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Default Taka Tao - KSHD

Name:Taka Tao
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0

Character Type:Shinobi

Country/Village: Kusagakure/Grass Country
Rank: Chuunin
Division:KSHD-Combat Medic

Physical Description:Tao lacks the physical muscle of his fellow shinobi, but more than makes up for it in looks. He has an awkwardness to him, however, he is handsome in all regards. He has a chiseled chin, a pointy but prominent nose, and dark green eyes. Large and heavy black circles could be seen under his eyes. This is due to the long nights in the hospital. He has a tannish hue to his skin color and it could be considered olive at its darkest. Matched with his messy, but well kept pitch black hair he could resemble a model. The hair itself does not go any farther down than to the top of his ears, with the front of it edging off towards his eyebrows. He also has mutton chops to the side of his head; an awkward hairstyle, but it works for him.

Tao takes very good care of his body with diet and the minimal use of exercise. This affords him an average build at best. Not ripped with muscles or fortunate enough to have any large features; Tao could be considered weak to some. His arms show some definition and at the right angle you could see some potential. His legs make up more than half of his body and show no sign of training. Flexing them would only provide a small indent of muscle.

Despite this, Tao doesn't seem to care. He knows that it is not always the body you must rely on and has proven such on numerous accounts.

Clothing: Clothing is somewhat of Tao's strong suit. He likes to look fashionable and classy. When not slaving aware in the hospitals of Kusagakure with his bleach white coats, bluish hued scrubs, and simple white shoes; he likes to wear suits. These suits usually consist of a dark green coat over a black button down. The green coat will have the insignia of the KHSD; a red cross with the words Kaisado embroiled on his right shoulder. Either a black of dark green tie will be wrapped loosely around his collar. Dark green dress pants cover his skinny legs and flay out towards the top of his black dress shoes. Sometimes he will wear dark green shoes as well. Tao will also wear a small badge of a cross located near his heart, respectively on the suit.

His garb during his hours at the hospital consist of a plain white jacket with his name tag lining the left side. This will cover his bluish scrubs that seem to be their own fashion statement. The insignia for the KHSD will also be embroiled on his right shoulder; however, this one is much larger, and seems more colorful against the white background.

On missions Tao will take on a more serious outfit which consists of a greenish, skintight long sleeve. The KHSD insignia can be found on the right shoulder as well. He also wears a vest the has vertically placed pockets; three on each side of the zipper. Long camouflaged pants with an assortment of different colors of green finish the combat outfit

Personality:There are not many faucets of Tao's personality. He is a simple kind of man that values science and knowledge over many other things. He was raised to become a medical doctor like his father and mother but has recently taken up more of the shinobi lifestyle. Developing only the minimal amount of medical ninjtutsu; he does it to make his father happy and proud. If there is one thing he worries about it would be to make sure his father is proud of what he does. Countless reminders that he will someday take up the families private practice have faded since the divisions had formed. However, his father still beckons him to learn as much medical jutsu as possible.

Tao respects people greatly and sees life as a wonderful thing. He also loves to help others and has a selfless demeanor when it comes to accomplishing things. He would go out of his way to help a kid pick up all the change he dropped compared to fixing his broken finger. He puts others ahead of him and at times, it has been a great burden. He is a happy go lucky teen that just needs a push sometimes. He will not be the first to speak up and will more often than not answer questions in his head and give himself praise. Because of this he has not been noticed much by his higher ups.

In a group scenario when it involves a mission Tao is the support. However, this does not mean he will not fight, he just prefers to be at a distance. He would sooner send out his plant monster then punch someone in the face. Some have called him a coward; he sees himself as playing it smart. He has a heartwarming aura and is fun to be around, it's just hard for him to get accustomed to people.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":"Fight with my mind not my fists"


Primary Archetype: Healer
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character has an intimate knowledge of the human body and can recognize injuries/illnesses instantly so that appropriate measures can be taken. This knowledge gives the Healer the jutsu “Medical Training" for free.
Primary: Mental or Chakra
Secondary: Chakra or Mental
Tertiary: Physical
Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Reserves
Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Speed, -1 to Willpower
Secondary Archetype:


Physical Tertiary[24]

Strength: 1-1[H]+8[pool]=8 +6[PF]=14
Speed: 1-1[H]+8[pool]=8
Stamina: 1+8[pool]=9

Mental Secondary[27]

Intelligence: 1+2[H]+9=12
Tactics: 1+9[pool] +2[Thread] =12
Willpower: 1-1[H]+9[pool]+3[Thread]=12

Chakra Primary[30]

Power: 1+11[pool]+5[Thread]=17
Control: 1+10[pool]+4[Thread]=15
Reserves: 1+1[H] +9[pool]+1[Thread]=12


Jutsu and Techniques:
Global Ninjutsu
Stage One
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) [Jutsu 1}
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2

Mokuroku (Cataloging)
Replacing: [Open Slot]
Requirements: Intelligence 4, Tactics 4

