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Default Boomerang Ninjutsu List

You must take “ricochet” in order to have this tree; it is the fundamental technique upon which all other techniques in the tree ultimately come from.

Level 1

Name: Ricochet
Requirements: Power 2, Willpower 2
Description: The most basic technique, required learning for the entire tree. This technique allows the user to transfer a small portion of their chakra in to the boomerang causing it to emit a faint aura around its edges for a few moments before appearing to return to normal. The boomerang can then be thrown to strike multiple targets by bouncing between them before returning to the user. The number of times the boomerang can ricochet is determined by the level of the user. It can hit one additional target per level (A level 1 user can hit two targets, a level 2 user can hit three targets, and so on). Hitting multiple moving targets is not possible until level 3.

Name: Elemental Imbue
Requirements: Control 3, Tactics 2
Description: The exact nature of this technique will depend on the home village of the shinobi using it. A Leaf shinobi will use fire, where as a Mist shinobi will use water. Regardless of the nature of the imbuement the boomerang will take on a slightly more dangerous appearance as the elemental additions will be plainly visible allow the boomerang to create more damage. The damage is the same regardless of the element. Note: Rain is the same as Mist.

Leaf – Edges of boomerang are covered with fire
Mist – Edges of boomerang are covered with water blades
Sand – Edges of boomerang are covered with thin layer of slicing air
Stone – Edges of boomerang are covered in shards of hard earth
Grass – Edges of boomerang are covered in thorns
Cloud – Edges of boomerang are covered with electricity
Snow – Edges of boomerang are covered in shards of ice
Sound – Edges of boomerang are covered by a sonic blade

Name: Long Shot
Requirements: Power 3, Intelligence 2
Description: A technique primarily useful for hitting targets at a very long distance. To use this technique the user needs a clear shot at their target and the target must either remain still or at the very least not change their projected path of movement by turning or jumping. This technique is most useful as a surprise attack or to hit a target that’s running along the ground. The user must be aware that this technique will reveal their position very clearly to anyone capable of following the boomerangs path back to its user.

Level 2

Name: Cutter
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Description: Branches, underbrush, and a host of other things can often get between a user and their target. This technique seeks to eliminate such minor obstacles by slicing through them without affecting the speed or trajectory of the boomerang. In order to perform this technique the user charges their boomerang with chakra and then throws it normally. The chakra then rapidly accelerates the spinning motion of the boomerang allowing it to slice through most small objects. This technique is not effective against large trees or stone but will leave its mark in them none the less.

Name: Delayed Return
Requirements: Tactics 5, Willpower 4, Intelligence 4
Description: Similar to the ricochet technique, this technique also requires the user to transfer a small amount of chakra to the boomerang but with a different purpose in mind. The user throws the boomerang as normal at a target and if it should hit, it also returns as normal but if it should miss the boomerang will seemingly continue to fly out of range and out of sight. The boomerang will make a slow spinning arc well away from combat and then come rushing back toward the user in the next post. This technique is primarily tactical, allowing the user to set up a double pronged attack against an opponent. The boomerang is thrown, then comes back the next time the user posts, presumably to strike the unsuspecting opponent from behind while the user attacks from the front.

Name: Spinning Throw
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Tactics 4
Description: Most of the time a boomerang simply spins around in a circle as it moves through the air but with this technique the user is actually able to change that. The user first transfers chakra to the boomerang and then throws it as normal but instead of simply spinning around, the boomerang actually makes loops in the air as it flies. These loops can be anything from horizontal to vertical but they cannot change mid-flight and will be determined by the user when they throw the weapon. Due to its unusual flight path the boomerang covers a wider area making dodging or blocking it more difficult.

Level 3

Name: Elemental Strike
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Description: An improved version of the elemental imbue technique, this technique allows the user to further increase the damage of their attack by increasing the level of elemental power they put in to the boomerang. As with the first technique, the element depends on the user’s village.

Leaf – Fire streamers jet out from the ends slashing and burning
Mist – Boomerang takes on the appearance of a slicing disc of water
Sand – Blades of air now extend much further from the ends of boomerang
Stone – Boomerang actually becomes heavier, creating much stronger impact
Grass – Vines with razor like thorns extend from the ends
Cloud – On contact with target, discharges strong electric current, short stun (1 post)
Snow – Shards of ice are now larger and so cold they damage skin
Sound – Boomerang unleashes a shockwave of sound after hitting target, knocking them down and hurting their ears (1 post stun)

Name: Flashbang
Requirements: Tactics 8, Willpower 6, Intelligence 8
Description: Similar to but not as effective as the shinobi tool with the same properties, this technique creates a blinding flash either by impacting with a target and releasing its energy or by reaching a predetermined point in the air before activating. The user of this technique must be careful not to become blinded by it themselves or they will not be able to catch their boomerang as it comes back, possibly causing it to hit them but more than likely simply causing it to fly off out of reach. The user of this technique needs to select a primary target for it assuming the flash will affect more than one person because the further apart secondary targets are; the less they are affected by the flash. A primary target will be blinded for one post while the secondary targets will vary.

