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Default [Spartoi] Ishikawa Eiko

Ishikawa Eiko

[Title] Aficionado of Mirage

[Age] 11
[Sex] Female
[Height] 4 feet, 7 inches
[Character Type] Shinobi
[Country/Village] Kaze no Kuni / Sunagakure no Sato
[Rank] [Advanced] Genin
[Division] KAZE Investigator Trainee; KATA Airman

[Nindo; "Way of the Ninja"]
"Watch, Listen, Learn."


Eiko is short for her age, and really, she's just small period. Her youthful body is just beginning to develop into that of a woman's; for now, she's stuck with a wide baby-face bearing soft features, round ears that have a tendency to stick out a tad too far (which, thankfully, are naturally adept at keeping her hair out of her face), a long neck and a slender profile. In truth, she's quite the cute little girl, and would likely get more attention from her male classmates if she bothered to stylize her features a bit more and made an effort to turn her resting frown into a peppy smile. Not one for makeup, extravagant hairdos or small talk, Eiko prefers to be taken at face value; what you see is definitely what you get... right?

Her hair is a thick mess of hickory, parted on the left side with a tendency to fall directly in front of her right eye. The natural curtain provides a bit of privacy for the Genin, and unless she's trying to read, she won't even bother fixing it because she knows it'll just get messed up again anyway. Her skin is a tanned fawn, her doe-eyes a shade of currant; coupled with her wisteria-imprinted uniform, she truly takes on the appearance of a rare desert flower.

Concealing her budding beauty is a crimson hood, sewn directly into the cape provided by the academy upon her graduation. The garment is tied around her neck; the excess fabric knotted in a big bow which conceals the gleaming golden ring that would otherwise mark it as a Spartoi speciality. Beneath this outer layer, Eiko dons the maroon button down in accordance with uniform policy, though has been known to wear it loosely (and with the top few buttons left undone revealing her neck and part of her shoulders). Her forearms are covered by crimson arm guards, worn over the top of her uniform's shirt.

She wears a short, mid-thigh length sand colored skirt over dark-brown spandex leggings which extend to her ankles. To protect her feet, she wears deep crimson shinobi sandals with shin-guard extensions of the same material built into the sandals themselves. Finally, to (literally) hold it all together, Eiko proudly bears Sunagakure's Hitai-ate on her uniform's dark-brown sash around her waist.


A single glance evaluation of Eiko in passing would suggest that she is a meek and somber eleven-year-old girl, bordering on creepy.

She is mysterious, often misunderstood due to her very private nature and disposition (often the quietest in any room). She is mostly ignored by boys, treated like a lesser-being by girls, and does little by way of changing this; while all shinobi should know not to judge a book by its cover, she's convinced that very few actually follow through on that adage.

At her core, Eiko is careful to a fault, yet clever, thoughtfully creative, and highly curious. She speaks in a measured tone, regulating herself well in forums both public and private. A keen observer, few details go unnoticed by the youth. She is somewhat out of touch with her peers, expressing a difficulty in connecting with others and understanding their emotions (often frustrating them instead with a silent stare). Her isolation is a result of self-induced solitude, which she is quite comfortable with, as it offers her an outsider's perspective on any and all happenings she is present to witness. She can be perceived as awkward at times, entering and exiting conversations abruptly at oddly timed moments. Despite this, she has proven herself highly independent and responsible, truly thinking before speaking, with hints of a quiet confidence riddled throughout her soft-spoken dialogue.

Eiko has a great love of reading, and though this interest trumps all others, to assume she is defined by her bookwormish quality is folly. The girl can be found humming or whistling a tune, talents she's honed over years of practice (though she does recognize that she isn't a very good singer). She is fond of writing, with a particular interest in short stories – and is equally fond of illustrating them, preferring monochrome sketches to colorful artwork. Finally, and while it is a subject she's taken flak for in the past, Eiko has a soft spot for music boxes and has a collection of over twenty, each unique in construction and melody.

Though she carries a strong moral compass, Eiko is adaptable and certainly capable of deceit. After all, what kind of ninja would she be if she wasn't? She is cunning, confident, and certainly not a stranger to the Shinobi way. Each of her thoughts, words and actions are calculated with precision outside the comprehension of children her age, including many if not all of her Spartoi peers. With an odd interest in ancient history, strategy and war-making, theology, mysticism, the occult and arcane (including genjutsu and ninjutsu), she invests much of her free time reading with an emphasis on taboo and otherwise forbidden subjects whenever she can get her hands on them. Her hunger for knowledge is seemingly never sated – knowledge which she prefers to keep to herself, because knowledge, as they say, is power.

