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Default [Miko] Yoshida Ayako

Name:Yoshida Ayako
Age: 16, birthday May 13
Sex: Female
Height: 5ft 2in (158cm)

Character Type: Miko

Country/Village: River Country originally, Wandering Miko
Rank: Ateji (Chunin)

Physical Description and Clothing:
Her rust-red hair flows down to her waist, framing her face of shimmering gold eyes and an equally bright smile. She will often reach her hand in front of her mouth when she laughs or yawns not just because she believes it to be more lady-like but to hide a canine tooth that reaches slightly farther than her other, giving her a slightly playful look. Her relaxed eyebrows are slightly thinner than most, matching the thin texture of her hair. While her hair is often left down out of convenience she likes to arrange it in different styles if she has the time and can often be seen playing it. She has plush lips and smooth, light skin that contains well toned muscles. She is free of scars aside from a couple childhood scrapes.

Her toned body is concealed by a simple white kimono with red ribbon circling the wide sleeves, the same one donned by her great-grandmother in her own life as a Miko. She prefers to wear horse-riding hakama because the divided legs allow her to practice swinging her staff when she gets the chance.

While her body is toned she still has a feminine girlish figure and her muscles are only apparent when fighting or seen in slim clothing. Her bust is modest, her hips are wider than her chest and her shoulders are broader than most girls but are thin if viewed from the side. When alone she will often wear other types of kimonos and hakama, finding her uniform restrictive in style. She loves to wear yukata with patterns and colors, but doesn’t get the chance to often due to her strict training. She carries herself in a very lady-like manner, with great balance and and air of confidence. She's quick to express positive emotions but shies away from showing negative ones and will try to put on a happy face in any situation. When she has to express negative emotions she has a difficult time showing them.

She carries a long sounding staff with her that she has practiced wielding as a weapon. It has an ornate ring-like design at the top, with a five pointed star at the very tip. Attached to the ornate ring are 4 simple rings (2 on each side, separated by the staff itself) that chime as she walks to warn animals, spirits and people of her presence. She uses it as a walking stick but when fighting prefers to whack her opponents with the length of the staff rather than jab them with the end.

Ayako is kind and caring, often using her spare time in the aid of others. If given the chance she will try to solve other’s social problems in the towns she passes through. She is very dedicated to her training, believing her work as a Miko to be to sole purpose of her existence and her destiny. She believes she has a connection to kami and spirits of the stars in the night sky due to first hearing their voices one night while watching the stars. As she grew to learn of her gifts she decided to devote herself to learning how to be a proper Miko as to not squander the gifts the gods have bestowed upon her.

Although she is dedicated to her training she can often be a little dense and air-headed. She finds herself easily distracted from tasks and has to repeat important things to herself to remember them. Of course she has found communing with spirits to be no aid in this, but she feels as though for all her gifts it only makes sense to have some difficulty. She finds self expression to be important but has a difficult time doing so, as her Miko duties always come first. She loves to play games and spend time with children. She likes practicing self defense with her staff and finds it to be a soothing activity. When focusing on spirit communing her mind feels cluttered so by working her body she can relieve the tension her Miko training puts her through and has a better time focusing. She loves summer and autumn, when days are warm and the colors of the landscape are bright and inviting. She travels wherever she’s needed to try and hone her skills of divination and healing and loves the feeling of freedom it affords her.

Although she can be air-headed she has a deep rooted wisdom, usually showing through during her actions as a Miko. She has a rough time finding a balance between her care-free attitude and the serious nature of her work. As a result she’ll either play too much at work or forget to smile and wear a serious face too often and berate herself for this later. She believes a girl’s smile is her ultimate beauty, and that she must try to smile whenever possible. She sometimes gets anxious as to whether she has the skills to be an effective Miko, but calms her mind by playing with her staff, interacting with people in whatever village she’s in or by asking the kami themselves.

She loves people and loves to make people smile. She daydreams of romance and makes up stories in her head based on interactions she has had with people, imagining how a couple she briefly met interacts or imagining that the boy she passed that one time actually admitted his feelings to the girl he was fawning over. She hopes to find her own romance but is content imagining the romances of others and just loving people she’s met in a less intimate way.

She thinks herself a pacifist although she has practiced combat with her staff. She tries not to inflict more damage than is necessary to end conflict. this is also the reason why she refrains from jabbing people with the end of her staff, instead preferring the blunt force that will only cause bruising. She usually only fights to back up the seriousness of her words or if she believes the situation requires her to be violent for the sake of justice for the many.

Personal Motto: “I’ll carry out my duties, my way!”

