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Default Based To Your Face

Kiba's Character Development Tracker

The Current Seven

I - Imamuraya Asuka
- - Mist Genin, The World To Be

II - Amayami Aima
- - Rain Chuunin, Axe-Wielding Heir To Amegakure

III - Ichina Etsuko
- - Cloud Chuunin, Gamma Ray-Genjutsu Specialist

IV - Hinku Hiroshi
- - Grass Chuunin, Sword-Fightin' Psychedelic Investigator

V - Yasuhiro Isamu
- - Sand Genin, The Bravest Coward

VI - Gyousou Kugo
- - Leaf Genin, Heir Unapparent

VII - Sazanami Tako
- - Mist Chuunin, Deadly and Stealthy Sailor

VIII - Gun Nin'hon
- - Grass Jounin, Sensitive Brute with a Minority Complex

Okay Here's The Deal:
- You have Sound GM duties now.
- You have lots of swaps you'd like to register. Write them only as you need them.
- Post in threads!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

| Asuka | Aima | Isamu | Kugo | Etsuko | Nin'hon | Hiroshi |

Engi No Volunteer | Secondary Sound GM

Items - Swaps - AP [23] - Tracker - Works In Progress

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Based Kiba
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[I Will Learn To Build A Village, My Students Are My Bricks]
Amayami Aima, Chuunin of Amegakure, Sewer Duckling, Rainforest Swan

Thread 1: +1 Strength, Ude no Taku
Thread 2: +2 Strength
Thread 3: +2 Speed
Thread 4: +2 Speed

Thread 5: +1 Speed, +1 Stamina
Thread 6: +1 Stamina, +1 Speed
Thread 7: +2 Stamina
Thread 8: +2 Stamina

Profound Goals
Stage Four Meido Enbu
Stage Four Kuro Suiton
Stage Four Shirou Suiton
Stage Three Global Genjutsu

- If Third Point is Given, use point to work towards Stage Three Genjutsu, and swaps, then towards Kuro Suiton, with potential for swaps.
- Aima's character is that of a newly promoted Chuunin, trying to learn how to teach her students to act just like her. She is trying to define the things she knows to be innately true, and learn how to teach those things to her excited students. She will need a full genin team (i.e. one more student, maybe Distortion's Kaede), and she will also push hard to get Amegakure to the surface. She is a card with many faces, a Diplomat, an Escort, an Assassin. She is dangerous, especially to those who do not know it.
- Develop Swap Ideas for Genjutsu, and for Kuro/Shirou Suiton.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[Develop? I Don't Need To. I'm Already Perfect.]
Asuka, Genin of Mizugakure, Puppetmaster Without The Strings

Thread 1: +1 Control, 4 WP
Thread 2: Stage One Sakata-Ryu Kenjutsu [-Senbon, +Sword]
Thread 3: +1 Reserves, Atsubottai Mizu no Jutsu
Thread 4: +1 Power, Jouki Mizu Soujuu
Thread 5: +1 Willpower, Deguchi no Jutsu
Thread 6: +2 Reserves
Thread 7: +1 Intelligence, Shiiru Ninpou: Hoshou
Thread 8: +1 Willpower, +1 Intelligence
Thread 9: +1 Reserves, Chikan no Jutsu
Thread 10: +1 Willpower,
+1 Intelligence
Thread 11: +2 Speed
Thread 12: +1 Strength, Stage Three Madoiken
Thread 13: +1 Strength, Youma Batsu
Thread 14: +1 Stamina, +1 Strength
Thread 15: +1 Stamina, Forget Sakata-Ryu, Stage One Senryaku-Do

Profound Goals
Stage Three Madoiken
Stage Three Mist Genjutsu
Stage Two Jouki Mizu
Stage Two Sakata-Ryu Kenjutsu
Stage Three Vulture Contract

- If Third Point is Given, use points for stats for Madoiken Stage Three, Then Sakata Ryu Stage Two.
- Asuka needs to develop a soft side, an ability to like Hayate, and also to work as a team. She needs to realize her profession is not all fun and games, and she needs to get serious, and become independent. I'd like to have her NPC brother die from his illness at some point, and thus spark a real change in behavior. Perhaps Asuka can go out on a mission assigned by the family doctor to find a rare herb on an island, but she cannot find it.
- Get rid of some stupid aesthetic choices, like not having her last name in the Name: line, and calling her dao broadsword anything other than a dao broadsword. Turn her into a real shinobi. Happening Here
- Maybe make a Stage Three Genjutsu swap.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[I Will Go Straight to the Heart of the Druid]
Hinku Hiroshi, Chuunin of Kusagakure, Justice Growing Through The Pavement

Thread 1: +1 Tactics, Stage Two Kinokozaku-Fu
Thread 2: +1 Tactics, Stage Three Kinokozaku-Fu
Thread 3: +1 Speed, Kusaki Kengeki
Thread 4: +2 Speed
Thread 5: +2 Power
Thread 6: +2 Power
Thread 7: +2 Control
Thread 8: +1 Control, +1 Reserves

Profound Goals
Stage Four Kinokozaku-Fu
Stage Four Grass Ninjutsu
Stage Four Suusenken
Jikihi Kodachi (Personal Grove) Grass Jutsu [Stage Four]

- If Third Point is Given, use point to work Stage Four Grass Ninjutsu, then Suusenken or Swaps.
- Hiroshi is a detective, first and foremost. He should have a very important case that he is always trying to solve, he should be a part of a department. My first idea is that he is investigating this new drug that has become so incredibly popular with shinobi, Druid's whatever. I'd like to see glimpses of him investigating this in every thread, even fluff or mission threads not involving it. Perhaps he will get drugged by someone he's trying to catch, maybe have a thread or so where he gets hooked. I don't know, but he should be a kind of "flickering flame in the darkness" sort of character, who struggles to stick to his convictions without getting tied up in politics. Just like a "Good Cop, Bad City" kind of trope.
- Hiroshi should also probably help out with Espionage and Infiltration, MOED missions, because that's something that will fit with him rather well. He has some techniques that are good for detaining criminals, along with going undercover and investigating.
- Hiroshi is just becoming familiar with Kinokozaku-Fu, but to help out his characterization, I think he should develop a style of Special Techniques focused on some sort of Fungi that he can purchase for Kinokozaku-Fu in addition to the psychedelic Manipulation. I'm thinking also of having it cross over to Suusenken. Like, having his sword be able to use Psychedelic Manipulation to extend it's use. And also to have his Psychedelic Manipulation gear towards catching criminals. Maybe an Interrogation Strike.
- I want Hiroshi to have the Personal Grove jutsu, and hopefully by then, some of his swaps, along with the Fungal theme of his Kinokozaku-fu, will be more developed, so that his grove can mimic that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[The Stern, Indefinite Future of Mokuhi Yuge]
Mokuhi Yuge, Chuunin of Konohagakure, Serving Truth In The Shadows

Thread 1: +1 Intelligence, Mokuton: Kikori no Jutsu
Thread 2: +1 Tactics, Etainoshirenai no Tacchi
Thread 3: +1 Tactics, Konoha Bunshin no Jutsu
Thread 4: +1 Intelligence, Final Thorn Special Tech
Thread 5: +1 Intelligence, Dokuji no Gisou
Thread 6: +1 Tactics, Bara Swap Stage Three
Thread 7: +1 Intelligence, Moku Daibunshin no Jutsu
Thread 8: +1 Power, Mokuton: Nakahehairu no Jutsu

