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Default Imagination Station

"We can't let that happen again, you understand that, right?"


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Default Hakushouku Clan of Hidden Cloud

"I don't know about you, but I think it's about time I saved the world."


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Default [Item] A Brother's Charm

"The difference between success and failure is a portrayal of the facts."


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Crushing Upward Dune
Stage X Sabaku Kenfu Special
Blending the art of Ganjou Taiki and Sabaku Kenfu, Isamu creates a new artform; The Art of The Dune. Using the sand in the weights around his arms, Isamu executes a one or two-handed open-palm uppercut or forward thrust. Upon making impact with his palm(s) he propels his sand weight behind his palm, to add a second level of agony to his attack. The added weight of his sand will increase the bludgeoning force, to make otherwise swift hands into a vicious hammer-like smash attack. If his initial palm attack misses, the weights will propel forward to extend the range of his attack up to an armslength away.
Stage Three: This attack can become the opening move for Bombs Away Regular Tech and Fishing Line Special Technique can keep his sand weights attached.

Vitric Palm
Stage X Sabaku Kenfu Special Technique
Blending his prowess as a glass specialist and his training in Sabaku Kenfu and Ganjou Taiki, Isamu turns his typically martial style of blunt force, and turns it into a lethal attack. Any time Isamu uses his sand weights in a physical attack, he can immediately change the structure of the sand to glass, which causes his sand weights to become sharp and piercing weapons, which shatter upon physical contact. By doing so, regular techs of Sabaku Kenfu go from bludgeoning to piercing, and shattering a sand weight endangers the defender with many shards. The downside; Any sandweight used by Vitric Palm becomes permanent glass and sand weights must be replaced through 1 post use of Personal Desert. The upside? Glass made by Vitric Palm may be used for Isamu's Glass Ninjutsu.


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Name: Gun Nin'hon
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country \\ Village: Kusa no Kuni \\ Kusagakure
Character Type \\ Rank: Shinobi \\ Jounin
Division: KISEO \\ Lieutenant
- - Gun Bloodline Clan \\ Clan Leader

Physical Description/Clothing:

Thick rough hair sits like a bush on her head. Naturally black, her hair is dyed a bubblegum pink. What was originally her sister-in-law's failed attempt at covering up her horrible dye job, Nin'hon found that she became fond of the outlandish color. Perhaps it helped her think that people were looking at her hair, and not at the fact that she was a Gun, a traitor of Grass. For, certainly, her pronounced, sharp eyebrows, dark, near-black eyes and smooth skin the color of red clay declare her as such.

Shorter and more compact than some of her fellow clansmen, this comes from her training in Ekitai-Kenfu, a swift and rigid style of fighting, as opposed to the rough no-holds style of rough housing that other Gun clansmen are known to tout. While shapely in the ways a woman can only be, most of her feminine features are hidden by clothing that hangs on her body, as opposed to cling to her curves.

A haori, a plain orange-red harvest color, is her go-to accessory, donned over simple wheat-colored shirts. The back of this jacket holds a bold, large insignia for 'Field Country' painted on the back in black lacquer. A declaration, to be sure, it is her father's jacket, and a symbol to her clan of her place as a Clan Head, and a symbol for her village that her loyalties are likely family first.

Yet, with a same sincerity of pride, Nin'hon holds her KISEO badge on a belt wrapped around pants which seem to be made of a grey linen, which is both loose and breathable, stiff in stasis, yet flexible in movement. A few pouches also line the belt of these slimming pants, containing all the necessities of a martial fighter who is known to lead a patrol or two.

Nin'hon's Way Of The Ninja
- - - "To stop the force of evil, to propel the force of good. I must protect my noble clan in this land we must call home."
Take a talented child, skilled in the ways of fighting and a mindset for overcoming all obstacles so long as she fought hard enough. Add the ever present obstacle of a society that doesn't trust her kind, that follows her every move when in their presence, and that doubts her skills even as she proves herself time and time again. Continue this cycle for about two decades. What remains for you is something reminiscent of the image of Nin'hon.

