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Default Chosokabe Muneshige

Chosokabe Muneshige (disambiguation)
May also refer to: Priestess Jue, Shino, Lady Uwai
Excerpt from archivist Jimmu’s Chronicle of Kanmu Prefecture High Priests

Age has not taken the luster from her eyes, though she could definitely use some more oil on the joints. In short bursts, she moves as if she was fifty years younger. Any longer than that and the sagging returns to her limbs and the wear and tear of her long life become apparent. Her thin gray hair might sport a variety of contemporary hair styles, though it will often be tied back in a bun if the occasion calls for some heavy lifting. Like most old folk her skin is pockmarked, thin, veiny, and, naturally, covered in wrinkles. She speaks like a bullfrog, in mighty croaks and rumbles which can reverberate through an entire stadium if you give her enough room. Back in the day she was considered somewhat portly and soft- now her limbs are stout and stiff, a body built for force rather than one for raising children. Often she carries scent of grasses and herbs (usually masking the scent of tobacco), which can either be soothing or irritating to sensitive types. She is not yet a husk- vigor and life somehow still fill those old bones, though for how long is anyone’s guess.

When traveling Muneshige typically wears the simple brown and white robes of traveling clergymen, though her own clothing is free of the usual identification that would let one place her sect or order. She occasionally can be seen in much older, more traditional red and white robes associated with those of a shrine maiden. She often walks as if hunchbacked to conceal what few weapons she carries- a short bow at her side, and a medium length ceremonial dao used typically for rituals. It is not an outfit designed to fight in, much less to move quickly about with. Everything about her appearance suggests a traditional, stuck-in-the-past kind of mentality.

Often she likes to joke about how younger folk have come to her seeking advice, as though her age had granted her some great unknowable wisdom to impart. “I’m just as stupid as you,” she likes to say, “I’ve just been stupid for a lot longer.” There is an intense desire in her to serve; whether that means serving people, serving causes, or serving gods, she is not picky. Her complaisance is disarming- at times, downright malicious. Humility was taught to her three times, as a slave, wife, and priestess. At this point she has completely weaponized her servitude. She doesn’t get angry, at least not in a conventional sense. Her justice is slow and like the weathering of a mountainside over time. In the face of the most repulsive of horrors she is stoic, if not a bit nostalgic. Even releasing someone of their mortal coil appears routine and ordinary to the elderly woman, as though beheadings and eviscerations were as simple and common as picking fruit and berries. Her tone is weary, but excited, like an old dog finding the strength again to give one last chase. That old face might be covered in wrinkles and warts but the perceptive will notice that beneath the leathery skin a beast still stirs, very much alive.

Last Words:
It’s fate, after all!

Primary Archetype:
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can defy the laws of damage once during each thread.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Chakra
Stat Merit: +2 to Stamina, +1 to Willpower
Stat Flaw: -2 to Tactics, -1 to Intelligence


Strength: 1 +2 = 3 (+3 Kaiki)
Speed: 1 +5 = 6 (+5 Bow and Arrow)
Stamina: 1 +2 + 3 = 6 (+4 Bow and Arrow)

Intelligence: 1 -1 +2 = 2
Tactics: 1 -2 +3 = 2
Willpower: 1 +1 + 3 = 5

Jutsu and Techniques:
Stage One (4 Stamina, 4 Speed)
Stage Bonuses: +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina

Hidden Sniper Bow and Arrow
Stage One (5 Speed, 3 Stamina)
Bonuses: +5 Speed, +4 Stamina

0 - Assorted Shrine Maiden Tools (seals, candles, salt for expelling evil spirits, sealing needles etc)
2 - Dao (Medium Blade)
3 - Short bow (Medium Ballistics)
2 - Body armor

Item Points Remaining: 1


The neutrality of this article is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on the discussion chapters. Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved.
Chosokabe Muneshige (-71.5-?), also known as Shibo, Lady Uwai, or Jue, is the current alias of the servant of the now fallen Ashikaga warlord family[1]. She was the first and only wife of royal guard commander Uwai Ranmaru and held the title of Chief Priestess at the Sentako-ji Temple in northern Valley Country[2]. Her current employment is believed to be that of an informant and co-conspirator of various shinobi villages [citation needed].

Early Life
Her mother, name unknown and a servant under one of the wives of the Valley Country warlord Ashikaga no Masetake, gave birth to her third and last child over seventy years ago.[4] The mother's two older sons are both believed to have died in battle serving in the Ashikaga military's raiding parties, both early in their teenage years. The child was sired of an unknown father but as per custom she became the property of the Ashikaga estate and was raised to be a lady-in-waiting for the household. When the marriage of the Ashikaga's eldest son occurred, the married couple took with them many Ashikaga servants. The third-born's mother was taken as well[5]. The young daughter remained with the Ashikaga patriarch and was given the name 'Shibo' around the beginning of her adolescence as was custom. The naming was done by Ashikaga's second wife, for whom Shibo would serve under for the next eleven years.

