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Default Aburame Clan

The Aburame of Konoha
For the colony! For the clan! For the queen!

Clan description:
The Aburame, famed throughout the lands for their symbiotic relationship with the enigmatic kikai. They are a clan whose roots grow deep with the history of Konoha. Existing as an above-average sized family, they possess the ownership to a small district just outside of Leaf to call their home. At roughly a hundred to a hundred and fifty members at any given time, about half of them walk the path of the Shinobi. Most well established Aburame nin tend to be males but there are a fair number of successful Aburame kunoichi as well. Those who do not attend the Academy lead perfectly normal lives by trade, required by tradition only to assist the Shinobi in maintenance with the swarm.

Generally speaking the insect warriors of Konoha are a quiet breed with a penchant to speak only occasionally. Their input is often well thought out and insightful, making them a good asset to any team in the field. Seemingly the polar opposite of the more extravagant Inuzuka, the two clans actually offset and balance each other amazingly. It has been tradition for many Aburame and Inuzuka Genin to be teamed up with one another as reciprocal complements. This is not to say the two clans are considerably close, but it would be the truth to admit the Inuzuka - and the Hyuuga - are the families most respected by the Aburame.

The Aburame mirror the insects they partner themselves with. They are relatively uniform in appearance with black or brown hair, thin and light frames (this is especially noticeable when standing alongside an Akimichi), and pallid to light skin tones with the exception of those who spend an inordinate amount of time under the sun. Their true eye colour is a mystery to outsiders because of the infamous sunglasses, but more often than not they are a soft hazel in hue. In everyday life, clothing tends to vary depending upon the style of the clan member; mostly they prefer the same trend of loose and light clothing, garments more "natural" in colour to blend with the forests of Konoha. The mystique of the clan is enhanced by the fact their jacket and robe collars tend to extend and reach up to about the nose.

Perhaps the most important teaching within the clan is to respect all forms of life. As a family that bonds itself with the tiniest of companions, they have come to understand that everything deserves its own right to existence, no matter how big or small. They have learned to treasure life as a whole and never to take it for granted; the relationship with the kikai has only accelerated this process. They are a people of action over words, preferring to show their undying loyalty to Konoha rather than simply proclaiming it.

The Aburame are a family that go far back into the history of not only Konoha but the Fire Country itself. When the village was created, they initially chose not to affiliate themselves with the workings of Shinobi. Instead, the family members kept to themselves and employed the kikai solely for everyday activities. As the generations passed, though, increasing amounts of younger Aburame began to push for the move closer to Konoha. Eventually the clan elders decided on it and began to work on logistics, specifically on how to shift the colony and ensure their insects would acclimatize to the new environment harmoniously.

As for the critters themselves, the kikai had been the cohorts of the Aburame for as long as any could remember. The clan was quickly associated with their strange relationship with bugs, and while a small number distanced themselves, the remaining majority took great interest to the newcomers who had made themselves one with insects. Through training, Aburame Shinobi found they could increase their level of communication with their swarming companions. With time, the kikai began to evolve into more advanced castes, capable of frightening and wonderful things.

While the origin of the kikai is a shady matter, there remains a legend amongst the clan elders of how it all came to be. It began with the founder of the clan: Aburame Zaemon. An absolute fan of all things insectoid, he had a large collection of butterflies, moths, beetles, and so on. Traveling the land to find the most rarest of trophies, he stumbled across a rumour about four legendary insects who had been sealed away. Naturally, Zaemon thought it of utmost importance to unseal the creatures and master them as his own and, at the very least, collect research data about them...
The first insect was a giant mantis by the name of Makushi. Zaemon had found the seal within an open field of tall grass and released it, unaware of the terrible damage Makushi could inflict with its serrated arms. Being the first, the mantis caught the insect lover off guard by its sheer size; Zaemon barely escaped alive. Determined to master it, though, he lured Makushi into a thick wood where it lacked the space to swing its arms. Helpless, the mantis could only watch as Zaemon closed the teeth of the snare.

The second was found on a lone sapling at the edge of a cliff. When the seal was undone, an enormous moth burst free and flew away into the sky. While it was completely non-hostile, unlike Makushi, this moth was even more difficult to catch as it would escape every time Zaemon grew near. However, like in dealing with Makushi, the Aburame chose to outwit his prey. Devising a giant net between two tall willows, the man chased the unsuspecting Wajudo right into its folds.

The third was hidden deep inside an underground cavern, sealed within a boulder. When it was unleashed, it took the form of a fearsome arachnid of massive proportions with poison dripping from its mandibles. Going by the name of Kashiga, it hunted Zaemon for seven straight days within the complicated network of tunnels. Once again utilizing his wit, the man set a trap for the spider by coating a portion of the tunnel in oil. As Kashiga approached, its hooked legs could not find purchase amongst the slick surface and it fell, landing harmlessly upon its own back. Zaemon then triggered a controlled cave in, sending heaps of rubble onto the upturned tarantula, pinning it to the ground.

