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Default [Nukenin] Hatsuyuki Shiro

"Looking towards the future, we were begging for the past.
Well, we knew we had the good things, but those never seem to last.
Oh, please just last."

Name: Hatsuyuki Shiro
Age: 28+
Sex: Male
Height: 6'5''

Character Type: Nukenin

Country/Village: Yukigakure
Rank: Jounin
Division: Refugee

Physical Description:

A haphazard haircut, obviously done at home with inappropriate tools, tops an unassuming face with deep, dark blue eyes and a sharp nose. An uneven stubble crosses his chin, an embarrassingly patchy growth that leaves him looking unkempt rather than rugged. Despite an impressive height, slouched shoulders and an awkward gait befitting a smaller man make him see affable, if not a pushover. He seems out of place, but nonthreatening with incredibly deliberate movements and a soft spoken voice. This is the lie.

The truth of the matter is, the raven-haired man is a straight-back, broad shouldered shinobi, muscles making an otherwise average build look toned and cut from marble. Serious eyes and a constantly furrowed brow resultant from a brain working past it's capacity, a sharp line for a mouth. Acting as a shinobi, his long limbs swing with incredible purpose, making his combat look almost look casual, like snow falling on a winter night. Large, sweeping movements make up his patterns, taking full use of his height through his legs. Scars litter his body, some self-inflicted to destroy tattoos and other identifying marks, others from combat and survival in the wild.

After torture for failing a Mamotou assignment, he has a branded scar on his chest of the Yukigakure village symbol.


A sharp black (deep, deep blue) jacket, gifted to him from his mentor, his sensei, his surrogate father. It doesn't fit him quite right, being too broad in the shoulders and a bit tight in the arm pits, custom tailored for another man. It's lining is as white as snow---reversible for winter missions. Underneath, it's tactical straps and tight fitting clothing, allowing a range of movement and protection from the elements. Powerful boots strapped to his feet offer traction on anything from loose snow to wet dirt, like a solid pair of military issue should. His pants are a bit more roomy than his tactical turtleneck, allowing space for ninja goodies in pockets and on strapped-on bags. Standing up, he becomes a shadow on the wall, a splintered avatar of death---a professional cleaner. This is the history of the man, his true form.

Disguised as a civilian, his clothing choices are bought as he enters a new region, to prevent standing out in crowds. He favors simple clothing, button-up shirts and canvas pants with a cheap fabric belt, military boots traded for light brown traveling ones. In colder climates, winter coat and layers of sweaters give him an unfortunate "awkward nerd" look, while warmer climates offer him a chance to wear loose fitting vests and shorts, when baring a bit of skin is appropriate. He sometimes wears a pair of basic reading glasses he fancied after dispatching the original owner for a mission contract. In both outfits, he wears black gloves--leather during missions, cloth during civilian meandering.


Years of training under a master sensei have left him colder than his motherland. He's precise, almost robotic, in everything he does. This has the unfortunate side effect of making him seem detached from the world around him, but there is no mistake for his sheer passion. Even months after his official shinobi lifestyle was behind him, he was still keeping up with PT and ninjutsu training. He's an incredibly dedicated person, which leads to a strong sense of loyalty that isn't broken easily--if at all. This loyalty is only defeated by his sense of authority. In the days of Yukigakure, if he had been ordered to slaughter is own men, he could have done it without a thought. Traveling as a runaway ninja, however, has dulled this sense a bit. He and his partner have been working off of their own authority for so long it's become a natural experience, and a strong since of (co)independence has formed.

He's very much to the point and humorless. This makes his obvious hatred of Konoha all that much more pronounced, since it breaks away from his otherwise steely facade.

As a master of subterfuge, his civilian persona has no problem coming across as friendly and unprepared, capable of leading conversations and landing a solid joke or two. Like a snake, however, he could strike at any time.

He isn't a good person on anyone's morality radar, but he's a professional shinobi in every sense of the concept.

