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Default Seichouki Cade

Name: Seichouki Cade
Age: 12
Sex: female
Height: 4'11"
Character Type: Shinobi
Country/Village: Earth Country/Stone Village
Rank: Genin
Division: Medic
Nindo: Hurting a stranger is just as horrible as hurting a loved one.

Appearence: The first thing most people notice when they meet Cade is the unusual coloring of her eyes. One eye is a muddy brown color and the other is a bright shade of green. She keeps her light brown hair cut short in a style with wispy, tapered ends. Her skin has acquired a tan from the countless hours she‘s spent outside working in the sun. Slender and short, her appearance isn’t even remotely intimidating, which causes her opponents to underestimate her.

Cade’s usual outfit consists of a green, loose fitting, hooded jacket with pockets on the inside and outside, a neutral colored tank top under the jacket and a pair of black shorts. Her hitai-ate is tied around her upper right arm. She doesn’t wear sandals because she likes the feel of dirt and grass under her feet. To stash all of her belongings in, she keeps a kunai holster strapped to her right leg and always has a canvas medic bag slung over her left shoulder. Cade tries to keep her appearance neat and clean because she doubts that anyone would want to be treated by a grimy, unkempt medic.

If someone didn’t notice Cade was exceedingly shy from how quiet she is, they would notice from the way she behaves. Her face is often tilted down, with her gaze focused on the ground or averted away. Her slumped shoulders and stiff movements emphasize her insecurity. She always stuffs her hands in her pockets or clasps them tightly in front of herself. It’s hard to draw a smile from her and when she does smile, her lips only form a timid grin.

Cade’s strongest and most easily identifiable trait is kindness. She spent most of her life growing plants, which taught her to be caring and responsible. She tends to worry a lot, even when she doesn’t need to, because of her concern for others, but is usually in a happy mood and tries to view the future with optimism. When making decisions, she listens to her heart more so than reason and intuition plays a big part in the way that she assesses situations. Cade hates hurting people; she could never kill anyone even if she needed to. Her combat style focuses on trapping and immobilizing opponents instead of attacking and injuring them. She’s not exceptionally strong or cunning, but she fights with persistence and determination.

Cade is shy, soft spoken and she becomes flustered and self-conscious easily because of her lack of confidence. To avoid saying or doing anything that might result in embarrassment, Cade interacts with most people as little as possible and distances herself from strangers. While around friends she may be more sociable than usual, but will still remain fairly diffident. She is sensitive to other’s emotions and is predisposed to pick up on subtleties from their demeanors that most people wouldn’t notice.

Primary Archetype:

Secondary Archetype:


Power: 1 (base) + 2 (elemental) + 3 (pool)= 6
Control: 1 (base) + 5 (pool) = 6
Reserves: 1 + 1 (medic) + 1 (elemental) + 2(pool) = 5

Intelligence: 1 (base) + 2 (medic) + 1 (pool) = 4
Tactics: 1 (base) – 2 (elemental) + 3 (pool) = 2
Willpower: 1 – 1 (medic) + 4 (pool) = 4

Strength: 1 (base) – 1 (elemental) - 1 (medic) + 2 (pool) = 1
Speed: 1 (base) – 1 (medic) + 3 (pool) = 3
Stamina: 1 (base) + 1 (pool) = 2

Tech Trees:

Global Ninjutsu List


Medical Jutsu List


Stage 2

Defensive Donton List


Weapons & Accessories:
tweezers 1
empty syringes 1
cement plant seeds 2
flashlight 1
Kunai 2
Exploding Tags 4
bandages 1
Seeds 1
Breathing Apparatus 2 (three of them) = 6
Gourd/Container (small) 1

Weapon Points Left: 0

Cade’s parents owned a small shop that sold plants and gardening supplies. It was a struggle to keep up with bills because there wasn’t much of a demand for plants in the Stone Village and the rocky soil in some areas made it hard to grow foliage. Often, they were forced to get loans from the bank or relatives. They kept a garden, which took up the majority of their back yard, to grow most of their food and would tend to other peoples’ gardens to earn extra cash. They lived in a small, four-room apartment over the shop. Cade was happy and didn’t care that they couldn’t afford many luxuries. She had a good imagination and could keep herself entertained for hours on end just playing in their back yard amidst the dense garden, pretending to be in a jungle. She also played in the forest and by the creek, growing to love and respect animals and nature. Cade even became a vegetarian, disgusted at the idea of eating animal flesh. As she got older, she ventured past the boarders of the village, into the mountains and farther into the depths of the forests and became familiar with these areas.

At school, Cade was quiet and she kept to herself. Bullies mistook her shyness for insecurity and she became one of their prime targets. A good deal of the bullying came from a few of the wealthier girls in her class. They belittled Cade because she couldn’t afford new clothes and didn‘t wear trendy accessories. She didn’t like to wear sandals, but they assumed that she didn’t wear them because she couldn’t afford them and they teased her about it. This mockery drove her to become even more introverted than she already was.