[Combo Archetype: Mirage Elementalist]

Genjutsu Specialist - Elemental [Sand] Specialist
Combo Special: Base Duration for Village Genjutsu below Stage Five increased by one, thrice per thread
Stat Merits: +2 to Willpower, +2 Power, +1 to Intelligence, +1 Reserves
Stat Flaws: -3 to Strength, -2 Tactics, -1 to Stamina

Primary: Mental
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Physical

Intelligence: 1 + 1 + 4 (+1 ADV) (+11 AP) = 18
Tactics: 1 - 2 + 3 (+2 GMAP) (+13 AP) = 17
Willpower: 1 + 2 + 3 (+1 ADV) (+11 AP) = 18

Power: 1 + 2 + 1 (+2 ADV) (+8 AP) (+1 TP) = 15
Control: 1 + 5 (+2 ADV) (+7 AP) = 15
Reserves: 1 + 1 + 2 (+2 ADV) (+7 AP) = 13

Strength: 1 - 2 - 1 + 3 = 1 [Level One]
Speed: 1 + 2 (+4 AP) (+5 TP) = 12 [+12 AnO = 24] [Level Three]
Stamina: 1 - 1 + 1 (+6 AP) (+1 TP) = 8 [+15 AnO = 23] [Level Three]


(ADV) Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) (S1)
Requirements: Control 3, Intelligence 2
(AP) Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique) (S1)
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
(ADV) Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique) (S2)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
(AP) Kyou Masukingu no Jutsu (Sound Masking Technique) (S2)
Requirements: Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5
(AP) Fukuwajutsu (Ventriloquism) (S3)
Requirements: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7
(AP) Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air) (S4)
Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14


(AP) Tsuchi no Kaishin (Conversion of Earth) (S1)
Requirements: Power 4, Control 4
(F1) Suna Tegakari Fukikesu (Sand Track Eraser) (S1)
Requirements: Intelligence 4, Willpower 4
(AP) Daisan no Me (The Third Eye) (S2)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
(F2) Suna Shuriken (Sand Shuriken) (S2)
Requirements: Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Tactics 4
(F3) Tsuitou Suna (Tracking Sand) (S2)
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
(AP) Suna Kyuutai (Sand Sphere) (S3)
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
(AP) Panku Suna no Yoroi (Bursting Sand Armour) (S3)
Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
(F4) Suna Kawarimi (Sand Replacement) (S3)
Requirements: Intelligence 9, Willpower 9, Control 7
(AP) Migakizuna (Polishing Sand) (Replacing: Sunamuchi) (S3)
Requirements: Intelligence 10, Willpower 10, Reserves 8
(GMAP) Sunagakure (Hidden Sand) (S4)
Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
(GMAP) Suna Kenshutsu (Sand Detection) (S4)
Requirements: Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Power 12
(GMAP) Suna no Futoiude (Great Arm of Sand) (S4)
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Willpower 10
(GMAP) Suna Shunshin (Sand Instantaneous Body) (S4)
Requirement: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14
(GMAP) Gakidou Sabaku (Hungry Desert) (S5)
Requirements: Intelligence 17, Willpower 16, Tactics 16, Power 15
(GMAP) Sabaku Kyuu (Desert Coffin) (S5)
Requirements: Intelligence 18, Willpower 17, Tactics 17, Control 14


(F5) Kazeoto (Sound of the Wind) (S1)
Requirements: Willpower 3, Control 2
(F6) Tochikan (Familiarity) (S2)
Requirements: Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
(F7) Keikaishin (Wariness) (S2)
Requirements: Reserves 5, Power 4, Control 4
(AP) Nigemizu Fukumen (Mirage Veil) (S2)
Requirements: Reserves 6, Power 5, Intelligence 5
(AP) Kaeru (Replace) (S2)
Requirements: Willpower 7, Intelligence 7, Reserves 6
(AP) Mougo Shibaku no Jutsu (False Strike Technique) (S3)
Requirements: Willpower 8, Intelligence 8, Tactics 6
(ADV) Hanasu (Division) (S3)
Requirements: Reserves 8, Power 6, Control 8
(ADV) Genjutsu Kai (Release) (Replacing: Moutsui) (S3)
Requirements: Willpower 9, Intelligence 9, Reserves 7
(AP) Shinkirou no Hada (Mirage Body) (Replacing: Open Slot) (S3)
Requirements: Willpower 10, Intelligence 10, Control 8
(GMAP) Kareru (Wither) (Replacing: Open Slot) (S3)
Requirements: Reserves 10, Power 10, Tactics 8
(GMAP) Soranamida (Crocodile Tears) (Replacing: Sagasu) (S4)
Requirements: Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Reserves 12
(GMAP) Kougai (Reveal) (S5)
Requirements: Willpower 18, Intelligence 17, Tactics 17, Power 14