As if against his will, bits of the man beneath the training start to leak out from time to time. He has difficulty not assisting people who ask directly for his help, sometimes choosing to delay an objective to make the lives of the people who host his civilian alter-ego just a bit easier. He has a particular fondness for domesticated animals (and is of the opinion that the horse is a noble animal), and occasionally will take genin-level 'rescue-my-cat' missions for more than quick cash. Worst of all, he feels like he might see his ward as more than just an escort mission.

How meddlesome the heart can be.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "I have only my mission."

Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Elemental Specialist
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Own Choice (Mental)
Tertiary: Own Choice (Physical)
Combo Special: An Elementum is allowed to effortlessly (and without seals) manipulate their specialist element for a single post post. This can include: launching it, blocking with it, or including it in strikes. It strikes (or blocks) with the force of a Ninjutsu 2 stages below their highest level in their village list (or stage 1 for genin). A 2 post cooldown afterwards is required before the ability can be activated again.
Description: Not only are Elementum masters of their elements, but they are expert Chakra manipulators and take great pride in it. Using either the environment around them or the elements available to them, they are able to control their elements with an ease that even the most refined Elemental Specialists envy. Elementum are the epitome of Elemental Specialists.

Archetype 1: Elemental Specialist
Stat Merit: +2 in Power, +1 in Reserves
Stat Flaw: -2 in Tactics, -1 in Strength

Archetype 2: Ninjutsu Specialist
Stat Merit: +2 to Power, +1 to Control
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Tactics




Strength: 1 [-3 Elementum] [+14 Pool] +2= 14 (+9 Iron Fist)
Speed: 1 [+13 Pool] [+2 Thread] = 16 (+9 Iron Fist)
Stamina: 1 [+13 Pool] = 14 (+9 Iron Fist)


Intelligence: 1 [+16 Pool] [+1 Thread] = 18
Tactics: 1 [-3 Elementum] [+17 Pool] [+ 2 Thread] = 17
Willpower: 1 [+17 Pool] = 18


Power: 1 [+4 Elementum] [+20 Pool] = 25
Control: 1 [+1 Elementum] [+20 Pool] = 22
Reserves: 1 [+1 Elementum] [+20 Pool] = 22


Jutsu and Techniques:

Those Who Lack Opacity
-Maboroshi no Mai (Dance of Illusion)
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
-Ensou (Gathering Point)
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
-Kageochi no Jutsu (Shadow Drop)
Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
-Kiseisaku no Jutsu (Spirit Diminish)
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10
-Jigen no Tobira (Dimension Door)
Requirements: Intelligence 18, Tactics 17, Willpower 17, Power 14

Ice Ninjutsu
-Hyouton: Shogai Ni Hanshite Kanbo (Ice Element: Ward Against Cold)
Requirements: 3 Willpower, 3 Control
-Hyouton: Tsubame Fubuki (Ice Element: Swallow Snow Storm)
Requirements: 5 Reserves, 4 Power, 4 Control
-Hyouton: Hitoshirezu Yari (Ice Element: Hidden Spear)
Requirements: 9 Reserves, 9 Power, 7 Willpower
-Hyouton: Ooi no Hakujou Kanchuu (Ice Element: Cruel Winter’s Mantle)
Requirements: 12 Willpower, 11 Intelligence, 10 Tactics, 12 Reserves
-Hyouton: Samu Hagane (Ice Element: Cold Steel)
Requirements: 17 Reserves, 16 Power, 16 Control, 15 Willpower
-Hyouton: Nomu Kyuutai (Ice Element: Engulfing Sphere)
Requirements: 21 Reserves, 20 Power, 19 Control, 17 Willpower, 15 Intelligence

Global Ninjutsu
-Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2
-Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
-Chakra Tsuitou no Jutsu (Chakra Hunting Technique)
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
-Tessayose no Jutsu (Iron Chain Calling Technique)
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10
-Rasengan (Spiral Sphere)
Requirements: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16
-Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15

Iron Fist
STAGE THREE Speed 10, Strength 10, Tactics 8
(+9 Strength, +9 Speed, +9 Stamina)
Special Techniques: (2 Open Slots Per Stage)

Shinobi Kit [0]
Midnight Cloak - Limb Armor Arms [1] + Limb Armor Legs [1] + Body Armor [2] + Hidden [1] + Obscured [2] [Total: 7]
This long, black-blue cloak is surprisingly resilient. When used for cover, it can become obscured, making it difficult to land a vital hit.
the White - Helmet [1]
This flat white helmet protects the face and obscures the emotions of the wearer, creating a spooky visage!

