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Default [Waterfall] Arashi Jubei

Name: Arashi Jubei
Age: 24 to 28
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"

Character Type: Shinobi - Jinchuuriki - Avenger

Country/Village: Wave Country / Waterfall Village
Rank: Jounin-equivalent
Division: Formerly "Ravager"

Physical Description: Everything about Jubei is hard edges: the line of his jaw, the straight slope of his nose, the sharp jag of his teeth. Tall and well-built, the boy's obviously been bred and trained for battle. And given how scarred up he is, seems reasonable to assume he's proven himself on the field. His eyes are narrow and slide easy – and they're canary yellow, just like his hair is naturally, though he dyes it dark. Any attractiveness he might have is undercut by a strange aura that clings to him. When he moves, he's too precise. When he smiles, it's with a carefree contempt. Jubei is a shark, always looking for blood in the waves, and he's terrible at pretending otherwise.

Clothing: Sleek and stylish. Despite his dubious, precarious position in society, Jubei likes to make a statement. He dresses like a self-obsessed show off. His shirts are tight, often sleeveless, and easy to replace. Like a true delinquent, Jubei wears leather jackets and slim fit pants. At odds with the rest of his wardrobe is his singular pair of shoes; a worn pair of black shinobi style military boots that have seen far better days. Jubei is rarely seen without sunglasses close at hand and often drapes himself in jewelry, particularly silver chains and carved jade.

Personality: Nihilist. Hedonist. The kind of guy who doesn't ask 'why' or 'why not', but only 'when can we start'. Shackled with a great responsibility, Jubei has freed himself from burden by embracing the pointlessness of his sacrifice – after all, once he dies, the bijuu he keeps at bay will rampage once more. With this dissonant rationalization in place, he's become more than a party animal, but a literal party monster. The only thing worth doing is whatever sounds the most fun at the time. He spends a great deal of time indulging every little vice and impulse, so dedicated is he to this idea of a world without meaning.

And all of it is an act, merely a reaction to the deep, ongoing trauma of hosting the true nihilistic murder-machine that is his bijuu. Before all that, Jubei was serious, studious, and honorable. He did everything by the book in pursuit of bettering his family and his village, despite knowing the shoddy state both were in. Of the many virtues Jubei used to embody, the one that still remains is justice, undercut by a new-found resentful wrath. After all, playing good cop is fun, but playing bad cop is even better.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "I'm not a friend of justice, I'm an enemy of evil."

Clan/Bloodline: Arashi Clan / Walking Death

Primary Archetype: Hungry Vessel
[Gourmand] x [Unleashed]
Special: When a Hungry Vessel kills a target with Borrowed time, they absorb some of the target's memories, and blend them with their own. This does not allow them to learn jutsu.

Hungry Vessels may lose 10 Drive each post they are Walking in Death.
Hungry Vessels may lose 10 Drive each time they use an [Observed], [Memorized], or Memory List technique instead of the normal gain.
Hungry Vessels who enter Death's Door also gain 100 Drive.

While Overwhelmed or Lost, Hungry Vessels may still use [Observed], [Memorized], or Memory List techniques.
Hungry Vessels gain one fewer taijutsu level from Blended, Overwhelmed, and Lost.
Hungry Vessels do not lose Drive from being Soothed or Holding Back, and instead may gain 10 Drive.

Primary: Physical
Merit: +3 Chakra
Flaw: -3 Mental



Physical - 55

Strength: 1 + 19 = 20
Speed: 1 + 18 = 19
Stamina: 1 + 18 = 19

Mental - 35

Intelligence: 1 - 2 +11 + 2 AP = 12
Tactics: 1 - 1 +9 = 9
Willpower: 1 +15 = 16

Chakra - 45

Power: 1 + 1 + 15 = 17
Control: 1 + 1 + 15 = 17
Reserves: 1 + 1 + 15 = 17


Jutsu and Techniques: 14

Walking Death
Patient Zero - [F1]

Global Ninjutsu
Body Switch Technique - Power 2, Tactics 2 - [F2]
Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique - Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4 - [F3]
Chakra Hunting Technique - Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6 - [F4]
Instantaneous Body Technique - Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12 - [F5]

Global Genjutsu
Clone Technique - Control 2, Intelligence 2 - [F6]
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique - Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4 - [F7]
Genjutsu Kai - Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8 - [F8]
Inflict Emotion Technique - Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Willpower 12 - [F9]

Path of Sacrifice - Arashi Clan Taijutsu
[+15 Strength, +15 Speed, +15 Stamina]
Stage One - Strength 4, Stamina 4 - [F10]
Stage Two - Strength 7, Stamina 7, Willpower 6 - [F11]
Stage Three - Strength 10, Stamina 10, Willpower 8 - [F12]
Stage Four - Strength 14, Stamina 15, Speed 14, Willpower 14 - [F13]
Stage Five - Strength 19, Stamina 18, Speed 19, Willpower 16 - [F14]

Memory List


"He-Who-Thirsts" - Large Blade (katana), Elemental (blood), Extrasensory (bijuu), Extrasensory (kami), Heirloom (/2) - 4 pts
Arashi Mail - Limb Armor (Arms), Limb Armor (Legs), Body Armor - 4 pts

Item Points Remaining: 0



Once upon a time, there was a family. And then they all died. The end.