Her life has been filled with most civilians of Grass regarding her with great distaste, either finding her to be too brutish in her methods, or assuming her to be a traitor a part of a larger clan of betrayers. But closer to her heart than the civilians of Grass country is her clan, the Gun clan. Her saving grace amidst years of hardship in the public eye are her brothers and sisters, who in turn have viewed her skyrocketing trip towards near-mastery of the Tenchu Bloodline as evidence of her place in leadership of their clan. All of her actions, even ones not directly related to the Gun clan, are trickled back towards a duty to her family. If she succeeds in the public eye, she does so not as Nin'hon, but as a Gun. If she is offended by another, she is offended as a member of the Gun clan, before she herself feels bitten.

In many ways, this protects her delicate individuality, which is not always ruled by the hardy, reactive behavior of her clan, but often is. She is a very precise and detail-oriented woman, who is unafraid of affection, yet she is very stingy as to her methods for expressing such affection.

Despite rumors circulating KISEO and most of Grass, Gun is one of the top performing Lieutenants in the Village. Her sense of duty is often questioned, but it is forever present. Most worry not whether she has it or not, but whether her duty is more to her clan than her village. Few have asked. None have received a solid answer.


Child Of Heavenly Punishment
Gun Tenchu Warrior + Cavalier
Once every two threads, The Child of Heavenly Punishment may carry an excess of Tosshin (read: 5 or more) for two posts, pushing the brink of death-by-Tosshin back one more step. Master of the Uetosshin, The Child of Heavenly Punishment must get down below 5 Tosshin by the beginning of the third post, or die in the third post.
Primary \\ Physical
Secondary \\ Chakra
Tertiary \\ Mental
+2 Stamina, +1 Strength +1 Speed, +1 Power
-3 Intelligence, -1 Tactics, -1 Reserves


Statistics Legend
1 - Archetype
1 - Base Stat
1 - Thread Point
1 - AP
1 - GMAP
1 - Total Stat


Strength: 1 + 1 + 18 + 3 = 23 [+20 Ekitai-Kenfu]
Speed: 1 + 1 + 25 + 3 = 30 [+25 Ekitai-Kenfu]
Stamina: 1 + 2 +17 + 3 = 23


Intelligence: 1 - 3 + 14= 12
Tactics: 1 - 1 + 14 = 14
Willpower: 1 + 12 = 13


Power: 1 + 17 = 18
Control: 1 + 17 = 18
Reserves: 1 - 1 + 16 = 16


Repertoire of Techniques:

Gun Clan Kekkai Genkai: Tenchu, Heavenly Punsihment
- - Stage One 5 Stamina, 4 Strength, 4 Speed
- - Ma-Gun I
- - Ma-Joutou
- - - - Stage Two 12 Stamina, 11 Strength, 10 Speed, 12 Power
- - - - Teidouku I
- - - - Ma-Gun II

Fluid Fist Style: Ekitai-Kenfu
Stage I - Kihongata “Kata of Basics” Speed 5, Strength 3
+5 Speed, +4 Strength
Stage II Speed 8, Strength 6, Control 6
+5 Speed, +4 Strength
Stage III - Heishugata “Kata with Closed Hands” Speed 11, Strength 9, Control 8
+5 Speed, +4 Strength
Stage IV Speed 16, Strength 14, Stamina 13, Control 14
+5 Speed, +4 Strength
Stage V - Kaishugata “Kata with Open Hands” Speed 20, Strength 19, Stamina 17, Control 16
+5 Speed, +4 Strength
Stage VI Speed 30, Strength 23, Stamina 22, Control 18, Power 18
+5 Speed, +4 Strength

