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Default Sa Kishin Kobushi (The Fierce God Fist)

Style Name: Sa Kishin Kobushi (The Fierce God Fist)

Note: All specials must be taken in succession
Note: All defensive maneuvers can only be done 2 times safely. If done a 3rd time the part numbs and it cannot be used properly. If done a 4th time the muscles rip and become unusable for the rest of the thread and after until the user seeks medical treatment.

Style Description: Powerful, terrifying and almost limitless in the destruction it can cause. The Sa Kishin Kobushi is the perfect style in terms of strength and defense – in the eyes of all those who practice it of course-. The style has a huge stance in the development of ones own body to a state where it is “fit” for a god but it also stretches beyond those limits with the use of chakra.

Power is garnered not through arm strength alone but with weight as well. This taijutsu is best suited for those who have a lot of weight to throw around or for those who are rather muscular. The results are the same in the end.

As one progresses one learns of the Tenshouitten or Heaven Points. These are tenketsu that are trained for the use of special abilities. The proper use of these tenketsu can help generate even more force than normal and paired with the already destructive power of the user can create attacks that can kill in a single blow.

Style Basis: Taijutsu (Strength)

Training Methods: Intense physical training. On average ones training stretch for about 10 hours a day with a lot of weight around the person to purposely strain and push themselves beyond their limits. One for example can have a bo staff that weighs 1000 pounds and swing it around to increase arm strength.


Stage One:
Stat Requirements: Strength 4, Stamina 4
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

Slow punches that hurt if they land and amazingly the child has a cast iron jaw. Well when it comes to facing other children of course, other peers find it difficult to withstand the oppressive power this taijutsu gives its owners. At this stage though there is nothing else truly spectacular.

Regular Techniques:

Name: Kurogane Sokudan (Iron Snap Judgment)
Description: What is referred to as the one inch palm strike has a different use here. The user no matter how close he is to the opponent is able to move and strike with the full force of a punch as if he or she had the perfect distance. This is obtained with the correct twisting and forge generated with weight.


Stage Two:
Stat Requirements: Strength 7, Stamina 7, Willpower 6
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

The genin now has become quite the force to be reckoned with. They have already become immensely strong for their age and can withstand quite a bit of damage. Though they are still novices they can be topped with the right strategy. The genin continue to develop their now growing bodies and mastering all ranges of movement allowed.

Regular Techniques:

Name: Rixyu-ju Dangan (Sledge Shot)
Description: At first maximized movement only went from in front of the user. He or she was able to generate the appropriate force from short distances. Now with Rixyu-ju Dangan that principle branches out to include downward attacks. This though works best if the user is much taller than their enemy but it otherwise is effective. The user swings his arms back and than drive them upward and downward. This is an impressive powers hot accompanied by the force generated from a 180 degree turn.


Stage Three:
Stat Requirements: Strength 10, Stamina 10, Willpower 8
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

There have been mentions of some genin who have progressed so deeply into a taijutsu at an early age that they are able to dominate the field against even some experienced enemies. At this point the genin has grown to the very limit of his potential at this tender age. His muscles and body can generate enough power to break boards with ease and their body is build to withstand pain and punishment.

Regular Techniques:
Name: Kishin Enchou (Fierce God Extension)
Description: The arms have a certain reach all around them, in every single twisting angle. The strength this taijutsu has become known for can be fully used from any direction in front or to the side of the user. If for example the user was surrounded by 3 enemies all within range he or she will be able to strike all of them down with their pull strength.

Special Techniques:
Name: Kishin Ago (Fierce God Jaw)
Requirement: Strength 8, Stamina 8, Speed 6
Description: The very first defensive ability within a slew of more. The first and most typical place to attack someone is the face and jaw, so delicate and accompanied by many other delicate things. With the use of chakra the user can tighten his or her jaw and neck to the point where most attacks do not hurt, hell 9 times out of 10 the attack will be mostly ignored, typically it would feel like a regular blow. If used on time: hand to and blunt weapon taijutsu across the face can be endured with little or almost no flinching. If the stamina of the user surpasses the enemies strength this defensive move is successful.

If the enemy’s strength surpasses the users control + ½ stamina (no tai bonus) this technique is not performed correctly and the user takes extensive damage that can easily cause the jaw to break.

Name: Kishin Sentou (Fierce God Punch)
Requirements: Willpower 8, Tactics 6, Intelligence 8
Description: With the abundant strength developed within the body of the genin, he or she is now able to push themselves beyond their limits. The body is able to withstand the force generated by their powerful special attacks. What starts off as a simple punch changes with a simple addition. As the punch is heading toward the enemy the practitioner releases a jet of chakra from the elbow to add to the strength of the user not only increasing the punches speed but power as well.

Stage Four:
Stat Requirements: Strength 17, Stamina 16, Speed 10, Willpower 14
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

The chuunin has learned much about their abilities and is introduced to a new aspect of the style known as Tentouitten or Heaven Point. (this was used in the Kishin Sentou special technique) These are specific spots along the body were movement is key for attacks. It is at these points that become an additional study for the student of Sa Kinshin Kobushi. All of the other classics remain; the intense physical training – which only deepened as the body needs more muscle to withstand the higher grades of power generated-, the mastery of movement and the ability to endure.