When Cade turned eight, her parents agreed that she was old enough to help with the family business. She began to work in their customers’ gardens and in the shop. On a few occasions she ended up doing yard work for some of her classmates’ families. They ridiculed her about having to work for them and claimed that she was a pathetic excuse for a gardener. She did her best to ignore them but lost a shred of her self-confidence every time she was scoffed at. Her parents were proud of her hard work and for putting up with the bullying, so they gave her a dog to keep her company. Soon after that, her parents began selling plants to other villages and their store began bringing in enough business to terminate their need for loans.

One night, while Cade was working in the shop alone, three older boys wearing masks came and robbed it. They obliterated all of the plants and slit her dog’s throat when he attacked them. One of the boys held her and made her watch the whole incident, and when they finished destroying everything, they beat her up. It devastated her because she loved plants so much and it was horrifying to have witnessed her dog‘s death. She was ashamed that she had not been able to defend herself and keep the boys from destroying the shop. Her parents tried to console her by telling her that there were three of them against only her and they were older, but she was already convinced that she was weak and useless.

For the next month she refused to come out of the rooms above their shop, positive that the boys would come back and hurt her again. She longed to go outside, but was possessed by fear and instead spent her time staring out of a window. Finally, after her health began to deteriorate from lack of appetite and exercise, she decided that to continue living in fear was equivalent to not living at all. She was afraid she could not defend herself, so she should learn how to defend herself. This made her want to become a ninja.

Cade enrolled in the ninja academy as soon as she could. She chose to become a medic since she wanted to be able to take care of her comrades. Her grades for coming up with strategies were average, but she excelled with plant jutsus and absorbed medical information with ease. The one thing she had significant problems with was fighting; Cade just couldn’t be aggressive and held back because hurting her opponent would trigger feelings of guilt.

Interactions with Academy Classmates:

Occasionally the academy teacher would set up skirmishes between individual students. Cade dreaded them. She always lost. When Ishikiri Keishin was matched up against her for a fight, he noticed that all of her attacks were only halfhearted and she seemed to accept defeat without putting much effort into the battle. Instead of being pleased with the easy win and leaving it at that, Keishin offered to help her become more aggressive. Cade felt uncomfortable training with a practical stranger, but didn’t want to offend him and accepted his offer. Keishin’s friendly and sympathetic manner palliated the uneasiness that she normally felt while with people she hadn’t known long. She actually enjoyed spending time with him and looked forward to the end of the school day, which was when they trained together. After several days of receiving guidance and encouragement from Keishin, Cade’s approach to fighting improved and she become more bold and forceful in her attacks. The extra training also gave her more confidence and she was overjoyed to find that she and Keishin had become friends.

Just like when she attended normal school, students in the ninja academy picked on Cade a lot. Keishin probably would have defended her, but he wasn’t around when the bullies were. Cade never stood up for herself when her classmates derided her. She had no idea what she could say to defend herself and even if she did, speaking to people who harbored ill feelings for her seemed daunting and unfeasible. One day, when a group of girls began insulting Cade before school started, a boy from her class intervened. The boy, Kajiya Isamu, merely stepped between the girls, pointed in the opposite direction and grunted. Isamu was one of the stronger students in the class and had been labeled with a malicious reputation after he broke a classmate’s nose. Fearing that they would be dealt the same punishment as the last person who had vexed Isamu, the group of girls walked off without another word. They never bothered Cade again. Although they haven’t become friends yet, Cade is grateful to Isamu and they wave or say hello to each other at school.

Zuri Joudan had also been a victim of bullies. The bullying got increasingly rough as the school year progressed, though it didn‘t seem to bother him. One day he was shoved backwards into a tree and his arm was flayed by a kunai that had been imbedded in the tree’s bark. Cade was nearby, removing kunai from the other trees, and when she saw Joudan get hurt she immediately offered him some healing herbs. For the next week she made sure to find him every morning to check on his wound and she’d try to talk to him a little while they waited for school to start. She found herself enjoying their short conversations because Joudan seemed wise and observant. His wound healed quickly, but Cade continued to seek him out every morning just so she could talk with him.

One day a new student, named Joukei, joined Cade’s academy class. Initially, Cade did not attempt to become acquainted with him; she was too shy to introduce herself. After a few months, she began to notice that Joukei was always by himself . Every time Cade saw him, she’d think about how he was possibly lonely or unhappy and these notions upset her because of her empathetic nature. She decided to try to befriend him and began hanging around him whenever she saw that he was alone. He seemed wary about having an unsolicited companion at first, but it wasn’t long before he welcomed her company. They’ve become good friends during their last few years in the academy.

Writing Example: (I know this is from the first Engi when I had a blood nin, but I’m lazy. >_>)

When Daku woke up he felt light headed and confused. The back of his head was throbbing with dull pain. Blood leaked from a cut on his arm and slithered down to his elbow. His surroundings were concealed by darkness. Where was he? He realized that he was sitting in a chair. He tried to get up but duck tape had been tightly wrapped around his arms, legs and chest. More duct tape bound him to the chair. The room was silent, giving the impression that he was alone, until someone spoke.

