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Default [Sunagakure Mission List]

[Sand Mission Guidelines]
\The Spartoi Project Roster/
\The Monthly Challenge/
\Event Mission List/
\Main Mission List/

Each mission has a single classification: Class. These classes —D, C, B, A and S respectively — detail the rank of shinobi allowed to participate on said mission. Missions are often paired with a codename to specify the level of importance or disaster/sensitivity level of said assignment. Although in an out of character context (OOC) there are no rank restrictions tagged onto the mission list (so anyone of any rank can form teams to complete said adventures), it should be noted that while IC (in character) these restrictions technically still do apply when referencing them. These class and codenames are:

[Class D | Wolf]–Missions often designated to Genin and higher
[Class C | Tiger]–Missions often designated to Chuunin,
but some groups of Genin can take these as a challenge
[Class B | Demon]–Missions often designated to Chuunin or higher
[Class A | Dragon]–Missions designated to Jounin,
but some groups of Chuunin take these as a challenge
[Class S | God]–Special Missions designated to SHINRAI, The Yagyou, or Kuyamuya,
these are often Arc related missions

Class E missions (known as Cub) are around too, but are free to be created by players. They usually consist of mundane acts such as paperwork, messenger duty, rescuing a cat on a tall sand dune or patrolling uneventful areas.

It should be noted that the nature of a mission reflects who the [theoretical] Captain/Leader of that mission is, in reflection of their division. For example, a mission like Class C - The Rising Sun would be headed by a SUNA division ninja. Keep this in mind while choosing missions to complete.

A SHINRAI outranks everyone, always.

[Claiming Missions]

The simple part of the game

First, you must assemble a team. This is your job; find a partner in Sunagakure to RP with. Afterward, you find a mission your team is eligible for. Groups or Teams must meet the Rank Requirements established by the Mission Classification. Genin Squads are free to operate outside of their team, don’t feel limited (unless the Jounin instructor has something else to say).

Once this is taken care of, post in this thread linking the characters involved and the mission you wish to claim. The Sand staff will approve your choice if all requirements are met. Do not start a thread without Sand Staff’s approval.

[During Story or Event Missions, Sand Staff will GM the thread for Players, unless specified] So play accordingly.

Mission Guidelines

1. You cannot claim more than one mission at a time. Although you can be rated for multiple threads, you still may not claim more than one mission at a time.
2. Spartoi Members are exempt from this rule; pending they are in a mission thread with their assigned team. If this is the case, Spartoi individuals are admitted to claim an additional mission thread (count it, additional - one) as long as the rest of the house rules are met.
3. You may not claim a mission ‘in advance’ for a team you have not assembled (first come, first served – homie)
4. Some higher ranked missions have a clause that says groups of genin or chuunin may take these missions for a challenge. Three characters of the same rank must apply in order for those missions to be claimed. Not two, three.
5. Direct questions about Missions to Sand Staff through PM
[Special Forces]
Originally Posted by Village Information
The Kuyamuya and the Yagyou are both Special Forces in Sand, but their philosophies are on either side of the spectrum. Aside from their access to special organization-specific techniques, Special Forces are considered higher rank (in Division) than normal shinobi, and therefore are the first to be chosen for the more dangerous missions.
  • Any Special Forces character may crash a Missing-Nin’s thread if one of two conditions is met: if a Missing-Nin from Sand is present in a thread, or if the thread with Missing-Nin is taking place anywhere in Wind.
  • Sand Special Forces may not crash a thread if any Missing-Nin in said thread have had theirs crashed during their past two completed threads. We need to give our rogues time to grow up into monsters.
  • A Special Forces character may roleplay in threads as normal. A Yagyou member could even set out on a mission with ordinary shinobi while shifted into their alter ego.
  • New Story Thread opportunities WILL open up for Special Forces, and they will be among the first considered for S Rank Missions in Sunagakure.
While not a formal Special Force in its own right, SHINRAI are given all the same privileges that an ordinary SF might have; meaning that a SHINRAI is free to bring teams to crash missing-nin’s threads.

Here’s the fun part
  • Extra Missions maybe Unlocked by completing certain Missions
  • Rare Items maybe Unlocked by completing certain Missions
  • Due to the Kage Summit, Shinobi from Leaf Village, Grass Village, Mist Village & Rain Village may be contacted to complete missions with Sand Shinobi

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Into the heat of battle!
[Monthly Challenge]
Face your strength!

The Monthly Challenge encourages players to try new things and develop their characters in new ways. Create and complete a thread that fulfills the requirements of the Monthly Challenge within the month and contact your local Sand Staff, and they will post in your rating thread to certify that you’ve received your GMAP. This is only applicable to one thread a month / don’t get greedy!

Contact Sand Staff after the thread is complete, and we will leave a note in Thread Ratings so you can spend your GMAP.

The Challenge for the Month(s) of [--August]:
Complete a Team Introduction Thread
Fail A Mission
Complete a Group Mission Thread with characters of the same rank
Complete a KATA Mission

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It only depends on your skill!
[Event Mission List]
Triumph or die!
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Genin Teams have no Restrictions

Destination confirmed!
[Mission List]
Keep following the dream....
[Class D | Wolf]
Missions often designated to Genin and higher
1. [Rainbows in the Reign] Completed by Sawamatsu no Motonubu (Wisp/Yagyou) and Kaikouhan Sei Tento & Hikoboshi no Natsu
Location: Dedashi
Akisame is a merchant of fascinating trinkets who has developed a strange habit of pursuing rainbows due to a legend of a reversed rainbow that his father, Tenkyuu, often obsessed over during his childhood. As his father is on his deathbed, Akisame has taken it upon himself to find the source of this certain optical illusion and present it to his father before he passes on.
Hidden Details: The rainbow is actually a dragonfly Bijuu whose wings are the source of the colorful illusion, which acts as a powerful and long lasting Genjutsu that often enthralls observers with its haunting beauty.

2. [Paradise Found] Claimed by Arechihana Sasori and Obama Hiryo
Location: Southern Wastelands
You're the assigned escort of an expedition who has been sent to explore one of the ancient ruins scattered around Sand. Your primary duty is to scan for traps and make sure that no one wakes up any ancient evil by mistake. But the danger level is anticipated to be rather low.
Hidden Details: Upon crossing the threshold of the ruins, you discover that it is a thriving, idyllic metropolis, with the natives falling over each other to fulfill every desire of any who have come to explore the city . . . including those who came before, of which there are many. On examination, it becomes clear that no one here ever ages, and that this paradise is too good to be true. It's an illusory labyrinth meant to snare the souls of those it traps even after their bodies waste away, and figuring out it's a trap is only the first step to seeking freedom.

3. [Return The Slab!] Claimed - Ishikawa Eiko, Yasuhiro Isamu
Location: Enkaku
A series of devastating supernatural plagues has reined a rural region of Wind. It has been abandoned for centuries, but citizens wish to move into the area to take advantage of its oases and abundant water for settlements. It's your job to find out why this land is cursed. Investigate, and then correct the problem.
Hidden Details: The solution to this is simple, but that doesn't mean it'll be easy. The source of the disturbance is a temple that was ransacked decades ago. The relics are in the hands of an esteemed, private museum in Enkaku, open for the wealthy to marvel at. They won't give them up without a fight, and you're on a budget.

4. [Are We The Baddies?] Completed - Tamon, Sosu
Location: The Coast
A new settlement along the coast has commissioned us to protect their people as they work to build up a new place for them to live in a rich oasis. This region appears to be under the control of malignant witches and haunted by cursed spirits. Oust the witches and eliminate the spirits.
Hidden Details: This oasis is a holy place where a collection of Miko have befriend and live in peace with benevolent spirits of the land. Land that they are angry is being desecrated. The contractor doesn't seem to give a damn; there's a reason he went to a shinobi village and not the Wardens. He's paying you and he expects the job to get done regardless.

5. [Cost Of Doing Business]
Location: Garasu
The target is Kokan Hideki, of the Kokan family. It's difficult to really articulate what kind of power they do hold over Wind, but they are deeply invested in many instrumental businesses across Wind, with the kind of power that makes it difficult for the law to reach them. The client is another such person, whose identity remains anonymous. Hideki's recent speculation and businesses ventures have been going well. Too well. It is suspected he has some kind of informant or source. Do not harm Hideki, but discover this source and, if possible, obtain it.
Hidden Details: Hideki uses a special artifact plumbed from some forgotten tomb within Kaze no Kuni. A magic mirror that trades sacrificed souls for true answers. Hideki has sacrificed hundreds of individuals who would 'not be missed' in order to obtain his answers. If you follow the instructions of your contract, you must obtain this mirror and give it to another who is eager to use it.

