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Default [IWA Jounin] Aoyama Sudao

Aoyama Sudao

Male ~ 20 ~ 5'10" ~ Jounin ~ Iwagakure / Tsuchi no Kuni ~ IWA Diplomat, First Degree

Physical Description: Sudao is thin and compact, lacking the stocky proportions common of his fellow Iwagakure shinobi. His body is like that of a swimmer, and he moves like a dancer, each step calculated and precise. Something about the young man causes him to give off a constant aura of cleanliness, and his jet black hair always appears a little bit wet, given how it falls about his face. Regardless, he always seems to stand up straight, never slouched or hunched, and more often than not, can be seen with a look of distaste for his surroundings etched across his face.

His eyes are big, almond shaped orbs with a royal blue coloring to them. Their hues are deep like the ocean, and the occasional glint of turquoise can be seen around the rim of his pupil. Dark, carefully maintained brows sit just above his eyes, matching their long lashes in shade. Befitting of his height, Sudao’s head is a tad bit smaller than average, and his chin rounds out carefully into a defined jawline. The jounin’s nose is upturned, befitting of his snobbish demeanor.

As for his body, Sudao has carefully sculpted pecs, washboard abs, toned arms, and very muscular legs that seem to do most of the work for him in combat. Still, there’s something unique about the boy, given how just on the back of his neck, about two inches above his shoulders, a brilliant blue sapphire-like gem sits. The structure is a Force Jewel, and when activated, causes brilliant blue veins to erupt out of boy’s skin, typically following the direction of his chakra circulatory system.

For some strange reason, Sudao tends to carry a smell that’s like a mixture between cucumbers, melons, and mint. His voice is gentle but firm, and is strangely relaxing to listen to.

Clothing: Stylistically, Sudao comes across as a mixture between a prep and a jock. When off duty or on a field mission, he’s usually seen in athletic wear, typically a set of joggers or sweat pants and a jacket that he leaves partially unzipped to show off his well-muscled chest. If it’s too hot for that, Sudao usually dresses pretty stereotypically, what with a pair of colorful shorts and a button up, short sleeved polo that usually contrasts the pair of shorts in tone. His shoes are usually the standard grade ninja sandals, but occasionally he’ll trade them out for a pair of tennis shoes or leathery boating shoes.

In the event that he’s tasked with official business, Sudao dresses to impress. He owns a number of suits in the event that he needs them, but more often than not, can be found in a pair of dress pants or khakis with a set of neat, black shoes and a carefully tucked, long-sleeved polo complete with a unique tie or bow tie. Occasionally, he’ll throw on some glasses if he’s feeling really official.

Personality: Sudao is a young man of many vices, tempered by his commitment to Iwagakure. To put it plainly, the jounin goes out of his way to be the life of every party, if only to compete with his teammate. He craves attention, driven further by a desire to be better than everyone while simultaneously possessing the visage of an eternally popular kid that should have peaked years ago, but thanks to some crazy series of events, refuses to stagnate. When around people that he trusts, Sudao is a blunt, rudely honest person that only appears to care for those extremely close to him. Yet at the same time, there’s a type of subtle manipulation about him: Sudao is genuinely in love with himself and makes sure that his needs are the first met.

It’s not so much that he doesn’t care about anyone other than himself as much as it is that he’s a man that knows what he wants and lacks the moral composition to keep him from pursuing his more insidious goals. He has an intense drive, a powerful desire to push himself forward and make a name for himself, to increase his standing, to gain more popularity. To come between Sudao and what he wants is almost a death sentence: He will move mountains if need be.

Truly, Sudao’s greatest weakness is his hubris, while his greatest strength has been proven to be his silver tongue and way with words. Sudao has convinced himself that he will become one of the Greats. Some say that it’s because of his gem, but in truth, that’s only part of it, with the other part being his recent promotion and addiction to climbing the social ladder and attending the most elite of parties. The blue jewel that Sudao bears speaks to him often, and the two are usually at odds, constantly bickering over the proper way to proceed. One thing is for certain though, for while Sudao was cunning and cutthroat before, he has become infinitely more so since, as well as having become more aggressive, assertive, haughty, domineering, snobby, and to be blunt, more like fuckboy since having undergone the ritual.

"Myself, my family, my village."



