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in lame man terms
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Default [Spartoi]Arechihana Sasori

Only way is up...

[Title] Telescope of Dawn

[Age] 12
[Sex] Male
[Height] 5 feet, 3 inches
[Character Type] Shinobi
[Country/Village] Kaze no Kuni / Sunagakure no Sato
[Rank] [Advanced] Genin
[Division] [KAZE]
[Clan/Bloodline Arechihana/Hyakunen no Hana

[Nindo; "Way of the Ninja"]
"I can't change yesterday, but I can write the future."


A bit tall for his age—though, not Takai tall—Sasori is well on his way to growing up. His cinnamon skin is wrapped around a body with budding lean muscle, particularly noticeable in his bared arms. The Arechihana’s eyes are the same as any of his kin, warm sunbursts of red to yellow, though the face they are set in is more angular than typical of his kin, owing to his mother’s side. His hair is long and dark, worn as dreadlocks and typically gathered at the back of the crown to help keep it in control, a vivid cloth of purple with yellow serving as the tie.

Among the clan grounds, you will find the genin dressed in the typical loose, airy attire associated with the clan’s members, all billowing linens intricately wrapped and draped—and rarely with shoes beyond the scantest of leather sandals. Since his graduation as part of Spartoi, however, Sasori has taken to heart the uniform they are expected to wear, seeking to find ways to make it his own without stepping too far outside the regulations. Given his bloodline, however, some modifications were unavoidable.

As much bulk as he could get away with had to be eliminated to maintain range of motion, therefore the arms of the maroon jacket have been removed, the golden trim modified to fit with the sleeveless motif. He even wears the crimson sandals, though his are thinner and lighter, leaving more of the skin of his foot exposed to allow more flexible use of the Hyakunen no Hana, though it is not uncommon for him to take them off before a fight. The dark brown pants of his uniform certainly fit the bill of ‘loose fitting’ about his legs, though they are cuffed tightly near the calf, creating a dramatic, billowing look, cinched as they are at the waist with a crimson and gold sash presented by the Seven Elders as a token of recognition of his graduation, the sash having the story of Mother Desert and Father Sky penned across it. The cape is standard issue on the outside, though the inside is covered by colorful geometric illustrations in vivid purples, oranges, blues, reds, and yellows. along his waist, many plain, unassuming pouches have been secured to the sash to carry the tools of the shinobi trade.

**Feel like I got a lot of people that's depending on me,
Built a solid foundation, put the building on me

Sasori was always a willful child. Mind you, not in the bratty, “scream-until-I-get-what-I-want” way; no, it was disciplined, always disciplined. He has always been a little more mature for his age than his peers in that way. His willfulness is not entitlement, but determination. His fire is not a quickly exhausted inferno, but a steady, constant flame. When it swells, it is always in its confines, the genin ever mindful of the lines even when his passions flare. Aimlessness is something unknown for the goal-oriented and purpose-driven youth.

This discipline and determination were only tempered with the recent troubles brought on by his infamous uncle, Hokori Taka. As the world turned against his mother’s family, the boy found himself in a situation that would be too easily forgiven for petulance and bitterness. It is a testament to his character that, where the world around him expected negative, Sasori kept his head, kept himself, and put everything on his shoulders. Now, he is as much the good-natured boy he was before, but with a man’s weight upon his shoulders, setting his goal in life to set things right for his siblings, for his mother, and, lastly, for himself.

As is common for the Arechihana, Sasori is a seeker of friends. Raised with the teaching that all of Sunagakure is as good as family, Sasori is eager to reach out and inquire, driven by curiosity as to how other’s view the world and what the path they walk is like. Moreover, he has a particular affinity to the outliers—the outcasts and misfits of the world. Anyone who does not quite fit the mold, the genin is fascinated by, seeking them out to bring them close—in essence, taking the clan’s concept of The Embrace as a guidepost for daily life. For him, the exchange of the term ‘friend’ might as well mean ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ and he will not hesitate to go out on a limb for them.

Beyond this, Sasori is yet many things. He is studious and well-read, particularly on histories and religious texts. He is clever and cunning, yet in a way that lacks malice. He is adventurous, but not reckless. And, more, he is changing, growing up more and faster as the years march on. Who knows where he will end up? What can be held fast, however, is that, no matter how the world changes around him, the fire in his gut will always be there, burning, driving him onward to whatever goal is before him.

In time, it'll come
Just stay focused and humble, my son
Show and prove, prove you're the one
It's not about who is dopest
Who wants it the most
So just go out and get it...