6. [Strike Where The Iron Is Not]
Location: Sunagakure
Special Requirement: Kaihoukan Must be in Team
The most recent shipment of high quality armour pieces sent from the Hidden Village blacksmiths to Shiryokaku, the Kaihoukan clan grounds, has gone missing, waylaid for reasons unknown on its short journey north. When the preliminary examination revealed only the location at which the wagon disappeared, the clan was led to suspect foul play. You are to accompany the next shipment to ensure its safe delivery. Should anything befall the caravan, turn this to your advantage and put an end to any further disruptions.
Hidden Details: The armour was stolen by the Shadow Gang. Their leader is hidden among the group of mercenaries, which wears identical clothing and masks. They have since used the armour to take control of a crucial water depot in the desert, where they await the return of the ambush party they have sent after the second shipment.

7. [Hustle Sprouts]
Location: Sunagakure
Special Requirement: Kaihoukan Must be in Team
The Shinobi Quarter has begun preparations for the monthly visit of celebrity chef Furuta Atsushi. This time, however, with the master cook on tour, dinner is to be served by the man’s top apprentices. They were to recreate some of his signature dishes, but the expected delivery of desert vegetables never arrived. The apprentices have asked you to track down the missing cart and retrieve the necessary pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes and eggplants.
Hidden Details: You will discover that the cart was overturned in a sandstorm and the produce picked off by scavenging children living just outside Sunagakure. For the right price, these orphans, outcasts and runaways may be willing to part with their foodstuffs. Alternatively, the Kaihoukan farmers in the more distant Shiryokaku clan grounds would gladly donate their own produce for the cause. Time is of the essence in whatever you decide.

8. [Attention Acquisition] Completed- Taiyoshi, Sosu
Location: Enkaku
Enkaku is a great place to start a rumor. Some of them are harmless, others damning, while others can elevate a person to the top of the social stratosphere. One such artisan has managed to do just that. He has claimed to be the reincarnation of deity, one with its roots steeped in crafting and flame. There have been rumors that he shows ninja talent: Go check and see if his techniques are truly fueled by chakra. If they are, bring him in for questioning: Sunagakure does not have a file on him.
Hidden Details: It’s all a ruse. The artisan is far from a deity, in truth, he is a trickster. The techniques he claims to be his divine power are actually fueled by a genin with a talent for glass ninjutsu. He operates from behind the scenes, aiding the man for a handsome return. The best course of action would be to return with the genin back to the village.

9. [You’re Not My Real Dad!]
Location: Upper Gion
Relationships are always a difficult thing, especially if there’s an age gap. One such benefactor is reportedly engaged to his young lover, a young man by the name of Katsuo. He claims that Katsuo has always been overly dramatic, and after finding out about the benefactor’s unhealthy obsession with clams, left him. The only thing is, the boy’s family hasn’t heard from him in the two weeks since he left the said benefactor. Track him down.
Hidden Details: Katsuo is out of his silver spoon fed environment. He’s lost somewhere in Lower Gion. He’s tried to make it on his own, but the boy just couldn’t. Right now, he’s in a bit of trouble with a local gang. Bust them up, and get Katsuo back to the benefactor so we get paid.

10. [Coyotes in the Chicken Coop]
Location: Sansui Outskirts
A farmer’s widow, too old to fend for herself, has requested Shinobi assistance in dealing with coyotes who have been returning to her small homestead for the past several nights, making away with her livelihood. Reports indicate that the pack is no larger than three coyotes. Go the extra mile for her; show the people of Wind Country that we are a force for good.
Hidden Details: The widow's hen house is little more than wooden box surrounded by a rusted chain link fence, with obvious breaks between links allowing the coyotes to come and go as they please. Fickle and cowardly, the three coyotes are simply scouts who are returning food to a much larger pack, headed by an alpha male easily twice the size of a typical desert coyote. Recent expansion of farmland has driven them from their territory and into areas occupied by humans. The pack, if disturbed, will not shy from a fight.

11. [Unmentionables]
Location: Upper Gion
Special Requirement: KAZE Investigator and/or Trainee in Team
Much to the dismay of the wealthy women who live within Upper Gion, numerous reports have come in detailing articles missing from dresser drawers. Despite an increase in watchmen and security at the walls and throughout the town, the perpetrator has not been caught and as of yet we have no leads. Find this pervert by whatever means necessary and bring him in for questioning.
Hidden Details: The panty thief is Masamura Hoji, an ex-Genin in his 50's who lives somewhere in the slums of lower gion. Early in his career, Hoji sustained an injury which rendered him unable to speak and he was subsequently discharged from service. As far as the village is aware, he's kept his head down and has behaved himself to date. While not an accomplished shinobi by any standard, he knows many of the basics, including henge, kawarimi, shunshin, and several techniques within TLO which have enabled him to evade both suspicion and capture.

12. [Storage Wars]
Location: Sunagakure
Special Requirement: Genin Only
A simple mission. Umezawa Choza, a retired Chuunin in his eightieth year, has requested we send some Genin to assist him in tidying up his three-bedroom-apartment. Be respectful, be courteous, and don’t break anything.
Hidden Details: Rest assured, it’s a disaster. In his later years, Choza became quite the hoarder and has collected an impossible amount of trinkets, tomes and scrolls over the years. Be wary -- even when he was active duty, Umezawa was known as ‘Choza Paranoia’ and has undoubtedly rigged his now labyrinthian home with traps to defend against would-be thieves…

13. [Incisors]
Location: Upper Gion
Special Requirement: KAZE Investigator and/or Trainee in Team; Henge no Jutsu
Unable to reach a middle ground with an elementary school's administration, multiple sets of concerned parents have asked Hidden Sand to intervene. Allegations of abuse have come from several children, and all reports seem to indicate that a teacher is harming some of their students. We have prepared various 'identities' for you with permission from parents whose young children have not yet been targeted. Infiltrate the school, go through the motions... be vigilant in identifying any possible evidence of abuse. If possible, catch the predator red-handed. We will not sully the reputation of an innocent based on hearsay.
Hidden Details: The predator is actually another student, no more than seven or eight years old, who is finding opportunities to pull children into closets or separate them from the core class group and harming them (with a preference for biting).

14. [The Haunted Mansion]
Location: Enkaku
Special Requirement: Miko in Team
For weeks, strange lights and sounds have plagued a sprawling, derelict home in Enkaku. Long since abandoned, many of the locals believe the building to be possessed by spirits, though no one has made any attempt to contact the local priestesses or the village in hopes of having it investigated... until now. The large Okabayashi family, down on their luck, was delighted to purchase the property for a nominal fee. For a while after moving in, any 'paranormal' activity was innocuous. Apparently, this is no longer the case. Rule out any local pranksters, and, if necessary, cleanse the home of spirits.
Hidden Details: The mansion has a storied past and bloody history, long forgotten to existing record. Household tools and appliances are animating themselves. By the time you arrive, it's clear things are getting too dangerous for the family within. (Use your imagination!)

15. [Both Alike In Dignity] Completed - Uehara Tamon, Hyuuga Yuu* (Konohagakure)
Location: Doshaburi Outskirts
Two rural families, the Sasami and the Okita, are embroiled in a century-old feud and have recently been at eachother's throats both publicly and privately. The patriarch of the Sasami family has requested we send Shinobi to keep the peace and aid in settling “what began as” a “border dispute” between them. Threats have come from both sides and many in the surrounding community are concerned that the feud will escalate further. Do your best to preserve order and arrest any instigators of further conflict to make our stance known.
Hidden Details: When you arrive, the Sasami patriarch who requested our assistance is up in arms, ready to march over to the opposite farm and take matters into his own hands. His daughter has been missing for two days. The Okita patriarch is in a similar position, confident that his son was taken captive and is being held and tortured by Sasami. In truth, the youths eloped. Find evidence, get everyone to bury the hatchet and put these men at ease before unnecessary violence can erupt.