Profound Goals
Stage Four Kaiki
Stage Five Konoha Ninjutsu
Stage Five Konoha Genjutsu

- If Third Point is Given, use point to work towards Stage Four Kaiki.
- Yuge is definitely a field operative, the sort who will want to do most of her character development on the field. It would be good to have her work with some interesting characters, maybe develop a good team dynamic. She'll be one that is very open to however things take her. I really want to see her have some fun in the Arctic Arc. It sounds like a very fun setting. Perhaps DB's Ritsuke and her can do some fun things.
- She'll need Special Techs for her Kaiki jutsu. Something that incorporates her Elementum style.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[ Bravery Is More Than A Word. It Is The Expectation, The Action, and The Definition ]
Yasuhiro Isamu, Genin of Sunagakure, Learning His Own Name

Thread 1: +1 Stamina
Thread 2: +2 Strength
Thread 3: +1 Strength, +1 Stamina
Thread 4: +1 Stamina, Stage Two Ganjou Taiki
Thread 5: +1 Intelligence, +1 Reserves
Thread 6: +1 Intelligence, Nigemizu Fukumen
Thread 7: +2 Strength
Thread 8: +2 Stamina

Thread 9: +2 Stamina
Thread 10: +2 Control
Thread 11: +1 Power, Stage Three Ganjou Taiki
Thread 12: +1 Power, Ganjou Taiki Special
Thread 13: +1 Speed, Ganjou Taiki Special
Thread 14: +1 Speed, Sabaku Kenfu Stage One
Thread 15: +2 Speed
Thread 16: +1 Speed, Sabaku Kenfu Special
Thread 17: Sabaku Kenfu Stage Two
Thread 18: +1 Speed, Sabaku Kenfu Special
Thread 19: +2 Speed
Thread 20: +1 Strength, Special Tech
Thread 21: Stage Three Sabaku Kenfu
Thread 22: +1 Control, Sabaku Kenfu Special
Thread 23: +1 Power, Glass Nin
Thread 24: +1 Strength, Hari no Yoroi - Karui

Profound Goals
Stage Three Ganjou Taiki
Stage Three Glass Ninjutsu
Stage Three Sand Genjutsu
Boar Contract, A Dream

- If Third Point is Given, use point on Mental Stats, to get more Stage Two Glass Ninjutsu & Sand Genjutsu.
- Isamu has much to learn. He must learn to be brave, to be a warrior, to learn what his identity really is. He's grown a lot so far, yet he has so much more to grow. Under Renchishin Hitoko, he will learn a great amount. He will learn to be strong, and he will become a Taijutsu natural. He may pick up a bladed weapon as time goes on, depends on how things work out. He has to fight with his willingness to be useless.
- He has some Bravery Genjutsu techniques being developed, but they aren't relevant at this immediate moment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[ Go Ahead and Roll Your Dice. They're Comin' Up Snake-Eyed ]
Sazanami Tako, Advanced Chuunin of Water Country, The Steamy Gambler Stacking Up The Odds

Thread 1: +2 Speed
Thread 2: +2 Speed
Thread 3: +1 Speed, Sharpen, Shiiru Ninpou: Koji Aratameru

Thread 4: +2 Speed
Thread 5: +1 Speed, Chikan no Jutsu
Thread 6: +1 Speed, Stage Four Otousan
Thread 7: +1 Willpower, Shiiru Ninpou: Hoshou
Thread 8: +1 Speed, Stage Four Otousan

Profound Goals
Stage Four Otousan
Stage Four Jouki No Mizu
Stage Five For King and Country
Stage Four Hidden Mist Genjutsu

- If Third Point is Given, use point to work towards Stage Four Otousan, then Stage Four Jouki no Mizu.
- This character is awesome. He's going to get himself into all sorts of trouble, and be the raddest sailor on the sea. I like him being a sort of evil sailor, a gambler, the occasional drinker, he's really just out for a good time, and is ready to undulge his vices to get there. Will happily trick his way into a little bit of money at the casino.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[ Gamma Girl And The Infinite Spectrum ]
Ichina Etsuko, Senior Sergeant of Lightning Country, For My Cousin, For My Country

Thread 1: +1 Willpower, Magnetic Body, Archetype Update
Thread 2: Stage Three Magnetic Fist
Thread 3: +1 Control
, Lightning Release: Static Strings
Thread 4: +1 Speed, Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt
Thread 5: +1 Speed, Lightning Release: Electrical Transformation
Thread 6: +1 Speed, Clan Tech
Thread 7: +1 Control, Clan Tech
Thread 8: +1 Reserves, Clan Tech
Thread 9: +1 Power, Clan Tech
Thread 10: +1 Reserves, Clan Tech
Thread 11: Stage Four Magnetic Fist
Thread 12: +1 Willpower, Mag Fist Tech

Profound Goals
Stage Four Magnetic Fist + Specials
Stage Four Cloud Ninjutsu
Stage Three Hakushouku Techniques
Stage Five Cloud Genjutsu
Stage Five Global Ninjutsu

- If Third Point is Given, use point to work towards Magnetic Fist Specials, then Gamma Ray Swaps, then Kinobori & thangs.
- Character Developments if Any.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


| Asuka | Aima | Isamu | Kugo | Etsuko | Nin'hon | Hiroshi |

Engi No Volunteer | Secondary Sound GM

Items - Swaps - AP [23] - Tracker - Works In Progress

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Kiba's Plot Maker!

[ Drain Pipes, A Team 14 Rainforest Arc ]
Amayami Aima and Satake Koru Must Act To Protect Amegakure
Drain Pipes - Thread One
- - Chasing a man through the tunnels, Aima and Koru use a Sewer Guide, Bucho, to catch a mysterious criminal.
For The Sky Under Our Feet - Thread Two
- - Having failed to catch the criminal in the sewers, Aima, Bucho and Koru continue the chase above ground.
- - Returning to Amegakure, with or without the scroll, Aima take a night of refuge in a small village, keeping the scroll hidden. In the dawn hours, military men disturb the inn they stay at, and Koru and Aima are forced to flee again, after a skirmish. Ending the thread, the pair have settled in the forest, taking turns keeping watch, setting traps. Continue this and the next thread, together, as a solo thread.
Fearsome Foliage - Thread Three
- - Aima and Koru, after a fairly restless night in the jungle, pack up to travel the remaining four miles to the sewer entrance. For a moment, the pair gets lost, and runs across a small band of military men. Successful in defeating them, the pair return to the sewer entrance, hidden as it is. Scroll or no scroll, it must feel good.

Empathy - Fur - Thread Four
- - Amayami Aima and Higashi Jun'ko welcome Kurabu of the Genjutsu Sloths to Amegakure. They must win him over, prove they deserve his family's loyalty, and somehow end up feeling proud of these ugly tunnels they dearly hope to leave.

Ghetto Child - Thread Five
- - Aima welcomes Kaede to her team with a visit to his home, deep in the run-down ghettos of Sector Two. Aima isn't sure of what she'll learn, but can only hope that they don't run into too much trouble....

