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Default Shinigami no Oshie (Teachings of the Shinigami)

Shinigami no Oshie (Teachings of the Shinigami)
Universal Scythe Dance

Style Description: The Shinigami no Oshie uses the length of the scythe to keep the opponent at bay, while performing strong sweeps, slashes and strike to inflict massive damage to his opponent. Additional, the Shinigami no Oshie uses side steps to out maneuver its opponent, using a combination of tactics and fast thinking to defeat the opponent.

Style History: The exact origin of this style has been lost over the centuries. It is speculated, that it was either created at the same time or some years later than the Shinigami no Teisei. Since history has been lost, many legends wind around this style, but only one is seen as true origin.

The legend tells about a child born into a time of battle and constant war. The child's name was Danmatsuma Enshi who was believed to be cursed. After his birth, his mother passed away with no apparent wound or disease. Several years later, his father died of the same course, as did villagers the following time Enshi grew up. As nobody wanted to have any to do with him, he was forced to live a life of solitude. To escape his depressive and monotone life, Enshi created the Shinigami no Oshie.

Fed up with the strange deaths, the villagers cast him out and banished him from the village. Roaming the country, Enshi found nothing that might explain the death surrounding him. He continued his journey, to once again return to his village of birth which was under attack by a neighbour village. Using the Shinigami no Oushie, the attackers stood no chance and fled crying Shinigami. Thankful for their rescue, the villagers asked him to teach them his style. After finishing to teach it to the last villagers, Enshi passed away under the same mysterious condition all the other had died. It is said, that after teaching this style to the villagers, Enshi was turned into a Shinigami himself.

Style Basis: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu Hybrid. Requires a scythe (two-handed scythe, like Oobaga).

A: Strength
B: Speed
C: Stamina
D: Willpower
E: Tactics
F: Intelligence

Stage One
Stat Requirements: Strength 5, Speed 3
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

Striking Ability: The starting level only allows simple strikes and slashes, which use more the momentum of the attack than the real strength of the user. While the sweeping attacks are useful to clear the area from opponents or keep them away, but only if the user is standing firm on the ground to brace against the momentum's strength.

Defense: Defense at this stage is nearly non-existent. With the user only getting familiar with the weapon, he has to rely on dodging. Only the simplest of attacks might be blocked, though many users lost balance while doing so.

Movement: The user only starts learning to use the scythe properly, still he is already able to side step untrained attackers with great ease, thought it looks awkward. Strikes are rough and slow, making them easily to dodge by trained taijutsu users.

Regular Techniques:

Funkei (Decapitation)
The user performs a horizontal slash, using the momentum to inflict damage. Most aim at the abdomen but some aim for the neck. An easily dodged attack.

Soudai Jinkun (Grand Ruler)
The user performs a vertical slash, using the momentum to inflict damage. This technique is mostly performed from up to down. Simple attack which is as easy to dodge.

Zaiaku no Kama (Sickle of Sin)
Mostly used as a defensive move to stop opponents who try to close the distance, without actually doing too much harm. The user makes a slash with his scythe, using the blunt side of the it. If the weapon has no blunt side, it is pretty much a Funkei attack.

Stage Two
Stat Requirements: Strength 8, Speed 6, Willpower 6
Special Techniques Requirement: Willpower 4, Tactics 4
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

Striking Ability: A great improvement in control, the user is capable to make abrupt course changes while performing an attack. The strength of the slashes still rely on the momentum of the blow and the user still has to stay firm on the ground while attacking.

Defense: Simple attacks are now no problem anymore and can be easily deflected. The user will have problems when dealing with projectile weapons, as he can only dodge the incoming projectiles.

Movement: Movement only gains a slight change, as now the user is more familiar with the weapon. With more control over the scythe comes more speed. Performed attacks are a bit faster than at the previous stage.

Regular Techniques:

Hisanshin (Flying Death)
Using the form of the scythe, the user is capable to throw his scythe at his opponent. After one post the scythe will return to the user, making him vulnerable for the duration he has no scythe.

Kurogengetsu (Black Crescent Moon)
The user crouches down and slashes towards the opponents legs, followed by a powerful high swing. Not the fastest attack, but can be fatal if used right.

Special Techniques:

Tsume (Claw)
The user channels chakra along the scythe's blade, invisibly lengthening it by up to 4 inches. This technique can be used alone, but is usually used as part of a more advanced technique.