16. [Arson in Gion]
Gion Village
Fires are a constant threat in Lower Gion, but they have started too easily and far too often in the past few months. Tensions in Gion are high, and these fires have brought the already contentious capital to the edge of an uproar. We suspect that a third party is responsible for the arson. Find them and bring them to justice.
Hidden Details: The arsonists are the children of some of the lesser merchants in Upper Gion, going down into the slums to cause some mischief. Most of them are no trouble, but the leader is the son of one of the wealthiest merchants in the village, and he uses his position to influence the courts of the city. Pinning any crime on him will prove very difficult.

17. [The Playful Water]
Location: Sunagakure to Enkaku
Special Requirement: Hakkenshi Must be in Team
Satomi Mitsuko, a highly regarded member of the Hakkenshi Branch family, requested a detail to accompany her to Enkaku after her trip to visit family in Sunagakure. Once there she will rendezvous with one of the elders and that’s where your task is completed.
Hidden Details: Mitsuko is a more playful woman, often becoming a handful which is why no clan member wants to travel with her. Put up with her antics.

18. [A Bright Sun]
Location: Enkaku
Special Requirement: Hakkenshi Must be in Team
The Hakkenshi are holding an open house for all to come see. They of course are asking for a little security to watch over the elders. Violence is only permitted if necessary.
Hidden Details: The threat comes not from outsiders but a few kids of the clan. Catch them in the act of their shenanigans.

19. [Stray Sheep]
Location: Enkaku
The Dustmen have inquired Sunagakure to help capture a fugitive of their sect who is wanted for stealing a valuable and dangerous poison discovered in their research. To avoid capture, the fugitive Kanchome has gone through surgery to further alter his appearance while on the run. KAZE investigation suggests that he was last seen in Enkaku headed towards Bouryoraku. Intercept him before he arrives to his destination, and bring him back alive.
Hidden Details: Kanchome is a Ninjutsu specialist and puppeteer who is extremely paranoid due to his situation. At the sight of anything hostile, he’ll run or defend himself.
[Class C | Tiger]
Missions often designated to Chuunin, but some groups of Genin can take these as a challenge
1. [The Exorcism of Noritaka Tetsu] Completed - Hikoboshi no Natsu, ft. Chosokabe Muneshige and Friends
Location: Gion
Naozumi, the Maiden of Truth, is a Miko who has been requested to visit the home of a wealthy businessman whose son has been cursed by some divine power and has fallen into a catatonic state. Naozumi believes that a Bijuu was sealed within the boy’s body, so once extracted, has contracted you to help her defeat and capture the beast alive. Help her.
Hidden Details: The Bijuu in question is harmless, but it is revealed that the wife of the businessman—Seiichi—is a Black Miko who sealed the poisonous Bijuu into her husband’s son, attempting to kill him in order to be the next successor of said business. Capture her.

2. [Memorandum of Sumiregawa Tomoni]
Location: Gion
Sumiregawa Tomoni, a famous Kaze no Kuni author of the light novel series known as Shuriken King, is being held hostage at a bookstore in Gion alongside a slew of fans and supporters. She was in town to do a book signing, but security was thwarted by a small crew of thieves demanding a ridiculous sum of money in exchange for Tomoni’s life. As KAZE operatives stall time with false negotiations, you are to sneak into the bookstore and apprehend these bandits: alive.
Hidden Details: The Peach Mountain Shoguns are a small time collective of mercenaries who escaped during the Jailbreak Incident who are itching to establish wealth by any means necessary. They don’t, in actuality, care for the negotiations, but wish to steal the manuscript for the next installment of the light novel. Although dysfunctional, they are skilled enough to give any shinobi a run for their money in combat, but are not above escaping to fight another day.

3. [Broodmother]
Location: Zoukei
A cult has begun to recruit from the disaffected and desperate workers of Zoukei, in the name of 'Many-Legged Mother.' The priestess appears to have returned from a pilgrimage to Spirit Island and begun to recruit people from the populace to better serve her new, strange god. While we have no direct evidence of foul play, the families of many of the recruits have asked us to figure out what's happening, and, if it's malignant, dismantle the cult.
Hidden Details: Kieri, the priestess, is a Black Miko who is possessed by a spider demon. She a spirit-breeder Jinchuuriki who grooms the recruits that come to her and picks from among them the best hosts for her demonic arachnid children. Many of the recruits are already skinsuits that scurry to carry out her will.

4. [Her Own Worst Enemy]
Location: Garasu
A straightforward mission: you're here to put the mind of some wealthy, troubled parents at ease. A famed glassblower family in Garasu has become increasingly concerned with their daughter's continued effort to get into trouble. You are to provide the girl with your services as bodyguards and companionship, to protect her and try to figure out exactly what is bothering little Keiko.
Hidden Details: She's not troubled, she's possessed. Keiko is the reincarnation of the infamous sorcerer Kuro the Defiler, and his personality has kept its teeth in her soul through the cycle of reincarnation. He seeks to complete a ritual to annihilate Keiko's personality and take her place.

5. [Ladle to the Grave]
Location: Bouryoraku
Special Requirement: Kaihoukan Must be in Team
Furuta Atsushi is a celebrity chef, renowned for cooking to the masses — any customer, any palette, any time — including the clansmen of the Kaihoukan shinobi quarter, whom he visits once a month to serve his most fragrant dishes. His newest publicity stunt has sent him into the soup kitchens of Kaze no Kuni’s poorer cities to cook for every customer, but in Bouryoraku, a large posse from Red Hand Gang boycotted the use of the soup kitchen for all others. Atsushi acquiesced to their demands to be served during their armed sit-in, but when three of their number later died where they stood, suspicions and threats were levelled at the chef, who went into protective custody, claiming innocence. Your team has been petitioned to solve this case peacefully, clearing Atsushi’s name and, if possible, resolving the Red Hand Gang’s boycott.
Hidden Details: Of the three who died, one was the Red Hand second in command. All were indeed poisoned, but were instead the targets of rival gang the Bouryoraku Brotherhood, seeking to destabilise and distract in order to implement more nefarious plans during the fallout.

6. [The Glass Crusade]
Location: Garasu/Enkaku
Special Requirement: Kaihoukan Must be in Team
Over the last six months, Kaihoukan Emissaries have been mediating the transfer of crucial documents and contractual negotiations between the master glassblowers of Ekishou Enterprises in Garasu and the wealthy Katou ore mining family in Enkaku. The CEO of Ekishou, Amaya Miho, is now set to travel to Enkaku herself to return the signed contract by hand and signify the momentous occasion of their new accord. For the clan’s final duty, you and your team will escort both her and the document safely to their destination.
Hidden Details: This trading partnership has dashed the ambitions of a prominent Enkaku glassmaker, whose own subversive actions resulted in a number of delays during the negotiation process. Now, faced with defeat, he has taken extreme measures by contracting assassins to make sure that Miho and her company's contract disappear for good. The brother and sister comprising this deadly duo were trained to Chuunin level before leaving the Village to become missing-nin.

7. [Tenne in the Distance]
Location: Between Gion and Enkaku
You must escort a caravan holding merchant supplies through the territory of the Heavy Buddhist, an infamous group of bandits that are notorious for going after any form of treasures or supplies that often must be carried through this area because of how short the route is. Their leader, Tenne of the Celestial Garments, has killed half a dozen shinobi, and hangs their headbands from his belt as trophies.
Hidden Details: Tenne and the Heavy Buddhist haven’t been interested in the treasures of caravans in ages and, instead, have shifted their focus to either capturing or slaying shinobi of Sunagakure in order to sell their headbands—or in other cases, their heads—to the Black Market for a higher price. He and his entourage aren’t to be taken lightly, but due to protocol of Sunagakure, must be brought in alive.

8. [Sakamichi on the Slope]
Location: Gion
Sakamichi Kaoru is an exceptional jazz pianist and singer loved throughout Kaze no Kuni for putting out music described as the soundtrack to a generation. After one of the biggest nights of her musical career, she was found in a catatonic state in her hotel with hands mangled to a point where, even if they heal, she’ll never be able to play piano ever again. KAZE have narrowed the culprits down to three suspects, so you’ll hear three stories—one of unrequited love, one of a musical rival, and another of a jealous sibling. Interrogate the three and decide who the aggressor is.
Hidden Details: A common thread in each of their stories will be of a man known as Fukahori Natsu, Sakamichi’s manager, whose shady business antics has gotten him caught up with the Yakuza families of Bouryoraku. He’s skipped town and is attempting to flee Kaze no Kuni by way of the Sansui and Doshaburi border. Bring him in.

