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Default The Celestial Gates

Forbidden Technique: The Celestial Gates

The way to the soul

The Celestial Gates are a unique technique, considered forbidden for the danger they pose to those willing to use it. The basis of the technique is to focus on the physical limiters within that regulate the flow of chakra through the body. These 'gates', located at key points throughout the chakra circulation system, make sure that the power energy within every person is regulated to a small flow spread out over the whole body. Molding chakra in itself is a way of rerouting this flow, but the difference between molding chakra and opening the gates is like painting with a brush compared to overturning the bucket. Use of the Celestial Gates is reckless, frowned upon, and shouldn't be considered without dire need.

The gates are typically viewed as 8 gates, starting with two within the brain, leading down to the root chakra in the pelvic region, then back up to Shi-mon, the 'death gate' that keeps the last bit of chakra needed to keep someone alive.


Opening the Gates:

Opening the gates is an offensive action for a post, and no other offensive actions can be taken after gates are opened in a post. Multiple gates can be opened in the same post. For every gate that is opened, a physical toll is taken on the body, which begins to take effect once the gates are closed.

While a gate is open, the user has access to the passive abilities in that gate and every earlier gate.

Gate Penalties:

Every post (after the post they are opened) that the gates are open, the user gets a penalty equal to half the bonus taijutsu levels they are gaining, rounded down (but with a minimum of 1). This means that if you are gaining +2 taijutsu levels from a gate, you get a -1 penalty per post.

When you close the gates, your taijutsu levels are lowered by your penalty for the rest of the thread. If the number of this penalty ever reaches the stage of your highest gate, your gates forcefully close and you collapse at the end of your post. If your gates forcefully close, your taijutsu levels are all 1 for the rest of the thread.


Recovering from opening the gates is difficult, as they put enough physical wear on the body that intense healing can be required. Until they are treated by a medical shinobi, and hopefully a team of them, the gate user is stuck with the taijutsu level penalty they gained, or at taijutsu level 1 if their gates were forced closed. After being healed, they still take time to recover. They retain their taijutsu level penalty in the next thread or their taijutsu levels are halved for the next thread, whichever is less severe. If they risk using the gates in their next thread, none of the gates are 'safe' and their penalties grow at double speed. The thread after they have started to heal, their taijutsu levels are back to normal, but they still have no safe gates, and gain penalties faster. By the fourth thread, they are back to normal.

Safe Gates:

With more practice, it becomes possible to open gates 'safely', without completely disrupting the chakra system and ripping apart the body. Not counting the Death Gate, if you open a gate two levels below your highest, you can reduce the risk to your body. While you are still exhausted after the gates are closed, you will fully regain your taijutsu levels after the thread is over as long as you gain proper rest.

Gate Techniques and Other Jutsu:

With practice, the unique techniques that can be created in combination with the Celestial Gates are astounding to see, and devastating to the opponent. Three Gate techniques can be registered for each gate, and require one jutsu to take. The description for each stage gives an idea of what is possible gate techniques at each gate, but they are often combos that attempt to end the fight.

But because the Celestial Gates are a last ditch effort to win a fight, the reckless use of chakra makes it impossible to use chakra for any use beyond taijutsu. Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, anything but special techniques from taijutsu styles become impossible to attempt with the explosive speed chakra moves through the body. The exception is when the user has a safe gate unlocked. You can continue to use your chakra for jutsu as long as those jutsu don't exceed the stage of your safe gate.


The celestial gates create their increase in physical prowess by exhausting the chakra stores that would usually be used for other ninjutsu techniques. But the technique to use gates, or even control the body once they are opened, requires a large amount of dedicated training. It isn't something that should be done on a whim, as it can lead to destruction of the body. To represent this, each gate requires two points to purchase. This means that two thread ratings would usually be required to take a gate. You can only spend one point from a thread rating to get a gate, and AP/GMAP cannot be used to purchase gates after creation.

The Celestial Gates are not a taijutsu style (or ninjutsu/genjutsu for that matter). The Celestial Gates require a normal flowing chakra system, and without a workaround it is impossible to use them if there are outside factors influencing your chakra coils (like the chakra of a bijuu, or other unnatural forms of chakra gain and loss).