Bookworm: You may spend up to two rather than one thread points on jutsu. The second point spent on jutsu must always be a Genjutsu or Ninjutsu.
Ninjutsu Specialist: +2 to Power, +1 to Control / -2 to Strength, -1 to Tactics
Genjutsu Specialist: +2 to Willpower, +1 to Intelligence / -2 to Strength, -1 to Stamina

Power: 1 + 2 + 20 = 23
Control: 1 + 1 + 21 = 23
Reserves: 1 + 19 + 2(TP) = 22

Strength: 1 - 2 - 2 + 16 + 3(AP) +3(TP) +1(M*) = 20 (+12 Fencing Style)
Speed: 1 + 19 = 20 (+16 Fencing Style)
Stamina: 1 - 1 + 14 + 2(TP) = 16 (+8 Fencing Style)

Intelligence: 1 + 1 + 14 + 1(TP) = 17
Tactics: 1 - 1 + 14 + 3(AP) = 17
Willpower: 1 + 2 + 12 +1(AP) + 1(TP) = 17


Jutsu and Techniques

Fencing Sword Style
Stage 5: Speed 20, Strength 20, Stamina 16, Intelligence 16
Accumulated Bonuses: +20 Speed, +15 Strength, +10 Stamina

Stone Force Jewels & Swaps
[1]Activate Jewel: Control 2, Intelligence 2
[2]Orb of the Tides (Replacing Accurate Water Shot): Control 7, Power 7, Tactics 6
[3]Wave Cannon (Replacing Secret Water Shot): Control 10, Power 10, Willpower 8
[4]Freezing Impact: Control 15, Power 15, Reserves 13, Tactics 14
[5]Water Whips: Control 19, Power 19, Reserves 18, Tactics 16
[5]Empowered Veins of Color: Tactics 17, Intelligence 16, Willpower 16, Control 15

Earth Ninjutsu
[1]Earth Military Movement: Power 2, Tactics 3
[1]Ears on the Earth: Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
[2]Inner Decapitation: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
[3]Dust Storm: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7
[4]Iwagakure Shunshin no Jutsu: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Control 12
[5]Earth Dragon God Blast: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14
[6]Mud Overturn: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15

[1]Telling Time: Control 2, Intelligence 2
[2]Seal Technique - Perspective: Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4
[3]Sense the Sign of Life: Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6
[4]The Ritual of Farsight: Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Control 12
[5]Sensing Truth: Control 17, Power 16, Reserves 16, Willpower 15
[6]Lock Fate: Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Willpower 17, Intelligence 15

Global Ninjutsu
[1]Body Switch Technique: Power 2, Tactics 2
[1]Unlocking Technique: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
[2]Wall Walking Technique: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
[3]Kai: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8
[4]The Art of Walking on Air: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14
[5]Rasengan: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16

Those Lacking Opacity
[1]Sabotage: Control 4, Power 4
[2]All-Seeing Eye: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4
[3]Shadow Trace: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Power 7
[4]Spirit Diminish: Control 14, Power 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10
[5]Unseen Step: Intelligence 17, Tactics 16, Willpower 16, Control 15

Metal Ninjutsu
[1]Clone: Control 3, Intelligence 2
[2]Shuriken: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
[3]Shape: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8
[4]Spear: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
[4]Shrapnel: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
[5]Saw: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14
[5]Arsenic: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16
[6]Hail: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15


Inventory: 7/8
[0]Shinobi Kit
[7]Shisui: [3]Rapier, [1]Repair, [2]Recall, [1]Implanted
The shisui is a rapier purchased from the Konkaji blacksmiths. It exists within Sudao's gem at the nape of his neck, stored within a seal, and is capable of being drawn from the jewel as if it were a scabbard. The blade itself is a clean, blue tinted steel. The hilt is made from mother of pearl, and there's a gold trim about the blade. It's capable of returning to its users hand in a dazzling display of blue light, and if damaged, it will slowly repair itself.


Biography: “Otohime, what made you pick me?”

There was a moment of silence as the woman froze, tilting her curiously towards Sudao. She was beautiful, with pearly white skin and cobalt blue hair that traipsed down her lower back like ocean waves. She stood before him, dressed in her customary, traditional gown that was adorned with seashells and a starfish that seemed to move and crawl about her visage. After a moment, she smoothed her dress down before raising her chin domineeringly at him.

“Why do you care? We’re one now, and it’s not like you ever listen to me anymore anyway.”

Her voice was cold, like the ocean waves that broke on Yukigakure’s chilled coast.

“I just do. Everyone has a reason for picking someone over another. You could have had Kaori. Or Masami for that matter. What made you pick… me?”

Otohime scoffed, and pivoted on one foot. She seemed to glide over to him, folding her arms and positioning her nose high in the air.