Stage Three
Stat Requirements: Strength 10, Speed 10, Willpower 8
Special Techniques Requirement: Willpower 7, Tactics 7, Intelligence 6
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

Striking Ability: The user finally reached the stage where he has not to rely on the momentum of the strike to make an effective attack, as he built up enough muscle strength to perform attacks, without the blows losing its force. Neither has he to stand firm on the ground to perform an attack. With the gained control, the user can spin and twirl his scythe like a bo user would.

Defense: Dueling, deflecting and blocking. All of this is gained when reaching this stage of the Shinigami no Oshie by using the blade and handle to block weapons and hand-to-hand attacks alike.

Movement: No longer, look the movement awkward or unsure, but reach a somewhat fluid motion. Side steps seem to come naturally to the user, granting great ease to dodge incoming blows. The user does not need to stay firm on the ground and is able to jump around half or a bit more of his own height. The strikes gained another boost in speed, giving them a more dangerous property.

Regular Techniques:

Hakahori (Gravedigger)
Leaping towards the opponent, the user performs a vertically slash down at the opponent. Due to the long reach of the scythe, the user does not need to get too close to the opponent.

Hekikyouran (Barrier Frenzy)
The user spins and twirls his scythe like staff user love doing it. With the spinning the user can use this technique both offensive and defensive. If the opponent is close-by, this technique can be used to force him to move away from the user, giving him back the preferred distance battle style. Defensive the user can block incoming projectiles (kunai, senbon, etc.) as long as he has a good view of them and is not distracted.

Special Techniques:

Shinigami no Metsuki (Eyes of the Shinigami)
The opponent will feel the sudden notion that he is about to die, triggering a vision of his own death in the most gruesome and painful way possible. It makes the victim halt, debating if he should flee from battle and save his life. The technique can only be initiated if the user makes eye contact with the target. A target with a higher willpower than the user will not be affected by this technique.

Stage Four
Stat Requirements: Strength 16, Speed 15, Stamina 12, Willpower 14
Special Techniques Requirement: Willpower 10, Tactics 10, Intelligence 8
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

Striking Ability: The user's control over the scythe increases only slightly, granting better handling of the weapon, with more precise strikes and slashes to keep the opponent away. Wounds at this stage will go deep into the flesh and can easily cut off body parts.

Defense: Defense reaches an interesting boost, as the user now has more control over the scythe he can block incoming attacks even better than before. Incoming attacks could be blocked by the handle, giving the chance for a counter strike.

Movement: Movement gains a big boost in this stage, as the user can now jump over his opponent using somersaults. Motions are quick and fluid, making good use of the new gained speed to side step and circle the user's opponent. Strikes are only a bit faster than the previous stage.

Regular Techniques:

Shinigami's Rage
With a little start-up, the user catapults himself at his opponent, somersaulting towards him while using the scythe to attack circular (the scythe strikes vertical). With the added momentum of the somersault, the force behind this blow is fierce and painfully to block. The best way to to defend against it is dodging.

Special Techniques:

Shin no Kaze (Wind of Death)
Charging the scythe with chakra, the user slashes diagonally at the wished direction. The wind produced by this attack, will be empowered by chakra and fly straight ahead cutting anything in its path. The downside is, that due to the high chakra charge, the wind gets a black tinted ripple, warning the opponent. Wounds earned by this jutsu are as if the opponent got hit by the scythe, without the property to cut through the target. The user has to wait 2 posts until using this technique again.

Stage Five
Stat Requirements: Strength 21, Speed 19, Stamina 16, Willpower 16
Special Techniques Requirement: Willpower 15, Tactics 15, Intelligence 13
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

Striking Ability: With the help of more spins and big sweeping attacks, the striking ability gives a considerable boost in power. Careless opponents will soon find themselves in a world of pain, as the user can easily cut them into pieces.

Defense: There is no real change to the previous stage. The user still is capable to perform blocking, deflecting and counter moves.

Movement: This stage gives the user better movement, used for the circling tactic of the style. The main boost in power is the striking speed. Slashes are quick, giving the user a slight edge to his attacks, as the opponent will have a harder time avoiding them.

Regular Techniques:

Marui Meiun (Circular Doom)
Slamming the scythe into the abdomen, the user will lift the target up and spin around his own axis, swinging the opponent around before slamming him on the ground.

For training uses, the user can perform the same attack with shielding chakra around the blade, making the scythe's blade blunt.