Primary Archetype: Ocotillo
Special:When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can use two special techniques of Hyakunen no Hana in the same post once per thread
Secondary Archetype: Projectile Specialist

Net Stat Merits: +1 Speed, Control, Reserves.
Net Stat Flaws: -1 Intelligence, -2 Tactics.


Primary(10+4 Advance Points+7 AP)
Strength: 1 +3 +2 (AdvP) +1 (AP) = 7 (+8 AN)
Speed: 1 +1 (Arch) +4 +1 (AdvP) +3 (AP) + 1 (TP) = 11 (+10 HnH)
Stamina: 1 +3 +1 (AdvP) +3 (AP) = 8 (+6 AN)

Secondary:(8+7 AP +2 AdvP)
Power: 1 +2 +3 (AP) +2 (AdvP)= 8
Control: 1 +1 (Arch) +4 +2 (AP) = 8
Reserves: 1 +1 (Arch) +2 +2 (AP) = 6

Tertiary:(6+5 Advance Points+7 AP)
Intelligence: 1 -1 +2 +2 (AP) + 2 (AdvP) = 6
Tactics: 1 -2 +2 +3 (AP) + 2 (AdvP) = 6
Willpower: 1 -1 +2 +2 (AP) +1 (AdvP) = 6


Hyakunen no Hana (6 jutsu)
Stage One Req.: 4 Speed, 4 Stamina
Hahen (Splinter) Req.: Control 2, Power 2
Sensaku Suru I (To Pry I) Req.: Control 2, Power 2
Stage Two Req.: Speed 8, Stamina 6, Control 6
Suna no Youkai (Specter of the Sands) Req.: Control 4, Power 4
Josho Hari (Rising Nail) Req.: Control 4, Power 4
Regular Techniques:
-Nakkuru (Knuckles)
-Iwa o Bunkatsu (Break the Rock)
Cumulative Taijutsu Bonuses: (+10 Speed, +4 Stamina, +4 Strength)

Forbidden Sloth (1 Jutsu, 1 AP)
Stage One Req.: 4 Strength 4 Stamina
Stage Two Req.: 7 Strength 7 Stamina 6 Tactics
Cumulative Taijutsu Bonuses: (+8 Strength, +6 Stamina, +4 Speed)

Sand Genjutsu (2 AP)
Stage One
Kazeoto Req.: 3 Willpower, 2 Control
Stage Two
Nigemizu Fukumen Req.: 6 Reserves, 5 Power, 5 Intelligence

Global Ninjutsu (2 AP)
Stage One:
Kawarimi no Jutsu Req.: Power 2, Tactics 2
Stage Two:
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu Req.: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

Minor House Summons (2 GMAP, 1 AdvP)
Stage One:
Crests: Safety in Numbers Req.: Control 3, Intelligence 2
Stage Two:
Swarms: Stinging Cloud Req.: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
Stage Three:
Wings: Aerial Bombardment Req.: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

-Shinobi Kit [0]
-Hallucinogenic poison [3]

Initial Weapon Points: 8
Weapon Points Purchased: 0
Weapon Points Used: 3
Remaining Weapon Points: 5

Originally Posted by Bureaucracy of Kaze no Kuni—Spartoi Interview

Spartoi: Interview Transcripts
File: Arechihana Sasori
Interview occurred 0915, Tuesday, XXth of XXXXXXX

My name, Dazai-sensei? Oh, for the record. Gotcha. My name is Arechihana Sasori, great grandson of the Jindaikaze. My father is Arechihana Hagewashi and my mother is Arechihana Sayuri.

…um, yes. My mother’s maiden name is Hokori Sayuri. And before the question is asked, yes, that makes Hokori Taka my uncle. Biologically. Is that enough?

I’m sorry, Dazai-sensei. I don’t mean to be sharp but, well, what am I supposed to do? I mean, are his crimes mine? Does anyone think that we don’t know what a monster the guy was? If anyone knows, it is us. He did a lot of terrible stuff. I’m reminded of probably the worst on a weekly basis when I go see my—the Jindaikaze. Did you know that he has a photo hanging on his wall of Nayoko-sama holding me on my first birthday? I mean, it’s not like he points it out to me, but I see it every week.

But, I mean, before he was a villain, he was a dead hero of Sand. That’s the Hokori Taka I grew up learning about. I learned the horrible truth the same time as everyone else. If my mom had known the truth back then, do you think I would have been named for him? But that’s what was chosen after her Angya. It’s not my fault.

