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Default [Penitent] Ueno Daichi

Name: Ueno Daichi
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"

Country/Village: Yuki no Kuni/Yukigakure Kaze no Kuni/Sunagakure
Rank: Jounin
Division: The Penitent / SUNA - Soldier

Physical Description: Daichi is a big man. He's fairly tall and, though not broad-shouldered, he's thick enough to look impressively bulky. Daichi's body is a bit exaggerated; his barrel chest diminishes to a narrow waist, his arms and legs are covered in dense muscle. His face, too, has a particularly masculine look with a solid, straight jaw line, rounded ears, and a wide nose. Bright, blue eyes are marked by a perpetual shadow beneath them. Daichi's hair is dark and buzzed short, meeting with a fuzzy beard/goatee combo. A light dusting of hair covers his arms, legs, and chest, and Daichi's naturally fair skin has been tinted bronze by the desert sun.

Clothing: Used to the cold, Daichi has managed to nevertheless easily adapt to life in the desert. He wears loose clothing to protect himself from the heat. Often, Daichi wears a shirt that resembles an open gi, exposing much of his arms and chest, and held together by a sash at his waist. His pants are simple and functional more than stylish, leading down to shinobi sandal covered feet. Daichi primarily wears dull colors: white, gray, or tan. His zaika wraps about his neck and trails behind him and, usually, provides the only real color in his outfit as Daichi wills it day to day.

Personality: Once proud and arrogant, Ueno Daichi is a changed man. He's been humbled, both by life as a prisoner and by life as a reborn warrior. Not merely Penitent, Daichi is a bastion of patience, fortitude, and prudence, qualities that make him seem impenetrable and practically invincible. His tolerance for stress is beyond compare, but like the ice of his homeland, Daichi's strength still fractures with enough pressure. Part of his illusion of stability stems from the undercurrent of fear that pervades his life – with the threat of the zaika always at his neck, the smaller worries merely roll off him.

Despite a certain cold distance in his stance and expression, Daichi is both willing and able to connect to his peers and comrades. Having lived largely in misery, in Snow and in Sand, he craves some measure of happiness in his new life. Daichi has a self-deprecating and often cheesy sense of humor and appreciates people with more light and frivolous personalities than his own, aware that he can be stiflingly serious.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "This ice ain't nice."

Clan/Bloodline: -

Primary Archetype: Elemental Specialist - Ice - Free Ice Ninjutsu
[+2 Power, +1 Reserves / -2 Tactics, -1 Strength]
Secondary Archetype: -




Strength: 1 - 1 + 14 + 2 AP = 16 [+14 PQQ]
Speed: 1 + 21 + 3 AP = 25 [+25 PQQ]
Stamina: 1 + 15 = 16 [+6 PQQ]


Intelligence: 1 + 14 = 15
Tactics: 1 - 2 + 10 = 9
Willpower: 1 + 16 = 17


Power: 1 + 2 + 18 + 2 = 23
Control: 1 + 22 = 23
Reserves: 1 + 20 = 21


Jutsu and Techniques:

Zaika - Shroud of the Penitent
[05] - Stage Five (Control 23, Power 18, Reserves 15, Willpower 16)

Ice Ninjutsu
[Ar] - Tears of Memory (Reserves 3, Tactics 2)
[06] - Swallow Snow Storm (Reserves 5, Power 4, Control 4)
[07] - Freezing Trap (Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8)
[08] - Raise Citadel (Reserves 15, Power 15, Control 13, Willpower 14)
[09] - Cold Steel (Reserves 17, Power 16, Control 16, Willpower 15)
[10] - Engulfing Sphere (Reserves 21, Power 20, Control 19, Willpower 17, Intelligence 15)
[T1] - Special Snowflake (Reserves 2, Intelligence 2)

Pi Qua Quan
[15] - Stage Five (Speed 25, Strength 16, Stamina 15, Control 16) [+25 Speed, +14 Strength, +6 Stamina]
[AP] - Leopard's Paw [Stage Three]
[GM] - Subtle Blow [Stage Three]
[GM] - Turn Aside [Stage Four]