9. [Song of Snow and Flame]
Location: Bouryoraku
In the seedy city of Bouryoraku, a lowly house of Yakuza has captured a promising Miko of Ice known as Minoura Tsurara. The head of the house, a disgraced member of the Arai family and escapee of the Jailbreak incident known as Kyoteki, is subjugating Tsurara to an unspeakable amount of torture. The tears of this Ice Maiden are priceless, for she secretes rare jewels that sell at a high price on the Black Market. You are to infiltrate this family’s house and bring her back to Sunagakure, alive.
Hidden Details: Arai Kyoteki, the head of the house, is desperate for money. He’ll go as far as killing Tsurara if he feels cornered enough. Bringing him in alive because of his wealth of knowledge on the Arai Family is a necessity, but isn’t the Bureaucracy’s immediate concern. KAZE has learned that Tsurara’s elder brother, Minoura Sogi—a samurai wielding a blade dowsed in flame—is en route to the compound as well; ready to kill all who stand in his way of rescuing his sister. Get there before he does and bring Kyoteki in.

10. [The Lost Colony]
Location: Seirei no Shima
Months ago, two four-man teams were sent with a general population of workers to establish a colony off the northernmost coast of Seirei no Shima. A month has gone by since Sunagakure has established radio contact. Journey to the colony and do your best to glean any information about the events that took place.
Hidden Details: Everything that once was there has been torched. There are a few remnants of what were once standing structures, like the steel beams of the silo used to hold the colony’s food sources. There are no bodies, but rather, a series of pikes with the heads of every victim affixed atop it that lead inward from the pier. There’s no telling who is responsible. Prepare to be attacked by a small pack of bijuuko, all eerily similar and eager to feed.

11. [Wisdom of Amazons] Completed - Chouku Shuju, Len Sosu
Location: Seirei no Shima
Expeditions sent by Sunagakure from the Last Landing are going missing. The cause is a group of militant, female Lac ruled by a woman referred to only as Futsunushiko. She is a master of armed combat, and lives by a code not unlike samurai. She is prideful and will not refuse an issued challenge. Fight her, and win. If you do this, then she will be easily convinced to stop attacking our expeditions.
Hidden Details: Futsunushiko is a wily woman with a fiery temper, but she has immense respect for her betters. Until now, she hasn’t found one. She possesses jounin level stats and makes use of the Well-Timed Warrior tree in addition to the Pierce Miko tree.

12. [Star Child]
Location: Zoukei
Within Zoukei, there is a tale of a child who hears the kami clearer than priestesses thrice her age. However, whenever the spirits heed her call, something ill-fated seems destined to happen. Her family has asked you to come take her to a temple so that she might receive guidance, but we have reason to believe that other forces may be at work. Investigate the situation before proceeding with the family’s wishes.
Hidden Details: A witch in the area has targeted the girl in hopes of making her an apprentice. She is using her magic to twist and contort the kami, imprisoning them so that only demons may answer the girl’s calls and prayers. She can be found near the outskirts of town, in an old house made of black adobe. She is a master of escape, and will know your purpose as soon as you arrive in town. Lure her out with the girl.

13. [Fist Full of Ryou]
Location: Bouryoraku
A gigolo that goes only by the name of Naoki has been found dead, his body tossed in a dumpster outside one of the city’s nicer hotels. Normally, Sunagakure would leave it up to the locals to investigate, but several of his patrons have contacted us, demanding that we bring whomever the culprit was to justice. You should do that.
Hidden Details: The number one rule of hooking is to never take money from a John with a crazy wife. Naoki was murdered by one of the John’s (soon-to-be-ex) wife, an ex-chuunin with a fiery temper to match her fiery hair. She’s quite adroit at lying and skilled with Sand Ninjutsu. If confronted physically, you’ll also discover she’s a practitioner of Desperate Measure Fist. Bring her in alive – the clients want prison for her, not an easy way out.

14. [Let’s Fighting Love]
Location: Lower Gion
While Sunagakure cannot be expected to put an end to all street gang activity, we have identified an upstart gang that needs to be put down immediately. Led by an academy dropout, Yamamoto Nobuo, the Sidewinder Gang has been responsible for multiple instances of burglary, vandalism and varying degrees of assault throughout the slums of Gion. Make an example of them. Capture Nobuo and bring him in for questioning.
Hidden Details: Nobuo, while not a competent ninja, has enough working knowledge of ninjutsu to teach others in the basics. Many of the urchins (aged six to twelve) he has taken under his wing are trained in universal shinobi arts, if only slightly. Use discretion and consider the age of Nobuo’s pupils before making rash decisions.

15. [Sunagakure no Idol]
Location: Kessoku Stadium, Gion
Special Requirement: HARI Medic and/or Assistant in Team
Reluctant to agree to the terms set forth in a recent touring contract, one of several of Minami Yuna's agent's has requested our aid. A popular songstress, Yuna's concerts often sell out their venues and the craze for her latest music is wild amongst Wind Country residents of all ages, though this wide reaching 'pop' genre often attracts the attention of dangerous folk. The target of one attack already, Yuna has implored her agent for a stronger security detail. That is where we come in. A specialized team of shinobi will be present for the duration of the concert. One of the team will be elected to stand in as Yuna for the proceeding events, including but not limited to a 'back-stage all-access Yuna Yu-No-Ha Tour meet and greet.’ Team will support.
Hidden Details: Experience the life of an Idol and address your most passionate fans. (Use your imagination!) Be advised: masked assailants will attempt to capture 'Yuna' and kill her ‘escorts’ as they exit the stadium at the end of the events, using poisonous gas grenades.

16. [Recruits of a Sort] -- Claimed by Sawamatsu no Motonubu and Mukuro Koga
Gion Village
An orphanage in one of the worst parts of Lower Gion is on the verge of collapse. You know the drill. Offer them our typical pay for every child of age to join the academy, and convince the kids that the best fortunes lie the shinobi way. With the first-born rule outlawed, we need as many as possible. Do not take no for an answer.
Hidden Details: They’ll tell you no, there is no problem, and indeed there doesn’t seem to be. Though they are far more prosperous than they have rights to from their adoption records, and would never let anyone speak to the children. They have an arrangement; let certain parties borrow the children for a time and receive payment. No questions asked. Your assignment remains. Don’t take no for an answer.

17. [No Easy Answers]
Special Requirement: Tsuriau Must be in Team
Many missing-nin who escaped during the Jailbreak pursued their own agendas. Wakahisa Hiraku’s is particularly insidious, as he intends to raise new shinobi and create a community of his own under his power. The main operation has been dismantled, but you must find those who have been taught and bring them to Sand. They know village secrets and must be brought under village power. Your Tsuriau should help you filter those who have been taught from the general population.
Hidden Details: Their names are Yuki, Chinatsu and Aki, fraternal twins from the family of a prominent glassblower. Unlike Sand shinobi, the family of these children are not aware that their kids have been taught, are determined to see them inherit the family business and have no intention of allowing Sand to take these kids from them. What’s more, Hiraku has left dangerous mental conditioning in these kids’ heads in case they were ever caught. Each one of a ticking time bomb.

18. [The Usual Suspects]
Gion Village
The suspect of a string of murders was caught and hanged last week for killing a number of Gion’s merchant class. However, though the evidence seemingly makes his guilt clear, the murders are still going on. We have been hired by the family of one of the murdered to find out exactly what is going on here, and bring the murderers to justice.
Hidden Details: The perpetrators are a large group of vigilantes from Low Gion. They are an enigmatic group, and no one seems to know exactly who their real leader is. No one seems to remember who the original criminal was; the organization has turned its attention toward all the merchants in Upper Gion and shows no sign of stopping.

19. [Third Parties]
Two sects of a rather new but increasingly popular religion have been feuding for years. Mostly their antics are harmless except to their own pride, but recently things have begun to escalate. People are being wounded in the streets, homes are being burned and serious threats are being made. It is difficult to simply stomp a theology until doesn’t hurt anyone anymore, instead you will infiltrate the groups and dismantle the problem from within. Diffusing tension or dissolving both groups.
Hidden Details: A third group, another sect of the same religion, has members working in both groups. Each agreed that the third was the greatest abomination, and they believed that it was stomped out long ago. Not so. They aim to point the two groups at each other and let them destroy themselves, then rise into the vacuum the other religions left behind.