Primary Archetype: Spirit Talker
Special: Once per thread, the miko hears the voices of the kami and may break out of all genjutsu affecting her. As a ritual, she may ask the kami a yes/no question and receives a true answer.
Primary: Chakra
Stats: +2 Power, +1 Control, -1 Tactics, -2 Stamina
While all miko channel the power of the spirits, the Spirit Talker communicates with them on a more fundamental level. She hears them whisper and visits them in her sleep. The Spirit Talker walks the line between the world of the living and the realm of spirits, and she must mind that gap.

Secondary Archetype: Kobudo Master
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can temporarily gains access to his trained blunt weapon style’s next stage “benefits”. This only includes stage bonuses and regular techniques. This special only lasts for one post.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Chakra
Stat Merit: +2 to Strength, +1 to Stamina
Stat Flaw: -2 to Control, -1 to Tactics



Physical 24/24

Strength: 1 [+2 Archetype] [+6 Pool] 9 (+10 Bonus) = 19
Speed: 1 [+9 Pool] 10 = 10
Stamina: 1 [-2 Spirit Talker] [+1 Archetype] [+9 Pool] 9 (+8 Bonus) = 17

Mental 27/ 27

Intelligence: 1 [+9 Pool] 10 = 10
Tactics: 1 [-2 Archetype] [+5 Pool] 4 = 4
Willpower: 1 [+13 Pool] 14 = 14

Chakra 30/30

Power: 1 [+2 Spirit Talker] 3 [+8 Pool] 11 [+2 Thread] = 13
Control: 1 [-1 Archetypes] 0 [+ 12 Pool] 12 = 12
Reserves: 1 [+10 Pool] 11 = 11


Jutsu and Techniques:
Paths of the Shrine Maiden
Primary: Divination; Secondary: Mend

Stage 1
Slot 1 Divination - Jikan wo Tsutaeru - Telling Time
Requirements: 2 Control, 2 Intelligence

Slot 3 Mend - Ofuda Gijutsu: Shu Shiiru - Seal Technique: Handseal
Requirements: 3 Control, 2 Tactics
Slot 4 Mend - Ryouri no Yorokubi - The Joy of Cooking
Requirements: 3 Willpower, 3 Reserves

Stage 2
Slot 1 Divination - Ofuda Gijutsu: Shiten - Seal Technique: Perspective
Condition: Revealing Hidden Knowledge
Requirements: 5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves

Slot 3 Mend - Ofuda Hoshu - Seal Mending
Requirements:6 Control, 6 Power, 4 Willpower
Slot 4 Mend - Ofuda Gijutsu: Doku Shirushi - Seal Technique: Seal of Poison
Requirements: 6 Willpower, 5 Intelligence, 5 Power
Condition: Healing someone made helpless

Stage 3
Slot 1 Divination - Shinjutsuno Kyouyuu - Sharing the Truth
Requirements:8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves
Slot 3 Mend - Shibaru Shirushi - Binding Mark
Requirements: 9 Control, 9 Reserves, 7 Willpower

Stage 4
Slot 1 Divination Enkakusokuteiho - Telemetry
Requirements:12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower


Jishin (Earthquake)
Stage 1
Stat Requirements: 5 Strength, 3 Stamina
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina
Stage 2
Stat Requirements: 8 Strength, 6 Stamina, 6 Willpower
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

Mercenary’s Universal Techniques
Stage 1
Skill Requirements: 2 Tactics, 2 Stamina

Shinto Priest's staff [Khakkara] (used as a medium blunt weapon) (3 item points)
-Glow (1 item point)
-Returning (2 item points)
-Trick lock (2 item points)

Item Points Remaining: 0/8


Ayako was raised in one of the smaller towns surrounding the metropolis that is Metsubishi. Her family was a fairly comfortable group of people to be raised by, she lived at home with her parents, her grandmother, her older sister and her younger brother. Her parents were kind and raised their children fairly. However the youngest was slightly spoiled, but Ayako didn’t mind. She loves her brother and wants the world for him. She gets along with her sister but she’s always been too busy to spend much time with Ayako in her childhood. Ayako loved to hear stories told by her grandmother about the kami of ancient times and other folk lore.

Her parents owned a small farm, so the children would often help when they could. When she had free time, however, Ayako would venture into the forest. She had a particular hill she liked in a clearing just out of the lush greenery. It overlooked the western river, half the reason for which River country was named, and had a nice large boulder to sit on and lean against to watch the stars at night. One night while watching the stars she heard a voice speaking to her. She didn’t quite understand what was said, the sound echoing in her head like hushed whispers. She turned her head to see no one around, greeted only by the rustling of the trees. Realizing it was already dark and that her mother would be angry at her she ran home.

Her mother was indeed upset at her for coming home after dark again, but sent her to bed and allowed her grandmother to tell her those familiar stories. As her grandmother finished telling the story of Hikoboshi and Orihime, Ayako asked her what kami sounded like. Her grandmother, surprised but her years allowing her not to betray this emotion with her expression, asked her why she wanted to know. She told her about the whispering, recounting how it might not have been the first time she heard or saw something strange but had previously ignored those other times as her eyes and ears playing tricks on her.