The fourth and final insect was trapped within a monument. When the seal was broken, a gigantic stag beetle announced its freedom boldly and dared any to challenge it, Banzatsuia. With its impenetrable carapace and mighty strength, Zaemon was forced to call upon the services of Makushi, Wajudo, and Kashiga to physically overpower the beetle through sheer attrition. Wajudo took the Aburame up into the air for safety while Kashiga hindered Banzatsuia's movement with its webs; Makushi was left with the task of striking the exposed points underneath the armour to subdue it. Finally, the four giant bugs proclaimed him their master and pledged their services to him and his kin.
According to the legend, though, Zaemon was rewarded for both freeing and conquering them, he was directed to a clandestine tunnel in the side of a mountain. At the very end of the passage was a small fissure in the wall; reaching inside to grasp whatever lay within, Zaemon obtained the very first kikai queen dormant within a coccoon. When she emerged, she immediately birthed several thousand eggs that hatched to form fledgling kikai. The insects swarmed over the terrified Zaemon, inhabiting his body. When the new colony was established and Zaemon had realized the insects were symbiotic in nature, he began this process with all of his future children. This is verifiable truth. While the story about the four bugs may simply be fiction, many an Aburame will actually gladly lead you back to the tunnel and even let you feel about the fissure in the wall where the clan founder first discovered the queen.

The Kikai:
The Kikai bugs, also known as Destruction bugs, are unique to the Aburame. They are roughly the size of ants and share a similar social structure. A single queen exists for the sole purpose of procreation, and while the kikai will do whatever necessary to protect the queen, losing her is not too detrimental as a new one will rise within the hour.

The Kikai are mainly sustained upon the Chakra of their host, constantly leeching and feeding off of it in return for their own services. However, if commanded to, they can also drain the Chakra of enemies. For the swarm that remains within the mound to service the queen and are without host, though, the clan sets aside various forms of sustenance most insects tend to find sufficient.

Bonding Ritual:
The Bonding Ritual is one that must be done at an early age for the sole sake of the child's wellbeing. The process is extremely painful and thus better to carry out before the infant begins to collect memories; when clan elders attempted the ritual on fully cognitive children and adults, most recipients were traumatized and scarred afterwards, unable to function mentally.

The ritual itself comprises of the infant being placed within the middle of a circle etched into the ground before the hive mound. Summoning the kikai, the elders then retreat to let the binding process between human and insect begin. The bugs cluster and surge around the child, tearing away at the flesh to carve out tunnels for them to reside within. While this is the only way for an Aburame to obtain the kikai, it is required. Since the babies cannot choose for themselves at such a young age, the parents hold the decision of whether or not to allow the ritual be performed. Those who accept the kikai are not bound to become Shinobi, but those in the clan who do not take the ritual are barred from it.

The Aburame reside a touch east out of Konoha in the forest. Their estate comprises of a ground level as well as a system of platforms and housing within the canopy. A thick wooden wall encircles the entire ground; somewhere within the village is a passage to a subterranean chamber where the mound of the colony stands. The mound itself is goes from cavern floor to ceiling and a ten foot section of it extends up through the ground and above into the center of the village.

Housing is fairly primitive, made of earth and are an off white in colour with large holes to act as windows. Roofs are constructed from thatch. The houses on the canopy level are similar in build, but the walls are made of wood instead. At the center of the grounds, housing the protruding kikai mound, is the clan matriarch's abode.

Clan Hierarchy:
The Aburame is governed by matriarchy. The women tend to be the strong hands within the clan while the men act as support. The leader is almost always a female - strangely enough, though, her board of elders are often male. Everything within the clan is organized cleanly and efficiently, all with the status of the kikai kept in mind. The matriarch, or "Queen" of the Aburame are chosen by the bugs themselves. When the presiding leader passes away, the clan submits her body to the colony to devour. The insects then select the new leader, indicated when they begin to swarm around someone else after the matriarch's body is disposed of.

All leaders and elders of the Aburame retain the former, noble naming of the village - that is, the 'Shi' "prefix" (eg. Shibi, Shino).

The current Queen of the family is Aburame Shikaido, who is the successor of Aburame Shimasara. Shikaido is a lovely fifty-seven years old and extremely experienced and skilled as a Shinobi of Leaf. Her rise to the head was foreseen by many as she was the first female elder in a decade. As a former elder, Shikaido is capable of calling forth one of the four legendary insects: Wajudo.

Elders are chosen by the Queen and, at any time, there are four of them. Each bonds with a different legendary insect and represents a trait all Aburame should keep in mind when in combat: the passion of Makushi to strike, the caution of Wajudo to flee, the cunning of Kashiga to hunt, and the resolve of Banzatsuia to persevere.

Clan Archetype and Abilities
Aburame Clan Specialist
Special: Gains access to the Aburame Clan List. If this is taken as a Primary Archetype, the character receives Stage One for free (pending they meet the stat requirements).
Primary: Any choice
Secondary: Any choice
Tertiary: Any choice
Stats merits: +2 Tactics, +1 Willpower
Stats flaws: -1 Reserves, -1 Strength, -1 Stamina

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