20. [Place in the Sun]
Location: The Western Wasteland, South of Sunagakure
Special Requirement: Arechihana Must be in Team
Recently, an engaged couple, Hebiro and Hanako, set out with one of the Seven Elders, Kyoufuu, to undergo The Journey before their impending nuptials, as is tradition. They are two days overdue in their return and, while it may be nothing to worry about as they did have plenty of supplies just in case, the families of those involved are worried sick. Locate them and make sure they are safe. Return them to Sunagakure if at all possible. Use the map to find your way to the ste they were supposed to be at.
Hidden Details: Hebiro and Hanako’s matrimonial Angya has taken turn down the ‘bad trip’ route—a rare occurrence among Arechihana due to the watchful guidance of the elders. However, as you will discover, Kyoufuu appears to have experienced a sudden heart attack at the intended site of The Journey after administering the ritual dose. Without his guidance, the couple have wandered off into the wastes with only half the supplies they set out from Sunagakure with. Finding them will not be terribly challenging if approached smartly, but convincing them you are there to help and obtaining their cooperation may be much more challenging. Lethal force is not an option and should not be required as the two are not trained and do not possess the bloodline. They are just tripping out of their mind on psychoactive hallucinogen cactus and very, very confused.
[Class B | Demon]
Missions often designated to Chuunin or higher
1. [A Prince’s Mural] Completed - Motonubu/Wisp, Nen* (Amegakure)
Location: Bouryoraku
Women are disappearing in Bouryoraku, and are being found dead in gutters and alleyways, which are often overlooked in the grand portrait of the city. Thing is, their corpses are missing the flesh from their backs, nothing else. The sister of a local barkeep has been missing for a few days, so he’s enlisted you to find her. She was last spotted at the Red Light District, leaving a famed club with an Arai Hisashi—a local playboy. Find out what’s going on.
Hidden Details: Arai Hisashi is abducting women, painting murals on their backs, ripping the flesh from skin and framing them in his home as art. His brother, Arai Hisao, is a skilled swordsman who both covers up his little brother’s ugly deeds and protects him from harm. Stop them.

2. [Till Undeath Do Us Part]
Location: Bouryoraku
One of our shinobi, a skilled Jounin named Kyuusuke, has gone AWOL on us. He was sent on a surveillance mission to spot out forces in Bouryoraku months ago. When he disappeared, it was assumed that he died in action against the Priests. But, to our surprise, KAZE scouts spotted him last week; a small party in Gion accompanied him. Retrieve him. He will answer for his defection, one way or another.
Hidden Details: Kyuusuke has been dead for months, but his corpse was reanimated by his killer—a witch and necromancer who kills those she deems useful and forces them to serve in undeath. In addition to being a powerful witch, she has in her service the reanimated corpses of two samurai who could stand toe-to-toe with skilled shinobi.

3. [The Undying Kingdom]
Location: Garasu
Something odd seems to be happening in Garasu. Many of the citizens appear to have abandoned their regular jobs and lives, banded together, and declared themselves an independent kingdom. They have barricaded themselves into a segment of the city and have been making it a habit to pull other people from Garasu into their enclosure . . . These people then join with enthusiasm. Find out what's going on here and stop it.
Hidden Details: A tomb robber broke into an ancient crypt in the desert. Where and why is less important than what happened afterwards. The spirit of an ancient warrior-priest seized control of his body, and has been in total control since. He holed up in Garasu and has been repeating the feat, using the people of Garasu as hosts for the spirits of departed warriors that had been bound to the tomb.

4. [Time Flies, And It’s Not Fun]
Location: Gion
In Lower Gion, people are getting older. This in itself is not especially unusual, but it's happening far more quickly than it's really supposed to. Several people have grown old and died from a state of relative health in a handful of years, and a community of worried individuals have finally gathered enough funds to pay Sunagakure's fee. Find out what's causing this.
Hidden Details: There is a wealthy, charming young man who's loved on the scene of Upper Gion, and has for years. He's made the right friends, charms everyone he meets. No one would guess that ten years ago he was in a dusty tomb, wrapped up in gauze. Some poor shmuck broke into his tomb a couple decades ago, and the mummy drank him dry before getting up again. He's been repeating the feat on the unfortunate people of Lower Gion, sustaining his youth by drinking theirs.

5. [A Promise Between Men]
Location: Dedashi
Decades ago, Aoshi the Thief of Kaze no Kuni staged one of the most elaborate and successful escapes of The Gauntlet jailhouse in Sunagakure history, and has disappeared into obscurity ever since. The lead warden at the time, a now retired KAZE investigator known as Kudo Gosho, has obsessed over this case for years—but now his theories have bared fruit. After serving forty years in the Gauntlet and being paroled, Shinku, a criminal partner of Aoshi, is set to meet his old friend at the edge of Dedashi. Accompany Gosho on this case and capture Aoshi.
Hidden Details: Before staging his escape, Aoshi made a promise to the men under his leadership that he’d acquire the means to purchase a secluded island and build a paradise for them all to live on, beyond the jurisdiction of shinobi. He has done so, and has spent decades sending caches of money and letters to his comrades, detailing when and where they should go to be picked up, if interested. Shinku isn’t interested, and is actually helping Kudo Gosho on the case. Although the trio are ninja well past their prime, none of them should be taken lightly, especially Aoshi.

6. [The Old Man of the Desert] Completed by Unkai Keshi Mukuro Koga and Len Sosu
Location: Dedashi Sakyu
In an attempt to rebuild Dedashi back to its past glory, operatives of Sunagakure have been sent to do a general clean up of each section of the city. Fending off mercenaries and disbanding collectives of bandits isn’t the problem. With every successful mission, operatives are going missing on their way home to Sunagakure, disappearing with little to no trace of their existence. The last cradle of shinobi was seen near the entrance of Dedashi, near the city’s Sand Dunes. Investigate.
Hidden Details: A great Sandworm Bijuu has been swallowing people whole and spitting out their remains. Your duty is simply, take down the mammoth of a beast and bring its remains back to Sunagakure.

7. [A Vigilante’s Last Ride]
Location: Bouryoraku
You’ve just saved Rakuda Hange, an elder super sentai inspired vigilante known as Kyameru Rider, who was left lynched in an abandoned building and was expected to die. After freeing him, he’s pleaded for your help—to rescue his sidekick, a Genin aged little girl known as Kid Lynx, who has been kidnapped by a lowly member of the Kawano yakuza and is set to be put into their prostitution ring, or worse. You must infiltrate the basement of Kawano Sapporo’s home and torture chamber in order to bring her home. Arrest Sapporo as well, for his knowledge of the Kawano family will be useful for Sunagakure.
Hidden Details: It is because of Rakuda Hange’s interference that KAZE operatives were unable to catch Kawano Sapporo during a business traction he was making, so there’s a lot at stake in this mission. Sapporo isn’t a push over, but he’s also a businessman who believes in equivalent exchange and has the Kawano family on his side—so don’t get too crazy. Kid Lynx is an exceptional Genin with a sharp tongue, too, so be weary of her words when trying to negotiate with Sapporo, who is willing to take her life to prove a point. Also, with however the mission goes, arrest Rakuda Hange and bring him in, too.

8. [Ill-Fated]
Location: Bouryoraku
The past three agents we’ve sent to track the movements of the Bouryoraku mafia families have been found dead and in pieces, scattered across the town. We’re to believe that they’ve contracted a killer by the name of Enomoto Hikaru, the alias of a jounin ranked shinobi believed to be missing from Sunagakure nearly a decade ago. If it’s who we think it is, proceed with caution. He’s very good at his job.
Hidden Details: Hikaru can be found frequently at numerous bars across town. He normally keeps to himself and is rather quiet, but the man is a notorious drunkard. While this might sound like an easy take down, Hikaru is well-versed in Suiken. Your best bet is to ambush him on his way to the bar. Mind the civilians.