[ Hurricane ]
Yasuhiro Isamu Defines His Life, What It Means to be Shinobi.
The Hurricane's Eye - Thread One
- - Ienari Tomoko does her job as a medic, while Yasuhiro Isamu finds out what his job really is.
Wind Power Density - Thread Two
- - Renchishin Ume and Yasuhiro Isamu struggle through trouble at the market in their first chance meeting as the Rintinturtles. What would The Celestial Dragon do?!
Windchimes Caught In A Gust - Thread Three
- - Ume and Isamu, with their temporary squad leader Shou, are sent to stop a group of bandits from crashing a glassworks convention by poisoning the food. If only Isamu hadn't eaten that deviled egg....
A Fleeting Wind - Thread X
- - Plot thing.
- - Returning from a mission where he struggled with his own cowardice, he finds a note in his mailslot.


I think we may have found a solution for you.

Dr. Kanegawa
So begins the Seal of the Hero Arc.

Who is this Dr. Kanegawa? What are his ulterior motives with this seal?

Super Hero - Solo Thread X
-- Dr. Kanegawa is more twisted than Isamu could have know. Who knew that Isamu's cowardice could drive a man to such bounds? Subdued, Kidnapped, Tortured, and forced to witness the murder of seven people, one being an old classmate, two others being children, Isamu's final stage of the Seal activates in one final burst of reckless courage, resulting in the death of Dr. Kanegawa.

[ Need A Remedy ]
Imamuraya Asuka Needs to Save Her Brother, But She Needs Imai Hayate Even More
Need A Remedy - Thread One
- - Asuka's brother is dying. She needs a friend now more than ever, but all she seems to have is Hayate. With word from her family's doctor that there is a special herb on an Island off of Mizugakure, she inlists her teammate for an impromptu mission. Refusing to specify details, until Hayate refuses to help any longer, Asuka lays out the details as plainly as she can. The herb cannot be found, all search is futile. It seems the pair must return home empty-handed....
Here, Lies. - Thread Two
- - Asuka's brother has died, despite everything she tried to do to save him. She visits him now, at the shinobi graveyard, and runs into Hyousetsu Echizen. Cue Angst.
Warped Wood - Thread Three
- - Asuka and Hayate, along with Chuunin NPC Daichi, travel to Sametoshi to help a small, peaceful dojo ward off the threats of gang violence in light of the bladed weapon ban of the Water Lord. Hell breaketh loose.
At Half-Mast - Thread Optional
- - Rowing across the waters back to Mizugakure (maybe sailing), the pair are intercepted by a small group of pirates, insisting they hand over whatever they've got. Asuka isn't so keen on the idea.

[ How To Buy Power ]
Asuka learns to fight with swords from a Ronin, a travelling samurai bound by a contract to the Imamuraya Family. Asuka will learn to fight whether she likes it or not.

[ To The Heart of The Druid ]
Hinku Hiroshi will be a Lead Investigator, it's simply a matter of when
A Long Walk - Thread One
- - Investigator Hiroshi is called in, along with ____, by a nearby village to investigate loud music and suspicious activities in a particular apartment complex. Is it just a bunch of rowdy youth, or is it more than that? What will come from knocking on the wrong door? Continue this thread as a solo-thread, with Hiroshi investigating an apartment with Manami, the EKD coming in, subduing everyone and Hiroshi, Hiroshi spends a night in jail. Released after blood tests Vendetta formed.
Thread Title - Thread Two
- - After an encounter with someone who left a drug den faster than normal, Hiroshi is beginning to worry about the effects of Druid's Heart. He has to find out more, and he has to go to a dangerous dance club to do it, ____ coming along to keep him safe. "This really is no place for a vigilante, Mr. Hinku."
- - Hinku Hiroshi will find his water to be drugged. No better way to the Heart of the Druid, than through a heart of his own.

[ Branch of Thunder ]
Ichina Etsuko Searches For Signs of Her Family's Outcast In The Land Of Leaf
At The Gates Of Hidden Leaf - Thread One
- - Ichina Etsuko is welcomed by Inuzuka Taiichi, a clansman of Leaf and receives a short tour that shows her just what the youth of Leaf have to offer
Dissident Thunder - Thread Two
- - Hidden Cloud heard of the Missing Nin encampment in Leaf's borders, where Hyuuga Kiyoko and a legendary Sand Ninja showed them the true fist of lightning. Now Etsuko must search to learn what her country's dissidents hoped to accomplish. Accompanied by Itsuki Hana, Etsuko will find signs of Hakushouku Onimaru, the mass murderer of Cloud and her fellow clansmen.
Animal Cruelty - Thread Three
- - Having failed to hear back from her country about her appeals to search for her cousin's trail, to avenge her clan while in Leaf, Etsuko learns that someone has been killing the hawks leaving Leaf. She will help this country she is visiting for the hope of searching out her cousin.
- - Some hawks go missing, Etsuko looks for things.
- - A few miles from an NE outpost, they find the body of a hawk, burned, it's delivering contents missing.
- - They release a hawk, follow it to the border, where they find a missing-nin who is determined to avoid contact with northern countries. They must capture and bring him in. Ryuujin-Fu fighter.
- - After success, Etsuko receives a letter from Nagai, regarding the fact that they haven't heard anything from her. They need her audience back in Cloud. Etsuko must leave and go back to Cloud. Meet up with ShinigamiWolf, try to get permission to go to Mist.
Thread Title - Thread Four
- - A solo thread for Ichina Etsuko, she searches for and finds Onimaru. It is in the night that she finds him, that she kills him, and that she sets her family's name right once again.

[ Head Hunters ]
Mokuhi Yuge and Kaido Itsuki search for the next generation of Leaf.
Head Hunters; Teitetsu - Thread One
- - Trouble awaits the recruiters in the city of Blacksmiths.

[ To Leave A Land In Silence ]
Mokuhi Yuge, along with Nara Tsumetai, must alleviate the mercenary presence of Bear Country
The Bear's Claw - Thread One
- - Nara Tsumetai (or Character X) and Mokuhi Yuge are assigned to travel to Bear Country, to assassinate a mercenary leader. The first chapter finds them in the grip of bandits.
To Kill A King Of The Forest - Thread Two
- - Killing a woman to take up her visage, Yuge goes undercover in the Mercenary Group, The Bear's Claw. Nara Tsumetai takes his own route towards joining the group. In a final showdown, as they kill the leader and many of the higher ranking mercenaries, the pair leave with an inkling that something greater is at hand.
To Leave A Land In Silence - Thread Three
- - The man in the chair. Yuge recalls a conversation amongst mercenaries, the back of a man's head. A man who spoke with power. He seemed to be behind it all, but when the battle came about, he was nowhere to be found. What awaits them on their return to Leaf? Will they be back in Bear Country soon? Only time will tell.

