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Default Aburame Clan List: Kikai Manipulation

Aburame Clan Bug Contract

The kikai (destruction bugs) of the Aburame are a unique asset to all clan members who choose to wield them. They are a medium of preservation, attack, and defense while also the greatest companions to any they call their host. However, it takes specialized training in order to manipulate and co-ordinate actions with the insects, and the kikai require a short period of maintenance within the hive mound at least once per month in order to retain optimum performance levels.

The bugs can carry out many things from spying to forming weapons. However, they are like any other insect and can be squashed if not taken care of properly. Recent evolutions of the kikai have begun to develop recently so the critters can take on defensive properties to protect themselves and their host. Without certain evolutions, kikai can be killed when not in formation (formations such as forming into weapons or into clones). That being said, though, they remain an Aburame's greatest and most formidable tool.

*Each 'Evolution' is classed as a special technique and requires separate purchase. The stage must be obtained before its evolutions can be taken.

Stage 1
Requirements: Reserves 4, Power 4

The Aburame is barely joined with his kikai, having only recently bonded with them. None of the bugs specialized abilities are yet available to him, save only the ability to consume chakra, since that is a part of the kikai’s natural food process.

The young Aburame is just beginning to learn how to effectively communicate with his kikai. His commands are limited to simple, one or two word statements. He is also unable to isolate a single insect to give commands. All instructions are passed on to the entire colony, so the Aburame must be very careful about what he or she instructs them to do. The maximum range that the Aburame can communicate with the kikai is 10 meters.

When the Aburame first starts his training, he learns to be able to manipulate the bugs around him, telling them to take positions in certain areas and using their skill of analysis to understand the way the opponent's body moves.


Stage 2
Requirements: Reserves 8, Power 6, Willpower 4

The kikai have begun to evolve into two separate castes, a warrior and a worker caste. The warriors have developed specialized mandibles that are capable of inflicting painful bites upon a victim, besides having the ability to feed off the victim’s chakra. The workers have not developed any special traits, their role is simply to help keep the warriors running while they are away from the Aburame.

The Aburame is now bonded enough with his kikai to use simple sentences to command them. He is also able to divide instructions between two groups of bugs, emaning he can isolate one bug, if desired, or can give special instructions to a larger group of kikai. Maximum range has increased to 20 meters.

Having the larger communication range, the Aburame is able to position bugs in much wider varieties without the opponent being able to detect them. From previous training they are able to control the kikai to separate from being the form of a kunai before they reach their target, being able to plant kikai in certain places or have them just leap onto the opponent they are aimed at. They are also able to use them as tools to help them climb, float on water and other useful things.

Carapace I - This evolution allows the kikai to expend a slight amount of Chakra to enhance the chitin of their exoskeletons. While it doesn't grant invulnerability, it can protect the bugs from Level One Strength attacks as well as Stage One Ninjutsu. Once activated, this can last for five posts (either consecutive or broken up in a thread).

Stage 3
Requirements: Reserves 10, Power 10, Willpower 8

As the Aburame has bonded more with the kikai, the bugs have come to adapt more specific roles for themselves. The warriors have not evolved any further at this stage. The workers, however, by aiding in the function of the Aburame’s bodily systems, are able to speed natural healing a bit and keep their hosts alive when they might otherwise bleed to death. So far, they are incapable of neutralizing poisons, though.

The Aburame can now send images to their kikai to help in communicating instructions, though they are still limited to simple sentences for verbal communication. He or she may also divide the insects into three groups now, and the maximum range has increased to 30 meters.

The kikai have become a large enough colony at this level, that they are able to join together to form a large object, such as a single clone of the Aburame, or any person. Alternatively, the kikai may be used to form several smaller objects, such a handful of shuriken. The created clone has 1/4 physical Stats of the Aburame (bonuses included).

Devour - This evolution enhances the mandibles of the kikai, coating them with a corrosive substance they are immune to. The insects are now capable of ripping and tearing something apart, digesting it bit by bit and converting it into Chakra for their own sustenance. Soft materials like leaves and paper can instantly be chewed up but materials like metal and stone take hours or days, depending on the size and density of the object.