Name: Blurring Strike
Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Tactics 7
Description: With this technique the user charges their boomerang with chakra and then after throwing it the boomerang seems to shift back and forth in the air rapidly along a flat plane. The effect is purely visual and is designed to make it difficult to figure out precisely where the boomerang is as it can be anywhere within the blurring and constantly shifting image. This technique is not effective against the user of a doujutsu as they will be able to see through the illusion.

Level 4

Name: Slasher
Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Tactics 12
Description: An advanced form of the cutter technique this technique works in the same fashion but with greater effectiveness. The boomerang spins at an extremely high rate of speed as with the Cutter technique but this time the chakra infused in to the boomerang actually serves to help the boomerang cut by flowing rapidly along the edge as the boomerang flies in order to create a micro thin sawing motion. The effective cutting area of the boomerang is not increased only its slicing power as it is now capable of hacking through all but the thickest branches as well as causing significant damage to stone and even some metal.

Name: Sudden Shift
Requirements: Tactics 12, Willpower 11, Intelligence 10, Power 12
Description: This technique has the user create a small thread of chakra, similar to the one used by puppet maters but with limited effects. The thread allows the user to throw their boomerang and then cause its flight path to alter in order to track after moving opponents. The control is somewhat limited, allowing only for about a 30 degree cone in front of the boomerang to adjust in. The throw and adjustments in flight path are all made in a single post, allowing for a target player character to have a chance to do a preliminary dodge and then subsequent adjustments to their maneuver in order to make an attempt at dodging.

Name: Hidden Shuriken
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Willpower 10
Description: A trick throw that allows a user to mask up to three shurikens within the area around which the boomerang spins. To use this technique the user first infuses their boomerang with chakra and then using a very carefully practiced motion throws the shurikens and boomerang at the same time, presumably without the target realizing it. As the boomerang draws close to the target, the shurikens suddenly eject out ahead of the boomerang on a single plane spreading for maximum coverage.

Level 5

Name: Elemental Fury
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Tactics 15
Description: With this level comes another improvement to the elemental imbue ability, it works similarly to the two previous levels but has more powerful effects.

Leaf – The whole boomerang seems to be a burning disk of rotating fire that speeds its way toward a target, upon impact the fire around the boomerang explodes sending many small darts of fire in every direction.
Mist – As the boomerang flies it seems to be a disk of rotating water that slashes and slices through objects and as the disk spins it releases needles of water in many different directions resulting in multiple tiny piercing wounds being inflicted on whoever is within range.
Sand – The wind swirling around the boomerang collects sand, small rocks and other small objects as the boomerang flies over the ground. The objects sucked in to the vortex turn it in to a slashing and cutting tornado as well as randomly throwing out pieces of whatever it picks up in every direction.
Stone – In addition to being covered in stone which makes the boomerang hit harder due to its weight, the boomerang will now explosively release the shards on impact creating damage to the primary target as well as additional surrounding targets.
Grass – The boomerang appears to be wrapped up in thorny vines and when the boomerang impacts with a target these vies entangle themselves around it, digging in and holding the target for one post.
Cloud – The boomerang becomes a sparkling mass of electrical energy that fires out like a small lightning bolt when the boomerang gets near a target. The lightning bolt is fast and hard to predict and if it strikes a target they will be stunned instantly and the boomerang will follow the bolt directly to the bolts point of impact.
Snow – The boomerang appears completely coated in ice and after impact it transfers its energy to the target, creating a rapidly spreading coat of ice from the point of impact until it incases most of the targets body, holding on to them but not rendering them completely motionless. Additionally, the ice is abnormally cold creating a sort of freeze shock that further harms the target.
Sound – Outwardly there appears only to be a shimmering ring around the outside of the boomerang but this ring is deceptively harmless. Upon impact with the target the boomerang releases a small sonic boom directed forward from the point of impact. The resulting release of sound and energy is deafening but its true effect comes from the fact that it impacts the target with such force that it physically lifts them and throws them back. The sound when combined with the impact leaves the target laying down dazed for one post.

Name: Growth
Requirements: Tactics 17, Willpower 16, Intelligence 16, Power 15
Description: After the user charges their boomerang with chakra the energy spreads out quickly from the edges of the boomerang creating a solid mass that effectively doubles the size of the boomerang. With this increased size the user can throw the boomerang as normal and have it hit with twice the normal amount of impact or they can wait until their next post to throw it, giving it a secondary effect (such as slasher). The effect goes away either after the boomerang is thrown or after two posts, which ever comes first.

Name: Blink
Requirements: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Willpower 14
Description: After charging the boomerang with chakra the user seems to throw it as normal only the boomerang seems to vanish, only to suddenly appear at instant before it strikes the target. The boomerang was not invisible, it was moving so quickly that it was difficult to see and only when it is about to impact with a target does it become visible. Unless the target reacts very swiftly the boomerang will typically hit them a split second after they realize its there.

Level 6

Name: Ripper
Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Tactics 17, Willpower 15
Description: The final and most powerful version of the original cutter technique. As with the previous levels the boomerang spins at a very high rate of speed allowing it to cut and slice through most solid objects. At this level, the rate of spin is so fast that it appears to be a disk rather than a boomerang. The boomerang is now capable of slicing through wood of all but the most extreme thickness and will split most stone upon impact. The boomerang will not pierce through metal but will leave gashes through it up to one inch deep.