Her grandmother gave a knowing smile and stood up. When she returned she held a box with a white kimono and bright red hakama. She told Ayako that she was not the first in the family to have such gifts. Ayako’s great grandmother had been a Miko in her life, before settling down and having children and living the rest of her days on this very farm. Ayako picked up the crisp, clean uniform. She felt a rush of emotion. An unbridled love seeped from the cloth through her skin. She felt so much love she feared her heart may burst and her eyes began to water. Her grandmother wiped her eyes and put the uniform away and wished her granddaughter good night, offering her a kiss on the forehead for good measure. From then it was decided to bring Ayako, only 10 years old, to the temple. The priestesses confirmed that she did have the potential to become a great diviner of spirits.

Ayako packed to go to a larger temple to train under a high priestess for the next 5 years, until she became a full-fledged Ateji. She learned a great many skills, including cooking and self defense, along with her Miko training. She returned home for a visit, and though her family wanted her to stay she knew she had to travel and learn more. Her parents reluctantly agreed, but her grand mother smiled and bid Ayako to come with her. Ayako followed her to her grandmother's room. Aside from the futon it mostly contained treasures from her life. Her grandmother uncovered the box that had been virtually undisturbed in 5 years. She handed it to Ayako. Confused, Ayako opened it. It was her great grandmother's Miko uniform. Her grandmother informed her that it belonged to her now, and to wear it with pride. Ayako was over-joyed and held her grandmother tight, thanking her profusely. Her grandmother laughed and hugged back.

Her family waved her off, only slightly teary eyed as she began her adventure in her great-grandmothers robes.

Writing Example:
Ayako walked with a skip in her step. After 5 long years training she finally got to return home and visit her family! Her sister had been pregnant for 8 months and was due around now for her child.

She leisurely strolled down the familiar roads leading to her home. She had been by to visit once or twice a year but this was the first time she would be able to tell her family she had become a full fledged Miko. She was so proud of this achievement and couldn’t wait to share it with her family!

As her steps quickened she noticed someone she recognized.
“I haven’t seen you in forever!” She called to him, hastening her step. The young man was about the same age as her sister, he had been friends of their family for a long time but she hadn’t seen him since she went to train. He looked like a typical young man with lightly tanned skin, a wide chin and a gentle expression.
“How are you doing?” She asked him. He jovially put his hands on his hips and smiled.

“Me and my honey got married!” He announced. Ayako recalled that he was always very proud of his girlfriend, and they always seemed to be deeply in love whenever she saw them. Ayako clasped her hands together in joy.

“Wow! Congratulations!” She cheered. She loved hearing about romance in other peoples lives, especially when it had a happy ending. She briefly thought to herself how she wished she had someone she loved so passionately that it would make her as happy as he always seemed talking about his sweetheart.

“Yeah! We’re thinking about having children right away. She wants boys to run around with but I want a precious little girl. How sweet would that be! Having a little sweetie with her eyes and my smile and her hair and I’d name her--” He began to rant but stopped when he noticed Ayako was suddenly smiling at him with more of a wince than a cheerful expression. She recounted that he was notorious for starting long conversations about his soon-to-be wife that were almost impossible to escape from. He snapped back into motion once he recalled who he was talking to and lightly put his fist in his open palm with a pap sound.
“Right! You’re here to see your sister right? I shouldn’t keep you then, tell her congratulations for me!” He said as he waved and started walking in the direction he was originally going. Ayako bowed after him, unsure if he noticed and continued on her way.

(This is the beginning of a detailed version of her receiving her Miko uniform from her grandmother. I might continue writing it in a solo thread.)

Other Info:

Thread Ratings:
7/4/17 A Spirited Meeting +2 Power, +Stage 2 Jishin


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Approved yo. This is a really straightforward miko ap.
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Half-approved. Have fun!
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o h , r u b b e r d u c k y , y o u ' r e t h e o n e , y o u m a k e b a t h t i m e l o t s o f f u n , r u b b e r d u c k y , i ' m a w f u l l y f o n d o f y o u ~

Jishin link is funny. pls fix halp.

I am excited about the fact that there are finally 'good' miko coming around. For a while it felt like they were all evil witches or jinchuuboobaloos, hehe. I like the directions I can see this character going in and would definitely be down to roleplay with (a) magical girl(s) any time.

Not the biggest fan of the font but that's just me being picky in my own way. Sheet is fine!


Dur I'm dumb


AP: 31

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Nice. Get this outta here and get arpeeing.

Half approved.

Someone finish this out.
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And with a final half approval, I give you a pitifully sick welcome to Engi. I'll do better later.

Fix that URL link though.
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Fixed, it is now a link that works, and thank you everyone!

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MOVED yayyyy
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