Vital Strikes
Ichiban / Niban / Sanban
Battle Analyses
Who Goes There? / Do-Over! / In Retrospect...
Pressure Points
Ekika / Ashigatame / Gekitsuu / Kutsuu / Kokoronimonai
(2TP) Stage One (+5 Stamina, +4 Speed)
Requirements: Speed 6, Stamina 2
(AP/TP) Stage Two (+5 Stamina, +4 Speed)
Requirements: Speed 10, Stamina 4, Tactics 6
(2TP) Stage Three (+5 Stamina, +4 Speed)
Requirements: Speed 12, Stamina 8, Tactics 8


Shinobi Kit (X)
Small Gourds (X)

Antidotes (3)

Arm Guards (1)
Shin Guards (1)

Shiroisuna-ken (3) (Info)
-Small Blade; O-Tanto (1)
-Obscured; Mirage (2)
(Initial Weapon Points) (8)
(Weapon Points Purchased) (0)
(Weapon Points Used) (0)
(Remaining Weapon Points) (0)

[Biography & Timeline]

1.25 : [Sand] The Language of Flowers
1.26 : [Sand] In Sheep's Clothing - In Progress
1.28 : [Sand] Catching Dragons
1.29 : [Sand] Lonely Legacies
1.30 : [River] Honored Guests
1.32 : [Sand] Sand Mirage
1.34 : [Sand] Anathema - In Progress

[Other Info]

(GMAP) GM Account Points (11)
(Stats) +2 Tactics
(Jutsu) Kareru, Soranamida, Kougai, Sunagakure, Suna Kenshutsu
(cont.) Suna no Futoiude, Suna Shunshin, Gekidou Sabaku, Sabaku Kyuu
(ADV) Advanced Points (12)
(Stats) +2 Power, +2 Control, +2 Reserves, +1 Intelligence, +1 Willpower
(Jutsu) Henge, Kinobori, Hanasu, Genjutsu Kai
(AP) AP Limit Break (81)
(Stats) +13 Tactics, +11 Intelligence, +11 Willpower, +8 Power, +7 Control, +7 Reserves, +6 Stamina, +4 Speed
(Jutsu) Nigemizu Fukumen, Kaeru, Mougo Shibaku no Jutsu, Shinkirou no Hada, Migakizuna
(cont.) Ahou no Ojike II, Anrokku, Kyou Masukingu, Fukuwajutsu, Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou
(cont.) Tsuchi no Kaishin, Daisan no Me, Suna Kyuutai, Suna Panku no Yoroi


1. [Spartoi] The Language of Flowers: +1 Stamina
2. Catching Dragons: Ahou no Ojike Stage One, +3 AP [+3 Speed]
3. [Solo] Lonely Legacies: +2 Speed, +6 AP [+1 Intelligence, +1 Willpower, +2 Stamina, Jutsu: Shinkirou no Hada (Mirage Body), Migakizuna (Polishing Sand)], Inventory Edit
4. Honored Guests: +2 Speed, +3 AP [+2 Power, Jutsu: Ahou no Ojike Stage Two]
5. Sand Mirage: +1 Speed, +1 Power
6. Three Years Months of Hard Work: Ahou no Ojike Stage Three, +58 AP and +2 TP [Engiversary 2019] and +9 GMAP [Valentines & MOTY 2019], AP Limit Breaker


AP: 48

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I've already looked over this. Your stats and jutsu check out, but there's little to no mention of recent events in the biography. You should incorporate some, particularly the death of nearly all of the graduates from before, and the most recent, villagescape altering events with Minoru and Assate and all.

Once you do that, I'll pop back in to look again.
Available for registry checks, just ask!
If you need character sheet edits done, let me know!

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AP / Swaps
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Originally Posted by Interview
More than anything in the world. Mom and Dad were just names and faces... Eiji was... my hero. He was a hero of Sunagakure.

He certainly was. I must say, your resilience is inspiring. I can't help but wonder where you keep all that strength of spirit. Especially after last year's incident... Suzuka was a friend of yours, wasn't she?