The Gates

Kai-Mon (Initial Gate)
Requirements: Stamina 4, Strength 4

+1 to all Taijutsu levels

Opening Kai-Mon will remove the brain’s built-in inhibitors that prevent the body’s muscles from exerting their full force. These inhibitors, however, are in place for good reason. They also prevent the muscles from literally tearing themselves apart through overuse. However, there may come a time when a person is willing to risk their body for some cause, and the temporary increase in power that comes as a result of full use of the muscles may be their only option.

Quick Start - With the limits on the user's muscles taken away, the initial gate allows the user to move to their full acceleration without concern for their body. This doesn't make them any faster, but can make them hard to follow.

Techniques: Kai-mon techniques focus on strength. With the initial gate allowing the user to flex the full natural capability of their muscles, ignoring their limits, these techniques usually cause a great deal of strain to the body. The attack performs one great feat of strength that can be followed by smaller attacks.

Kyu-Mon (Healing Gate)
Requirements: Stamina 8, Strength 6, Willpower 6

+1 to all Taijutsu levels (Not cumulative)

Kyu-Mon is an important part of the gates, as it helps in the user’s tolerance of gate use. When this gate is opened, it forcibly restores a great amount of energy within the body, giving more stamina. This ability chiefly comes into play later. As the user’s body becomes more accustomed to opening gates, this gate allows them to do so safely, as Kyu-mon helps to ease the burden that other gates place on the body.

Ability: Rejuvenation - Kyu-mon increases the body's natural rate of rejuvenation. It creates a burst of stamina by quickly replenishing the rate that the body repairs cell damage. Immediately, upon being opened, small damage, scrapes and cuts are closed as a side effect. The body also feels renewed, and any fatigue is instantly wiped away.

Techniques: Similar to the gate techniques of Kai-mon gate, the Kyu-mon relies on one burst of strength that pushes the body to the limit. The difference is that Kyu-mon resets the body before the techniques are used, allowing more daring and dangerous combinations.

Sei-Mon (Life Gate)
Requirements: Stamina 12, Strength 8, Willpower 8

+2 to all Taijutsu levels (Not cumulative)

Sei-Mon restricts the flow of the chakra from user’s core. By releasing this gate the massive increase in chakra increases strength and movement while also heightening their senses and reaction time. The user's skin turns red as the flow of blood and chakra is increased to a dangerous level. The eyes dilate, and the skin becomes sensitive to the touch. On top of this, a green aura of energy erupts around them, the chakra pouring from their tenketsu enough to cause a visual change in the air.

Ability: Agitated Synapses - Sei-mon is the first gate along the spinal cord, and opening it unleashes more chakra through parts of the body that control sensory input. Because of this, having the third gate open gives a unique benefit, increased sense speed. Fast objects, like enemies moving extremely fast, projectiles in the air, or similar, can be tracked better. The direction of the wind, the taste of sweat in the air, the smell of fresh cut grass, are all read faster than previously possible.

Techniques: Gate techniques after Sei-mon is open can take advantage of the increased accuracy of their senses to perform attacks in quick succession that require specific movements. While a strong blow and a grab isn't that difficult, grabbing specific limbs in succession, or striking specific places on a moving target, are helped by the use of the gate of life being open.

Sho-Mon (Pain Gate)

Requirements: Stamina 18, Strength 14, Speed 11, Willpower 14

+3 to all Taijutsu levels (Not cumulative)

Sho-Mon is the crucial gate when it comes controlling the amount on pain the body feels, what makes the body feel good and what causes the pain. Releasing this gate completely disables the user’s pain receptors thus making him immune to all pain -and most other sensation. This creates a real risk of ripping muscles with use, even without using gate techniques or other risky manueuvers.

Ability: Reduced Pain Reception - Sho-mon's control of the sense of pain turns off the user's response to pain for as long as they have the gates open. While they are aware of their body's movements, a small scrape and a mortal gash both no longer matter to the user. A key benefit is that outside of the physical force of blows, the user will not be stunned by attacks.

Techniques: After Sho-mon, gate techniques take on a new level of recklessness. The user knows they are ripping their muscles as they use them, but the pain is gone, and therefore the reluctance to push to the limit is removed. The pain gate opens up wild combinations, attacks that put the user's own body front and center as the projectile, and others that would be too dangerous for someone who could feel their own body falling apart.