Stage 4
Requirements: Reserves 15, Power 15, Control 13, Willpower 14

A third type of kikai has evolved, a sort of hybrid between the warrior and worker classes. This insect has enough knowledge of the human processes to actually subvert them. This is done by secreting a chemical that numbs the muscles slightly, slowing the heart rate and making movement difficult. This serves a dual purpose. Obviously, the kikai can secrete their chemical into an enemy and impede his combat effectiveness. However, the kikai can use the chemical on their own masters to slow the flow of blood, and the spread of any poison, keeping them alive for days when they would usually die within hours.

The Aburame is now able to use complex sentences in giving orders. He is able to separate his kikai into up to four groups, and now has a 40-meter radius communication distance. Also, he is able to have limited communication with insects other than kikai, though this is limited to two word commands.

After a great deal of study, the bond between Aburame and Kikai has increased a substantial amount allowing more commands to be taken into effect. The Aburame has learned to control the kikai in such a way as to drain chakra from their opponents, which can be transferred into the Aburame's inner coils, for use by himself or by the kikai currently inside his body.

Homing Beacon - Within the kikai species are male and female genders. While the males are fairly ordinary, the females can emit a scent detectable only by other kikai; not even the famed noses of the Inuzuka could pick it up. The bugs can pinpoint the location of the smell and follow the trail back to the female. This makes for an extremely effective tracking method if the Aburame manages to plant a female insect somewhere on the body of their target.

Camouflage I - Exerting what little Chakra they have in their bodies, the kikai can adjust the colour of their exoskeleton to blend in with the surrounding environment. The camouflage is hardly perfect since when they move, they cannot blend quickly enough to keep up with the setting while the buzzing of their wings gives them away all too easily. Even when stationary the disguise is flawed; every so often a patch of bugs will flicker in and out of the camouflage. This can be activated for four posts with a two post cooldown.

Carapace II (requires Carapace I) - Building upon the foundations of the previous technique, the critters are able to harden their natural armour to an even greater extent and can endure attacks of Level Three Strength and Stage Three Ninjutsu. Once activated, this can last for four posts (either consecutive or broken up in a thread).

Stage 5
Requirements: Reserves 20, Power 20, Control 16, Willpower 16

The worker caste kikai have evolved even further, by this time. They have such a good knowledge of the Aburame’s anatomy that they are able to classify most poisons and concoct an antidote. This antidote is then dispersed into the bloodstream, healing the Aburame in a matter of minutes. It takes at least 3 posts for the kikai to analyze the poison and another post for the antidote to take effect.

At this level of bonding with the kikai, the Aburame is able to establish a direct link into the mind of a single insect. He is able to see through the eyes of the kikai, the line of thought being transmitted much like a video stream. The Aburame is not able to transmit thoughts in this way, however. His instructions still rely on verbal orders and images. Up to five groups may be formed, and the maximum distance has increased to 50 meters.

Mass producing clones, weapons, and the like has now become second nature to the Aburame. He is now fully able to produce up to three clones of himself (or others), as well as a full set of kunai, or one or two larger weapons. The kikai colony has become a fully-fledged army at this level. The created clones only have 1/4 of the physical stats of the Aburame (bonuses included).

Camouflage II (requires Camouflage I) - Simply an upgrade of the previous, this improvement makes the camouflage passable. The kikai can now blend well enough to keep up with movement and no longer flicker; the buzzing of flight is muffled as best as possible but the more there are the easier it is to notice. When stationary the kikai are nearly invisible to the naked eye; in motion, the air looks like it ripples wherever they move. This can be activated for three posts with a two post cooldown.

Stage 6
Requirements: Reserves 26, Power 25, Control 24, Willpower 18, Tactics 18

The warrior kikai have started to evolve again. Using the knowledge of human anatomy gleaned by the worker caste, they have manufactured a poison gland of their own, and are able to inject it into whatever body they are attacking. This poison acts upon the inner coils and the nervous system, making it exceedingly difficult both for the victim to mold chakra and to react and move quickly. This poison generally takes three posts to take effect after being administered. (Unless treated by an upper-chuunin level medical nin.)

The Aburame is now able to transmit live thoughts to his kikai, giving them the ability to act as a sort of personal recorder. This also cuts down severely on the complexity of giving orders to different groups of kikai. The Aburame may now form up to six different groups and his communication distance is limited to 60 meters. Finally, the Aburame may now communicate, through simple sentences, with any type of insect.