As a slave Shibo’s duties were primarily focused on serving the non-primary wives of the elder Ashikaga. Due to the shortage of men during the outbreaks of fighting that occurred in this period within Valley Country, many tasks typically done by the male servants had to be done by female servants instead. Harsh war conditions meant those under the employ of warlords were trained to defend themselves, and records show the Ashikaga household was no exception.[6] During the siege of Enshu-Ino Castle Shibo was part of the defending forces. After successfully repelling the attacking forces Ashikaga promoted some of his surviving slaves to elevated status, of which Shibo was included.

Shibo was given as a wife to the captain of the Ashikaga patriarch's bodyguard, who was also his personal advisor, Uwai Ranmaru around two years later. Shibo held onto her position as a caregiver and guardian to Ashikaga grandchildren even after the marriage.[7]. As a favored handmaiden (and from political favors owed to Ranmaru) the union was blessed by the lord and Uwai was given an honorary title under the lordship of Ashikaga no Masetake.

Lady Uwai
While the Uwai household was not considered noble, their positions in the court of the Ashikaga dynasty and good relations with the family ensured favored treatment throughout the remaining tenure of the aging patriarch. Notably, three of their eight children were educated by Ashikaga family tutors, and the two youngest boys both eventually came to high ranking positions within military outfits within Valley Country itself[8]. Uwai’s posthumous elevation to landed noble after his death enabled several of the descendants of the Uwai household to posture for succession rights once the Ashikaga family fell apart in the middle of the century, the fighting of which still continues to this day[9].

Lady Uwai herself sired a total of eight children, seven still alive presently, and five boys among them. She has four grandchildren among them currently. She served as an attendant through the duration of her marriage to Uwai, and served the elder Ashikaga before his passing and his wife afterwards[10].

Priestess Jue
Main article: Priesthoods of Sentako-ji Temple
This article's factual accuracy is disputed. Please help to ensure that disputed statements are reliably sourced. See the relevant discussion on the discussion chapters.
After the death of Ashikaga no Masetake’s primary wife she separated herself from the Ashikaga household as was instructed in the will of the late wife and undertook a pilgrimage.[11] Her two remaining children, still not yet adults, were likewise given to a monastery for training. It would be six years later when she would be recognized as acolyte Jue of the Sentako-ji Temple, becoming a priestess of the shrine after four years of devotion and chief priestess after twelve years of service. During her time as a priestess Jue was known for her extensive traveling and working outside of Valley Country[12]. While serving at a shrine in Swamp she was accused of witchcraft on account of her youthful appearance despite her age. These rumors along with other accusations (such as consorting with devils and being responsible for missing children in the region) eventually lead to Jue being disposed of as the head priestess of her shrine in Valley [citation needed]. Rather than submit to a trial to prove her purity she chose to flee, and the specific accusations have never been proven nor disproved after the incident.

It was believed Jue had committed ritual suicide after by throwing herself into the bogs, as was custom for disgraced priests. A public record of her death exists as her fellow priests observed the death, and though she received no burial a small memorial shrine was constructed years later in the spot of her demise[13].

Priestess Jue was believed dead for thirteen years, with no sightings or evidence of her existence being reported in the duration [citation needed].

Chosokabe Muneshige
Approximately three years ago the fifth born child of Shibo was declared dead after an altercation with shinobi seeking to break up his slavery ring[15]. His last known location while alive was at a brothel he owned and operated in the Tenryuu providence of Bear Country, which was stormed by Cloud shinobi the following sunrise. Witnesses say that the victim had gotten into a heated argument with an elderly woman the prior night, but that she left early in the morning with there being no indication of a struggle. The woman matched the description of the man’s thought-dead mother, though she identified herself only as Chosokabe Muneshige at the time, and was later found to be working as an informant for the shinobi operation. Those who interacted with the woman before the raid occurred said she claimed to be working as a traveling shrine maiden seeking to exorcise demons. An evil-sealing talisman was found among the belongings of the deceased as well.

Since that time multiple other sightings of Muneshige have occurred, in range of locations spreading from the southern borders of River Country to as far north as the mountains of Iron[16,17] She has no known travelling companions, but each time a sighting occurs there is often shinobi activity which quickly follows. Since the fall of the Ashikaga family most of her descendants (specifically the Uwai family branch) have spread across the continent, and it would appear as though Muneshige is attempting to locate them again for an unknown purpose.

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See Also:
Ashikaga Family (Royal)
Valley Civil Wars

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I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I like the Wikipedia format. It's just a bit too fluffy for me, and I find some of this information a little fishy. Also why the hell are you making this character, Junge?

Whatever. Half'd. I guess.

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I'm with DB on the whole "why the hell are you making this character, Junge?" Though I'm not complaining. I love love love love love love it, even if her stats are atrocious. Wouldn't it make sense to give her chakra stats anyway, provided that Miko list ever gets finished?

Half-approved, genin stats and all.
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Lol. Wikipedia.


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This layout... At first I wanted to find you and trip you in the street for it, but it's not like it doesn't have all the necessary information in it. And in the right order, at that. Numbers and such check out. Not sure what you're gonna do with it, but, hey, non-shinobi.

Approved and such!

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