Weapon Points Remaining: 0



Hatsuyuki Shiro was a lucky child, born on the first proper snow of the winter season. In Snow Country culture, the first snow was seen as the beginning of many hardships, and any children born during that snowfall would be strong and proper citizens of the country. He was named for the purity of the white snow, and even his family had taken a name celebrating the event many generations before. It had all come down to him, all this genelogy, to create a strong baby boy. During those times, contributing to the society of Snow was more important than any other goal, and Shiro would have a happy life. He would be strong, and he would contribute, and he would have all any proper Snow man could want. A simple job, a simple life, for a powerful, growing country.

Hatsuyuki Shiro was a lucky child. When his mother died from a sickness of the lung, died for the glory of the country of Snow, his father worked twice as hard to meet his family's quota. As the boy learned to still his tears, looking at the photo of the woman who bore him and swaddled him and protected him from the cold, his father worked twice as hard, so that Shiro might have a simple job, a simple life, for a powerful, growing country.

Hatsuyuki Shiro was a lucky child. When his father died of exhaustion, caught and mangled between the cogs of the great machine of Snow, a group of shinobi came to collect him. As the boy learned to smile and be grateful for the opportunity the horrific death of his father granted him, the great shinobi machine started to spin. The shinobi academy, hidden in the warmth of the underground, taught Shiro the skills he would need for a simple job, a simple life, for a powerful, growing country.

The academy taught the young Shiro self-reliance and independent discovery. Without a routine to dictate his daily life, he was able to explore the physical, mental, and spiritual requirements of becoming a shinobi. For a simple boy, his average grades lead to an average exam and an average placement on an average team with an average Jounin sensei: Kuroki. The man was older than Shiro's father had been, had seen more of the world than the inside of a factory and an endless plain of white. He had murdered and killed and written poems and loved a wife and all the things that made a simple life memorable. Hatsuyuki Shiro was a lucky child.

After years of training, Hatsuyuki Shiro would long for a simple job, and a simple life. He had more blood on his hands than any grown man should, much less a child. He had more studying done on the arts of infiltration and subterfuge and murder than any civilian scholar. He had performed incredible acts of calculation and cut down incredible numbers of armed targets. Kuroki-sensei believed strongly that with average skills and simple tools, with the proper application, anything was possible. After completing what Kuroki-sensei had called the gauntlet, a series of missions that required the experienced genin and his two team mates to simultaneously execute silent kills and infiltrate border patrols and sabotage radio communications and generally do the sorts of things that Snow Black Ops would do, the entire cell of trainees was promoted to Chuunin.

Hatsuyuki Shiro was a lucky man. Some Chuunin would have had simple jobs and simple lives, but Shiro became a workhorse of the hidden village during a time of turmoil and revolution. During this time, Shiro would execute and assassinate a staggering number of targets, from businessmen and land owners to enemy shinobi and mercenary groups. He would uncover and steal documents for the Tetsudai and their legal teams, he would lead groups to protect excavation teams and he would patrol borders and intimidate civilians that dared to slack off. For all his hard work, he was still driven to training and study and Black Ops from his sensei, Kuroki. Kuroki, now able to look at Shiro as a fellow shinobi, would teach him the simple techniques that would become the building block of his future.