Ekitai-Kenfu Special Techniques 15 Control, 15 Power, 13 Reserves
- - Ten Ka Mittsu / Gen’ei Setsu Ippo (Third Under Heaven / Phantom Interception Step)
- - Shin’irikugo / Kinryu-no-Mai (Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies / Golden Dragon Dance)
- - Shin’irikugo / Ryu-sha-Sei (Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies / Dragon Chariot Star)
- - Ten Ka Nanatsu / Kage no Nai Ippo (Seventh Under Heaven / Shadowless Step)
- - Shin’irikugo / Issoku Itto no Mai: Shichi Ten Sho (Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies / Distance of One Step – One Strike: Seven Point Palm)

Global Ninjutsu
Stage One
- - Yoso no Te 4 Power, 4 Control
- - Bloom [Replacing Open Slot] 4 Intelligence, 4 Tactics
Stage Two
- - Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu 5 Power, 4 Control, 4 Reserves
Stage Three
- - Shukuchi 8 Intelligence, 8 Tactics, 6 Willpower
Stage Four
- - Stop [Replacing Saihen no Te] 12 Intelligence, 11 Tactics, 10 Willpower, 12 Power

Inventory [7/8]
Division Seeds - 1
Handcuffs - 2
A Baton - 4
A Hidden Medium Blunt Weapon, held compact in her belt pouch, but extends with a simple application of chakra. When extended, it resembles a classic baton as wielded by police.

Nin'hon is considered a prodigy for many reasons, but it starts with one. Her bloodline, the curse of Field Country, began for her at a very young age. Her father remembers it as early as five years old, but Nin'hon herself can never remember a time where her body did not feel like a conduit for impossible quantities of energy. Days would be marked by the typical infantile stumbles; learning to walk, catching balls with her face, wrestling her two brothers in true Gun fashion.

Yet these days were also marked by great unrest. After an hour of activity, Nin'hon would slump herself down, sometimes right in the middle of an activity, and sit stricken. At times this stillness was accompanied by painful cries that could not be quelled by her mother's touch. Other times it was so quiet, and so still, that she seemed to be a perfectly rendered statue. Some of her family worried she was peculiar. Some of her generation didn't like playing with her.

But most understood what it was. It was Heavenly Punishment. Her father knew it first, and her mother understood it as soon as it was posed as a theory for their youngest daughter's quandaries.

But beside this occasional strange act or tantrum, Nin'hon was a cherished member of her clan and family. She was rough, more stubborn than her father, but truly kind and loving to those who wore the Tenshu on their back. The shinobi lifestyle was the classic choice for her and the rest of her clan.

After her family placed the seal on her back, the rest came quickly. Nin'hon fought her middle brother in celebration that night, and she nearly won the brawl, less out of pure force and more out of complete understanding of her bloodline. She threw rocks, ran far, and her brother's Tousshin reached a point where their final wrestling ended in a stalemate, two siblings wrapped and frozen in a grapple of overwhelming kinetic energy. Even if her brother had been so impressively strong, bulky for his age and tougher still, Nin'hon felt their shared blood with more love than Kijareshi'n could yet. He hadn't lived the strange occurrences of Nin'hon's childhood in the same way.

This night was the first time anyone in the clan had whispered words of prodigy. It was not the last.

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

"Nin'hon, not so strong!" Kazuke barked across the field. "Nin'hon!"

Meters away, a wooden sparring dummy splintered at the arms, and in another second its trunk had erupted outwards, irreparable.

"Oi! Ni-"

"What?! Kazuke-sensei! What?!" The girls thick black curly hair moved with her heavy sighs. Her body was screaming to release energy, and it was clear that any outlet, even screaming, would suffice.

"You cannot keep breaking these. We are learning finesse, not"

"I am learning finesse! I have been learning finesse for weeks! I've learned it! So go on, tell me what I need to learn." Nin'hon's fire shone through the beads of sweat on her coppery skin. "Better, sensei. Fix my dummy, so I can keep learning."

"Hit the bench, Gun. "

A pointed finger led to one of the benches Nin'hon knew well. In an interview with the Sougen Senator, she would recount, in great detail, the feeling of that bench. The way it's grain felt under her thighs. She spent many a minute in time-out at the Kusagakure Academy.