What? You said you heard this story before? You want as story with a happy ending?

There are no happy endings.

But, I lied. They didn't all die, it just would have been better if they had.

Once upon a time, there was a family, the Arashi family. Forever ago, they built a glittering castle on the banks of a shimmering river, where they watched over the people who lived at the bottom of the waterfall. Long ago, their home had been fine, but now it had started to show its age. The metal dimmed, always in need of polish, and the wood rotted out, always in need of repair. But, even as the castle fell apart, they lived within its walls and did their best to be worthy of such a noble home.

The Arashi were a clan of warriors, born and bred to fight. They built the village below, at the waterfall basin, and they did it by carving the land out of the hands of other clans, so many centuries ago. The strength of the Arashi burned in their blood – they couldn't die. Like angry boars, when wounded, they kept one hand their sword and the other pushed Death back. When the Arashi drew steel, they were always the last man standing. Always.

Old Arashi Ryou, the first of his name, gave the blessing of overwhelming life to his children, and gave them the curse of constant death, too. Mastering the balance required a careful hand, and many Arashi died young from overestimating the power of their blood. Of course, with so many war heroes, they brought wealth and honor to their beautiful castle, even as they left its rooms empty and cold. After many generations, their blood grew weak and feeble.

But you already know all this, don't you? This is when the prince makes it all worse, right?

Well, there was another prince. The younger prince.

Arashi Jubei.

A smart, sweet boy who grew up on fairy tales and stories of heroes and monsters. He did everything right, to make his family proud. As a child, he learned to use a sword, and studied the old books full of magic. His line had drifted far from the head family, but some of his cousins had Ryou's gift. So, on his tenth birthday, clad in white and gold, Jubei bravely faced the test. A grim thing.

The Rite of Execution.

Turning his blade about, Jubei plunged a sword through his gut, and the lurking power of his blood boiled over. Death came for him, quicker than for most, but he staved it – almost. Jubei had the gift, a lesser portion of it, and from then on, Death never strayed far from his side. Nicks and scrapes sent him back to that razor's edge where his blood hungered for that stuff of souls themselves. Though he survived, Jubei found himself deemed a defective. A disappointment, too dull a weapon to ever see battle.

Flesh might heal, but a wounded heart never truly recovers.

By the time the clan heir, Arashi Ichigo, returned from his quest with the hateful Graveyard Jade, Jubei was simply a shadow. He faded into the background, living at the castle while acting as a little more than an empty shell. His aunts and uncles, even his own parents, had no use for him, and refused to grant him the glory of falling in battle when a morning shave might turn into a matter of life and death, and often did. The smart, sweet boy had been reduced to a wraith.

Jubei awoke to the smell of smoke and the sound of screams. The castle had been lit ablaze in the middle of the night, and is cluttered, disused chambers had turned into a hellish labyrinth. Jubei followed the trails of blood and bodies. A bijuu, a great spirit beast, with tentacles like spun glass and eyes like mirrors, sprawled out over the gardens, surrounded by the desiccated shells of the Arashi. He had found the monster, but not the hero, and so it was that Jubei drew his sword.

I feel g...o...o...d...” And then it struck Jubei down.

As life ebbed out of him and Death's breath crossed Jubei's neck, he looked at his fallen clan, his burning castle, his whole existence a ruin. Nothing could be done for the Arashi, and in the end, he knew they had been right to keep him hidden and sequestered, as there was no glory for him. No, Jubei's task was that of a true a warrior. He put one bloody hand on the bijuu, held tight, and used the other to hack himself to bits, until his blood starved itself mad and swallowed the beast whole.

Arashi Jubei saved the world.

But there are no happy endings, not even for heroes.


What's that? What about the rest of the story?

The little prince lived, if you can call it living. When the villagers found the burnt out ruin of the castle in the morning, they found Jubei, too, still breathing. But, with the great bijuu locked inside his heart – his soul – he returned to being a phantom. Jubei lost everything, himself included. He wandered far from the waterfall and then faded away.

Every few years, the villagers say they see him walking along the ridge at the top of the waterfall, making his way back home. He is worshipped as an ancestor spirit and known as the Hungry Shade, and his appearance suggests both great disaster and greater loss, but also hope. Children are told to leave offerings for him and every twelve years, on the day of his supposed birth, a festival is held in his honor.