“Oh, this is to feed your ego, is it? Very well then, let me educate you.” She took a seat next to him and crossed one leg over the other, occasionally gesturing petitely with her hands. “When someone is chosen to bare a jewel, we see your life up to that point. Then, those of us who feel connected to you make our claim. Some people have a specific preference in mind, and we usually take that into consideration. But the ones like you and your teammates, you were open to any of our influence. I hadn’t seen someone that my visions aligned with in quite some time. I wasn’t going to let you escape.”

Sudao just looked at her, but Otohime continued.

“The first thing I saw when they presented you to us was your childhood. You’ve always had money, even with Tsuchi no Kuni’s recession following Hyakura Najo’s come to power. People thought it was crazy when your parents, leaders of a shipping conglomerate, would allow their youngest son to join Iwagakure’s academy simply because he wanted to. Because you had an aptitude for shinobi work, or that’s what the recruiters told them. I could sense your hunger for martial power even then, and as you grew older, I watched that hunger morph into an insatiable craving for dominance.”

“In the academy, you were smart. You were near the top of your class; you always knew just what to say. Everyone adored you, but you hated yourself. Their adoration wasn’t enough, you wanted to them to kneel, to do whatever was asked of them. You were used to the servants back home doing whatever you wanted. And while you were successful at convincing them to follow you, you never felt true loyalty. They liked you because you had the latest toys, the hookups when it came to parties. You knew everyone liked you because of what you could do for them, not because of how you treated them.”

“And then there was Kaori, oh, how you hated him. The golden child, the sweetheart that could rally an entire city just to save a girl’s cat stuck in a stupid tree. The students flocked to him, everyone wanted to hang out with him. Everyone except you. You stopped at nothing to compete with him, even as the two of you grew older. Your teachers at the academy recognized it too, with how you looked at him, the anger, the contempt. They played off your rivalry time and time again, using it to drive the two of you to greater heights in your education. Even then, they recognized the differences in the two you. Opposites always did attract.”

She laughed.

“But the worst part is, Kaori has never hated you, not like you have him. His heart is pure, perfect for that dreadful yellow to inhabit. He saw the weakness inside you before you did, and he tried to cover it for you. Meanwhile, you only wanted to cut him down, to enjoy your reign as top dog. You threw party after party, never inviting him. Masami came to several before you even knew her as Masami, but you never realized it. You were too busy rubbing elbows with the others high up in your circle, like your parents taught you to do.”

“I saw the anger in your heart when the three of you were assigned to a genin team."

“I saw the anger in your heart when you saw him that day, standing next to Masami, a girl you didn’t even recognize, even though the clear figure of Kuro stood next to her. You wanted a do-over, to use your mommy’s money to somehow pay the village to save you from this cruel joke. You wondered how this could happen to you of all people, how you could be put with Kaori. The temper tantrum you threw was legendary. Everyone knew that you were spoiled, but the way you showed out was not only telling of your age but also of your upbringing.”

“Hiroko chastised you for acting that way, but you didn’t care. In the 9 years since her promotion to jounin, she hadn’t ever seen anything like the three of you. She knew she had trouble on her hands, what with an entitled brat, a reckless buffoon, and a sad girl with a body reshapen by chakra. It was like her superiors had handpicked the problem children. But yet, Hiroko took the three of you on with patience in order to help you grow. She was determined to temper your anger, to engage Kaori, and to make Masami believe in herself. And she did all of those things.”

“You three didn’t know it at the time, but you were her third batch of graduates. She was one of Stone’s best tutors, a fact that she was apt to prove to you. She forced you to work together. She forced you and Kaori to get along, but she did so in a way that made you two feel like old friends, like you needed one another. You knew what she was doing too, and you gave in. You grew tired of the competition with Kaori. You wanted to be better than him, sure. But the cold shoulder that you always gave him began to ware down. As you grew up, and your missions took you far from the village and into the wilds of Tsuchi no Kuni, the four of you got very close. There were some nights when you would wake up shivering, kept warm only by the heat of Kaori huddled next to you in your tent.”

“Hiroko taught all three of you what you needed to know, and as the years went by, she watched you grow ready. At the ages of fourteen and fifteen, she finally agreed to let the three of you participate in the chuunin exams. You flew threw the written tests, naturally, and your charisma and penchant for underhanded tactics allowed you to pass the answers between you and teammates easily whenever one of you had difficulty. You were lucky that the exams were held in Tsuchi no Kuni that year. The three of your recognized the terrain, having done countless missions involving the Hitsuji Forest before. You were quick to engage enemy teams for their scrolls, and you weren’t ashamed to let Kaori draw the brunt of your enemy’s blows. You and Masami, and her subjects, what, with her finally having formed a second, were quick to cut down your foes with your sword and her crossbow. The three of you worked in unison, near perfect sync even, and you intimately knew one another’s strategies, or in Kaori’s case, lack of one. The three of you relied on one another, and it carried you far into your exams.”