It did her no good. Her muscles would be tight with energy, her heart thrumming to release it, her clan seal begging to activate. But it would always be made better, once she got home.

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

"They're hurting her!" Gun Hideki'n shouted across the threshold of kitchen and dining room. He was the proudest father in all of Kusagakure. His blood had given birth to the rising star of his clan. And she had her mother's eyes no less.

"They just don't understand her, Deki'n. They don't know how to train us. " Gun Se'hon was calm in stature and voice, but Nin'hon could hear the way she was chopping the scallions for that night's rice. They always tasted slimy and over-ripe when her mother cooked angry.

"Exactly! They don't know how to train us! They never have! These vile people kidnap us and ask us to serve a country they say is ours, but they never ask how this country can serve us." The sound of a bowl breaking as it met the walnut tabletop was another familiar sound from her time in the academy.

"I've got it, o-Tou-San." And Nin'hon did. She was in the dining room in an instant, picking up the two halves of the cleanly broken bowl up, sweeping the tiny fragments into one half of the bowl.

"I'm sorry, Nin-chan." She could feel her fathers huge hand on her back, and she was a moment from telling him not to worry about it. "They just don't understand us, is all."

Her fathers sigh was so deep, it sounded like it came from the bottom of a well. And in that well was the final reservoir of the faith Hideki'n had in the world.

"It's okay, Papa. That's what family's for."

The sound of her mother's chopping stopped for a second. She wiped a tear from the scallions off her cheek. She, in that moment, was the proudest mother in all of Kusagakure.

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

That was what family was for. The Gun clan understood each other. They were closer than the rings in an oak's bisection. It was with the help of all the clan that every generation of children made it through the Grass Academy despite their rowdy temper, the dirty looks from their peers, or the simple fact that many were so singularly driven in the art of taijutsu.

Hideki'n and Se'hon fought so hard for their children every year. They had sat through more parent-teacher meetings than any other family in the clan. They had insisted that they were all trying their best to fit in, but Grass did not make them feel at home.

But after Nin'hon had graduated, that time had ended. The whole family could take a deep breath. And an elder of the Gun Clan took it upon himself to take Nin'hon under his wing. He returned to being a sensei, perhaps only with the intention of training Nin'hon, who was so present in his clans community, so giving to her peers, and so keen to fight her way to solutions. Gun Ten'kin knew that he had a unique opportunity to create an ambassador for the Gun clan. One they could all be proud to represent them in Grass' shinobi community.

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!" Nin'hon screamed out over the field of wheat. "I can feel it building!"

The young woman, fourteen now, was clutching onto her forearm with all her might. Before her lay the convicted criminal they had all been hunting. His chest was caved in, his eyes glazed towards the mid-afternoon sky. Around her lay enough projectiles to fell a brigade of infantry. Knives were poking out of Nin'hon's body from all angles. Blood was beginning to seep from her many wounds. Her team arrived at her side as her shout stopped echoing out over the plains.

"Don't touch me!" Nin'hon's throat produced a guttural intimidation as her frightened teammate, Yui, now a respected doctor in Kusa General, took a step towards her. Gun Ten'kin looked down at the sight before him. The clansmen both knew that an sort of physical touch would risk her whole body breaking down. Ten'kin and Yui both knew that Nin'hon could bleed out while the hour was young.

"Good riddance." Tezuke was the only one in the field who felt no remorse. He did not trust his team mate, nor his teacher. In many ways, it was his fault for how horribly the mission had gone. Then again, it always was his fault. But because it was Ten'kin and Nin'hon on the squad, Kusagakure blamed the traitors. Every time, without fault. Ten'kin had learned the hard way that Tezuke came from the sort of nobility that could make the Gun Clan's life miserable.

Quiet fell over the field.