[ The Gallant Steam's Joyous Voyage ]
Protecting Interests
The assault upon a pirate vessel, known to be lurking in certain waters. Instead of naval-attack, it requires a team to board the vessel in the cover of fog, via the Gallant Steam to take these pirates in, dead or alive. [The Ride Out, Facing The Deck And The First Hull, Escape with the Pirate Captain]

Cleaning Kanitoshi
A man has been causing havoc on Kanitoshi, and rumor has it that he is threatening Mist's interests. Teach him what happens when he infringes upon Mist's profit. [The Ride and Arrival, Searching the Streets for News, The Fateful Night, Escaping Into The Mist]

Attack I
The Gallant Steam, as it sails back from Cleaning Kanitoshi, finds itself under attack. The opposing vessel is a small one. One that mistakes the ship for a petty merchant vessel. The mistake is an unfortunate one, for the one secret that the group must protect is the true identity of their boat. The criminals cannot survive, a decision that Tako decides upon. If left unsupported, he will do it himself.

Upon the small island of Umekanto sits a pond of water. The belief among the people of Umekanto is that such a water is pure, and that those wishing to please Umikami need only spend a week of their life dieting, consuming only the water from that lake. Tako tests himself, despite the resistance that he faces from a fellow sailor, who knows the danger of not eating for a week. Tensions arise, and Tako's true personal test arrives. He is the immaculately conceived hero of Mist! Hercules! The Ripple Shark! He Who Lives In The Steam!

Return From Piety
On his trip back from Umekanto, The Gallant Steam is caught in a storm against the rocks. Weak from the fast, Tako cannot help his crewmate steer the boat clear of a rocky reef. The boat destroyed, Tako finds himself stuck upon Umekanto once again, with a tense ally. The repair of The Gallant Steam imperative, the pair sets out to work to return home after a week of work and two weeks away from home. [Think about the complications of curfew, if still in place]

The Baron of Kuukitou
Tako didn't know what was good for him. He placed the wrong bet, on the wrong game, and won himself a prostitute. Or rather, he won himself one of The Baron of Kuukitou's girls. A glorified pimp, The Baron is not happy when he learns one of his girls have been talking to a Navy Sailor with a bedside manner. This won't just be a problem for The Ripple Shark of Mist. It'll be a dent in the Gallant Steam's fair starboard side. They'll have to make amends, or get killed trying.

[ Title of The Arc/Mission, including Village ]
Character X, Character Y must do Z
Thread Title - Thread Number
- - Planned Summary

| Asuka | Aima | Isamu | Kugo | Etsuko | Nin'hon | Hiroshi |

Engi No Volunteer | Secondary Sound GM

Items - Swaps - AP [23] - Tracker - Works In Progress

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[ Iekaze Yoko ]
Kunoichi of Sunagakure
17 Years Old, 5 Feet 6 Inches Tall, Chuunin of KAZE Division

Physical Description:



Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":


Projectile Specialist
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character has perfect accuracy for one post. This only works with a projectile weapon attack. This does not necessarily mean the opponent will be hit, since defensive jutsu or measures can be taken..
Primary \\ Chakra
Secondary \\ Physical
Tertiary \\ Mental
Stat Merit: +1 Control, +1 Reserves, +1 Willpower
Stat Flaw: -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Tactics,



Strength: 1 -1 +9 = 9
Speed: 1 +11 = 12
Stamina: 1 -1 +7 = 7


Intelligence: 1 +8 = 9
Tactics: 1 -1 +8 = 8
Willpower: 1 +1 +8 = 10


Power: 1 +10 = 11
Control: 1 +1 +10 = 12
Reserves: 1 +1 +10 = 12


Repertoire of Techniques:
Phoenix Dance
Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three: Enbu no Keika (Waltz of Mysterious Fire)
Stat Requirements: Speed 12, Strength 8, Tactics 8

Sand Ninjutsu
5 techs
Genjutsu Kai

Projectile Ninjutsu
Three Techs
Stage Three

Inventory: [x/20]

//// Gyousou Kugo \\\\

I don't give a damn about my family name.


| Asuka | Aima | Isamu | Kugo | Etsuko | Nin'hon | Hiroshi |

Engi No Volunteer | Secondary Sound GM

Items - Swaps - AP [23] - Tracker - Works In Progress

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Default Based To Your Face


I don't give a damn about my family name.

Given Name: Kugo
- - - Family Name Gyousou
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"

Country \\ Village: Hi no Kuni \\ Konohagakure
Character Type \\ Rank: Shinobi \\ Genin
Division: Omoi

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

The Emperor And His New Clothes:
The boy with the sandy brown hair is the very spitting image of a young Hachidaime Hokage. Not many pictures exist of that age, but those that do would find Kugo's round face and pointed nose to be a stark likeness of his grandfather. His unruly hair is cut to end just above his eyebrows, and it is often shoved out of his face with a lithe hand to reveal low, uninterested eyelids. Nonchalant disdain is Kugo's most familiar look.

Having begun to dawn upon the world of puberty, Kugo has begun growing in height and has lost much if not all of any apparent baby fat. Not especially slim, he can best be described as average. He clearly doesn't care immensely about his fighting prowess. He bears no scars on his body, and nothing about his muscles are particularly shapely. If anything it is hard to see with all of his loose garments.

While the Gyousou family is rather well off, certainly not poor, and able to afford a nice life for Kugo and his three siblings, the boy doesn't spend his allowance on anything particularly special. Aside from his favorite red boots, most of his clothing can be best described as easy-chic. Hooded sweatshirts in muted autumnal colors, the occasional crewneck t-shirt or tank top, and trousers that seem to be better worn on a fisherman than a shinobi. Nothing about him is particularly gaudy, but he is never seen without one ever-important accessory. Kugo's Carry-All (see Items).

The Emperor's Groove:
Kugo's Way Of The Ninja
- - - "Everyone wants to win. I want to choose my competition."
If ever there was a guy you could count on to have your back, you may want to ask for him to get assigned to your mission if Kugo's on your team. The young man has all the pomp of a member of a talented shinobi family, but little of the drive and dedication attached to that. It isn't that he isn't a good shinobi. Err, well... Maybe it is. Kugo's smart. Dangerously so, sometimes. But he's damn lazy, and there's no doubt about it.

He is a young man often caught in reverie, infinitely more pensive than he is active. He sees the world, in some ways, as a chess match, and he plays as the king, hoping to convince his pawns to make the necessary sacrifices for him. In other ways, he fashions himself as the knight, moving in abstract directions towards checkmate. But most of the time, he just wonders how he got stuck with the hand he's been dealt.

Being related to one of Leaf's revered leaders of the past is a complicated matter. His family name carries weight across the whole world. Those he meets often create a dramatic and expectant first impression which leaves Kugo feeling incapable of ever meeting. His growing theory, more an excuse than a reason, is that his lineage has caused him to act in revolt of expectation and that this is why he is so prepossessed with nonchalance and laise-faire.

But a name is just a name, just as a books cover is just a cover. As Hiobi-o-jii-san once said;
"Titles will never tell the story."

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

Heir To The King
Virtuoso + Myrmidon
Once per thread, the Heir To The King may take an action that supports a comrade. That action, if noticed, increases that comrade's Physical Stats by 1 level each for one post. Cannot be used to support themself, or to help a clone.

Primary \\ Chakra
Secondary \\ Physical
Tertiary \\ Mental

Benefits \\ +1 Stamina, +1 Reserves
Consequences \\ -1 Willpower, -1 Power

The Heir To The King, whether they like it or not, is the cardinal child of someone who of great fame. Made to live forever in the shadow of another, The Heir To The King may either relish in their fame or disdain the responsibility of being so close to power. No doubt, the impact of being around a person with a great sense of self has imbued The Heir To The King with a similar sense of self worth. Many expect great things of The Heir To The King, and so they find that they can place a certain sense of trust in them. As a result, those close to The Heir To The King may find their own spirits bolstered, having closed the gap between themselves and a real hero by yet another step.