Regular Techniques:

Name: Karada Buki (Body Weapon)
Description: An enhancement of the Kishin Enchou (Fierce God Extension) where only the arms were able to be used with the body’s full strength. Now the entire torso including elbows and the head can be used with this amazing abundant force.

Special Techniques:

Name: Kishin Chikaraashi (Fierce God’s Strong Legs)
Requirement: Strength 12, Stamina 11, Speed 10, Willpower 12
Description: The users of this style are slow but efficient. They are unable to catch up to enemies quickly and need to calculate movements carefully to pin enemies so if you wish to create distance one would target and weaken the legs. Well to bad that plan has now gone down the toilet. This forcibly tightens the leg muscles in order to defend against an incoming taijutsu or blunt weapon attack. Sharp or bladed weapons cut through this technique and deal damage to the user as normal.

Strikes that could normally cause knees to buckle, ankles to break and toes to shatter will be endured. The amount of damage is lessened to the point where it looks as if nothing has happened. Though the user of the jutsu will feel pain but it is something they will be able to endure with some ease.

If the enemy’s strength surpasses the users control + ½ stamina (no tai bonus) this technique is not performed correctly and the user takes extensive damage that can cripple him or her.

Name: Kinshin Assai Nigiri (Fierce God’s Crushing Grip)
Requirement: Willpower 12, Tactics 11, Intelligence 10, Strength 12
Description: The first Tensouitten learned are those on the joints and knuckles of the hands. When the user grabs the enemy in any point this special move can be unleashed, a sudden pushing of chakra from the finger joints causes the hand to suddenly squeeze. That plus the strength of the user can lead to an attack that can quite possibly crush a human jaw, wrist or ankle in a snap.


Stage Five:
Stat Requirements: Strength 20, Stamina 20, Speed 16, Willpower 16
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

The training has been grueling, the patience has been tested and the spirit refined and now it shows the years of paid off with the discovery of ones Tenshouitten the user has become a one man gang. Able to protect and withstand blows from many different enemies and able to in only a mere instant deliver pain. Of course there is still much to develop the strain of the body has not lessened in the slightest and now the user has become proficient to the point where he or she is able to kick. Of course the proficiency with said kick is not wonderful but it is better than nothing.

Regular technique

Name: Wareru Tsuchi (To Cleave Earth)
Description: Calling this a devastating kick would be insulting its freakish strength. This may look like a simple roundhouse to the mid-section but with the trained control of a Sa Kishin Kobushi specialist turns this simple move into an attack that can cause internal damage. With all of the twisting and all of that extra force this generates a kick that can break a rock in two.

Special Techniques

Name: Kinshin Karada (Fierce God Body)
Requirement: Strength 17, Stamina 16, Speed 16, Willpower 15
Description: So at this point the head and the legs are out of reach from damage. What is left but the torso yes? Uh no! You have just hit a wrong area once again. This uses the Tenshouitten across the stomach area to tighten and protect the stomach and all of the weak organs hidden inside of it.

Blunt weapons and hand to hand trauma become somewhat useless. The body still endures shock and there will be bruising but overall in comparison to what could have happened this would be cake.

If the strength of the user surpasses the control + 2/3rd stamina of the user this defense is useless. The damage dealt will rip all of the stomach muscles apart.

Name: Kinshin Kire (Fierce God Cut)
Requirement: Willpower 17, Tactics 16, Intelligence 16, Strength 15
Description: A swift and supremely dangerous uppercut utilizing the tenshouitten behind the shoulders, elbows, wrists and hips all in one simultaneous motion. The hips start by twisting and then the shoulder pushes the elbow which pushes the wrist and finally the last burst pushes the hand upward into a skin slicing upper cut. A direct hit from this can possibly shatter a jaw.

Name: Kinshin Senshi (Fierce God Stab)
Requirement: Strength 18, Stamina 17, Willpower 17, Tactics 14
Description: Even though it is not an attack with a weapon getting hit by this attack sure as hell feel like it does. This is a driving knee aided by tenshouitten; the hips and ankles mostly. Both of them push the knee at the same time with the user and almost stab the user’s knee into the enemy. This can rupture organs if the enemy is weak enough.


Stage Six: Strength 27, Stamina 25, Speed 23, Willpower 20, Tactics 16
Stat Requirements:
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

The now master has nearly reached the pinnacle of skill. The body is an engine of destruction, pain and sheer oppressive power. There is one final step that must be learned and that is using this power and matching it with some sort of speed to form a combination. So far all of the attacks have been single powerful strikes that can level opponents. But for those who are resilient being able to take multiple strikes will be a problem. This stage of mastery has given the master simple yet extremely effective combo abilities.