Special Techniques:

Shin no Sakebi (Scream of Death)
Requirements: Shin no Kaze (Wind of Death)
The powered version of Shin no Kaze. Channeling chakra into the scythe, the blade will be surrounded by a black glow. Performing a swing attack in the desired direction, the force of the slash will create a surge of wind. The chakra empowered wind will charge at the wanted direction, cutting through everything in its path. Again, due to the chakra charge, the surge of wind has creates a black tinted ripple in the fireline. Kaze no Shin is capable to slice anything in its path into half and cannot be blocked. Because of that, the target has to move out of the way. The user has to wait 2 posts until using this technique again.

Stage Six
Stat Requirements: Strength 32, Speed 25, Stamina 18, Willpower 20, Tactics 16
Special Techniques Requirement: Willpower 19, Tactics 19, Intelligence 18
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

Striking Ability: At this stage is no real change, the user only gains more dexterity to perform more complex slashes.

Defense: There is only a slight amplification of the defensive capabilities. Blocks of any sort become a lot easier.

Movement: Dodging at this stage gets a big enhancement. Lower level opponents will find it hard to anticipate the user's attacks, aggravating the ability to counter attack.

Regular Techniques:

Shinigami's Admonition
The user will try to sweep the target's legs away, using the part of the handle which is near the beginning of the scythe's blade. Then he will proceed to knock the target off his feet and spin the scythe once, slamming the bottom of the handle into the opponent's stomach.

Special Techniques:

Tenkawakemeken (Fateful Circle)
Requirements: Shin no Sakebi (Scream of Death)
Making a circular attack, the user is able to send a surge of chakra filled wind around himself, slicing anything, caught in its path, horizontally in half. However, the surge only travels for a radius of 10 meters. Similar to Shin no Kaze, the air ripples around the wind surge. The attack is unblockable, forcing the opponent to either crouch beneath the shockwave or to jump over it, to escape this effect. The user has to wait 2 posts until using this technique again.

Sesshougai (Killing Scythe)
Requirements: Tsume (Claw)
Using the principle of the Claw technique, the user sharpens the blade of the scythe to a point it is capable to cut through any known material. This technique is highly draining on both concentration and chakra, however, so can only be maintained for 4 posts. Due to the high chakra consummation, Sesshougai can only be used twice a battle with 4 posts in-between.

Stage Seven
Stat Requirements: Strength 40, Speed 36, Stamina 23, Willpower 24, Tactics 20
Special Techniques Requirement: Willpower 26, Tactics 25, Intelligence 24
Stage Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

Striking Ability: People reaching this stage earn the privilege to call themselves Shinigami, like the legendary God of Death who uses the scythe as his weapon. The control of this stage is legendary, with the user having earned complete control over the scythe, granting swift attacks with enough force to cut opponents into half or slice stone/wood into two.

Defense: Defense reaches near perfection at this stage, as the user can take full advantage of the weapons range. Users are able to block and deflect with ease, go into duel with opponents and perform counters.

Movement: Movement has reached its final stage, granting the user perfect fluid motions to use for side stepping and out maneuvering the opponent. It almost looks like the user is hovering. High jumps can be used to give more speed to the strikes, giving even more deadliness to the user's strikes.

Regular Techniques:


Special Techniques:

Saishuu Sabaki (Final Judgement)
Requirements: All Special Techniques
Creating the illusion of turning into the Shinigami, the God of Death, the user drives maddening fear into the opponent, making him unsure to fight. The user, still in disguise as Shinigami, will dash at the opponent while charging his scythe with enormous amounts of chakra. Once he reaches his target, the user will slash at his opponent with the scythe being charged with even stronger chakra than the Killing Scythe technique. The scythe will cut deep into the flesh of the target, bringing a great likelihood (90%) of immediate unconsciousness. Those who can withstand the power of the blow, and do not lose conscious by sheer blood lose, will find out that the attack disturbed their spiritual energy and there-by sealed his chakra away, for the duration of 2 posts.

But the most feared aspect of this power, is that the user is not called Shinigami for nothing. Using the scythe as medium for their demonic chakra, the user is able to attack specific points on the target's body, killing him without leaving any trace. This gives the illusion that the user stole the target's soul.
((Instant death needs the approval of the target, of course.))

The user is not unaffected by the enormous amount of chakra he has to feed to his scythe, and the concentration he needs to keep up the illusion of being the Shinigami. This technique not only seals the target's chakra, but it also renders the user unable to use chakra-consuming moves for 2 posts due. The illusion of the Shinigami stays in place for 3 posts, even while attacking.

"Kill a man, and you are an assassin. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you are a god." - Jean Rostand

"Insanity: a perfect rational adjustment to an insane world." - R.D. Lang

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