Medical Ninjutsu and Saint Swaps
Stage One
Igaku Kunren - Medical Training[Archetype Freebie}
Requirements: Control 2, Willpower 2

Stage Two
Zesshi Nensan – Fanged Tongue Acid[Jutsu 2}
Requirements: Control 6, Power 6, Intelligence 4

Stage Three
Chiyute no Jutsu – Healing Hands Technique[Jutsu 3}
Requirements: Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6

Stage Four
Kiyomeru no Jutsu (Smite the Unclean)
Replacing: Chakra Enjintou – Chakra Scalpel
Requirements: Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12

Global Genjutsu
Stage One
Fukushi no Jutsu (Double Vision Technique) [Jutsu 4}
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2

Stage Two
Meisai no Jutsu (Camouflage Technique) [Jutsu 5}
Requirements: Willpower 7, Intelligence 7, Power 6
Trigger: Must be able to see the enemy

Stage Three

Tenjou Gyakumodori (Heaven and Earth Reversal) [Jutsu 6}
Requirements: Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6
Trigger: Must be able to see the person, (single person)

Grass Ninjutsu
Stage 1
Etai Souken (Nature Creation) [Jutsu 7}
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2

Stage 2
Gosunkugi Kusa Tama (Spikey Grass Balls) [Jutsu 8}
Requirements: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4

Stage 3
Tsukene Yari (Root Spear) [Jutsu 9}
Requirement: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

Stage 4
Keiryu (Thorn Dragon)[Jutsu 10]
Requirement: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12

Slug Contract
Stage One
Kuchiyose no Mae
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2

Stage Two
Kuchiyose no Shika
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

Stage Three
Kuchiyose no Haruka
Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7

Stage Four
Kuchiyose no Nami
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10

Precision Fist
Stage Two
Stage Bonuses: +6 Strength
Regular Techniques

Shinobi Kit-0

Item Points Remaining:

Tao was born in the rich and successful town of Kichoushi. His parents were both medical shinobi, they were proud of what they were and they wanted Tao to take in their footsteps. Starting way before he was able to attend the shinobi academy, he was taught how to do simple manipulation. His parents wanted their son to have an upper hand on the competition. There was no need for Tao to wait till he was of age. Most of his childhood was spent inside his room studying. Tao's nose was always in some kind of book and he continued this till he was eight. At the proper age he was enrolled in the academy where he quickly excelled at genjutsu and ninjutsu. However, because his parents felt no need for taijutsu, Tao did not pursue much training physically. For his time at the academy, he resided in the dormitories. He wasn't much of a social person, keeping to his books and studies he lacked many friends.

Throughout his four years he was able to count the amount of people he would consider friends. This could be done on one hand. It was a sad reality, but he was destined to train and take over the family business. His parents were very well known for having a lot of personal clients. There were some rumors of his parents doing a lot of unconstitutional, and unethical things. However, Tao didn't listen to it. Finally, the time had come and Tao had graduated. He may not have been physically the strongest, but he was definitely the most intelligent and excelled at both genjutsu and ninjutsu. He was a natural, and ranking within the top ten percent of the class he was rewarded a great dinner. He was given the honorable title of genin, however, it was a lonely celebration with the only ones to attend were his parents. Tao was strong and independent, he knew that he had to train to be as good as his father. Friends would come and go, but knowledge was forever.


Assigned to a team Tao was lost. He had never been one for group work, and on his off time he was training under his father. However, the main difference was that Tao would not completely engross himself in medical ninjutsu. He liked the thought of being an offensive fighter as well; not so much using his body, but being able to fight was always a plus. It seemed he would need it to survive a life as a genin. The black sheep of the group, Tao was always picked on and told he was weak. His two fellow genin were taijutsu proficient, as well as their Sensei. It seemed that it was a joke he was put on such a team. Day in and day out, the other two genin would shine and progress with such ease. They would destroy anyone that come against their group. Tao would heal them at the end of the day. Despite not being physically capable of punching through a wall Tao still played a key role in support. With the use of genjutsu, grass ninjutsu, and medical jutsu he kept the team alive. Despite not getting recognized by his fellow peers, he continued.

Finally, after all the long years, all the long nights staying up, and reading on diseases, treatments, and other assortments of medical problems Tao, and his team had made it to the chuunin exams. The competition was fierce and the massive amount of genin teams was amazing. It seemed like half the world had shown up to the events. However, Tao would not be the victor. Becoming injured within the second round he had to drop out. For all the years he had trained and become strong; it was all worth nothing. Nothing could make him feel better, nothing could make him want to continue to be a shinobi. That was until his father; a strong willed man showed him a secret.