A crow squawked in the distance. Tezuke began walking away, as Yui and Ten'kin watched Nin'hon's brow furrow, and her veins grow at her temples. It was clear that she had been filled to the brim with kinetic energy. Yui did not understand how it worked. It frightened her every time, to see Nin'hon feel so little but accept so much pain.

Tezuke stopped when he had reached the road back to Kusagakure, about five minutes out from where Nin'hon lay bleeding. From that vantage, he swore he saw the clouds above him change shape as a great, guttural shout broke through the silence. The field of wheat flattened, the stalks all bowing in fear of the focal point of the blast of energy. Crows broke the sky in fear. And from where he stood on the road, he saw Yui pull a knife from the dirty Gun girl's arm. Tezuke could see Nin'hon still sitting there, clutching her arm, as her teacher and comrade began to care for her wounds.

Tezuke adjusted the sword on his back and grumbled something to himself. He didn't understand what it meant, to care for each other in that way. For the rest of his life, Tezuke would only know jealousy and isolation.

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

"Onii-san!" The woman was laughing heartily at the scene before her. Two brothers, embroiled in a fight over the same girl. The sexiest girl in the clan, that was no question. Gun Jiji'n was not a full-blooded Gun. Her mother had fallen for Nin'hon's uncle when they were very young. Regardless, Jiji'n had the impeccable looks of a supermodel, buxom, tan, and long straight black hair, but was larger than life. She towered over Nin'hon. But her bloodline was not as strong. Her tie to the clan, still, was honest.

And so the woman laughed in earnest as her brothers were trying to settle who was going to ask Jiji'n on a date for that month's celebration of their youngest cousin's Tenchu sealing.

Behind her, her father laughed more, egging on Kijareshi'n to catch Bo'hon in a head lock.

"Uppercut, him, Bo!" Se'hon shouted from the sidelines. It had become a family affair. Everyone was rooting for someone, and even Jiji'n's father was there, humbled and happy that one of Hideki'n's own would want Jiji'n for a wife.

Above all else, however, loomed the most frightening fact in the mind of Hideki'n. Nin'hon was a woman now. It was shocking, how quickly his children had grown up, but nothing more shocking than the willful young girl having become a powerful and proud Gun woman. She had gone through so much. All the bullying at the academy. Her team's constant refusal for the Chuunin Exams. The constant complaints that Hideki'n had fielded from Nin'hon, of how Tezuke was sabotaging her success, of how much she missed Yui, now that she had been reassigned, and still more about the trials of being a 'traitor' rang high in the empty spaces of Hideki'n's mind.

And now this, two months ago, Tezuke abandoning the team on assignment, leaving Nin'hon alone in an ambush as he disappeared. No one had heard from him since that night. Nin'hon had come back so brutally hurt that night. Not just by the bandits, but by the betrayal. It was a betrayal Hideki'n was not surprised by, but the shape it took and the harm it wrought was something no one could have imagined. The outright gall of the council, to mark the mission harshly upon Nin'hon's record. Further, the rumors he had been told were circulating. That Nin'hon could have had anything to do with Tezuke's disappearance. It was just the vile words of his ashamed family. Hideki'n never had trusted Tezuke's lot. They were conniving, self-serving assholes the lot of them.

But before Hideki'n could get too lost in reverie, Nin'hon, sixteen and a chuunin now, appeared next to where he sat while the boys continued to fight.

"Eeeeh?! What're you thinking about, Otou-san? You've got a dangerous look on your face." Nin'hon raised a doubtful eyebrow down at her father, almost daring to worry for a moment. "A look almost as dangerous...

"As a the Nin'hon Patented Five-Knuckle Noogie!" His daughter leapt onto his lap and wrapped her father's head up in a head lock, tussling his thinning hair with a fist full of knuckles to the scalp.

From the sidelines, more laughter.

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

"Sensei?" It was nightfall. Ten'kin was only awake because he had had a cup of tea after dinner. Nin'hon was awake for different reasons.