Name: Boomerang Storm
Requirements: Tactics 21, Willpower 20, Intelligence 19, Power 17, Control 15
Description: Using a modified version of the shadow shuriken, this technique creates anywhere from two to four copies of the boomerang all capable of converging on a single target. The user first throws the boomerang then invokes the chakra they placed with in it to create the copies, the copies are just as effective as the original, and will follow after the first boomerang without fail.

Name: Snipe
Requirements: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Willpower 16, Intelligence 15 Description: This technique allows the user to attack with almost perfect accuracy from even the most extreme ranges. As long as a there is a clear path between the user and the target this technique will generally allow the user to hit a target unless the target is making some very deliberate efforts to dodge the attack. It can hit running or even jumping targets and is very useful for striking a fleeing enemy. This technique does not have perfect accuracy and can be dodged with clever thinking.

Level 7

Name: Elemental Finale
Requirements: Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Tactics 22, Willpower 20
Description: The final and most powerful level of the elemental imbue. This technique can only be used once per day without warping or even destroying the users boomerang.

– The boomerang disappears completely, becoming a swirling mass of fire that roars its way towards a target. Upon impact with the target or even upon a near miss with a target, the fire explodes much like an explosive seal would. This technique sets most things within its effective range on fire, including the target in many instances.
Mist – When the boomerang hits a target the target will be partially obscured by a thick watery mist, this seemingly harmless technique reveals its deadly effects in moments as darts of water begin to fire from the edges of the mist inside toward the target. The darts start out with only a few at a time but in a matter of seconds they become a torrent of stinging piercing blades.
Sand – As the boomerang flies towards a target it emits the sound of a roaring wind. The boomerang itself is still mostly visible but blurred by a vortex of violently clashing air that surrounds it. Upon impact with a target the boomerang releases its stored wind energy, enveloping the target in a small tornado. The tornado draws in dirt, rocks, and other small objects making the tornado in to a abrasive slashing mass.
Stone – When the boomerang impacts with a target, it will seem at first that their feet are sinking in to the ground but the truth rapidly becomes apparent as rocks, soil, and other minerals rapidly layer themselves over the targets body starting with the feet and working up until the entire body is covered. It quickly becomes impossible to move and as increasingly large amounts of earth covers the targets body, the weight will also begin to drag them down to the ground.
Grass – When the boomerang connects with a target thick thorny vines not only surround and bind the target but actually implant themselves in the ground. The vines are extremely difficult to break free of as their contact with the ground makes them continue to grow. This technique is not particularly deadly but it has the potential to disable an opponent for an extended period of time, possibly allowing for capture.
Cloud – The boomerang disappears as a rapidly moving dark cloud forms around it, upon striking a target the target is immediately engulfed in a blinding fog which seems harmless enough until the target is suddenly hit with a series of electrical bolts that run through the cloud from one side to the other rapidly, the bolts make movement out of the cloud extremely difficult and with enough shots will render a person unconscious.
Snow – When the boomerang impacts with a target it creates a brief spray of what seems to be icy mist. The mist obscures the target for a moment but when it falls away the target is shown to be flash frozen in place along with anything that happened to be within a five foot radius of them. The freeze only lasts moments but the damage is done, harming skin and making cloth brittle enough to crack and shred.
Sound – After hitting a target the boomerang seems to surround the target with a slightly glowing ring that hums for a split second before violently releasing its energy in all directions. Anyone standing within five feet of the ring is shaken and rattled severely enough to cause pain but for the unfortunate target inside the ring the effects are much more severe. Blasted and shaken from all sides the target is battered and torn by the sound energy for one post before the ring disappears.

Name: Endless Flight
Requirements: Tactics 30, Willpower 27, Intelligence 26, Power 22, Control 20 Description: To uses this technique the user attaches an invisible line of chakra to the boomerang and then throws it. By careful manipulation of the string the user is then able to create an almost endless flight for their boomerang by using the string to keep the boomerang moving, looping back and forth from any number of feasible angles without ever having to catch the boomerang to throw again. This is a highly useful skill as it allows the user to tactically coordinate their boomerang for long periods of time and make sudden surprise attacks against their target from unusual angles.

Name: Whirlwind
Requirements: Power 32, Control 30, Reserves 28, Tactics 24, Willpower 22
Description: Instead of using the boomerang to attack an enemy, this technique allows the user to keep the boomerang flying in a tight circle around their body at a high rate of speed. The user has complete control over the boomerang allowing it to move as high as the top of their head or as low as their shins. The speed and movement of the boomerang makes getting near the user difficult and forces an enemy to remain at a distance unless they have a weapon with long reach such as a spear. This technique is also proof against most thrown weapons, deflecting them harmlessly unless thrown by some type of ranged specialist. Activation of this technique counts as an action but every other post afterward requires a brief hand motion to keep the boomerang moving, creating an ever so slight delay in attack. The boomerang may be grabbed at any point by the user and thrown.

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