To-Mon (Limit Gate)
Requirements: Stamina 23, Strength 18, Speed 15, Willpower 16

+3 to all Taijutsu levels (Not cumulative)

This gate restricts the muscles from using their maximum power and prevents them from being sprained. The body does not use the full potential of muscles to prevent reduce the risk of them getting strained or deteriorated through reckless or abusive use. Combined with Kyu-Mon, this gate really helps give extra control when using the celestial gates.

Ability: Clinging Speed - The bursts of speed capable with the opening of To-mon make it possible to press the attack at the risk of personal health. With To-mon (and opponent's permission), offensive special techniques from taijutsu styles can be used in succession in the same post (two special techniques). This allows a lot of damage to be laid down on opponents in a short amount of time.

Techniques: With To-mon, gate techniques don't change much from their previous form. One difference is that these attacks are more likely to ignore or shrug off the actions of the opponent. Not that it provides resistance to damage, it just becomes more common to attack into a blow, or continue to attack through a counter-attack.

Kei-Mon (View Gate)

Requirements: Stamina 30, Strength 25, Speed 20, Willpower 19, Tactics 17

+4 to all Taijutsu levels (Not cumulative)

Kei-mon's location in the chain of gates means it opens massive stores of chakra within the body. With it released, the body begins to pour large amount of chakra into the air, causing small vortexes of chakra with their every movement, and even shifting the landscape even while they are standing still. Kei-mon being open allows for instinctual manipulation of the out-poured chakra for powerful attacks that go beyond the physical.

Ability: Excessive Energy - Kei-mon raises the chakra burned off to such a dangerous level that small vortexes of chakra form on their every movement. This can make even weak strikes give off a splash of power on impact that will crumple defenses. Every physical attack also counts as a chakra attack while this gate is open. This means taijutsu strikes count as ninjutsu of stage six, and defensive techniques are destroyed on the greater of that stage or whatever stat would break it.

Techniques: The most distinct part of gate techniques with Kei-mon is that their every action leaves a lasting trail of chakra. Gate techniques in this stage may even use the aftermath of chakra from attacks to perform physical blows without physically touching, or leave the target enveloped in a mass of expelled chakra.

Kyo-Mon (Wonder Gate)
Requirements: Stamina 39, Strength 35, Speed 25, Willpower 24, Tactics 20

+4 to all Taijutsu levels (Not cumulative)

After Kyo-mon is open the body lets out truly enormous power. All chakra, except that required to keep living, is being released from the body, causing even the sweat that leaves their body to burn as a blue aura. The only limit left is Shi-mon, so the body surpasses all other limits that would preserve its own life. Even the slightest contact now is enough to make the gate user's muscles burst.

Ability: Minute to Midnight - Kyo-mon is the final barrier before the gate to the heart. Opening that door gives a burst of strength that surpasses common limits. For Jounin that use Kyo-mon, their scaling moves to Sennin scale.

Techniques: At the point of Kyo-mon, the line between taijutsu and ninjutsu begins to blur. Gate Techniques allow the blending of the mass of secreted chakra, and physical movements, to blast opponents with all manner of powerful attacks. The names of mythical techniques start to become literal, as the user's essential chakras answer to the call, and take the proper shape to save the day.

Shi-Mon (Death Gate)

Requirements: Gained for free with the purchase of the Wonder Gate

Shi-mon controls the chakra to the heart and soul, the final gate that insures survival. When Shi-mon is opened, it requires a special maneuver that directly pierces the heart. After the gate is unleashed, there is no going back. After this gate is closed, the last chakra within their body will escape and they will expire. Even if somehow they are physically saved from death, their body will never recover. The furnace within them has been snuffed, and the light within would have to be a new one, a weaker one. Their muscles, organs, body, has baked itself from the intense heat unleashed inside and out. Shi-mon gives a new aura, the intense heat released from their body mixing with the blood to create a dark red aura that envelops them, making even their presence deadly to weaker enemies.

Ability: The End - There is no other strength after the Death Gate, every ounce of power has been given. For this reason, the Death Gate pushes the user to the highest point of taijutsu scaling, and nothing can move them lower. Even when 'slowed', that is relative to the amount of speed and power they are giving with every action.

Techniques: The user's aura itself is now dangerous. The lifeblood chakra spilling from their body is volatile to everyone and everything around them, making techniques able to completely shred enemies just with proximity. Physical blows are earth shattering, god-killing, and life-ending for all parties involved.

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