After returning home defeated and bruised he was put aside by his father. After an explanation that life was not about always winning, his father clenched his fist and with a burst of chakra destroyed a tree. Tao's father looked down at the young boy and stated, why do you need to be muscle bound to destroy a tree? His father was a man of many words; life lessons however, were not his strong points. It seemed that Tao had a new life vision towards him as he practiced harnessing the power his dad had shown him. He continued to train and thought less of what people thought of him. Becoming a shut in, Tao was able to harness and refine his skills. It would not be till a year later that he would show the Village what he had accomplished.

During the celebration of the Sakibou Festival, everyone was drunk and merry. Tao, still a genin was amped to perform in the yearly tournament. It had been a year since his sad display at the chuunin exams and already, a member of his genin team had been promoted to chuunin. However, there was still someone he wanted to surpass. His fellow teammate and dirtbag of a genin was participating in the yearly tournament. He had been the favorite to win and Tao was not even considered. Luckily, through discreet training Tao was able to accomplish many things. A the tournament progressed, Tao defeated his first two opponents; both using ninjutsu and genjutsu, it was a battle of perseverance. As the day turned to night, the stage was lit by the lights, and the sound of the drunk crowd roared for the last two participants. Just like it was imagined, it would be the favorite to win; his fellow teammate, but Tao was not expected to make it out of the first round.

With all the spite in his mind, all the times he had been called weak; Tao was ready to destroy the boy in front of him. Relying heavily on just taijutsu, it seemed that Tao was at a disadvantage, however, after summoning a massive dragon comprised of plants, setting up genjtsu to confuse his opponent; it seemed like Tao would win. However, powering through the dragon plant and surviving the genjutsu, Tao's opponent was no joke. Grown weary and tired from the taxing fight, it only took one loud, exploding, and heartfelt punch to the face to defeat his adversary. Tao had shown great growth in all arts and as a drunk Naohiro Kohaku stood and silenced the crowd, he announced the promotion of Tao. Stunned by what had happened Tao jumped and celebrated in glee. This would be his night of remembrance and it beat any Chuunin Exam. Getting congratulated the whole night, his parents could feel nothing other than happiness.

Though a little older than he should have been, Tao was able to become a Chuunin. As the next year passed he became an intern under his father's personal practice. However, he was also a shinobi, and with that title came the responsibility to do what he had to for the Village. After the passing of Naohiro Kohaku, and the succession of Daisou Garr things began to change. Now the modernized Kusagakure instated divisions; and it was clear where Tao would go. Setting up shop in the larger district hospital, Tao received the title of combat medic, along with a crimson red cross that read out Kaisado.

Though the year has been an interesting one with the destruction of the prison and the death of Daisou Garr, the crowning of Itou Batsu, and then his death. The current Kusagakure, Kyuudaime Fukumen seems like a strong man and has led the Village against the "Men in Black". Despite my knowledge of any of these events, it seems normal to a medic; the death that is. Working in a hospital, death is something that is seen daily, nothing can prepare you when each time you walk through a door, you could be saving the patient from death or allowing him to be taken.

However, lately the cases of drug use has run rapid; the drug, Druids Heart has seem to become popular. Tao hopes to rid the Country of this drug and continue to make his father proud.

Other Info:

Thread Ratings:
[10/01/14] Bulb's Bloom +2 Control
[10/15/14] Weekend Session +1 Power, Kiyomeru no Jutsu
[07/15/15] A Walk Through the Woods +1 Reserves, Stage 2 Seido Kobushi
[06/12/16] Fiery Discovery +2 Willpower
[04/16/17] Boys in Brown +1 Power, Mokuroku Swap
[05/15/17] Where There is a Will, There is a Way +1 Willpower
[05/16/17] Check Up and a Lead +2 Control
[06/03/17] Two Saints and a God +2 Tactics
[06/09/17] The Mist +1 Power
[06/21/17] AP Injection Slug Contract 1-3
[07/02/17] Two Doctors and a Heart +2 Power, Kuchiyose no Nami [MotM]

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Bumping this
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Soo... not quite sure about the bio. I mean, it starts off strong but when it comes to grass events it quickly becomes lackluster. You touch on them enough for a minimum, but it seems like he'd be a little more involved or have some sort of feelings toward it. Then again, closed off bookwormy medic guy might not do much (or question things) outside of healing up people.

But everything else checks out enough for this to get my Half. Just for future characters, try to think about how stuff going on in a village can help you shape them so the reader gets a clearer picture.
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Despite my knowledge of any of these events, it seems normal to a medic; the death that is. Working in a hospital, death is something that is seen daily, nothing can prepare you when each time you walk through a door, you could be saving the patient from death or allowing him to be taken.
What's with the random first-person narrative all of a sudden?

Can't see anything wrong technical-wise. I'd agree with Sinn that the bio is kind of 'eh whatever' when it comes to Grass events but I'm not terribly broken up about it. I'll Half.
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One week bump
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Bump again
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Good to read your writing. This actually helped me get back into the groove of checking stats. Half Approval for you.
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bump for merdle
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Still want pls
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You have my GM approval. Though, it seems you still need .5 more as far as my count.
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