Global Ninjutsu
[16] - Body Switch (Power 2, Tactics 2)
[17] - Element Hand (Power 4, Control 4)
[18] - Tree Walking / Wall Walking (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)
[GM] - Walking on Air (Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14)

Debilitating Poison - 3
Lethal Poison - 4

Weapon Points Remaining: 1


Biography: Daichi was born in Hidden Snow, long before its eventual destruction. As a boy, he was fiery and athletic, playing with other children from the neighborhood and pretending to be the Yukikage. Daichi was rough and tumble, always recovering from one injury or another, but quickly became top dog among the rest of the kids. Despite his temper, Daichi was magnetic, and bubbled with energy.

No one was surprised that he both wanted and succeeded in joining the academy, but he received a rude awakening. While sports came easy to him, Daichi initially struggled to grasp the more esoteric and arcane parts of shinobi training. He nearly failed out in his first year, but rather than rely on a tutor, he buckled down and taught himself how to study. Under his own power, Daichi improved his grades to the point of nearly leading the class in ninjutsu, once his weakest subject.

At the age of thirteen, Daichi graduated from the shinobi academy in Hidden Snow. He was placed on a traditional three-man cell, together with Ryotaro, a medic and his good friend, and Hanako, a girl wielding her family's sword. The three genin were led by a grizzly old man named Sanosuke, a kind of anti-specialist who seemed to know a little bit of everything, and more than his students about anything. Sanosuke was a strict teacher, and his students worked diligently, but they grew into a tightly knit group over the years.

Daichi ran many missions with the cell – he learned to fight, to spy, to defend, to steal, and above all to help his village and his companions. He apprehended bandits and thieves, he helped repair Snow's airships and rail cars, he found missing pets, he held the lives of friends and foes in his hands. His life as a genin was more than just work, however. With Ryotaro, Hanako, and Sanosuke around him, Daichi did everything a kid his age could imagine and more. He stayed up late and got in to trouble, he went to the beach and got into tearful fights.

Daichi competed in four chuunin exams total and was promoted after the last. This exam, held in Mist, initially gave Daichi a difficult time – the opening test forced him to adapt to a mission scenario set during a mock ship battle, an environment he'd never experienced. The second test, a series of written exams scattered as a scavenger hunt, gave him less trouble, though the questions held tricks and riddles within them. The final test, Daichi and the other examinees were placed on mixed-village teams to then compete in a single elimination tournament. Through a combination of personal skill and capacity for teamwork, Daichi led his group to second place, and when he returned to Hidden Snow he received his promotion.

As a chuunin, Daichi did even more growing up. Against a back drop of higher and higher ranked missions, he dealt with the dissolution of his three-man cell and the village's expectation that he could stand on his own. He floundered on his own for a long while, and his mission performance suffered for it. Daichi began to backslide, forgetting the control and clarity that Sanosuke's training had beaten into him, and returned to the brash, hot-headed child he used to be. And then, he messed up, and his mistake got his mission partner killed in a botched raid.

He nearly quit after that, distraught and disgraced, and took several months off as he recovered. Daichi couldn't forgive himself, even after he returned to work. He refocused himself and swung too far the other direction; he completely threw himself into his missions and started putting himself in more and more danger to protect his comrades. It worked, of course, as Daichi's skills as a shinobi managed to back up his more self-sacrificing strategies, and his record recovered at the cost of his comfort. Daichi was frequently in and out of the hospital to recover from injuries and worked himself to the point of exhaustion more than once.

Daichi lived like that for years, a threadbare existence of fatigue and worry. His personal life suffered, and though he tried to make time for the friends he'd made through his career, he stayed mostly to himself. But, at the age of 22, Daichi met Shouya Takumi, another chuunin just a couple years younger than him. Takumi rescued Daichi, carefully bandaged him up after every mission, and slowly manged to draw Daichi back from the path of certain destruction. Over the months and years that followed, Daichi let himself be human and move on from his mistakes, and as Takumi became a fixture in his life, the two fell in love.