Statistical Legend
1 - Archetype Benefit/Consequence
1 - Pool Point
1 - Thread Point
1 - AP
1 - GMAP
1 - Total Stat
1 - Physical Stat After Bonuses

Physical - The Body As A Vessel
- - Strength: 1 + 3 + 3 = 7 [+8 Akazano Namakemono] 15
- - Speed: 1 = 1 [+4 Akazano Namakemono] 5
- - Stamina: 1 + 1 + 5 = 7 [+6 Akazano Namakemono] 13

Mental - The Art of Foresight
- - Intelligence: 1 + 1 = 2
- - Tactics: 1 + 5 = 6
- - Willpower: 1 - 1 + 1 + 1 = 2

Chakra - The Tenketsu Capacity
- - Power: 1 - 1 + 5 = 5
- - Control: 1 + 3 = 4
- - Reserves: 1 + 1 + 2 = 4

\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

Secret Techniques:

Akazano Namakemono - How To Avoid Losing
Stage One
+4 Strength, +3 Stamina, +2 Speed
- - 4 Strength, 4 Stamina
Stage Two
+4 Strength, +3 Stamina, +2 Speed
- - 7 Strength, 7 Stamina, 6 Tactics

Futuoumeisei Gai Nai No - The Art Of The Social Chameleon
Stage One
Kagebuki no Jutsu
- - 2 Control, 2 Tactics
Maboroshi no Mai
- - 3 Power, 2 Intelligence
Stage Two
Kanryousou Gisei
- - 5 Power, 4 Control, 4 Reserves

Katon - The Craft Of Careless Conflagration
Stage One
Katon: Shuriken no Jutsu
- - 2 Power, 2 Tactics
Stage Two
Katon: Yojin Bunshin no Jutsu
- - 5 Power, 4 Control, 4 Reserves

Items - [8/8]
Tracer Senbon - 2
Found in Kugo's normal wares, these senbon can be traced by Kugo for up to two miles, no matter where they are imbedded.
Ojii-san's Mystical Monocle - 3
Once belonging to the Hachidaime, this single lens has two abilities when played against one's eye. At first it offers a zoom at twenty times magnification. Second, through the application of chakra, the lens may sense any natural element that has been manipulated by chakra. This applies to flames made by Katon, buckets of water made with Suiton, or a tree made by Mokuton.
Gyousou Gold Knuckles - 3
This pair of Elemental Hand Weapons are a family heirloom. Once in the hands of a Gyousou, these gold knuckles (they do appear to be made of gold) can grow a layer of hardy wood. When used in physical combat, this wood leaves disastrous splinters in it's victims along with it's extra bludgeoning potential. The layer of wood constantly repairs itself, making these weapons as irritating as an unretrievable splinter.
Kugo's Carry-All - 0
Kugo can always be found with his brick-red backpack. He keeps everything important within. Along with his unique items, he also carries shuriken, a few kunai. An average looking scroll is in his pack, used for writing messages and summoning weaponry he has stored at the Gyousou Estate. He has a classic set of thieves' tools, which seem to be masterwork heirlooms. Along with a map of Hi no Kuni, two books (one on political history and the other a comic about a boy with unfortunate superpowers), and some bandages, Kugo keeps a steady supply of rations and snacks, along with a full gourd of water and a change of clothes. He's nearly always ready for a long adventure, and seems to have a little pouch of oft-ignored necessities, from nail-clippers to toothpicks to matches.
\\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

His Story

Originally Posted by Ojii-san
"You are a protector of friends, Kugo. There is no greater title."

A breeze carried a few leaves through the humble grounds of the Gyousou family. Kugo loved watching the way the wind blew, but he didn't often spend time to love the advice of his grandfather.

"Huh? What was that, Ojii-san?"
There is nothing easier than being the grandson of a past Hokage. It only gets easier when your grandfather was the Hachidaime, the patient, prudent and powerful Gyousou Hiobi. He was, after all, the man who was rumored to rekindle the Will of Fire.

Sure, to be Hiobi's son may have been difficult. To be the very kin of one of Leaf's greatest leaders put a lot of pressure upon that generation of Gyousou children. Kugo's father, uncle, and aunt are all now renowned members of Konohagakure, either known for their bureaucratic prowess on the latest diplomatic Council, or a trusted jounin of Hada, or the father of one Gyousou Kugo, the boy with no clue how to care for the family legacy.

It was true, ever since he was young, he was the strangest of his father's children. The third of four children, and the middle son, Kugo knew a strange upbringing. While his brother rose quickly to the rank of chuunin, where he now continues to rise on the field, Kugo barely took up the mantle of academy student. For a boy like Kugo, his time during his education was meant for playing games, flirting with girls, and wrestling with his fellows in an attempt to prove who was the best.

Neither the pressure from his older brother to be the best, nor the love he held for his younger brother caused Kugo to push forward and act as a proper role model. While he was fond of everyone in his family, he never grasped the idea that he was a member of a respected shinobi family. Like most other children in Leaf, being a shinobi was the most obvious choice, so obvious in fact, that it was no longer special.

The young boy had a natural talent for the shinobi arts. He was sneaky, he liked the life of survival games, and got along remarkably well with his comrades. That being said, his friendships did not reward themselves with skills or techniques in any particular art. While he did his best to pay attention, teachers would constantly find themselves remarking that 'His taijutsu had no focus or technique' or that he had only barely managed to sharpen a leaf with his Konohaton. Coupled with these observations was often the ever pervasive question; "Don't you know who your grandfather is?"

To which Kugo's answer was only ever, "Yea, he's Hiobi-o-jii-san."

Hiobi's successor was not met as fondly as the Hachidaime had been. Kugo had always known that. From the mouth of his own grandfather, the very Hachidaime Hokage himself, Kugo would hear mention of how Moshou Kintaro had managed to overturn the supposed legendary rule of Hiobi. Things were undone, but none of this was quite as real as the war with Yuki.

Kugo was young at the time of the war, and in fact was busy failing his first academy portfolio as soldiers died in the snow. His lackluster ability to produce a chokehold and a couple of clones at the age of 11 forced his teacher's hand. Gyousou or no, Kugo was not the grandson Hiobi would stake his inheritance on. Out of all of his siblings, he was clearly the only one lacking a serious drive. To the boy, it seemed that being a ninja was simply the best career choice on offer, though he would have just preferred time off than work hard for a job.

Imagine what a Hokage would do, were his grandson to fail out of the Shinobi Academy?

Like any proper ruler, who had been waiting patiently to see Kugo fail splendidly, Gyousou Hiobi, and Kugo's father, with the occasional help of the rest of the Gyousou family, began a training regimen outside of the boy's classes, one that speicalized in some of the oldest practices of a shinobi. Basic stealth, heightened senses, the theory of action and reaction, and the simple game of tactics.

Much of Kugo's time during these two years, where he steadily improved his portfolio to the par of his younger classmates, was spent playing board games with his siblings, training his body, and sparring with his older brother, with all his ambition and his unrelenting brotherly love.