“I needed some blood to practice my techniques with. You had lots of blood.” The voice sounded like it belonged to a young girl. He couldn‘t see her, but from the cheerful tone of her voice he knew a smile was stretched across her mouth. “I just cut your arm and put it in some containers I found. Hope you don‘t mind.”

“Where am I?” he asked.
“What do you want?”
“I just needed some blood.”
“What are you going to do to me?” He dreaded the answer, but couldn’t stop himself from asking. He was certain she was going to do something horrible to him. Probably torture him and then kill him. Why else would she stick around after she had obtained what she wanted?

The girl ignored his question. “You’re a carpenter, right? I looked around a little and found lots of tools. They‘re nice. You keep the saws very sharp.”

The comment about the saws made Daku gulp. His heart was hammering painfully against his rib cage now. Greasy sweat seeped from his skin. The girl was silent but a shrill noise came from somewhere beside him. Shhhhzzzzz…sshhhzzzzz…

“What are you doing? What was that?”

“This is a really cool tool. I bet it‘s fun to use.” The girl snickered.

Shhhhzzzzzz….sshhhhhzzzzz…. He recognized the sound now. It was an electric drill.

“Please don’t hurt me.” His voice had a hint of desperation in it now.
“Ever use your drill on someone‘s skull? I bet it‘d go right through bone; leave a clean hole.”

Daku tried to say something but fear and dread tightened his throat and stole his voice. His eyes were alert, flickering back and forth over the darkness. He jerked his arms upwards, but the tape was unyielding. He struggled to kick his legs, straining his muscles until they shook but he couldn’t move them either. Inhaling and exhaling with little gasps, his breathing grew rapid and sweat poured down his face. The girl turned the drill on again; it sounded like it was right next to his ear. He titled his head sideways to try to get away from it. The back of the chair started to tremble as the drill bit bore into it. Splinters of wood spewed away from the drill and grazed his face. He squeezed his eyes shut and uttered a weak groan.

“Whoops, sorry,” the girl said with a chuckle. “I missed. It’s just so hard to see in the dark. I‘m sure you understand.”

“Please don’t hurt me,” he begged. “Please, please don’t hurt me.” With each word he spoke the pitch of his voice climbed higher and higher. He was on the verge of hysteria.

The girl turned on the drill again.

“Please don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, don‘t hurt me.” His repeated pleas began to slur together to make one continuous run on sentence.

The drill turned off. There was a loud thud as it was dropped to the floor.

“Damn. I’m late for school. I’ll come back later and finish.” The sound of her sandals slapping against the floor slowly trailed off and Daku was left in silence again. He let his breath out in one long, relieved sigh and began squirming around to get loose from the tape.

Last edited by Cade; 02-22-2006 at 04:31 PM.. Reason: Changing Jutsu again. >_>
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Just the simple stuff I see that are "weird", but not wrong.

The 4'9 thing spelled out just seems weird in comparsion to others.
Along with the Stone Country/Stone Village.

It should be Iwagakure no Sato/Earth Country

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Heh. I love that writing example. It was the first time I realized you were evil. D:

Could you put your Weapons section below your jutsu and list out your archetypes directly above Statistics?
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Sorry. o.o;; Didn't even see the mistake for the Village/Country. Thanks for pointing that out. ^^

I think I also have to rearrange some of the information. o.O;

edit- Sure Shirou ^^

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That's it! I'm making a Stone character!

Yeah... Just saying it looks nice and stuff. o__o I didn't count the points yet >_<

And I need to read the Writing Example too -___-
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Way I count it, you've miscounted your stat bonuses. In a good way, that is. Well, mostly.

Bad news is: You've got the Power bonus from the Elemental Specialist archetype down wrong. It's 2, not 3.
Good news is: You've only invested 8 points in Chakra. As it is your primary, you get ten. In other words, you've got two more points to spend.

Also, I heard something about the writing example having to be about the character you're posting. Don't take my word on it, though. It may be it's just a preference rather than a rule.
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Way I count it, you've miscounted your stat bonuses. In a good way, that is. Well, mostly.

Bad news is: You've got the Power bonus from the Elemental Specialist archetype down wrong. It's 2, not 3.
Good news is: You've only invested 8 points in Chakra. As it is your primary, you get ten. In other words, you've got two more points to spend.
Ah. ^_^ Thanks! I changed my stats a bunch of times and I never got around to checking to see if they were right. o_o;;; I better check Nevin's stats.

Also, I heard something about the writing example having to be about the character you're posting. Don't take my word on it, though. It may be it's just a preference rather than a rule.
I still have my old writing example for Cade, so I'll just change it if someone complains. ^^ I just used the Blood Nin one because I remember people being amused at my pathetic attempt to be evil. x_X

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It looks finished; want to move it out?
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Yes, please. ^_^

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Moved and Approved

Two eye colors for the win!
Jped's Characters D:<

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