Eventually, Daichi was promoted as part of the beginning push of Snow towards Fire Country. He was made part of the whole operation, helping to tease out Snow's holdings into the northern part of Fire Country. As tensions between the two countries ran high, Daichi occasionally skirmished with Leaf shinobi, though the fights tended towards posturing and warning shots rather than open combat. When Leaf finally declared war, though, Daichi was as caught off guard as the rest of the village. On the day of the invasion, he was stationed near the southern border and awaiting his next set of orders.

He and his teammates were overwhelmed and Daichi managed to escape by making a hasty retreat. Daichi attempted to return all the way to Hidden Snow, but between his injuries and the scale of the invasion, he arrived far too late. The mountain overlooking the village had already been collapsed, burying his whole world in rubble and leaving him dying, alone, and nearly surrounded by new enemies. He tried to hide, to wait for Leaf to abandon the ruined city, but they were committed, and it quickly became clear that Daichi would be killed if and when they discovered him. So, reluctantly, Daichi fled his homeland.

For awhile, Daichi holed up in Iron Country, to lick his wounds in the City of Kings. From there, running on fumes and rage, he made his way to River with plans to ambush any of the Leaf nin on their way to Metsubushi. He never got the chance, as he was discovered a squad of Sand nin working just across the border, and this time he was already too injured to deal with another fight. Daichi awoke in chains, already delivered to the prison in Sunagakure as a supposed prisoner of war. Though he initially fought to free himself, as the days turned to weeks in captivity, Daichi fell apart.

First, he raged. Daichi howled into the confines of his cell and rubbed his wrists raw against his bindings – he beat himself against the walls until he was given extra bindings to protect him. Then, he grieved. There was no hope for Yukigakure, for Takumi, for anyone or anything else he'd known, and Daichi wailed and cried until he felt empty. And that was how he stayed, ready to die. The prison guards treated him like an oddity at first, but soon he just blended into the background, just a shell from Snow.

Daichi was there during the prisonbreak, stirred out of his melancholia daze by the violence. He was among the prisoners freed by Minoru and his gang of violent criminals. But, Daichi refused to lift a finger for them – despite a shot at freedom, he simply sealed himself into his cell with a wall of ice. When the fighting quelled and the prison retaken, the guards found him waiting on the floor, ready for the cuffs to be snapped back into place. He didn't struggle or resist, and when one asked why, he answered:

There's nothing for me outside. I might as well stay here.

The Penitent came for him some weeks after that. Maybe it was sympathy, or pity, or the thought that Daichi presented a particular, unique opportunity, but the offer was made. He could join the Penitent and serve Sunagakure as he once had his own village, or he could stay in his cell and hope that Konoha never stopped by. Daichi considered it for several days, the recruiter returning now and then, before giving his answer. He accepted, still coping with the loss of his life, but unwilling to stay broken forever.

Daichi progressed through the Penitent's normal training quickly, having an extended career as a shinobi already. He didn't need to be taught how to manipulate chakra, and he took to controlling the zaika easily - he rapidly outpaced the others recruited around the same time. However, given his foreign background, Daichi's physical and mental conditioning was particularly brutal as Sand attempted to root out and shatter any lingering loyalties. Where the non-shinobi he trained with were left battered and bleeding, he was worked far beyond that point as the Penitent searched for a breaking point. Finally, they understood that the moment he'd been shackled, Daichi had shattered. And though he occasionally spoke of his past, and particularly his grief and regret, the zaika rarely did more than twitch - as much as he missed Yukigakure, Daichi didn't even consider betraying his chance at a new life, however meager.

Not long thereafter, Daichi was thrown back into the world as a Penitent servant of Sand.

Other Info: -

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I like the character and the integration of Sand and Snow. I'd like to see more about his time in the towers though...I imagine the training was easier because he was already attuned to chakra, but I doubt it was easy..especially if he began to rot away from inactivity.
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Added another paragraph at the end detailing the training a little bit for you.
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Since the little clerical error I pointed out in chat was fixed . . . Approved
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I like what you added and I like the character. I think he'll add a new element to an already shady group. Sand GM Approval
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Really enjoy the concept here! Stay frosty.
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HALF APPROVED. Go, go into the world! (I read this when you first put it up, dohoho~)
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