“Straight to second place, if I recall correctly.”
She laughed again, the cold chill returning to her voice. They way she spoke was meant to bait him. Instead, Sudao stared at her, with a frigid anger burning behind his brilliant blue eyes.

“You all made it past the first round easily. But then they put you against Masami. You both knew one another’s tactics, but the difference between the two of you came from that craving for power, no, for recognition. Hiroko watched in horror as you seemed to forget that the two of you were still teammates. You knew the quickest way to destroy your teammate, and so you targeted her subjects. You cut the oldest down mercilessly while you watched her suffer from the pain of death. And then you drug her deep down into the earth, up to her neck before anyone could intervene. No one understood why you had gone so far. No one except for me.”

There was a grin on her face.

“You were a savage, through and through. You distanced your heart from your head, which is what ultimately secured you your promotion. The fight with Kaori helped, but… You lost to him. You lost the final match. You were exhausted from your fight with Masami already, and Kaori just had more endurance. But you were too proud to give him the victory he deserved. When your knees buckled and you couldn’t move your body, you surrendered rather than give him the last blow. He tried to follow you out of the arena, the brilliant coliseum of the Rokudaime, to make sure you were okay. But you looked at him with hate. You refused to see Hiroko. That day was the day that you distanced yourself from everyone.”

“And yet, all three of you had been promoted. You stayed together on a team for some time, though your relationships never quite recovered from the chuunin exams. But even then, you worked effortlessly together, and when you were on a simple guard mission and the tunnels of a nearby mine collapsed, the three of you got more people out than any of the first responders could. Your mission success rate and that sudden display of empathy, it’s what got you me. It’s what got you naked, on that cold, stone floor as those jounin opened your body up to allow me residence. You twisted and squirmed as I chose where I wanted to be, and I made them put me on the back of your neck. I chose you because I felt our confidence align, I felt our hatred of the weak align, I felt your strength resonate within me, and I felt your sense of identity overcome me.”

This time, her laugh turned into a cackle, and Sudao opened his mouth to stop her, but she kept going.

“You’ve given me reason though, to enjoy being part of you. Sure, at the time, you lost contact with your teammates. And sure, you’d see Hiroko every few weeks, alone, at her behest, but Masami and Kaori became afterthoughts. As a genin, you were allowed freedom, but they forced you into a specialization shortly after you received me. It was part of growing up, and with your quick wit and silver tongue, you chose to serve as a diplomat. Your world shifted, and you learned about other countries, but you learned about Iwagakure and Tsuchi no Kuni the most. You learned how to make other people love us, truly love us, not like the nonsense you pulled in the academy. You developed a way with words, a way to stir hearts and minds. Your primary focus became making the surrounding villages and cities see Iwagakure as its salvation; you learned to make them view the village as you wanted to be seen.”

“I watched you – I helped you, for a while. You did what you needed to, you picked up on just how to say things, what to emphasize, how to make people trust you. You did it for years, carrying on the will of village where ever you were needed. Occasionally, you’d find yourself at odds with the outliers of a population, but you and your fellow shinobi were quick to cut your foes down, whether with your words or with action. You served as one of the Tsuchikage’s crown jewels, and the propaganda you produced carried your name through the diplomatic service’s ranks. You had become someone to watch, and you had turned your efforts into bigger and better things. You started traveling to different villages, and you were among the forces that aided Nagai’s New Cloud in its war against its previous Raikage. Your efforts were critical in helping destroy the G-men and with assisting in Nagai’s siege on Gaika, with your Doton techniques proving quite effective against the enemy’s lightning ninjutsu.”

“You returned home from the battle seasoned, but your parents were in mourning. Your younger sister was missing, and being only four years old, had no way to defend herself. You knew exactly where she had been taken as soon as your parents filled you in – their annexation of a rival shipping company had left them desperate. Your parents were fully prepared to liquidate over half of their stocks in order to guarantee the safe return of their daughter, but you took matters into your own hands. You sought out the one person that you knew could find anyone in Tsuchi no Kuni, or the world for that matter.”

“You swallowed your pride long enough to seek out Kaori’s mother. You pleaded with her for her help, and she agreed, eventually locating your younger sister through the means of divination. You studied how she worked, and you played upon your intuition. The techniques she used came naturally to you, and you developed a way to barter with the kami through your chakra. You used your newfound ability to lead a strike team to where your sister was being held. And you brutally murdered her captors. Part of you took joy in it, striking down the foes of your family with a vengeance. It scared you, but it also exhilarated you. The safe return of your sibling was all that you wanted, and once you had the precious child back in your hands, you became a hero to your family.”