"Konbanwa, Nin'hon." The invitation to share the porch with him was clear. He knew something was troubling his old student. As a clan head, it was Ten'kin's job to field these worries.

"I've just returned,"

"From Sougen, yes. I had heard you were going to be gone for a little while. Something about an undercover investigation?" The old man was smiling. They both knew that this was the kind of work that Nin'hon found difficult, to be someone she wasn't. But it was the exact challenge Nin'hon had always wanted. She was twenty four now. The older man was under the impression that promotion was close on her horizon.

"Yes. Investigating something that worries me." Silence followed. Ten'kin didn't waste words. "There is a movement in this country, Sensei. And I believe it will come to pass very quickly. Many young men and women, shinobi, believe that Grass can become one of the Great Shinobi Villages again. And they're doing anything to make it happen. They are quiet, but they are fierce. They killed the man I was following, all because he was corrupt and vicious.

"I met some of them...

"And I do not know if it was me who believed in The Cause, or some other part of me. They were so violent and so determined to kill him. But I remember thinking, after it was all over, that this country is better off without that man."

"Hmm..." Ten'kin looked out over the field of dancing lights. It was time for the children to catch fireflies again. "I remember, when I was a young boy... Things were harder for us back then. But I remember when I was young, there was a group of people who wanted to change this world so badly, that they would do anything to fight for it. They fought this village, the very village they believed in, so hard. I believe my father was forced to fight against them when they came to attack. But they fought hard, to change this village, because they thought they knew what was better."

. . .

"And what happened to them?"

"They all died." Ten'kin spoke about death very openly. He had seen much of it in his life. Many of the people he had looked up to when he was Nin'hon's age were now dead. Sometimes, he wondered if he had anyone to turn to when he, himself, had questions about the world.

"They died because they fought too hard? Trying to change a world that couldn't change?"

"I think so, Nin'hon."

"If only they had learned what we had to learn, huh, Sensei? That you cannot change everything at once. That sometimes, the hard is gonna stay hard. That people will call us traitors, will spit at our feet, will deface our home. That they'll avoid us in the streets, or charge us more, or think we're thieves. That people may hate us forever. But I think I've learned, thanks to you, that you can try and try to hate them back, but in the end hate can't fix hate."

"Hmm..." Ten'kin looked curiously over at Nin'hon. She was bright beyond her years.

"Yes, I think you're right."

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////
I've come to learn that family is a very delicate and tenuous thing. It is more than a shared genetics. It's more than this curse we all share, or the curse none of us were born with, of a reputation. Family is fighting, and crying, and laughing, and dinner, and birthdays, and yelling, and refusing to forget, holding grudges and remembering what we were like when we were five years old.

It's all of this and more. It's a thing that you either feel tied to deep down, or a simple accessory you wear out of obligation. There are these times in my life where I have wanted to be so desperately far away from my mother and my father, from my siblings and grandparents. And at many moments I have been so desperately far away from them that all I have wanted in the world is to have them in my arms, or to be held in theirs.

I guess this thing called family is the only thing I've always known. The only permanent thing. But people leave the family often. They die, and then, in a way, we are all they have left behind. We're their memories personified, their sorrows howled, their happiness chuckled. When I think about this, I think about how much more I am than myself. I think about how this family of ours, this 'clan' as everyone wants to call us, is this gigantic build up of our life's kinetic energy. I know, when I say this, that I'm saying this because energy is this huge thing for me. It's this overwhelming power I've always felt, and I think, in a way, everything I do, and everything I think about is related back to energy, because the idea of a force, of something pushing and pulling everything in this world is something that comforts me.

Because it's so familiar.

I don't normally write like this. The words are being forced out of me, because, just like I've said, I'm filled with this energy that can only leave me in words.

I held my oldest brother in my arms today, and I felt his body shake. I know no one has ever done this before in this world. Bo'hon never cries and never has. I know what it's like. I haven't shed a tear in front of anyone who isn't in my family, and even then, only my most immediate, and not since I was a child. But today I cried with him, in the silence of my home.

