparatus [1]
"If I pulled that off, would you die?" "It would be extremely painful." "You're a big guy--" "For YOU!"
Weapon Points Remaining: 0



The Swamp country is aptly named, a place of dense swamplands that stretch for miles. Foggy, mysterious lagoons and sparse amounts of walkable land make it nearly inhospitable in most of it's landmass. In terms of history, it's served well keeping travel to and from Lightning a rare and occurrence, but thanks to sharing a body of water with the Water country, it's been known to harbor a Mist fugitive or two. Because of this, Gushiken Ryouta, a black ops of Kirigakure no Sato, was sent to investigate the possible location of several different nukenin from the village. Over the course of his stay in the country, he fell in love with a young Shimabukuru Chiyo. When he left to return to his home country, he took her with him and married her swiftly. Years passed and she eventually gave birth to Gushiken Ren. During the celebration of the boy's birth, growing ire inside of the community over his foreigner wife, Rouyta and Chiyo became the target of a bloodthirsty mob. Since the Bloody Mist back then tended to settle internal disputes with swords, the non-shinobi Chiyo was struck down. After surviving the battle with no less than twelve Kirigakure shinobi kills at the end of his blade, the grief-stricken Rouyta fled the village, leaving his newborn son in the very hospice he was born in.

Taking most of his features strongly after his Swamp mother, Ren grew up as an outcast in his peer group. While most of the older members of the community took pity on an orphan boy, his pale complexion and tall, lanky frame made him stand apart from most of his tanned and stocky islander peers. This was punctuated dramatically when he was enlisted in the shinobi academy. This, over twenty years ago, was during a period of time where at the end of a ten year schooling course, graduate candidates would battle to the death for the right to wear the headband of the village. In such a fashion, only twenty percent of the trained each year would make it to become shinobi...and the rest would simply die. This lead to a superstition of strong shinobi blood, and since Ren was only half-Water country, it was believed he'd die if not at the battle royale, long before during training.

Armed with the tall body of his mother and the sharp, calculating mind of his father, Ren instead proved to be a powerful and cunning student, despite a severe lack of motivation that was common amongst the draftees—those forced into the Academy rather than volunteered. As such, by the time he reached his final year, Ren was considered the bottom of his class, in all aspects that mattered—taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu. Tactical theory, navigation, geography, and several aspects of sailing were dismissed thanks to his tall and awkward body, unable to fit neatly beneath the deck of the average Mist ship. If he couldn't make it as a swordsman, he wouldn't make it in the village.

He was placed, cruelly, against the class ace. A duel-wielding Kirigakure native who could trace his shinobi blood back generations, learnt from the ninjutsu of his father and the dojo of his mother, such solid and powerful shinobi stock that there was no chance for the Swamp Dog that was Ren. However, although his longsword taijutsu looked awkward, and his ninjutsu left plenty to be desired—despite having no one in his personal life but non-shinobi and uncaring government caretakers, Ren's unorthodox body frame and longsword style matched with pluck and a bloodthirsty desire for victory proved superior. It was a fierce battle, and Ren himself ended up terribly injured, but his blade finally struck through, pieced up from below through the groin, until it hung out of the boy's back, blood and gored.

Gushiken Ren would be then assigned to a standard four-man Jounin/Genin cell, and spent several months acclimating himself to the life of a sailor. Despite his frame, he earned his sealegs and swiftly navigated even the most narrow portions of the ships. His height even proved an asset during rope rigging and spotting. The years of isolation soon drifted behind him as he found a family within his team. His promotion, as was predictable for rising stars back in those times, came at a Chuunin Exam hosted internally by the Hidden Mist itself. As a surrogate for war, it was as bloody and viscous had come to expect, but he emerged the other side as one of the surviving teams. From then on, he remained a part of the same cell until his Jounin-sensei decided to take on new recruits. The three remaining Chuunin took their separate ways. For Ren, that meant supplying support on several out-of-country missions, running from ship to ship as a veteran sailor. It was during this time that he started to make a network of intelligence. Always calculating, Ren started to feel out for evidence of his father. It was during a routine voyage to pass money into the right hands to keep his wheels greased that he received notification that he was to be rerouted to help assist in Lightning Country—to put an end to a terrible wildfire.

Money, a silver tongue, and even assistance from his intelligence network put Ren in the position to train under the arts of Raiton. He would develop these techniques from smuggled scrolls and personal discovery until he had an intimate understanding of the lightning release techniques. This edge, he thought, would be a suitable tool if he ever decided to hunt down those that had done him wrong in his childhood.