The Gyousou clan found breathing easy when Kugo passed through the academy before his two years of review ran up. It was as if all had gone well, the family name could remain intact, and no one could blemish it by being an academy drop out. Still, after the invasion by who knows what, Kugo still isn't quite sure that all is as it is cut out to be.

Being a ninja is just a duty. Being left to his own devices is his true dream. Sifting through the sea of legendary Leaf Shinobi unnoticed would be the most he could wish for.

All he wants is to be another leaf, floating in the breeze.

Other Info:
- Got permission from WoF to make Hiobi's grandson about three years ago ;P

Thread Ratings:

AP Spent: 0/6 5/27
[04/02/2017] 5 AP; +3 Strength, +1 Willpower, +1 Intelligence

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Default Based To Your Face

But it is dangerous
To wait for evil
When evil is
Forever restless

- Excerpt from The Book of Emptied Preservations
Name \\ Kouta
- - Aliases \\ The White Tiger, Guide of The Restless Spirit, Diviner Kouta
- - - - Member of \\ The Order of Emptied Preservations
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7"

Character Type \\ Miko
- - Rank \\ Reibai

Country of Origin: Mokin no Kuchi \\ Bird Country
Last Seen \\ In Wheat Country, feeding the hungry and healing the sick
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Originally Posted by Long Ago
"After him! He's betrayed us all!" The gravelly boom of the warlord's voice broke out into the hall as he threw the door open. The lithe man clad in pants the color of wheat disappeared at the end of the hall before any of the warlord's followers could finish their spoon of gruel.

Eyebrows were raised, and the sounds of weapons leaving their homes started to echo through the dining hall. The rage in Ogisho's eyes inspired fear in all of them. Yet one frightened soul still had the peace of mind to ask a very important question, one whose answer was necessary if they were to do his bidding.

"After who, sir?"

For a moment, the poor man worried Ogisho would strike him down, right there.

"You know who he is! The boy with the red eyes!"
Ahh, the beautiful Kouta. Songs could be sung about his charm, and many a girl and boy has whispered about his envious good looks. To some, his delicate features, small pointed chin, and easy calm in his eyes make Kouta appear to have a certain feminine charm. Add to that thick brown hair that falls to his rear and you have the makings of a fair maiden. But the makings stop there. Not especially tall, Kouta is very resolutely slim, as if all of his energy is tightly wound up inside. Impeccable posture, thin shoulders, and muscles toned, yet invisible under his robes, paint him to be the picture of a frail aristocrat, and not the viciously strong monk that he is.

His simple attire is often dominated by a muted purple yukata, one that seems better suited for a man twice his age. It has clearly seen the wear of many years, and it is Kouta's only yukata, cherished and cleaned regularly, with small rips and tears being mended by his hand. Underneath this, a simple black long-sleeve shirt, and black trousers are worn. A small carry-all bag hangs from his left hip, the bag made out of finely woven straw from the temple that saved him those years ago.

Past this, Kouta seems to only have one physical possession, a thick tome, which is only ever seen in one of three places; open in his arms as he pores over the book, wrapped tightly in a cotton cloth and tied across his body like a makeshift backpack, or placed securely under his head as a pillow above which he sleeps.

But most covers fail to tell the full story of the book. Yes, he has certain defining features. Eyes of an orange-red unlike any ever seen. A tattoo, almost certainly gang-affiliated, of a massive tiger scaling the whole of his back and some of his buttocks, the tail trailing down the back of his right thigh. A left ear that is missing some of the top of itself, appearing to have been sliced off by either a doctor with an unsteady hand, or a vicious villain hoping to impart great pain.

Save the eyes, these features are often hidden, as scars of a life Kouta no longer can live.


Originally Posted by A Shorter Time Ago
"A criminal?! In our temple? Impossible."

Reibai Yako did not entertain the silly accusations of men with lengthy documents which she had no time to read. She was far too busy saving the lost souls of the world.

"We have received information that has led us to believe that this man," The man in the formal officer's robes pointed squarely at a painting of a young man with short brown hair and, perhaps most prominently, orange-red eyes. "This man here is not simply a criminal, but a murderer and a gangster, and if you are found to be aiding in his fugitive lifestyle, well, my sister, there may come a time when problems arise at this here temple."

"Problems?! Problems, officer? Do you dare threaten this holy ground with your vile words? Do not dare bring word of evil to our doorstep, and then insist we have welcomed it in. Leave! Leave at once, you are not allowed here with the false accusations you bring to us. We house no criminals here!"

As the officers walked down the steps they had just escalated, Reibai Yako held firm at the door to the temple, her fist shaking in anger.

Or, perhaps, in fear.
Humble Kouta, how he wanders through the mundanity of his daily duties with great purpose and devotion. Many a fellow sister has spoken to the unwavering, flat waters of the ocean in his soul. Unmovable like the greatest mountain, malleable like the freshest clay, Kouta gives himself up to others wholeheartedly. His virtues, that of abstinence, courage, tranquility and devotion, seep out from his every pore. They define his actions, and they summon the spirits of the world to him. To the envious spirits, that come looking to steal his virtues from him, he bellows his prayers high and strong, to pursuade their evil to become good. To the venerable spirits that come to him as a follower, he leads their power up, and out, into the open void of the world, to return the world to serenity.

For if great good exists, then great evil must as well.

And it is this great evil that he must fight against. While he has worked hard simply for the betterment of the common world, and for the people who need and ask for his help, there is still one greater thing towards which Kouta feels a deep calling.

Kouta believes he is an important instrument towards saving the whole world from evil. He believes he is a vessel, hollowed out to house the spirits of good in the world, to be a catalyst for their ultimate goal, of banishing all evil from the world. He knows, however, that he is not the only instrument, and perhaps that is why Kouta wanders the world, a humble Man-turned-Miko. To find the orchestra to save the world.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Blessed Bushi
Once per thread, Kouta may dispel a single enemy ninjutsu by striking it with weapon. As a ritual, she may remove all stat penalties from another person, who recovers from fatigue as if fully rested.
Primary \\ Physical
Secondary \\ Spirit
Tertiary \\ Mental
+2 Strength, +1 Speed, -1 Power, -2 Reserves
The Blessed Bushi blends martial technique with divine teaching. With weapon in hand, she wades through the battlefield, calling on the spirits to protect her allies and lay waste to her enemies. Often mistaken for samurai, the Blessed Bushi is as much a student of war as ritual.