Those villains killed my niece. Grass was weak to the prisoners it kept. Bei'han was such a young girl, not even eight. Dead by the hands of the true prisoners in this country. Whoever let them out, I know in my heart that I will help bring their life to an end. But tonight, I find anger so hard.

I can only find the feeling of Bo'hon's heavy body against my breast, leaning into my left thight. All of his strength built up in my body, as he heaved, and cried softer than I have ever heard someone cry. I know that, even in his sorrow, he couldn't show weakness. Jiji'n needed his strength. The clan needed his strength.

But I know him better. I know, more than anything, what it means to need the strength of another. Even as I forced all the Tousshin from his powerful sobs from my body once he had left, I still could feel him, in a way I always could.

It was just us. Just family.

That's all there ever is.
\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

"You know why I'm still spending all of my time here, Ten'kin-sensei." Nin'hon sipped thoughtfully at her tea. Despite their incredibly gruff reputation, the Gun clan was still known, at times, to be quite sophisticated.

"I had hoped, perhaps, that it was because you cared about this clan, Nin-chan." The hint of a joke was mixed in her old teacher's words.

"Don't make me fight you, old man. I don't mean why I live in Kusagakure. I mean why I'm spending all my nights at home, with the family, and not out in the field, serving the countryside instead of this wicked city. They won't give me the work I want. They don't trust traitors like us to be ambassadors."

Nin'hon was talking, as they had been for the past six months now, about MOED's refusal to accept Nin'hon into their division.

"Ah, Nin'hon, I thought you had learned to stop calling us that." Ten'kin sipped loudly at his cup, his grey hair moving lightly in the breeze. "I would like that to stop if I am to be nominating you for clan head, now that your father is stepping down."

It was quiet again, the kind of quiet that used to come when Nin'hon was a baby, and was full of kinetic energy. Her heart was racing, and she didn't know what to do with herself.

"Like I said, don't make me fight you, old man."

Stoic as she was, she still liked it when she heard Ten'kin laugh.

Even if she didn't show it.

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

At her announcement ceremony, Nin'hon had looked far and wide across the collection of clansmen. All of them, aside from the stragglers who were Gun by marriage, shared the same reddish skin, some speckled with sun spots, others plainly clear. Countless dark eyes stared at the five men and women in front of the gathering, Bada'shin, Ta'na, Ten'kin, Hideki'n and Nin'hon. Her father, closest to her, was perhaps the most... emotional. Ten'kin was hiding a grin, Bada'shin seemed resolute, as he always did, and Ta'na had an eyebrow raised high, as if Nin'hon threatened her very femininity.

But Nin'hon was not looking at her Clan Leaders in that moment. She was looking out at the crowd of faces, whom she knew by name, whom she had watched fight on their day of sealing, or had been there at Jiji'n and Bo'hon's wedding.

"This is the time," Bada'shin spoke out over the whole crowd. "For those of you who oppose Nin'hon as leader of our family to stand up and challenge her right."

She saw everyone in the crowd stare, a few young men looking over around the crowd, hoping they would be the first to spot whoever would challenge Nin'hon. The room was quiet, except for a few coughs or grunts, typical physiological signs that the Gun clan was breathing. She saw many men who could beat her in a fight if they had wanted her position, women who were prettier or conventionally smarter than her, children with vivid ambition and future in the crowd.

Yet, no one stood.

"Forever," And Bada'shin sounded like he intended it to be forever. "Hold your peace."

Bada'shin looked over at Ten'kin who stood. The chief seemed happy to be able to sit down at last.

"May we all now stand and congratulate our new Clan Head." Everyone stood up, the sound of someone dropping something on accident. "And don't any of you get any ideas about fighting for no reason just to give Nin'hon a headache. At least not for another month or so."

A chuckle swept the crowd, and Nin'hon, as she was bestowed her father's orange-red summer jacket, laughed along with them.
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