Having always had a body for taijutsu, he developed his natch for Silent Killing—the art of stealthy removing targets from the battlefield as quiet as a whisper---during the Seagull War. Ren notched his kills in the edge of his scabbard, until one day, early in the morning, his thumb broke through the scabbard's wood, worn so completely thin from his carnage and contribution to his village's cause.

He'd later face some uncomfortable times as his village rose against the mafia families of Water...some of which had been his staunch allies and information brokers in the past. But, his honor remained to his village, despite never being officially tested in this regard. The attempted assassination happened and was old news while Ren was on a peace-keeping mission in Konohagakure after the last public Chuunin Selection Exams.

However, coming back to the criminal Seven Swordsmen gave Ren a solid kick in the ass—he'd have to shed this Chuunin body after over a decade and replace it with something more. He longed for the Bloody Mist that fathered his own father, he longed for the respect he could find at the edge of a sword, he longed for revenge for his orphanhood. He longed, most of all, to find his place in the world.

So, as of today, Gushiken Ren has redoubled his efforts to complete a lifetime of physical and mental training in ninjutsu and taijutsu, and to strike out his name away from it's dirty past—not the name of a traitor, not the name of a foreigner, but of Gushiken Ren: Swordsman of Kirigakure.

Other Info:
- This is my Advanced Chuunin slot, as well as making use of my extra-village list from the Engi Anniversary Gift.

Thread Ratings:
Monsoon Madness - +1 Power, +1 Control, Raiton: Denki no Henkan (Electrical Transformation)
Gushiken Ren meets Ryuunosuke Yuudai for the first time. They take out a powerful Grass nukenin together, slay an obnoxious number of pirates, and experiment with 17th century sexting via Morse code.
[Mist Arc] Smoke On The Water - +3 Speed, Mist Arc I GMAP on +2 Speed
The Gallant Steam heads off to an oil rig in search of contraband and gangsters—what they find is contraband and gangsters! In a stunning twist, the Gallants beat up a bunch of ne'er-do-wells and collect all the pornography they can.
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Love it. I like the justification for his Raiton techniques. The Gallant Steam will soon be sailing! Here is a link to the official Gallant Steam page, as the other one is in junk.


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Well written character. Someone triple check the math, which seems solid. Half-Approval, hopefully you appease the Mist GM.
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Overall, it's a good bio. There's a couple of weird phrases and dropped words in there, but it's nothing glaring. And while there's no mention of the Seagull conflict, I absolutely love the nod to Cloud and Hima, and there's plenty of history to flesh out the character (because 'poof! IMMA Chuunin!' is just the worst). Even the Raiton justification works.

Very well done. Consider this Mist GM Approved.

Currently [OPEN] to character registry checks.
Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
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Having always had a body for taijutsu, he developed his natch for Silent Killing—the art of stealthy removing targets from the battlefield as quiet as a whisper---during the Seagull War. Ren notched his kills in the edge of his scabbard, until one day, early in the morning, his thumb broke through the scabbard's wood, worn so completely thin from his carnage and contribution to his village's cause.
I did actually very briefly mention that Ren racked up several kills. I also realized I forgot to mention that the Raiton comes from the Anniversary gift list, so I put that and he fact he's an Advanced Chuunin (thus using my option up on that, too) in Other Info.

I'm not sure if I just need a half, or if someone is responsible for double checking these extra-village lists for biographies is required. Either way, thanks for the feedback!

As with most of my sheets, I'll probably slowly change things here and there during thread ratings as I catch them. I appreciate everything.
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Just an important note from a threadcreeper.

- Lightning Release: Detonation (Power 9, Control 9, Willpower 7)
Power:1 -2 Archetype +10 Pool 9
Control: 1 +1 Archetype +6 Pool 8
Reserves: 1 -1 Archetype +11 Pool 11
You don't have enough control, but I think you can swap a point from reserves without losing anything.
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Good eye, did exactly as you said. Thanks!
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Well done character though I have one issue with your jutsu selection. In Chase The Devil, the duration of specials down the list are based off of your highest Genjutsu list vs opponents highest Genjutsu list. The style itself doesn't account for it.

Of course I have no problems throwing a Half on here...but I'm going to prevent moving it until you read this and are fine with it.
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I didn't know that, but even still, I get to use the minimum on any of those, right? Since you can have a genjutsu modifer of -3 (according to the handbook) and still get one post out of your genjutsu. All of my specials I took are immediate/one post, so that works for me.

Thanks for the info, though. Definitely going to take a genjutsu list as the character progresses.
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