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Default [Stone Chuunin] Ishiburo Kenta

Ishiburo Kenta - 17 - 5'8"

Iwagakure - Chuunin - YAMA/Bear Calvary

Physical Description:
While having the typical grey eyes of an Ishiburo, Kenta's messy hair is atypical, being a light shade of brown which is something he got from his mother's side. His body isn't exceptionally stocky but it's hard to tell with the way he keeps his entire body covered. His torso is completely covered by a black, tight fitting jacket that's lined with red and has the clan symbol in the middle and his lower body is a pair of black pants that fit closely the same. Light body armor and arm plates prevents one from seeing any type of muscle definition but with the way he swings his giant sword, The Ender, around, there has to be some muscle there. Even his mouth is covered, usually by white wrappings that he claims is to keep dust from his nose and mouth. Instead of on his forehead, he hangs his hitai-ite from his belt.

Kenta has a certain type of intensity about him that causes him to unintentionally push others away. He realizes how reckless and wild he can be which leads him to not want to get close to anyone. Without knowing what it feels like to lose someone close to him, the Ishiburo doesn't want to put that on anyone else if in the off chance one of his gambles doesn't pay off. But on the other side of the coin, if there was something that fails to catch his interest then the boy would be hard pressed to ever gain an interest in it. It's this extreme duality that fails to win him any personality awards and what might lead to others voluntarily keeping their distance without any effort on his part.

Though at the end of the day, if one was to manage to get close to Kenta, they've caught his interest and he would stop at nothing to protect that smile.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "It had to be done"

Clan/Bloodline: Ishiburo

Art's a Blast
Ishiburo Clan Specialist - Daredevil
Special: Once per thread, the Ishiburo can detonate their golem without any ill will from their golem at the force of an explosive tag. This counts as a loss of a golem and resummoning counts as a summon as per Ishiburo rules.
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Physical
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merits: [+1 Power, +1 Stamina, +1 Willpower]
Stat Flaws: [-1 Strength, -1 Speed, -1 Intelligence]



Chakra 30

Power: 1 [+1] +10 (+3) =15
Control: 1 +11 (+3) =15
Reserves: 1 +9 (+3) =13

Physical 27

Strength: 1 [-1] +11 =11 +12
Speed: 1 [-1] +6 =6 +6
Stamina: 1 [+1] +10 =12 +9

Mental 24

Intelligence: 1 [-1] +10 =10
Tactics: 1 +9 =10
Willpower: 1 [+1] +5 (+1) =8


Jutsu and Techniques:

Ishiburo Clan Ninjutsu
Stage 4
Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13 / Intelligence 10, Tactics 10, Willpower 8
//[S2] Inkoku no Uma
//[S3] Inkoku no Kamei: Hikari

//[S1] Doton: Daichi Idou no Jutsu / Power 3, Willpower 2
//[S2] Doton: Rikujou Douyou no Jutsu / Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6
//[S3] Doton: Doryu Taiga / Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8

Stone Berserker
Stage 3
Strength 10, Stamina 10, Willpower 8 // +12 Strength, +9 Stamina, +6 Speed
//[S2] Berserk
//[S3] Overwhelmed Mind - Call of the Wild

// The Ender / Oversized Blade [4] + Brass Knuckle Guard [1] = 5
// Body Armor 2
// Limb Armor 1
Item Points Remaining: 0


Androp is a lot more caring than her master is and will usually answer for him when she can sense that he's in one of his moods. But she will also take his side no matter what, that's the amount of trust she has in Kenta. It's been said that it's a lot easier to get to him through her because of the way that the construct can speak to Kenta. But she's not afraid to speak her mind and is blunt. If she doesn't like an idea, even from her master, she'll let it be known.

Her appearance is top heavy, accented in blues around the top of her head and her shoulders. The rest of her body is made with a brown granite which while not usual for a construct, is right up Kenta's alley. Her body's sturdiness makes up for his reckless abandon.


Originally Posted by Interview with Ishiburo Elders

This is the second time you've been in front of us, this time because of your promotion. To get started, name and rank.

”Ishiburo Kenta, Chuunin, YAMA Bear Calvary.” “And I'm Androp.”

Your father is Ishiburo Bankai and your mother, one Yaminkana Rinka?

”That is correct”

We were asking him, but no matter. You sure took your time to get promoted. What sparked that fire?

”I found my way. Found what I needed to do and I'll get there. I'll be over you soon, I promise. I'll become a Jounin, a leader in the village, and then I'll become an advisor, a leader of the clan.”

Big words for someone that just became a Chuunin. I'm curious to hear that story but first let's hear about what happened after your graduation of the academy at 13. You finished school towards the top of your class, your chakra control was impressive and you weren't bad physically. The tools were in place, so why did it take you so long to get promoted?

”I had no inspiration. Like everyone here, work is slow until you get that spark. And I got it. I just had to tweak how I was going about it. Throwing around normal ninjutsu wasn't quite my style so I spent more time with Androp until I figured it out. I'll work with her and I did. She's strong now, I can rely on her now which gave me an idea how to utilize physical abilities. I can play a lot looser with my body knowing that she's around.”

You say that but I hear that you've got a technique that sacrifices her?

”Only to be used in an emergency. It's not something I'll use lightly but it is something that I have up my sleeve should the situation arise.”

Hmm...alright. So we haven't seen you represent Iwagakure in the chuunin exams, why is that?

”I've never been interested. Showing off that I'm stronger than some other Genin isn't exactly my cup of tea. Instead I was working with my team, doing random small missions.”

Alright then...explain to me the event that took place that called for your promotion.

”Well we were in Chika City, looking for kids to recruit and we found some members of the resistance bothering this family because their kid was vocal about wanting to be a shinobi. There was about four of them. Seeing as we hadn't really been in a fight with people, my two teammates were nervous about it so our Chuunin sensei and I, alongside Androp, took care of them. We were careful not to make a huge scene but the family thanked us greatly. Then we escorted them back to Iwagakure. From what I hear the son admired the way I fought and used that to propel him into the academy.

That's interesting. So you're jumping into this civil war thing head on. I guess that would definitely help out with your goals. I guess I just don't understand why it took so long still.

”Like I said...I needed that spark. The Resistance helped out a bit with their timing and I guess seeing that kid and family being harassed lit the fire. Hopefully soon all of Earth Country realizes how much they need Iwakagure.”

Well thank you for your time and good luck. And be careful out there.

Other Info:

Thread Ratings:
Rolling In AP used : 9 stats, 2 Jutsu
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You used 9 AP on stats, not 7, which you put in Other Info. Physical description/clothing is condensed, no big deal. You just slid over the word minimum on the bio though.

I'll leave the bio up to Jami. Half'd.
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Good catch. That's been fixed.
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Aww, Androp is adorable n_x

Everything looks like it checks out now, so Half'd
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Stone Approved
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Halfed. Because golems.
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