9. [Bone App the Teeth]
Location: Dedashi Sakyu
Deep within the desert, around the shifting dunes, there are reports of a jinchuuriki growing stronger and stronger. There have been reports of him consuming the bijuuko that run rampant in the lands, coalescing their chakra into his unstable form. He is wild and untraceable. Be careful.
Hidden Details: The jinchuuriki is a Gourmand who has gotten quite good at catching his prey. He was once a missing ninja from Snow, but exactly how he became a jinchuuriki has since been obscured by the destruction of his village. If the reports are correct, he is but a mere shell of his former self, driven on by the demonic chakra. Find him and put him out of his misery.

10. [No Justice, No Peace]
Location: Sunagakure
Special Requirement: KAZE Investigator in Team
Previously reprimanded for inappropriate conduct both on and off duty, we have received a report that Tanaka Hide has gone a step further this time, using his 'authority' as a shinobi to extort small business owners and collect protection payments from them. When one could not pay, he threatened that he would return to take the daughter in place of ryou. This is strike three. Henceforth, Tanaka Hide is a traitor to Hidden Sand. Arrest him. Lethal force is authorized if Tanaka refuses to comply, but as we are attempting to apprehend him within village walls, no collateral damage or civilian casualties will be tolerated.
Hidden Details: Tanaka is was a prodigal chuunin in his 20's, proficient in Sand Genjutsu and various martial art forms, and not above using any of his skills in getting what he wants. If he cannot persuade you to let him go (or to join him), he will attempt to flee or possibly take hostages before fighting back.

11. [Poly Blend]
Location: Northeastern Border
Special Requirement: Penitent in Team
We have received word that a pair of refugees (a brother and sister) from the fallen land of Snow are seeking amnesty and a chance to start a new life in Wind Country. The elder sibling, a male in his twenties, has shinobi training and is a prime candidate for the Penitent. His younger sister, no more than five, will make a good addition to the academy. Enlighten them. Provided they accept these terms, welcome them to Wind and escort them to the village so that we may process the brother and assign temporary housing for his sister.
Hidden Details: While the refugees may very well be legitimate, a new mercenary contract has gone out, calling on wayward shinobi to acquire one of our Zaika. Several bloodthirsty nukenin will attempt to ambush your party at the border, intent on fulfilling their contract by any means necessary.

12. [Taxmen]
Location: Enkaku
While the general public may be irritated by a recent increase in taxes on all goods and services across Kaze no Kuni, it knows better than not to pay them. Each of the major cities has prepared a shipment to be transported to Sunagakure via wagon convoy, containing tax payments per the Daimyo’s demands. Each shipment has successfully made it to Enkaku and a large train of wagons is awaiting a shinobi escort through the western wasteland. Bandits, local Yakuza and vagrant mercenaries are no doubt aware of the shipments, likely enchanted by the reported totals contained within. Attacks on the caravans are practically guaranteed. Thwart any, and ensure the payments are delivered safely.
Hidden Details: Do not pursue any attackers which may flee after a failed attempt -- your priority is the safe delivery of the payments.

13. [New Frontiers]
Accomplished seawoman and master of a fleet of trade ships, Bunya Aya, leads a caravan of pilgrims along the coast to fill and expand the empty city of Dedashi. She aims to make use it as a launching point for trade, taking advantage of the swift currents south of Wind to make a profit. This presents many opportunities for Sand and Wind. Get in there. Make sure she’s moving the ways we need her to.
Hidden Details: Aya was born in River, and though she tries to hide it here, she is extremely patriotic. She maintains the illusion that she can make Dedashi a tributary of River. Little can dissuade her in this—except perhaps something dramatic enough to shake her faith in her country of birth.

14. [Midnight Marauders]
Tonight it will rain, and there’ll be no moonlight. The darkness is our advantage.
A crew of Pirates lead by Captain Mukuro have been sailing the Kaze no Kuni seas and raiding various ships near the shoreline of Dedashi. A wealthy merchant, who does frequent trades between Kaze and Mizu, has hired you to protect his ship as it travels through the country. The merchant’s ship is carrying a rare item the Pirates are craving to sell. They plan to take the ship by force, protect the shipment.
Hidden Details: The merchant’s ship was docked at Dedashi for the night so the crew could resupply and rest. Unknown to them, Pirates of the Midnight Marauder ship posed as crewmembers and loaded the ship with explosives hidden in barrels. The explosion will be the Marauder’s signal to attack.

15. [Moshpit Monk]
During an ancient civil war in Kaze no Kuni, a monk sat down in meditation and set himself alight in protest. He maintained a calm meditative position and did not make a sound while his body burned. Within a few minutes, the monk toppled over. Although his body was consumed by the flame, his heart remained intact. His heart is called The Symbol of The Holy Heart, and can be found in a small museum within Zoukei. You’ve been hired as the night watch to the museum, for the client suspects a thief to make a move on it.
Hidden Details: The thief is an eccentric rogue-nin who specializes in projectiles and wields a Wakizashi sized pipe with the skill of a higher ranked Chuunin. The thief also uses the Shunshin technique in the most liberal sense for battle or escape. His name is Ishikawa Goemon, and he wants the treasure to be his.

16. [Hunting Shadows]
Special Requirement: Tsuriau Must be in Team
Wakahisa Hiraku builds his fledgling empires almost entirely through shadow clones. This makes it easy to squash each operation once we discover it, but it’s never a permanent solution. This needs to stop. We’ve uncovered one of Hiraku’s cells in lower Gion and are moving in, but this time we’re finding the REAL Hiraku before he can do any more damage. Before his clone is destroyed or has a chance to destroy itself, your Tsuriau must sync with them. We can use that to find the true location of the true Hiraku and bring him to justice.
Hidden Details: There’s nothing untoward about this mission, but that doesn’t make it easier. Hiraku is an exceptional skilled jounin whose first instinct is caution. If you can make it past his brainwashed guards and indoctrinated students, you still need your Tsuriau to capture his clone’s resonance without destroying it and, more importantly, keep it from destroying itself.

17. [Kai-yote]
Location: The Southern Wastes
Special Requirement: Arechihana Must be in Team
A bandit in possession of a spiritually significant talisman to the Arechihana has become a problem as of late in the wastes between Sunagakure and Bouryoraku. While bandits are not uncommon in this area, the talisman and the recent heinous murders attributed to this particular highwayman have spurred the Seven Elders to arrange this job. Eliminate the thief known as Kai-yote and return the talisman to the clan’s compound.
Hidden Details: Kai-yote is, in fact, Arechihana Kaiden. The clan knows this and has known that he has been operating as a bandit in the wastes for some time, but is eager to keep this quiet in order to save face. Jindaikaze and the Elders know that it is their failure which has allowed him to progress to taking lives of his victims, but it is a failure they are eager to correct. Their previous attempts to mitigate or correct his crimes have proven unfruitful and to kill a member of their own blood is a taboo that the Arechihana take very seriously.

18. [A Vengeful Moon]
Special Requirement: Hakkenshi Must be in Team
Informants have pointed us to one of the safe houses of our Bead thieves. They must be stopped at any cost. Their presence puts our priests and monks at risk at all times.
Hidden Details: They know you are coming and have set up an ambush. While the mooks are just that, there are three inside that possess combat capabilities equal to a low classed Jounin.

19. [The Brown Sugar Bandit]
A series of explosions have gone on throughout Garasu, which has destroyed many high-rise buildings and glass sculptures in the city. Before these places are destroyed, said businesses or establishments are looted. The culprits insignia, left behind in the ruin, is a teddy bear.
Hidden Details: The culprits’ name is Gendo Suru, a jailbreak incident escapee who is continuing his protest of the ninja society by destroying monuments. His special skill arrives in his ability to send chakra into objects in order to make them explode – which power comes from a pair of ‘teddy bear’ bracelets locked about his wrists.
[Class A | Dragon]
Missions designated to Jounin, but some groups of Chuunin take these as a challenge

*** 1. [Colossus in the Shade (Pt. 2)] Claimed - Masahiro, Natsu Star-Chan
The Wastelands of Kaze no Kuni
See: Colossus in the Shade (Pt. 1)
With the blotchy notes retrieved by Len Sosu and Hyuuga Yuu, investigators of Sunagakure were able to piece together evidence leading to the man who sent Nojima to take Hikami’s life. A cultist hanging onto the last fragments of Assate’s religion is hulled up in a miniature temple located in the sand storms within the Kaze no Kuni wastelands. Known as The Mystic Ueda, his workshop looks more like a witch doctor’s office, one fitted for research and torture. Turn his brooding legacy into folklore; leave no trace of his existence behind.
Hidden Details: Ueda’s alchemy derives from a combination of Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, whereas he preaches the word of Priests as if he were once part of the cult. He has a small following of cultist as well.