Regular Technique:

Name: Nigenteki Kire (Dual Cut)
Description: A pair of powerful uppercuts some toward the enemy. The user steps into the enemy and uppercuts the liver and as the face falls downward a teeth breaking uppercut lands on the jaw and

Special Technique:

Name: Kishin Ushiro (Fierce God’s Back)
Requirement: Strength 21, Stamina 20, Speed 19, Willpower 17, Tactics 15
Description: Now at this point these darn defenses have become quite difficult to penetrate the defenses of the Sa Kishin Kobushi master but maybe the back will reveal a weak spot? Once again it is unfortunate that the master has now learned how to properly manipulate his tensouitten to force his muscles to tightly close and defend against physical and blunt attacks.

What could shatter ones spine, rupture kidneys or break off your tail bone will no longer do such damage. Instead the attack feels more like a good swift hit with a kendo stick.

If the strength of the enemy surpasses the control and 2/3rd stamina of the user, the user will suffer extremely and have some ripped back muscles leaving the master unable to turn side to side.

Name: Kishin Hagane Kobushi (Fierce God’s Steel Fist)
Requirement: Willpower 21, Tactics 20, Intelligence 19, Strength 17, Stamina 15
Description: The user winds up and prepare him mentally for a punch that will not only devastate the user but if not done properly devastate him as well. The user turns around and leans back and then turns forward. The user expels chakra from tenshouitten all around him to quickly turn himself toward his enemy once again and pushes more out to even push him or herself forward to the enemy to ensure one hell of a punch.

Name: Kishin Haraguroi Eidan (Fierce Gods Malicious Decisive Judgment)
Requirement: Willpower 23, Tactics 23, Intelligence 22, Stamina 16, Speed 15
Description: A deadly move that if used properly can be fatal to the enemy. It starts with a low wide 3/4s uppercut which once it is in motion is pushed upward faster by tensouitten across the arm. Then an overhand punch comes downward once again aided by tenshouitten to crush the face in between both of the user’s hands. This force is so intense that it has been known to not only break jaws but shatter teeth and even cause eye problems.


Stage Seven:
Stat Requirements: Strength 37, Stamina 33, Speed 29, Willpower 24, Tactics 20
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

Complete perfection, there is nothing left for the master to learn at this point. The punches are filled with destructive power, the body a near endless stance against enemies. Those who have dared to stand in the way of this style will learn that only death and pain will come to them.

Regular Technique:

What do you need regular techniques for anyway? You are like a god dude... or dudette.

Special Technique:

Name: Shinsei Kishin Karada (True Fierce God Body)
Requirement: Strength 30, Stamina 27, Speed 26, Willpower 22, Tactics 20
Description: This is the ultimate physical defense for the grand master. Instead of only various parts being protected this tightens the entire body into a steel-like mass of muscle. Bladed weapons still penetrate and cut the flesh easily but hand to hand or blunt weapon attacks are almost useless against this.

If the user has a strength higher than the control and stamina of the user this defense is useless and will cause the entire body to collapse under its own pressure and rip itself apart. The taijutsu master will only be able to operate at half his strength. (All tai styles cut to level 4. Speed down to 20 max including speed bonus. Stamina is also a 20, Strength stays at 30.)

Name: Shinsei Kishin Yama Setsudanki (True Fierce God Mountain Cutter)
Requirement: Willpower 30, Tactics 27, Intelligence 26, Strength 22, Stamina 20
Description: The user first jumps upward using his own strength and tenshouitten along the feet to propel himself as high as he can. After such a high jump the master plummets downward once again using tenshouitten to increase his decent and deliver a karate chop that can not only possibly sever a human being in half due to all of the power but maybe even a mountain as well.

Name: Shinsei Kishin Amatsu Hantei (True Fierce God Heavenly Judgement)
Requirement: Strength 35, Stamina 33, Speed 31, Willpower 26, Intelligence 18 (Enemy permission required)
Description: This final attack gathers every single lesson taught to the master up to this point. Every single tenshoitten, every movement, every inch of the users body. Though anyone who gets caught in such a technique is most likely going to be dead right after so it is suggested to run or do something.

This combo starts off by using every tenshouitten across the back of the user (legs included) to quickly charge and slam their shoulder into the enemy. Once at this range the combo goes through these different attacks and they all show true mastery.

The first part of the combo starts with rolling punches, the user rolls and weaves and starts to viciously punch their opponent. As this move continues the speed they gather begins to blur out their movements and every shot obviously feels worse then the last. After the last hit the user spins himself and now starts to use back fists instead of straight punches.

After a suitable amount of back fists now kicks come in, specifically roundhouse kicks to the body and face. They come haphazardly toward the opponent so attempting to block them is extremely difficult though it is suggested that one does something at this point.

The kicks lead to the master jumping on the shoulders of the enemy and front kicking their face at this short range in order to force their head back for the final piece of the attack. The master will stomp the opponent's face all the way into the ground and when there is only one more stomp left the final strike is prepared.

The master hops upward and prepares to use both his or her feet to stomp the enemy in the face. The master stretches their arms out like a set of wings and push chakra from their back as they stomp down the enemy. This final strike smashes the enemy through the ground and if they were not in a coma yet, all bets were now off.

It is said this combo reaches up to 101 hits but that is all myth. Regardless of that fact this final attack will most likely be the end of many an enemy.

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