Promotion to Jounin came at a time when Snow was in it's greatest period of expansion, where it become obvious to all that soon, it would be counted amongst the Great Villages of the world. Still, Shiro realized he wasn't satisfied. Part of him was happy he had rose through the ranks through his lifetime, his blood and ledger overflowing in some office, making the village rich and fat and well protected. But part of him looked at Kuroki, the way he handled himself with is daughter, and realized for all his training and time with Kuroki, he had only ever been a project. A tool, for Snow to grow. For Kuroki, Shiro was an implement to make a better tomorrow for a young girl, someone with his blood bursting through her veins. Shiro was nothing more than an asset. The face of his mother was forgotten, her faded photograph long since lost. The face of his father was a blurred memory, one with lines of exhaustion and a steely eye. No, all Shiro had ever had was this village, his ledger and blood, his sensei. His time as a Jounin for Snow, then, was when Shiro realized that all of his work had brought him nothing. If he had had a simple life, with a simple job, then maybe...

The years passed, and it was a routine day. Shiro had woken early, did his early patrol, had his Chuunin cells update him with the expansion of the village and their nightly patrols. He ate breakfast, he met with an old teammate to discuss a possible collaboration in the future. He was living the life of a Jounin in the village. Kuroki's sudden appearance towards the evening, however, would change his life forever.

“We've angered them,” Kuroki had said, taking off the jacket he had worn for years. “Here. I need you to follow my instructions very carefully. My daughter is in the village. You need to take her far from here. Take a boat to Iron. Inside my coat are the tickets you'll need.”

Shiro took the coat, and started to ask—but he was cut off.

“I could only secure passage for two of us, and the village needs me.” Kuroki bit his aged lip, and softened his face into a smile. “You're the son my wife could never give me. It's only fitting I make my last trick smuggling you two from this.”

The rest you can read in any modern history book. Konoha, in response to the rapid expansion of the Snow village's military into their territory, made a show to the world to prevent any other country from trying the same. The villages, the civilians, the Hidden Village, everything was razed to he ground. Men, women, children...the elderly, the sick.

Shiro had to fight his way to find Kuroki Miyuki. When he did, he was battered and bleeding. She protested—she wanted to die with the village. Of course, so did he—but he wouldn't disobey the last order of her father. Of his Sensei. He hated her, completely. For being the true offspring of that great man, for making him miss his chance to die for the village that had birthed him. For making him turn his back on his village and the people he was sworm to protect. He hated her so viciously that he wanted to become weak, to let her go and die in the fires. But, the day Snow fell, Hatsuyuki Shiro and Kuroki Miyuki took the path carefully planned by her father from the village, on board a boat with a captain handsomely bribed, and set sail for a world they didn't want to live in.

After docking at Iron, the pair made the voyage across the country of samurai, carefully avoiding any real civilization. A few times, desperate for fresh food or water, or a warm inn's stay, they would hear the hushed whispers of a shadow war, one shinobi village against others. Sickeningly, most of the whispers seemed positive. After a few weeks of slow travel, at least by shinobi standards, Kuroki and Shiro made it to a warmer climate.

Bear Country's mountain range offered them respite from constantly watching their backs. Settling in a forested riverbank, they took a few months to reflect on what their lives would be. Shiro had accomplished his primary mission of getting the girl from the Snowfall, but he had no one to report to, no one to go home to. Despite hating the girl's position in making him...forcing him to be so far from home, running like a coward, hiding in the woods, she was literally the only thing that could remind him of Snow. Bear Country, without a shinobi village of it's own, had work for mercenary shinobi. Simple missions, mostly done under disguise as a Stone ninja, simple jobs. They earned themselves enough ryou to make the journey back to Yukigakure. As the months had passed, they were eager to see if Konoha had pulled out from Snow, if there was any chance for rebuilding. Any survivors. Living in relative solitude had cut off all news of the shadow war, of home...so they headed down from the mountains, and—thanks to storms and activity in Iron country, however, Kuroki and Shiro found themselves displaced in the country of their greatest enemy.