2. [The Glittering Grotto]
Location: Southern Wastelands
It is a widely known fact in history that Satetsu—Iron Sand—was one of the most feared weapons Shinobi of Sunagakure could wield, all due to the Sandaime Kazekage’s study of Shukaku centuries ago. What isn’t widely known, or easily accessed information, mind you, is that the current descendants of that Kage reside upon the outskirts of Kaze no Kuni as a small business of blacksmiths and carpenters who utilize iron powder to strengthen their work. Your mission is to speak to the head of the household, Banri, and see if he is willing to reveal their family’s secret to Sunagakure.
Hidden Details: Banri is a pacifist who doesn’t believe in the shinobi way, and has spent a lifetime denying the offers of collaboration with Sunagakure, but this time is different. His daughter is ill, suffering from chakra poisoning and is in need of medical attention. Find help. This gesture may not convince him to divulge the secrets up front, but maybe key in shifting his perspective.

3. [The Waking Evil]
Location: Sansui & Doshaburi
An expedition to excavate some ancient ruins has gone horribly wrong. They have received no reports from the expedition and their messengers seem to have vanished. The mission is simple, but likely dangerous. Find out what went wrong and eliminate any threats to the expedition.
Hidden Details: The pioneers are dead. All of them. Dead. What they unearthed wasn't a tomb, but a prison; a demon of vast power confined into the skin of a priest who sacrificed himself in order to contain the monster. When they inadvertently freed him, he killed everyone, and now he's gone. But . . . The trail of devastation he leaves in his wake is headed for Sansui. He must be stopped!

4. [In Search of Successors]
Location: Sansui & Doshaburi
Jomei the Psychic is a famed Miko who has spent the later half of her life in search of a student skilled enough to become her disciple to, ultimately, take over her mantle as one of the most insightful Priestess of Kaze no Kuni. Thus, in preparation for a decathlon of events, she’s announced a tournament of sorts to decide who her next practitioner shall be. The tournament is in a few days, and a thief has lifted an ancient scroll from her temple, which holds the sacred secrets of her divine arts. The only clue left was the petal of a lotus flower. Find the thief and bring them in.
Hidden Details: The thief in question is Kyoyama Saigan; an exiled student of Jomei who has killed ninety-nine Reibai Miko and have replicated their techniques, and feels he’s the best candidate to be the successor to Jomei’s secrets. He’s a veteran of the Kitsui no Zouheishou (Arsenal of the Brave) Taijutsu and holds enough skill to stand toe-to-toe with many skilled fighters. Confront him and bring him in alive.

5. [Mama Don’t Preach] Completed - Chouku Shuju, Yasha Hadoubu
Location: Dedashi
Special Requirement: At least one KAZE member.
There have been rumors of priests, once followers of Assate coalescing around the dark city. After consulting amongst themselves, the bureaucracy has deemed that, despite Assate himself having been laid to rest, his cult, though powerless, still needs to be wiped out. The only issue stems from the fact, within all of Dedashi, we don’t know where they’re hiding. Find them, and kill them.
Hidden Details: It turns out that the disciples of Assate are actually a mother and her children. She’s in her mid-thirties, and her children are in their mid-teens. All three are dangerous, having seemed to draw some form of power from place else – most likely the demons that power the abilities of Black Miko. The children are no stronger than chuunin, but the mother is on a completely different level and would give even jounin a hard time. She is well versed in the Deny tech tree as well. It would be wise to kill her first: If you manage to take out one of her children, there’s no telling what she’s liable to do.

6. [It's Free Real Estate]
Location: Northwestern Border
Special Requirement: SUNA Soldier and/or Officer in Team
Shibata Kano, a small-time warlord out of Tori no Kuni, has taken it upon himself to claim Wind Country lands as his own, marching across the border with a small army and establishing a fortified base in the center of several estates. Having killed several who opposed him, the rest of the citizens have been more or less enslaved. We cannot allow these actions to go unpunished. End them all and restore peace to the community.
Hidden Details: Shibata’s ‘small army' is composed of several strong Ronin and at least twenty trained foot-soldiers, all previously forsaken by their former masters. By amassing their forces in Kaze no Kuni, this brotherhood of displaced warriors seeks to bolster their strength out of the eyes of their enemies in Tori no Kuni in hopes of surprising them with an eventual attack from the South. Shibata and his ensemble have little to lose, little to fear, and have no reservations about cutting down anyone who stands in their way.

7. [Once And For All] Completed - Chouku Shuju, Len Sosu
Location: Coal Country
Despite our many attempts to hold Matoke Shigi, he finds ways to escape. While much of the mess of the jailbreak incident has been taken care of, there are still a handful of high-priority targets who managed to flee the country. Shigi is such a target. Thanks to the pooling of resources between Sand, Grass, and Leaf, we have been alerted to his activities and are aware of his current residence -- a remote cabin in the northernmost reaches of Coal Country. Consider Shigi armed and extremely dangerous. There are no rules of engagement -- End Shigi, at any cost. Be sure to clean up any messes you make in the process. We must not draw negative attention to our village due to our careless conduct abroad.
Hidden Details: Shigi is a powerful, Jounin-level missing-nin from Sand approaching thirty years of age. He wields axes in battle with alarming speed and titan's strength, a match for even the strongest taijutsu-focused shinobi. Additionally, Shigi is a known master of Hidden Sand's Fuuton and Global Genjutsu. Reports, including an entry from Renchishin Hitoko, indicate that Shigi is a strange sort of docile. Shigi is reserved, collected, and will not initiate an attack, but will refuse to suffer a strike-team of shinobi kicking down his door. Surprise him, and end him quickly.
[Class S | God]
Special Missions designated to SHINRAI, The Yagyou, or Kuyamuya, these are often Arc related missions
1. [Expansionism]
Location: Seirei no Shima
Special Requirement: Yagyou Exclusive
The Sunagakure bureaucracy is facing pressure from numerous business associates to expand its realm of influence. With increasing pressure from these associates and no true colony to call their own, Sunagakure has decided it would be easiest to conquer, rather than build from the ground up. After communicating with several tribes in the area, we have found their common enemy. Join forces with these tribes and slaughter their enemy, leaving no trace that it was us who did it. Then lay claim to the tribe’s village for Sunagakure.
Hidden Details: The village is home to very few, but they all seem to practice some kind of heinous shamanism, drawing the hatred of the surrounding tribes. The shamans are all proficient with Black Miko Techniques, and numerous ogres guard the village. The leader will be tough to beat: He is old but capable of channeling powerful, dark magics. You must kill him before the rise of the full moon.

2. [Damage Control] Completed - Wisp (Yagyou), Hashimoto Daisuke (SHINRAI)
Location: Eastern Wasteland Border
Special Requirement: Yagyou Exclusive
Despite the efforts of the late Arisugawa Nayoko, not all corruption was successfully stamped out. Many scrolls, particularly those containing secrets of Hidden Sand's ninjutsu, are still circulating around the world under our radar. Luckily for us, someone slipped up and we’ve caught wind of a developing operation. Initial KAZE scouts have reported an accumulation of Fuuton scrolls currently in transport in a merchant convoy, last seen headed for the eastern border into River Country. The scrolls are contained within large urns filled to the brim with desert fruits and grains. Ambush the convoy, recover our scrolls and leave none alive.
Hidden Details: The merchants who are transporting their ‘wares’ are in the dark, manipulated by someone within Hidden Sand to unknowingly transport the scrolls out of the country. Several nukenin have managed to disguise themselves as merchants and are overseeing the delivery of the scrolls in plain sight. They will not name their contact within Hidden Sand, nor where they plan on delivering the scrolls, and will die by machinations of some cursed seal before they can reveal this information. All the same, eliminate them. Perhaps, through brutality, we may lure those responsible from hiding?

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Originally Posted by S.O.S. Hub

6. KATA Missions may only be taken by members of Hidden Sand and/or Wind Country
Originally Posted by Sun General Seikon

Contact Sand Staff to have 'KATA - Airman' added to your character's division section.