“You received stock in your family’s company, exceeding that of your older siblings. Your brothers and sisters who had studied hard to take over after your parents retired were suddenly faced with new competition, and they mobilized against you. Despite their arrogance and maneuvering, you still succeeded, even while away, conducting trade delegations in the name of Iwagakure. Your list of business contacts grew, and you secured further business for the shipping company by use of your diplomatic ties. Stocks shot up, your wealth grew, and suddenly, you were eighteen years old with more money than you knew what to do with.”

“So you bought a small estate, and lived in decadence for nearly a year. You threw party after party, carrying yourself like an arrogant blueblood, eyes jaded. Your contacts grew, shadier ones included. You learned to maneuver yourself around Tsuchi no Kuni more effectively than before, and the two of us acted in unison. Our ideas rarely differed then, but the seeds began to take root. You began to stifle your pride for efficiency, and the shade cast by you began to sicken me. What was once a dynamic duo began to falter, becoming what it is now. You started to carry yourself like a snake rather than a lion.”

“But things began to fall apart within the nation too, particularly involving your efforts at keeping Tsuchi no Kuni’s populace in align. Najo’s son, Naijin, lacked the strength that his father did. The Jondori Earthquake claimed the lives of many, including the political career of Jukoto Daisuke. You and the other diplomats worked in a frenzy to mitigate the political damage, but nothing would work. The Shichidaime was forced to resign, giving way to the rise of Hajime Hagane. You were there for his coronation, and you worked tirelessly to fight against the rise of criminals and further dissidence that followed.”

“The exposure of the false Force Jewels had the two of us in an uproar. After months, we finally agreed on something, and you trained long and hard to be at the forefront of the fight. Your job as a diplomat didn’t stop though, and you called in favor after favor with your business contacts, bringing missions and further income to the village to aid Iwagakure the best you could against our foes. You clashed with a number of the experiments, and when the division shift came, you stayed put, choosing to continue to work as a diplomat for IWA.”

“As war broke out, you left your desk though. You fought, long and hard against the People’s Defense Coalition, striking down foe after foe. I aided you in one of your hardest fights, where you and several other doton users brought down a training facility that was guarded by one of the strongest missing ninja you’d ever face – a jounin level Raiton user from Konishi’s Kumogakure. You continued your efforts though, bringing down other facilities and even laboratories. You refused to rest until Daichi was either in ruins or under the control of Iwagakure.”

“And then, suddenly, the first battle was over. You were immediately summoned back to your station as a diplomat, and you prepared for a journey to Iron Country. You accompanied the Tsuchikage’s delegation as you marched into Sennou no Shi, and you aided Hagane in solidifying its terms with Kumogakure and Otogakure. You returned, and you were immediately sent on a mission you didn’t see coming.”

Otohime grinned, laughing slightly.

“You never expected to see your old teammates again. But Hagane insisted that he bring the three of you back together, and he sent you after the Red Lieutenant. The encounter was brutal, and you, Masami, and Kaori returned, absolutely exhausted, but closer, like you had picked right up where you had left off. It was odd. But the encounter, along with your extensive work as a diplomat, efforts in the Battle of Daichi, and assistance in the political maneuver to establish Iwagakure's claim on Tsuchi no Kuni got you where we are now.”

Sudao kind of just sat there for a minute, debating what to say. He opened his mouth with a retort.

“...So, what was the point of the second half of your monologue?”

Otohime froze for a moment, and she stared at him indignantly, a blue blush forming over her opalescent skin.

“I thought I may as well have told you the reason I've stayed. Besides, you could have banished me from your mind with a mere thought, but you didn't. That tells me one thing.”

The blush disappeared, and a coy tone echoed in her voice.

“You missed my company.”


Other Info:
  • After talking to Jami, the encounter with the "Red Lieutenant" or Tanaka Zeisuke will be RPed out as the team's first thread.
  • Sudao's has a sensitive palate and a love for cheeses and wine.
  • Sudao is also quite skilled in the business, particularly since having gained additional stocks in his family's company.
  • In total, Sudao has five siblings, three older brothers, an older sister, and a much younger sister.
  • As an avid wassailer, Sudao holds many carouses throughout the year, each one more legendary than the last.
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As an official statement, yes, my blessing has been given to have the encounter with the Red Lieutenant as a thing that'll get played out and potentially retconned afterward into these bios.

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