The kikai have reached a point of unity that they are actually able to use some jutsu. They must be in a clone shape in order to form seals. By each of them contributing a bit of chakra, they are able to use jutsu from one list known by their masters (must be specified), up to stage 3. The clones' physical stats however are now only 1/3 of the Aburame's (bonuses included).

Detector - The kikai have the inherent ability to detect the presence of Chakra, although it is on such a minuscule scale that it's often negligible. With this technique, though, the kikai become able to pick up the trace of Chakra no matter how well it is being suppressed so long as the body of Chakra comes within five feet of them.

Drain - Utilizing the property most feared in the kikai, this technique allows the bugs to feed off the Chakra of an external source and transfer it back to the user. While in great amounts this does provide an invigorating boost both mentally and physically, the Chakra provided goes straight into the user's reserves. Essentially the user can regain jutsu usages in a thread, but it is proportionate to the amount of time the kikai spend leeching Chakra. For every post the swarm remains feeding off a source, the Aburame regains one use to all of his jutsu in a single Ninjutsu or Genjutsu list (excluding the Celestial Gates and the Universal Puppet List) to the corresponding stage once they return. Conversely, the target being drained loses usages to the kikai in the same manner.

Carapace III (requires Carapace II) - At this point, the kikai exoskeleton is as sturdy as it's ever going to get, barring odd scientific experimentation. The kikai can now survive even Level Five Strength attacks and Stage Five Ninjutsu. Once activated, this can last for three posts (either consecutive or broken up in a thread).

Stage 7
Requirements: Reserves 33, Power 33, Control 33, Willpower 22, Tactics 22

The worker kikai have gained an enormous amount of knowledge about the Aburame’s body. They are able to manipulate cell growth in order to rapidly heal wounds, as well as cure poisons within two posts. The warrior’s poison has become more potent, able to afflict the victim a single post after being introduced into the bloodstream. (Unless treated by a medical nin of at least beginning jounin level.)

The Aburame is now capable of totally perfect communication with his kikai, able to form up to seven separate groups with different instructions, and able to transmit thoughts up to 70 meters away. He is also able to carry on full conversations with other insects, limited only by the mental capacity of the insects themselves.

The kikai are now capable of performing some of the higher level jutsu (up to stage four) from one list known by the Aburame (the list must be specified). The clones' physical stats however are now only 1/3 of the Aburame's (bonuses included).



Aburame Familiars: (Requires Clan GM approval. Costs two jutsu points.)
Requirements: Stage 6 of Aburame list.

When an Aburame reaches the upper tiers of his or her relations with the swarm, he or she chooses an aspect with which to bond. This aspect takes form in one of the four Guardian insects of the clan. These insects are very old and highly intelligent, operating in most cases like how a summon would, though they tend to be more loyal. Only one of the Guardians may be bonded with, and once the choice is made, the bond lasts for the rest of the Aburame’s life.

Makushi appears as a great praying mantis. The insides of her forearms are lined with jagged spikes that are excellent for causing large amounts of physical damage. She has been known to lure her enemies to her with a sweet song before striking out to hungrily devour them. She is best known for the awesome strength of her claws and the lightning speed with which she strikes.

Wajudo - Aburame Matriarch
Wajudo is the mistress of healing arts of the four Guardians. She is not very powerful and is quite fragile, often hiding behind others in combat. She appears as a large moth and is capable of spreading a powdered chemical that will heal even the deadliest of injuries and bring back a person from the very brink of death.

Kashiga takes on the form of a huge spider. She is possibly the most fearsome of the four, having a pair of terrible fangs that drip with venom. She has two major venom glands, one containing a muscle paralysis agent that keeps the victim from moving at all. The second contains a very deadly poison, capable of killing even the hardiest of men within minutes (four posts) unless treated by an advanced jounin medical nin.

Banzatsuia - Aburame Shitaizen
Banzatsuia takes the appearance of an enormous stag beetle, the largest of the four, with an almost impenetrable exoskeleton. She is not very quick, but can guard a large number of allies with her spread out wings as a wall. She is also capable of generating a gust of wind with her wings to imbalance her enemies. Her pincers can grip like a vice, keeping a person from escaping, but are not able to seriously injure him

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