She is still -- she used to say that Renchishin don't really die. She's on the 'Elysian Fields', I think they're called...
Her bro died to the priests. Suzuka was a Renchishin girl who attended the academy during the gas attack, so named in the Open "Letters" thread where the attack itself took place. But I will be tweaking the biography a little bit to include a bit more, and also some expansion on the other members of the Spartoi class once more characters become developed.

Patch Notes (1/7/16)

-Jutsu Modified
-ADV Points Usage Modified
-Stats Modified
-Biography Modified (now includes Obama Hiryo, Kinsha, Ogiwara Etsuya)

Pre-existing (Renchishin Takai)

Patch Notes (1/14/16)
-Biography Modified (now includes Sonozaki Mai, Arechihana Rika, Arechihana Sasori)

Patch Notes (1/17/16)
-Biography Modified (now includes Kyuukai Aikiko)


AP: 48

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I'll half it. Just remember, Hito isn't going through the registry until they're all done though. So you have time for more edits.
Available for registry checks, just ask!
If you need character sheet edits done, let me know!

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What a pain of a stat sheet to check! Thanks for putting all the relevant info up there though so I didn't have to hunt for it.

The interviewer seems to do more talking than your character in the bio, which I'm mostly fine with. Less of that unreliable narrator stuff that plagues first person bios when you do it like that. I'll Half Approve though I'm paranoid I missed something when checking the stats.
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I'll go ahead and Half-approve this

AP - Swaps - Weapons/Items
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Aficionado of Mirage—Ishikawa Eiko [Seikon]
To look at / to wonder at / to admire

I’d like to prefix this review with some key things I told you in regards to your character, as to create a fair scope for everyone’s application:

The most off putting thing about Eiko isn’t necessarily her as a character, but rather the way she is presented. I understood that she is a gifted shinobi (you say that a lot in the biography), but phrases such as she could have easily been top of the class if she applied herself, or has observational skills that’d give Hitoko a run for his money (you lyin’ tho), or that she didn’t want her classmates to know her capabilities and held back, felt more like a cope out—or moreso self glorification—rather than an actual merit of her characteristics.
The problem is the way you handled Nevin, the Spartoi sensei. You utilized this higher authority—one who is by far the most crucial instrument in the development of the class—in a manner that short changed everyone else; you see what I’m saying? As Nevin is dominating the conversation, she is moreso praising Eiko at every turn, rather than facilitating a safe space between them so Eiko could expound upon her insecurities, her goals as a shinobi, or bring more insight of herself.
Glad these things changed, although you still have Nevin say—If you only applied yourself a bit more, you may have been top of the class and you’d come into my class using techniques far beyond the talents of an academy student. First sentence is still unnecessary, and you could easily swap out the second for a more neutral response, like—you’d come into my class with techniques I hadn’t covered yet, like when you avoided others behind that Mirage Veil you see?

I like this incarnation of Eiko’s presentation much more than the first, as the bio—clocking in at 1493—explores more of the character’s quirks and story opposed to being an exhibition of Nevin praising Eiko for her prowess and skill. As I’ve written many a time, that isn’t the point of the Spartoi. What makes Eiko more relatable, and distant to classmates and sensei, is the connection you’ve created between her and her elder brother. That’s what made this read the most potent for me, that narrative hook and motivation that seeped out to manifest the story of a little girl coping with—lmao as I keep writing, now that I think about it—the tragedies of the country as a whole.

Eiko is an interesting girl. She’s introverted and withdrawn, analytical and isolated, not one for expansive dialogues but her immature tendencies are there and evident through the conversation. The back and forth moment with the chalk and items in the classroom made her astute observational skills evident. That, and, having the grand scope of Spartoi on my mind, makes her being mentioned by other folks that much more…well, tangible, ya’know?

Now, there’s more substance. Make those tiny changes I’ve mentioned, NOW I can give you the Sand Primary GM Approval. Ishikawa Eiko is officially the Aficionado of Mirage.

Welcome to the Spartoi.

Additional Notes:
Lol look at the chin game on Seikon’s avatar tho
You one of the reason for no more spoilers and you know it lol
Daaaamnnnn didn’t even wait a day after I announced to put her up. Thirsty.
Lmao, aight let me stop playing tho
Okay with this description, some good ass writing
Lol “adage”—I see you

Spartoi Mentions:
Etsuya*—what the, crush on Etsuya? With ya’ll young asses
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Made the edits you listed, thanks for the review and the spot in Spartoi! Looks like Eiko's sitting at 2.5/3.


AP: 48
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