Statistics Legend
1 - Archetype
1 - Base Stat
1 - Thread Point
1 - AP
1 - GM AP
1 - Total Stat

Physical - 60

Strength: 1 + 2 + 20 = 23 [+25 Jigi o Eta Senshi]
Speed: 1 + 1 + 20 = 22
Stamina: 1 + 20 = 21 [+20 Jigi o Eta Senshi]

Mental - 40

Intelligence: 1 + 14 + 1 = 16
Tactics: 1 + 12 = 13
Willpower: 1 + 14 = 15

Spirit - 50

Power: 1 - 1 + 17 = 17
Control: 1 + 17 = 18
Reserves: 1 - 2 + 16 + 2 = 17

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Repertoire of Techniques:

Stage X
- - Requirements

The Eyes of The White Tiger [6 + 3 ]
Miko Powers of Mending, Divining, and Piercing the Spirit

Stage One
Ryouri no Yorokubi - The Joy of Cooking
- - 2 Control, 2 Intelligence
Stage Two
Ofuda Gijutsu: Doku Shirushi - Seal Technique: Seal of Poison
- - 5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves
Ofuda Gijutsu: Shiten - Seal Technique: Perspective
- - 6 Control, 6 Power, 4 Willpower
Stage Three
Ofuda Gijutsu: Obi no Seikatsu - Seal Technique: Band of Life
- - 8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves
Shibaru Shirushi - Binding Mark
- - 8 Willpower, 6 Intelligence, 8 Tactics
Hitono Kehai wo Kanjiru - Sense The Sign of Life
- - 9 Control, 9 Reserves, 7 Willpower
Stage Four
Shinpo Ofuda Ginjutsu: Itadekeru Nokori - Hex Seal Technique: Rejuvenating Rest
- - 12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower
Hikari no Heiki - Armament of Light
- - 15 Control, 15 Power, 13 Reserves, 14 Willpower
Stage Five
Seppun no Shizuka - Kiss of Tranquility
- - 17 Control, 16 Power, 16 Reserves, 15 Willpower

The Claws of The White Tiger [6F ]
Taijutsu Prowess in The Art of The Well-Timed Warrior

Stage One
+5 Strength, +4 Stamina
- - Strength 4, Speed 4
Stage Two
+5 Strength, +4 Stamina
- - Strength 7, Speed 7, Intelligence 6
Stage Three
+5 Strength, +4 Stamina
- - Strength 10, Speed 10, Intelligence 8
Stage Four
+5 Strength, +4 Stamina
- - Strength 16, Speed 16, Stamina 11, Intelligence 14
Stage Five
+5 Strength, +4 Stamina
- - Strength 20, Speed 20, Stamina 16, Intelligence 16

Preservations of a Hallowed Criminal [6F ]
Non-Shinobi Mercenary Techniques

Stage One
Coded Language
- - 3 Intelligence, 2 Strength
Magician's Escape
- - 3 Tactics, 2 Speed
Stage Two
Acrobatic Leap
- - 5 Strength, 4 Stamina, 4 Speed
Stage Three
Hunter's Instinct
- - 8 Tactics, 8 Intelligence, 6 Willpower
Effortless Ascent
- - 8 Strength, 8 Speed, 6 Stamina
Stage Four
Wall Bound
- - 12 Strength, 11 Stamina, 10 Speed, 12 Tactics

The Book Of Emptied Preservations - 8
Morphing, Repairing, Combined Spear and Shield
A book, just a touch smaller than an almanac, that is filled with prayers, lessons of seals, healing and devotion, along with a large history of the faith of Emptied Preservation. Held in hand, it weighs somewhere close to ten pounds. The book itself is one of few siblings, and it is said that most of the books are hidden about the world, only intended to be found by those who are vessels for good spirits. It is also believed that in the hand of those vessels, this book becomes a weapon against evil. Such is true, at least, for this book.

When in possession of a Miko, the spirit of the book can be channeled and accessed, causing the book to morph into a spear of about seven feet in length and a shield two and a half feet wide at it's widest, and three feet at it's tallest. The metal of the spear and shield seem to be unidentifiable, as they are both the color of the book's cover, a dusty teal grey. At times the shield and spear almost appear ceramic, rather than metal, but once these tools have left the hands of a Miko to be investigated, they disappear to become the book again.

A book which, it seems, can only be read by the eyes of a Miko. To the unordained, it is just a blank tome that does not accept ink....



Io-Benzo Echizen was not born to be a Miko. If you had asked anyone, it did not seem like Io-Benzo Echizen had much of a fate at all when he was brought into this world.

Yet another child born to yet another family of laborers in the war-wrought lands of Mokin no Kuchi, Echizen was simply that, another child. Another mouth to feed. Another body to put to work.

Not many know much of Echizen's life before he was brought into the twisted fate of the world. Perhaps he had brothers. Or sisters. Or just one sister. Or no siblings at all. Those details may not be important, nor may the name of the village where he was born, or the names of his family, or what work his family did, or what year he was born.

But in telling his story, there are some things that are true, and are known to be true by the spirits of the world. And that is where our story begins, at the moment the spirits of the world took an interest in the young life of Io-Benzo Echizen.


Echizen's mother died in the field she worked, one summer day in the Northwest stretches of Mokin no Kuchi. She was killed by the taskmaster who ran this field. She was not killed for good reason, or perhaps for any good reason at all. But that day was an important day for Echizen and his family, and the death of Echizen's mother threw a vicious wrench into the gears of their tenuous life.

Io-Benzo Echizen had seen many wrongs done upon his family. He himself had never been touched by the dangers of unlawful labor practices, though he was old enough to work the fields. He was a prized young boy, astoundingly swift and strong for his size, with a strength of personality that did not quite fit in his community.

The death of his mother has stirred great rage in his soul. It created great sorrow in his father's. Echizen's father could not bear to lose his dear son, or any more of his family. It was that night, the night of his mother's death, that Io-Benzo Echizen's father performed the most difficult work of his life.

He gave Echizen the family's meager savings, two bowls of rice, a ripe yuzu, and a cloak. With that he forced his son to run away, and to get as far from the reach of Warlord Ogisho as he could, before anyone could know he was gone.

And so Io-Benzo Echizen ran.

But Io-Benzo Echizen did not get far.


Originally Posted by The First Preservation
"What piece of scrap didja bring in now, Jozu?"

The young man was thrown upon the rocky floor of the den of Ogisho's lieutenant. His ragged cloak spread out around him. A round, speckled yellow orb rolled over the uneven stone.

the first life taken



Originally Posted by Seal Of Fate
"Give him to me."

The crowd of monks at the top of the steps parted very quickly at the sound of Reibai Yako's voice. The three sisters, whose hard-worked hands were pressing hard on wounds, placing ofuda over various parts of the bloodied man's body, all took pause at the arrival of Reibai Yako. They all knew that to wait another second would be to promise the anonymous young man to death. But Reibai Yako had not been in the original crowd for good reason.

Reibai Yako could barely walk. She rarely left her room at the temple, and performed all of her prayers in solitude. Yet, here was Yako, leaning pitifully on the pair of walking sticks she had used for the last decade and a half. She was, at that time in the world, the oldest Miko still alive.

And so the three sisters stopped their work, an ofuda hovering inches from the young man's mottled left ear, kept from it's purpose.

Reibai Yako covered the ground to get to the young man with the help of one of the young Ichiko. It was there that, instead of kneeling, she simply crumpled next to the man.

"What can we do, Yako?"

The whole courtyard held it's breath. The spirits in the trees hushed. The stepping stones stopped their slow sink into the earth.

"Nothing. You can do nothing for him." Reibei Yako sighed heavily over the man, covered in blood, his chest no longer appearing to move. "Only I can do something."

The old woman pulled a rectangle of tissue paper out of her robes. Whatever the parcel was, it was clear that Reibai Yako had held it tucked in her robes, above her heart, for the better part of her life. No one could discern it's purpose yet. Reibai Yako was the only diviner of the temple, and it was said that she had seen what the world might become, centuries past the modern day.