Also, please note that many of these missions may require GM-intervention/NPCing (top brass will frequently be involved in KATA operations)
Changing course!
[KATA Mission List]
Soaring to new heights...
[Class D | Wolf]
Missions often designated to Genin and higher
1. Accidents Happen
Location: Lower Gion
Special Requirement: KAZE Investigator and/or Trainee in team
Crew members aboard an airship have been reporting food rations gone missing and strange noises in the night for several weeks since they last docked outside Gion village. Everyone aboard suspects a stowaway, but all searches of the vessel have turned up empty-handed. When the airship docks for its next re-supply, board her and do not rest until the culprit is found and thrown overboard. We cannot afford to look like fools!
Hidden Details: A young vagrant girl, terribly afraid of heights and small enough to fit in the ventilation systems, really has stowed away somewhere on the airship and is starting to learn that she needs to be more careful about what and when she takes. It is possible that she never meant to end up stuck in this mess in the first place. Your sudden arrival prevents her from slipping off of the ship while it is docked outside of Lower Gion.

2. Weird Science
Location: Southern Sea
KAZE Researchers have requested a sweep of the smaller islands surrounding Seirei no Shima, the Isle of Spirits, for the root of a particularly rare bean plant which is said to possess impressive antidote properties. If there is any left-over from the initial rush of scientists towards that island, or if such a thing ever existed in the first place, bring it back.
Hidden Details: All the bean root has been picked, and even the airspace around Seirei no Shima is charged with powerful chakra and other supernatural forces. Any attempt to fly close enough to the islands where this bean root supposedly grew brings the Airship close enough to the Isle of Spirits that all control over the aircraft is lost. You and your team crash land on the island. The airship, and more importantly, the flight controls, are completely destroyed, and you have no other choice but to seek out some form of civilization and get yourselves home...
[Class C | Tiger]
Missions often designated to Chuunin, but some groups of Genin can take these as a challenge
1. Healing Rain
Location: Rain Country
Special Requirement: HARI Envoy and/or Adjunct in team.
A large delivery of food and other supplies has been prepared in a preliminary round of aid promised by Hidden Sand to Hidden Rain. Escort the shipment aboard an airship and ensure it is received by the proper authorities. The contact on the ground is Maeda Shu, a shinobi from Hidden Rain who has established a secure landing zone. The goal here is to be in and out quickly, as to not draw the attention of the Rain Military.
Hidden Details: Due to a run-in with the Rain Military, Maeda Shu is running behind schedule. Somehow, word has leaked, and several military installations have cropped up in the vicinity of the intended drop site for the aid packages. The Rain Military will not take kindly to Sand Airships deployed within their borders. Any attempt to land, disembark and unload cargo will be met with aggression, or they may try to take the shipments for themselves. Do not allow this to happen.

2. Manifest Destiny Claimed - KATA Airmen: Yasha Hadoubu, Kaihoukan Sei Tento, Renchishin Ume
Location: Southern Sea
The formation of KATA has enabled us to transport large forces over great distances in short amounts of time. However, as the conflict at sea gradually escalates in Hidden Mist territory, it is imperative that we establish Coalition Air Fleet bases on islands throughout the Southern Sea which will permit us a faster response to crises (simultaneously establishing patrol and monitoring routes for our own stretch of sea) One such island has been determined to be of prime location and topography for an installation. Travel there, secure the airfield and begin construction on a temporary command post.
Hidden Details: The jungles centered within the plains that KATA seeks to utilize are home to a tribe native to the island and lost to the histories. Despite their dated technology, their warriors are skilled in various weapons and poisons; crude as either of their homebrews may be, they will certainly not take kindly to their island being seized. Initial KAZE sweeps and a flyover survey mission did not uncover these natives -- a testament to their skills in painting themselves to match their environment.
[Class B | Demon]
Missions often designated to Chuunin or higher
1. Misty Morning Medicine
Location: Water Country
Special Requirement: HARI Medic and/or Apprentice in team.
A small village on a miniscule island has fallen prey to an illness that has claimed the lives of many, young and old alike. As Hidden Mist's resources are tied up in their war, medicine nor medical practitioners have been able to safely reach the island as passing government ships have blown several attempts clean out of the water. The villagers' only hope is that we reach them by air. Given the circumstances, Hidden Sand has agreed that these innocent people be taken aboard our airship, healed and cleansed if possible, and brought back as refugees to prevent their further suffering.
Hidden Details: The illness is actually caused by a poison fabricated by a wayward dustman contracted by the someone within the Water Country government who is living among the people and is fully immune to the effects of his (and many, many other) poison(s). The Dustman's notes would indicate that he is testing his toxic concoction on the small village as a means of gauging its strength before attempting to mass produce the chemical into a weapon. Most villagers who are not exhibiting signs of exposure to the poison will be within the hour after your arrival. Avoiding Water Country ships should be easy enough as their patrols are fairly infrequent of late, which gives us a perfect window to execute this retrieval mission.

2. Grand Tour
Location: Wind Country
Special Requirement: KAZE Investigator and/or Trainee in team.
Namizuchi Souzen, Daimyo of Wind, has oddly requested a Shinobi security detail for his aerial tour of Wind Country aboard his personal KATA flagship. Escort the Wind Lord. Keep your eyes out for anything suspicious, but otherwise, enjoy the break! Relax and take in the sights like never before on a week-long trip around the country.
Hidden Details: There are still some in Wind Country who believe our resources should stay focused inward, used for rebuilding in the aftermath of the war against Assate and his army of priests. The extravagance of KATA and its air fleet is the equivalent of spitting in the face of this faction of dissent, led by Jounin-level Fukura Kihei who was, until now, considered loyal to Wind and Sand. Fukura would seek to assassinate Namizuchi and take control of his airship alongside his crew of mutineers disguised as members of the Daimyo's guard. Protect the Daimyo at all costs. Namizuchi is aware of this political adversity and has reason to suspect that he would be attacked in the air, but did not disclose this when he requested an escort.
[Class A | Dragon]
Missions designated to Jounin, but some groups of Chuunin take these as a challenge
1. In Another Castle
Location: Bird Country
Special Requirement: HARI Envoy and/or Adjunct in team.
A notorious warlord, Yamamoto Akira, has killed his rival and seized his lands. Yamamoto's armies cover the landscape surrounding the ascent up into his ex-rival's mountain fortress and block any interference by anyone who would seek to put an end to Yamamoto's mad power grabs. Worse still, Yamamoto has rounded up the townspeople in the central courtyard and has threatened to execute them all if his demands are not met. While the affairs of minor, non-shinobi nations do not necessarily concern us, we cannot allow such aggressive behaviors in a neighboring nation to go unchecked. Attack this newly dubbed "Akiyama Castle" from the air liberate the prisoners held within. If necessary, eliminate Yamamoto and any who would prevent you from carrying out your duty.
Hidden Details: When you arrive, remnant forces of Yamamoto's rival have rallied and are currently laying siege to Akiyama's defenses. Yamamoto's demands are simple enough: his daughter must be freed and returned to their home castle a fair distance away. The deceased rival's younger brother, even more brazen than Yamamoto himself, kidnapped Yamamoto's daughter without his elder brother's knowledge when his marriage proposal was formally denied, and this action was the catalyst for all preceding events. Do your best to negotiate a peaceful settlement between all parties involved.

2. Welcome to Wind
Location: Eastern Wasteland
Special Requirement: SUNA Soldier and/or Officer in team.
Reports from a distant border patrol have identified an intruder who bypassed two northern security checkpoints and is currently making his way southeast into Wind Country. We will not tolerate unauthorized access by unknown parties into our lands. Move to intercept him in the Eastern Wasteland aboard a nearby airship and stop him before he reaches any towns. Identify the rogue. If necessary, arrest him. If they refuse to comply, return with their body.
Hidden Details: The nukenin is actually Nakamura Zenshi, an aging A-ranked Stone M-nin (well above a beginner Jounin's paygrade) proficient with a wide variety of ranged weapons who will refuse to cooperate and not say a word about his intentions under any circumstances. Despite his age, he's fast and accurate. To avoid sustaining damage to the airship, engage with the traitor in close-quarters-combat.

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Requesting Hooky in Zoukei for myself - Senzo, and Nan_wu - Nadira.

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Sounds good! Go right for it
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Hey Wess and I are going to take Rising Sun

Len Sosu And

Renchishin Ume Please
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Go right for it.
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Rina & Daisuke for From The Mountains, Madness if that's okay?


AP: 48

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