Do you know what it's like? Nobody ever asks about my aunts, you know? Taka’s sisters? Nobody ever wants to talk about Auntie Shina running into the Academy after the bombing, using her Sabakudoku training to get people out and save dozens of lives. And Auntie Namiko lost her husband during the jailbreak, but she didn’t hesitate to volunteer for deep cover missions in Dedashi. Of course, now she just works a desk, pushing papers because people aren’t sure whether she is trustworthy. My grandparents are virtual exiles from even other Hokori. Is that right? Are we all supposed to be suspects because we happen to share blood with the guy?

No, I don’t think I am being overdramatic, sensei. My mom says they see my uncle when they look at me, that I am practically his spitting image barring the eyes and being dark instead of pale. Well, I don’t have any control over that, only over how I end up.

Well, yeah, I guess that did factor into my match with Hiryo. Things between us have been tense for awhile and putting us across from each other was just the opportunity he had been waiting for. Do I hold a grudge? Well, only one based on losing to him. I had him, sensei! But, man, I don’t even know what that last thing he pulled out was. Guess he had more in his tank than I gave him credit for. Next time, I’ll be ready. ‘Everything else?’ Well, I mean, I can’t say his feelings are unjust. Like I said, Taka was a monster. I’ll never deny that. But, Taka is dead and I am not him, no matter how much Hiryo wants to blame everything on me. He’s been through a lot, though. I don’t know how I would handle it.

My family? Well, I have two siblings. Kyoufuuro is next oldest to me and he is about to enter the academy next year in case you thought you were getting a break from us. Then there is Hinoiri, my little sister, who just turned four. Yeah, I love being a big brother. There is a lot of responsibility, but it’s worth it.

Oh, Rika? Well, yeah, we used to be pretty close. That’s changed recently, though. Something is going on, but nobody will really tell me what. I wish they would. I just know that I could help. Did I have a problem facing her in the tournament? Well, not exactly. We are family, but we are shinobi too, you know? Fighting is what we do. It was a competition and there was no harm done. Though, whew, she took me to the limit! If not for all that grappling training with Takai, I probably would have lost. Oh man, can you imagine Rika and Hiryo having to square off in the finals? That would have been a riot!

You want to know about my childhood? Kind of a weird way to talk about it, but I guess I am growing up and all. Not much ‘childhood’ left! Overall, I’d say it was good. It helps when you have a large family like I do. Always plenty of friends around my age when you have cousins coming out of every nook and cranny of the Arechihana compound. Plus, I got to spend a lot of time around my mom’s parents. Grandpa Hokori always had lots of fun games for me to play. I have begun to realize they were basically training exercises, but at the time, it was just games to me.

Oh, that. Are you sure you really want to know about? ‘For the record,’ huh? Okay, well, part of my childhood involved the longstanding tradition of the Hokori offering children to the Dustmen for Sabakudoku training. I got my first dose right before my fifth birthday. Yeah, I remember it like yesterday. I was very ill for a month, barely able to keep any food down and basically bed-ridden. Made for a swell birthday. This continued on until it was revealed that Taka was part of the Sasori Ryodan.

Once that came out, the Seven Elders and Jindaikaze informed my parents that my training with the Dustmen was over. It sucks because I had gone through years of being super sick every other month for nothing. And I was RIGHT THERE! I was so close to the first level of the training! But, well, in the end, my mom became the first Hokori to break their dearly held tradition and have no children pursue Sabakudoku. Her whole family was pretty steamed at her at first, and not just her immediate family, but the entire Hokori clan. They hold that bond very close—there are many Hokori among the ranks of the Dustmen. That’s how I started talking with Kinsha, after all. We had been introduced before we were ever in the academy. It gave us some common ground to start from. After the bombing, though, the Hokori had bigger concerns than whether or not one family observed the tradition.

How do I feel about it? It’s, uh, it’s complicated. On one hand, I enjoy not throwing up for a few days every month. That has its benefits, and I can be ‘normal’, whatever that means. On the other hand, it feels weird to be the end of a tradition. I could tell my mom was pretty sad over it. Both of my parents underwent the training. That was part of the reason their marriage was arranged, after all. She cried for months after all was said and done. It sucks a lot to know that I had any part to do with that. It…it makes you feel really bad.

But, hey, no acidic sweat. Small blessings, I suppose.

Did everything with Taka make me more serious about my training? Hmm, I don’t know. I always took my training seriously, Dazai-sensei, you know that. But…yeah, it matters to me. It matters a lot. It isn’t fair that Taka’s shadow looms over me or my mom or my brother or sister or anyone for that matter. Hokori Taka chose to be the villain. But, even if it is unfair, his shadow does loom over us and, unfortunately, I can never change what Taka did. I can’t un-kill Nayoko-sama or the Obama clan. I can’t undo any of it.