Miko, the shrine maidens and guardians, they know him, too. When kami grow restless, and then grow violent, the one they call Little Brother is said to arrive. Never on time, of course, and always just as a kami threatens to overwhelm the miko set against it. They make him out to be a kami in his own right, a spirit of balance who corrects the supernatural order. Surely, any man able to devour the kami themselves isn't truly a man at all.

To the shinobi and samurai, he is Nemesis. A legendary punisher of wicked deeds, they tell stories to each other about a swordsman all in black who cuts his way through ronin and nukenin alike. He always looks a little different – he must be a mantle, a mask worn by those seeking vengeance, and not a single person. But, he always knows the truth of your sins, and turns your strengths against you, a reflection in a darkened mirror.

Jubei, though, exists in a haze, drifting through life as if in a dream. Between the awakened power of his blood and the bright flame of the bijuu, he has survived from a time most have forgotten, and he has forgotten more than most could ever learn. He exists in in the present; his past has become tangled, and Jubei can no longer discern fact from fiction.

All he knows is now – all he has is this moment.

Other Info:

True Bijuu
Name: Mohosha, The Five-Tailed
Creature Type: Octopus
Rank: -

Physical Description: When fully manifested, the Five is a monstrous octopus made of something like liquid glass. He is constantly in motion as tentacles emerge from his center mass and sink back in as if he is being sculpted. His body is translucent and iridescent, difficult to look at due to the deep, swirling colors. The Five's eyes have no pupils and are instead shined to a mirror-like finish that show distorted reflections. Unlike a true octopus, the Five has no beak or visible mouth, but he is known to 'eat' by subsuming bodies into him, where they instantly dissolve into bands of color.

While imprisoned in a host, the Five appears in miniature, far less threatening, but with the same glass-like body. His prison appears as a floating cube of sea water with its corners anchored to the ground by heavy chains, the impossible construct built over a projection of the Arashi clan gardens.

Personality: The Five is a True Bijuu, and one of the most alien among them. He desires only destruction and urges his hosts to feed their base desires. The Five has no respect for rules, and its arguable that he even understands the concept. The only instinct he has is to warp and break everything around him. But, he is clever and patient, and has a talent for shepherding fools. Though Jubei doesn't indulge the worst of the Five's impulses, they are unusually in sync for warden and prisoner, and capable of teamwork when their desires overlap.


Force: 1
Finesse: 2
Fortitude: 1

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The god bump.
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Control: 1 + + 1 15 = 17
Other than that, everything appears to check out.

Half'd. I'm pretty sure your bijuu's special ability and clan already passed through the registry.
Available for registry checks, just ask!
If you need character sheet edits done, let me know!

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Instantaneous Body Technique - Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12 - [F5]
Your character only has 10 Intelligence so you'll need to AP pump or change the tech or whatever.

"He-Who-Thirsts" - Large Blade (katana), Elemental (blood), Extrasensory (bijuu) - 7 pts
I think I understand what you mean here but I'd appreciate just a little bit more clarity. What does Extrasensory(bijuu) mean here? The sword can sense bijuu? The bijuu is sensing other bijuu? Does it detect how many tails, how powerful, etc? Does it detect the exact location of any bijuu in some kind of range? Or is it just a general 'yeah there's a bijuu somewhere' kind of thing.
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Everything is in order except two bits.

Did anything in particular bring the nerd back? Or will that be discussed in play?

And how did he get to jounin level if he was that sucky?
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Originally Posted by Junge View Post
Your character only has 10 Intelligence so you'll need to AP pump or change the tech or whatever.

I think I understand what you mean here but I'd appreciate just a little bit more clarity. What does Extrasensory(bijuu) mean here? The sword can sense bijuu? The bijuu is sensing other bijuu? Does it detect how many tails, how powerful, etc? Does it detect the exact location of any bijuu in some kind of range? Or is it just a general 'yeah there's a bijuu somewhere' kind of thing.
Added some AP for the stat deficiency.

It's detecting the presence of bijuu - whether or not one is nearby, not anything more specific than that. It's a binary yes/no detection.
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Ayy maybe I need to clear my cache or something but it still looks like you have 10 Intelligence and didn't spend any AP.
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I've been having trouble getting edited posts to save.

It should be fixed FOR REAL now.
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Half Approved. Best of luck.
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Bio doesn't give me any sense of this guy's place in the world and focuses on just one aspect of the character. How does he feel like current ninja politics? What has he done his entire life since the bijuu? Is he a roaming hero type, a mercenary, or does he hide in the woods and eat rats to survive?

But lol non-village biographies are Merdle's call and not mine, so I'll half approve based on technicals so you're not being held up. Really liked how he took over the bijuu because it maintained him as a sacrifice (theming) but completely changed the power dynamic from what I'm used to. Post modern jinchuuriki. You're on a whole nother level, man.

All my biography concerns have been addressed. Half-approval didn't change or anything, but I appreciate it.
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