It was then, as blood continued to pool on the hot stones beneath them, as that blood stained Yako's robes, that the seer placed both hands on the parcel and unwrapped the tissue paper. Only the young girl who was still kneeling next to Yako could hear the woman reciting something sottovoce.

When asked later, two days after Yako had died, and three hours after the young man woke up, just what it was that Reibai Yako had recited, the young girl could recount the words verbatim;

"With this seal, I have seen your path. With this seal, I have locked your fate. With this seal, I have filled your hollow soul. You will keep in this world a great peace."

And with those words, Yako's spirit left this world.

Originally Posted by Words From A Poster, Lost on a Bulletin Board Somewhere in Bird Country

The White Tiger of Warlord Ogisho's Band of Pillagers and Rapists.
A young man, now somewhere in his mid to late twenties, with brown hair and Orange Eyes. Average height, disfigured left ear. Has a large tattoo of a tiger on his back. Goes by the name _____ Echizen.

This man is a killer and a thief. He is the last member at large from Ogisho's terrible reign in the Northwest Reaches of Mokin no Kuchi.

Looking for Information regarding The White Tiger's whereabouts. Rewards given based on quality of information.

If you know anything, please talk to Mister Hyun'aji in the Smithing Circle near Town Hall. Tell him that The Emerald Phoenix wants to speak with you.

Other Info:

Thread Ratings:

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Ideas to keep our forums clean:

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Secret List;
Virtual Dream

A small shape of darkness moved out of the forest and into the town of Insutou. Muddy ground gave a tiny squelch every once in a while as the shadow moved through the hodgepodge town. Small yards were attached to ramshackle huts and cottages by fences. Sleeping chickens and small patches of cabbage, carrots and broccoli all sat quietly.

An owl, watching for the night's rodents, watched the shadow vigilantly. Her movements shook the ground and the mice hid under bushes, scurrying quickly to cover from the shadow, and so too from the owl's maw. But the shadow's silence was constant, as if it weren't breathing, or catching the moonlight at all. But at a point, deeper in the village, the owl saw the shadow stop and peer wistfully into a garden.

A dead chicken, splintered outwards, lay dead between bunches of cress and dandelion. The ground around it was muddy, and paw prints marked the garden about it, freshly made. From across the town, a sated coyote stalked the shadow, keeping its own distance from a definitively human scent. But Asuka stood next to the garden's gate, at the place where the gate was broken, left unfixed by a lazy family. The vision of macabre was stark, and the genin girl was initially shocked by the vision of death.

But these things should not have been so shocking to a girl used to violence. Especially with her current aspirations in mind.

Just what do you think you're doing here child?

The gate creaked at its widest point. The mud of the garden did not squelch or give way under the black boots, already moist with the chilly night's dew and mist. A hushed click closed the gate behind the shadow.

The coyote gave up the rest of it's dinner and sauntered back into the forest surrounding Insutou, it's belly full, her cubs waiting at the den for milk.

An owl dropped from a branch, wings opening with less sound than the distant ocean clapping against briny rocks. The mice had begun to run freely again.

One of your hens is dead.

- -

Asuka did not know why, and found it very curious that she would wipe her boots on the welcome mat on the landing to the small cottage. The lights were out. She had no intention of knocking.

But she cleaned her feet. She brought both hands, cold at the fingertips, up to her face and tried to rub the tired feeling out from under her eyes. She tightened the belt that fastened her brother's tanto to the square of her back. She double checked everything, and triple-checked everything.

By now the owl had returned to his perch, his own belly full, but curious about the shadow on the cottage's deck. Shadows did not move in Insutou at this hour. Dinner was usually a sordid and predictable affair.

Why waste time, talking to me, if you came here for something so simple?

The door gave with little effort. A hairpin and a quiet, concentrated effort had done the trick. Closed doors were usually more sufficient than locks here.

The candles had been snuffed out. The house was quiet, and felt especially vacant. The hallways were short but rarely traveled except for necessity.

I don't need to answer your questions, grandma.

Down this very hallway, a shadow moved deeper into the darkness of the house.


Gulls squawked at the shore, diving and flying and grabbing at the tiny fishes that moved at night. Schools of fishes became tiny academies. Mothers, fathers, sons, sisters, all were lost and none were missed out of a panic for survival.

A large wave smashed against an empty rowboat, and a shadowed hand turned a knob quietly into a small room.

The bed was tinier than Asuka would have imagined. The young boy was even smaller. A clock ticked away a wasted life next to him. His eyes were closed with the same permanence his brother's had been in the casket.

She had thought this would be easy. She had thought that redemption would be this simple thing to grasp. Even as her hand tightened around the baby blue hilt behind her, the soft sound of a child's breath shook the room with the fervor of a tidal wave.

Like this, hand on hilt, hovering over a sick boy, watching the town remain still outside of the small window, Asuka remained for fifteen minutes or more. It would only take a second.

A sudden sound cut the silence.

I suppose it's time for you to do what you wanted.


She had assumed an old woman would sleep through anything. The thought that a sudden and short-lived chill from an open door could change anything hadn't crossed Asuka's mind.

But this old woman had not been good at sleeping for many days now. The exclamation that had broken the silence had stopped Asuka's breath. To look at the woman in the dark was frightening and also beautiful. In the light of the crescent moon, most of her wrinkles disappeared. Her scowl was young in its viciousness.

Outside, an owl flapped his wings, and snatched the scraps of a coyote's interrupted dinner. A mother found her cubs and tucked away to sleep. Clans of mice scrambled for more scraps, plundering chicken feed and juicy fallen citrus. The sudden opening had changed everything for the island.

But nothing changed for Asuka.

Perhaps, she mused on her ride back to Kirigakure, I had wanted to be caught. That I knew I couldn't do this.

I don't think I know what I want old woman. But I believed that this would help.


The two women, one disproportionately young for her maturity, the other disproportionately passionate for her age, spoke in hushed tones over the quiet body of the young man.

A conversation that could have lasted a minute took fifteen, and felt like a lifetime washing away from her. After all they had said, Asuka still did not know what to do.

"You've come for my son." The woman's head shook slightly, not in any one direction, but as an aftereffect of a debilitated nervous system.


Gulls, squawking.

"Oh, I know child. I do not think you realize what you've done."


"This is not the son you want." The old woman's voice crackled as her head turned towards the young boy, deep in sleep. "You want his brother."

An owl ripped an avian rib from its spine.

"You're not the only one. They've all wanted him." The shadow stood still. The owl saw no movement through the window. "But Umikami got him first. "

Quiet stayed. Asuka had not wanted to speak at all that night.

"May his soul sink to the deepest hole in the sea." The woman took a few steps into the room, and Asuka pulled the sword a few inches from its scabbard. She stopped when the older woman touched her son's forehead.

"I imagine he took someone dear from you. He took someone dear from me too." Asuka thought she saw a tear fall onto the young boy's pillow. "Don't take the thing he couldn't touch. "

The ocean swelled, splashing lightly into the rowboat on the opposite shore. A wedge formed between Asuka and her heart. Her passions stiffened, cracked, and shattered at the sight of the woman's tenderness.

She couldn't do this. Couldn't kill the brother of the man who had done exactly that to her.

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