Fire Country. Land of beautiful abundance, compared to the harsh north the two refugees called home. Compared to the sheer mountains of Bear. Compared to the warlike Iron. Unfortunately for Shiro, he had no knowledge of Konohagakure's location, or their spy network, or their patrols...so the only method they could possibly hope to survive in the country that wanted them dead was to kill themselves. That is to say, they forsake every last bit of them that could label them as a shinobi. Tattoos cut and carved from the body, headbands melted down in a bonfire, weapons and supplies all gone. They used the ryou that would have allowed him train passage through Iron, to grease guards and to cause eyes to look the other way, became funds for civilian clothes, civilian supplies. Since they had to act as if every moment a Konoha shinobi might have eyes on them, they traveled as if they were lovers. Or siblings. Or business partners. Travel without military maps and tools was next to impossible, and asking too many questions might attract the wrong kind of attention, and after weeks of travel, they ended up on the road to River Country.

...but Yukigakure's ghost hang over them. In Kuroki, Shiro saw the only remaining part of his childhood and home. He saw a traveling companion and a friend, someone he trusted to watch over him while he slept, someone who helped him survive all alone in the world. His rage and anger at Konoha seemed to fade from his heart as he replaced it with something else for his companion. Respect? Love? It was heard to quantify, but she was the mission. As a Jounin of Yukigakure, the mission was always the number one objective, worth more than your life. In that way, he drew the comparison: Kuroki Miyuki was his mission.

Other Info:
- Personal Theme: "Missed the Boat," Modest Mouse
- Combat Theme; "Carry the Sun," The Glitch Mob. From "Love Death Immortality"
- Feelings of Miyuki?!: "Rest my Chemistry," Interpol
- His fields of specialty are subterfuge, espionage, and Black Ops (taking out missions for Yukigakure as a deniable asset). As a result, he's adapted very well to living in disguise, and it keeps his actions off the radar of anyone who might be interested...for now.
- His blood type is O-. He tries to keep it on his insides since it's relatively hard to find in the wild. (Passionate leaders who are willing to take big risks, often ambitious and ruthless and vain. Has a flair for drama, and protective over A types.)
- Before the fall of Yukigakure, Shiro used a dagger and razor wire to some success. He hasn't yet picked up that combat style again, opting to carry as little reference to his shinobi lifestyle as possible.
- He's considered finding a sympathetic shinobi village and trying to integrate into their society for a while, maybe learn something new that might help him progress as a man and a soldier. He fears retribution.
- Has a "kill on sight" policy for spiders, millipedes, and anything else with more than four legs.

"I have only my mission."

Thread Ratings:
05/03/14 Jovian Winds; +1 Speed, Rasengan
07/11/15 Old Oak Tree: +2 Strength, Kage Bunshin
06/12/18 [Company] A Treasured Guest: +1 Speed, +1 Tactics, Hyouton: Samu Hagane
06/12/18 [Company] A Treasured Guest - GMAP Reward: Hyouton: Nomu Kyuutai
12/07/18 Hopefully We Get It Done: +1 Intelligence, +1 Tactics, Jigen no Tobira
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Graduating from Unfinished High School with the superlative "Most Likely to be Killed by ANBU", the hot-headed street punk sets his sights on Registry U! Promised to marry a girl from his childhood as they meet there, Shiro hopes only to remember her face!

Good luck, Shiro! You can do it!

Weeklong bump/moved to registry/the gorilla fate is turning
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You have your Gouken bonus tags in the wrong place.

That said, though, I hope this is a companion character to Deebs'. And Approved.
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All these Snow Ninja back in effect. Half Approval. Also: d'awww, ya'll cute. Haha
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Fixed my taijutsu bonus issues, thanks for the catch!
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A Mist Secondary GM

Feel free to bug me.


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Sweet, a jounin with nothing larger than stage four in any list. Don't have to check a damn thing!

the people he was sworm to protect.
Half approved.
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The jacket link in the weapons is broken.

Also, can I request equals signs in your stats :3c

Other than that, you have my half approval

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Fixed the link, it was headed to my registry thread instead. I added the equal signs even though I never use equal signs because I love you, chi.

Also, that's 3 outta 3!
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