But, I can choose my future, right? Just because people want to assume the worst based on the past, I can make the future any damn thing I want. And do you know what I want my future to be, Dazai-sensei?

A light. As long and as deep and dark as Hokori Taka’s shadow is, I’ll be a light so bright that they can’t even see it anymore. That’s what I think about every morning. As good as Taka ever was, I’ll be better. As evil as he was, I will be that much more a force of good. That’s my goal. To banish the specter of Hokori Taka.

Well, thanks, Dazai-sensei. I hope I make good on all the effort you have put in on me.

Now, is that all? I kind of want to go see my friends.
[Other Info]

[Mission Log]
The Language Of Flowers - +1 Speed

"The more I see of what you call civilization,
the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

Robert E. Howard, King Kull
||GM, Arechihana Bloodline Clan of Sand||
||Co-GM, Shoda Bloodline Clan of Cloud||
\\Shoda Hoshihana, Cloud Jounin//
//Arechihana Sasori, Spartoi\\
||Yotarou Ouji, SUNA chuunin||Koike Kano, ANBU||
||Hasami Kuma, the Iron Devil of Sound||Tsubasa Kinoshita, Rain Jounin||

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Telescope of Dusk—Arechihana Sasori [Kyz]
To look or see / far seeing

Biography clocks in at 1471—you lucky. Lol. Also, you made edits but I was all ready done reviewing your character, so…I ain’t change what I wrote, lmao.

The finesse on the interview format is real, cutting out the questions and just having the answers was a rather smart move. This is the second Spartoi I read, and going through his biography solidified the reason why I opted for first person narratives opposed to anything else—I can tell how invested you were when writing this. I feel like this application transcends the Spartoi specifically because of his, and your, connection to Hokori Taka. That dynamic alone made this character strong, which in turn makes the potential between Sasori and Hiryo that much more powerful.

Also, Sasori mentions that Taka killed Nayoko. This isn’t true. Shujou did, unless there is something I missed.

The character is well written, clear and his family is hefty enough that this character as a whole is solid. My only real critique would be over the last few paragraphs, where you sort of just start listing Spartoi off and giving an opinion on them. Felt like that could’ve been woven earlier in the narrative.

But that won’t stop me from giving this a Sand Primary GM Approval. That, and, you have no other competition for this title. I feel like that’s due in part with the community aspect of the Spartoi’s creation process, so, it’s all good.

Arechihana Sasori is officially the Telescope of Dusk.

Welcome to the Spartoi.

Additional Notes
Fix that unclosed tag in biography— Interview occurred 0915, Tuesday, XXth of XXXXXXX[/u]
Yeah sun, you OP as hell.
I like this dreadlock movement in Sand, clutch
Yes man, black boy magic in Sand, cinnamon skin? Brown body movement, lmfao
Damn okay with the vivid descriptions
All right this K Camp song pulling at my heart strings though? Phone call from a prison? Oh shit, trap beat, lol.
Glad I thoroughly read all the current Clan information, all these references ain’t going over my head.
OKAY with the old school Kendrick Lamar, K-Dot in the building, I hear you

Spartoi Mentions:
Rika*—Let’s see how this dynamic plays out
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Half'd after edits.
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Fixed the hanging tag.

The thing about 'Taka killing Nayoko' is intended to be that, due to his membership in the SR and their direct role in her death, he would be associated, particularly in the circumstances here. The Arechihana really adored Nayoko and, by association, they consider all the Sasori Ryodan to be equally guilty of her death.

I'll be going through and doing some spelling edits I noticed this morning (Auntie Namik, for instance, unless my character is related to Piccolo).

"The more I see of what you call civilization,
the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

Robert E. Howard, King Kull
||GM, Arechihana Bloodline Clan of Sand||
||Co-GM, Shoda Bloodline Clan of Cloud||
\\Shoda Hoshihana, Cloud Jounin//
//Arechihana Sasori, Spartoi\\
||Yotarou Ouji, SUNA chuunin||Koike Kano, ANBU||
||Hasami Kuma, the Iron Devil of Sound||Tsubasa Kinoshita, Rain Jounin||
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Half approved. You know, if Engi actually had dates and stuff, we wouldn't have to put "In the month of XX on the day of XXXX"! But hey, not like my immersion was broken or anything.
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Assuming that you have the Arechihana GM Approval xD Half'd
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